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Hello! I've tried every which way there is, but can't seem to get this right!

On mouseover on the red triangles I'd like the comment box to appear to the
left of the cell. I move and place it there, and save, but when I mouseover
the's back in its unwanted position!!! The only time when it's in
the position I want it to be is when I click on "edit comment"

Any way around this annoying quirk?


Have a large spreadsheet which has columns A to E, and row 1 frozen in order to see values etc when scrolling accross.
In some cells on column E, I have comments inserted.
When I try to view the comments by hovering the cursor over the relevant cell the comment cannot be seen as it is hidden behind the unfrozen side of the sheet.
Can the comments box be made to view, in a different position other than to the right?

I have a workbook that makes extensive use of comment boxes.

When the comment displays, it always displays to the RIGHT of the commented cell. This causes comments in the RIGHT hand columns, and on the BOTTOM rows to extend beyond the viewable screen. The user must scroll over, or down (or sometimes both) to read the comment.

Is there any way to force the comment box to display in a different position?


I was wondering if it was possible to change the position of the comment box
indicator (eg to bottom left hand corner of cell) and consequently the
pointer position when the comment is shown?

Is there a way you can change the default position of where a comment box appears when you hover over it with your cursor? I realize you can change it's location if you select "Show Comment" from the insert menu and always have it displayed. But I need the box to remain hidden, then appear at a specific location on the sheet when you hover over the cell containing it. (I need it few columns to the left instead of directly to the right of the cell containing it where it's currently displayed).

I am developing a large database spreadsheet and am using comments boxes to explain codes to be used. I have copied and pasted some columns from one place to another as I am developing it. I am finding that the comments boxes seem to move around in position, size and shape between the last time I looked at them (by hovering the mouse over them) and the next time. Sometimes when I open one, it has moved to a shape that makes it quite unreadable, like, far too narrow, sometimes even so narrow it is one-dimensional. So I have to go back into "edit" and re-size and re-shape them again before I can read them.

I would like to be able to "freeze" the comments boxes so that they always look like the same.

Hoping someone can help with this?!

I have a merged cell that is 52 columns in length by 2 rows wide. I want to enter a comment into the cell and then hide the comment until the cell is passed over by the cursor.

So I enter the text for the comment box, which initially appears on the right side of the merged cell, then after entering the text I manually move the comment box from its current position at the right to a new position on the left side of the 52 X 2 merged cell and end the comment edit by clicking the worksheet.

The comment box stays in it's location to where I moved it as it is still in "Show Comment".

I then right click the comment box and select "Hide Comment", which hides the comment box. However now, passing over the merged cell with the cursor opens the comment box in it's default position back to the far right of the cell and not in the left side position where I located it.

Once again, editing or showing the comment box will position it where it was moved to it's new location, but passing the cursor over the cell with a hidden comment box, makes the comment box appear at the default right of the cell.

Is there some way I can resolve this so the hidden comment box appears on the left in it's new location instead of on the right in it's default position when "Hide Comment" is active?


If a cell with a comment assigned to it is towards the edge of the (RH) side
of the window, the comment box will only be partially visible. Can the
default position of these boxes be changed to f.i. LH side of the cell? I
know that during editing the text box position can be changed but that is not
reflected permanently afterwards.

When an Excel comment box is moved after creation it returns to its original
position after closing. I find this very irritating and would like to be able
to lock it in place if desired.

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I have a big Excel document that has lot of comments added to cells. But the problem is that if I want to edit the comments the comment box is shown very far from the cell. So, everytime I edit a comment I have to scroll up to go to the next cell. Is there any automated (using macros or some options in Excel) way to position the comments properly next to the corresponding cell.


I am using comments in an excel worksheet and want to move the box so that it doesn't go across the page, as you can't see the all of the text without scrolling to the right of the page. I've been told that you can move the box when editing the box but as soon as i come out of edit, the box defaults back to its original position.

I would be very grateful if anyone can tell me why this is happening and if there is a way around it!

Is it possible to change the size of the cell comments box that appears?

I am doing both of these:
Cells(1,1).addcomment "this message does not fit correctly in comment window"

cells(1,2).comment "this message doesnt fit either, I use this to update an existing comment."

The standard box size cuts text off in unwanted positions for example I have part numbers like MD45563DT6777JNR. It might appear like

Ok I am working with cell range C3:AG72
When I add a number, either positive or negative, I want a formula that will add the 'insert comment' box when I enter a number into any of the cells that I have mentioned.

I have a problem with a couple of comment boxes (all the rest are fine).
They are WAY across the sheet from where they belong and all attempts to
reel them in have failed. When you cursor over the cell, you get tossed
across the sheet to where the comment likes to hang out. When you
right-click and edit or show the comment it sits nicely beside the cell it's
assigned. Has anyone seen this sort of thing or know how to correct it?
Windows XP Pro
Excel 2000




I am looking for a way to loop through each comment box in a worksheet and make a specific word in the comment bold.

Note: The comments are generated from an advanced filtered list, so I know that each comment does indeed include the specific word. I need a way to determine what the starting position of the specific word is in each comment (this will vary comment to comment).

Many Thanks.

Cell comments seem always to pop up in the most inconvenient places, such as so only half the comment box is visible, etc.

Is there some way to fix or pin comments to a particular viewing space on one's screen, or at least fix the comment boxes so that ALL the text of a comment is visible some place on the screen? If not, how is Excel deciding where to position cell comments?

Thank you for any insight.


I have inserted a comment (near bottom of page view) dragged it up page to
can see it.

But when Mouseover half of the comments box is not viewable.(defaults next
to cell near bottom of view)

When I select show - it appears where I moved it! Great... apart from it
don't want it on show all the time.

I prefer the mouse over version - how do I get it to display the comments
where I moved when I mouseover it.


Paul T

Can someone tell me why this isn't entering the data from the input box into the cells specified???

Worksheets("Summary Sheet").Cells(2, 51).Value = InputBox( _ 
"For the Building claims, what were the positive points during the review?", "Building Comments") 
Worksheets("Summary Sheet").Cells(2, 53).Value = InputBox( _ 
"For the Building claims, what areas seemed to need training and/or correcting?", "Building Comments") 

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I'm doing up an organisational chart, and would like to have a "bubble" appear next to a position within the chart, when the cursor hovers over the position's (text)box in the chart. Or, when the position box is clicked on. I'm thinking it's much like adding a 'comments box' to the text box.

Is this possible?


I am placing into a cell comment the Text value from a file. (it happens to
be some short SQL program statements)

In the *.SQL file tab chars CHR(9) have been stored so that when viewing the
file in Notepad the Table/field names line up nicely. How do I make this
happen when the text is placed into a comment.

Range(sCell).Comment.Text Text:=sSQLtext
sSQLtext is read in with OpenTextFile and a .ReadAll

I have the comment shape resizing automatically but I am getting unprintable
characters showing as a box. CHR(10) works properly to line break. But 9s
and 13s are showing as the unprintable default box-character. I figure I can
just relpace the 13's with a space CHR(32).. but for the 9's that will change
the appearance of the text.

Is there a setting that will make the CHR(9) actually tab to a position with
in the comment text box?

I was hoping to not have to use the "brute-force" method and process the
text character by character storing when a new line starts and count the
characters to know exactly how many spaces to replace the CHR(9) with.

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