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I am trying to write a formula to solve for "X" in excel.

The equation is as follows:

0.05004 = (x - 48.78)/x

I can't figure out the formula to solve for x. I know what the value of "x" is but I want excel to do it for me. (x = 51.35)

Thanks for any help.

y = A(x^4) + B(x^3) + C(x^2) + Dx + E

Using x and y plotted data, I am able to generate a 4th order polynomial trendline. Using the LINEST function, I can express the coefficients (A,B,C,D and E) in cells on my spread sheet. My question is, if I have a known y value how can I solve for x? This is something I could of course do on my TI-85 calculator, but I would like to be able to do this in excel. I do not know if this is possible as it is an iterative process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!

If you have a triangle with the following points
A (-6,-4)
B (-1,8)
C (13,-2)

Find the point perpendicular to AC.

For this equation, it is solved


..195 is substituted back into the orginal formula to find for y.

I know to use the x and y variable to have the function call out a cell with
either the x or y in that cell, what I believe is screwing up the function is
the = sign in the middle of it. Any suggestions?


X should be 49.6%

I need to find a way to solve for x in a cell and replicate it into hundreds of cells, I don't know how I would do this with a some function/formula

Hi, I'm trying to re-write the Erlang C formula. The formula E=(m, u) where m = number of staff and u = lamda/average call duration, and p = u/m.

i have the formula written as
poission(m,u, false)/(Poisson(m,u,false) + (1-p) x Poisson(m-1,u,true))

how would i rewrite this formula to solve for # of staff needed, if i plugged in the probability of wait along with all the other variables??

Hi guys,

I have a mathematical issue I would like to solve using Excel.
The column A shows 3 values (e.g. 1, 2 and 3 but countless combinations are possible). The column B shows 3 unknown quantities (x, y and z). I need to find the value of x, y and z in order to get contemporaneously positive values in C1, C2 and C3. Is there a way to create an excel formula which can help me with that?

Please check the attachment to get more info.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have a problem here that I have been trying to solve for almost a week now, I hope someone can help me with this. I am just new to excel so please bear with me

I have a list of questionnaires at the left side of column "mark down", If an answer is given incorrectly to the question an "x" mark will be graded with a corresponding "comment". What I wanted to do is to create a formula that will get all the "comment" and place it in the "summary" box to the right.

The excel file looks like this. Hope someone here can help me, I am already going crazy on this. Big thanks

i was wondering how i set up solver to solve for a certain equation. i am new to excel and need all the help i can get. thanks. the equation is:

A1/B1 = x (T/Y)^p (M-l/E-l)

i have A1, B1, T, Y, M and E but want to see what the best values for the other parameters are.

^ = exponent

can someone please help an old fool?


I have posted this question in the more appropriate formula assistance
forum, but since it seems infrequently visted compared to this forum, I
thought maybe someone here could offer some advice.

I have several employees that work for me at $7.00 per hour. They want to
work more hours per week at this same wage, but I am unable to afford
overtime for them.

Department of labor laws state that every hour over 40 per week must be paid
at 1.5 the normal hourly rate. My employees have agreed to take a cut in pay
to enable me to pay them whatever amount is necessary if, when overtime is
applied, they average out to $7.00 per hour. In other words, they are
willing to work for 40 hours per week at x amount and a variable number of
hours for x*1.5 as long as the x +(x*1.5) averages $7.00 per hour.

This number x will change with each schedule since they will work a
different number of hours per schedule (ie an employee may work 55 hours in
week one, 50 hours in week two, 60 hours in week three, and so on). Can
anyone help with a formula that will solve for x based on these changing
hours with the average rate of pay still staying at or around $7.00 per hour?

Thank you,
Brad in Dallas

What is the proper way to construct a formula for an if then statement in order to solve for a value (i.e. "x") that is in cell A1 meet the following criteria:

If X is greater than or equalt to 3.50 . . . then the answer is 1
If X is greater than or equal to 3.00 and less than 3.50 . . . then the answer is 2
If X is greater than or equal to 2.50 and less than 3.00 . . . then the answer is 3
If X is greater than or equal to 0.00 and less than 2.50 . . . then the answer is 4


I need to build a dynamic formula that takes four inputs (ex: A,B,C,D) where A divided by B is the answer, and C divided by D is the answer. For example: I'm solving for "X". A divided by B = X, and C divided by D = X, and I want "X" to equal A/B OR C/D so that I can change any of the four inputs and have it reflected in "X". This seems very simple but I can't figure it out - I have not done dynamic formulas very often. Can anyone help? Thank you.

I have instrument calibration data that is best characterized as quadratic- I
need to back-calculate for an adjusted point, using the basic formula y= ax^2
+ bx + c.

