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I am new to the post so far I love it. I am in need of a formula to help with an order book that I created in excel. In first sheet in colum A is the item number, in B is the Description, in C is the count, in D is the selling unit PK or Ea, and in E is the class code. I have sheets for every class code. I need to be able to pull information form the sheet one that matches the class code in colum E and only the items and info for a certain class code and post it to another sheet that has all the headings and formatting that I need. I need all the rows that have the same class code to be pulled excatly the way it is in sheet one. I thought I might be able to do this with vlookup or dget but can't seem to figure it out. I hope I haven;t confused anyone. If you need more info or the data I can get it to you. Any help with be greatly appreciative. Now i am copying and pasting the data that I need but this is very time consuming.

I can't seem to come up with the right formula to put in a cell in Sheet 1 so that it will do a vlookup of a table in Sheet 2 and return the value. I have tried =Sheet2! vlookup(61,agetable,3) and some variations with no success. Any ideas?

Hi, All. I need the macro to look up the no. from the DataBase (sheet1 and sheet2 )then put the no. to the File1 which has 3 sheets. Please help with this. And check the attachment below. Thanl you so much!

Hi, all. I want to find No. in the DataBase file and put the no. to the File1 based on the name which contains several sheets. I thought this could be done by using VLookUp. But dont know how to make it happen. Please check the attachment below.
Thank you very much!

I am trying to populate several secondary sheets with information from a primary worksheet. All sheets are in the same workbook. Each sheet has a person's name on the tab. When this name appears in the 'Primary' sheet I would like the information on that row to populate the sheet with that name. All other names can be ignored. There are multiple categories on the primary sheet and i run into trouble when the name appears in more than one category. Also when the person's name does not appear I am having trouble getting a 0 to display. I am trying to use ifs and vlookups because I am a beginner at macros but i am failing miserably. I have attached the workbook for an example. The 'name' tabs are populated with the info that I would like to be pulled from the primary along with which cells they should be coming from.. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone
I have just decided to sign up for this forum as I'm constantly bashing my head against the table trying to work things out. Sometimes it's a good way to learn but on other occasions I'm stumped!

So, sorry if my questions are dumb.. any help is much appreciated though so thanks in advance.

I'm using a vlookup between worksheets. I have reference numbers on both sheets in Column A.. so finding a match is simple. Now, I have set my formula to return the corresponding date from the 2nd worksheet. My problem lies in the format that the dates return in. For example:

21/01/2011 comes back to my sheet as 40564

Now, when I go to format it to a date, the cell displays 22/01/2015

I'm probably being stupid, but it's getting frustrating! Sorry if I forgot to include any vital info in this post. Thanks!

Please forgive this question. I know this is documented somewhere but I've