I'm horrible at formulae in excel!

Hi my friends,
My name is Ashraf, i am new here and new in excel, i hope to find help here,
I have formula with two variables equation X and Y, the result equal one, so i want to find
X if the result equal 1 and we know y, the formula is: = 1.00721*sin(0.00819674/(y - x) + 46.5323*y - 48.572*x)

is there any function in excel to revers the formula to find the unknown equation?

I don't know quite what to look for in Excel Help to find out how to rework the following formula into what I need:


In the above formula, I get a "true" if the value on the left of the "> sign" is greater than the one on the right of it in one or more of the parenthetic groupings. What I need is to change the formula to give a "true" if the left variable is greater than the right one in at least 2 of the parenthetic groupings. It doesn't matter which two, just that the "(cell x > cell y)" in at least two of these groupings.

Any help on setting this up would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you can give me a tip on what I am asking for in terms of Excel-speak so I can look for it myself, that might be enough.


Hey everybody, I am trying to solve a problem in Excel but I am having a lot of difficulty finding the right equation.

Ultimately I am trying to create a formula that would answer the following question:
-For the month of X, whats is the ROI for marketing bucket Z
-To put it more concretely: For the 3d month of 2011, what is the ROI for marketing bucket SEM

So the steps I would follow are:
1) In a cell, I enter the following value "SEM"
2) In a different cell, I enter the following value "1/2011"
3) Excel takes the value SEM, goes to spreadsheet ZTM, searches for all rows that are labeled SEM Revenue and SEM Cost
4) Then, Excel would calculate (REVENUE - COST) / COST, but the values it would use for the calculation are the values that are located under the column for the month of January, 2011. So that if I needed to calculate ROI for SEM for 2/2011, I could simply just change the data in step 1 and step 2.

I hope I am being clear in my explanation….

I was going in the direction of a SUMIF formula with an OFFSET function embedded in it to limit it to only the months needed for the calculation.

Is this possible to solve with array, count or countif formula?

90 guys, each has his own spreadsheet recording events for 3 years.

Each spreadsheet has a date (eg., jan 2012).

------ John Peter Steve Eric...90th guy

... 3 years

This is for about 90 guys, each with abt 9 sheets x 36 months each person = ineffective to insert formula to find month for countif() month method, and I happen to be weak in array formulas.

Is there an array formula that I can use to complete the table above?
Eg. Countif(b:b,'=jan-2011') returns 28 for John, and so on.

(problem now is, all dates are in 1-jan-2012 format, so I don't have the "jan-2011" value ready to work on. Again, doing a formula to get all the months' worth of "jan-11" is too ineffective. Pivot table doesn't help either!)

Appreciate that this is a messy table, will be home soon to make an excel example!

I have the following formula that I need Excel to solve for different values
of P6 ( I have different values of P6 (P7, P8, P9 (reference cells)). I need
the value of x for the different values of P6. Is this possible? It seems
like it should be but I can't find out how to make Excel do this. Please
help! Thanks.

70000 = P6*((((x/80)*(1/5280))*(2/3))+(((x/40)*(1/5280))*(1/3)))

Suppose that the lifetimes of TV tubes are normally distributed with a
standard deviation of 1.1 years. Suppose also that exactly 30% of the tubes
die before 4 years. Find the mean lifetime of TV tubes. Carry your
intermediate computations to at least four decimal places. Round your answer
to at least one decimal place.

My question is: (a) how do you solve in excel for complement rule of P(X >
or = 4.0).
(b) How do you solve a z-score of -0.2533 to produce a mean of 4.7787 in
I have tried to find a function or formula that I can use to determine
similar outcomes.


I am a student taking a statistics class and I have this homeworks problems
to solve and I'll love to use excel to do this but don't know how?

I am looking to find the formula to solve for the logarithmic equation/formula. I have my X axis and Y axis and want to have the logarithmic equation to solve for data points in between. I do not want to graph this as I am doing this function many times and hence want to automate. Thanks.

Please help

How can I post this function into a cell:

y = 16.899Ln(x) - 11.928

This is the Y-intercept from a tredline. If you right click a line in a scatter chart, you can click "show trendline". Under trend line, you can ask it to display the formula. That is where I got this formulla. So, I want to put this into a cell so I can "drag" it down to solve for X.

I.E. With a standard (non logrithmic) line my formula looks like this:

y = 0.4121x + 13.416, which I translate into the cell to this:


From that I can drag it down to fill in the blanks.

Now, I cant do this with the logrithmic line, becuase I havent figured out how to paste the function for "Ln"

Anyone know how?

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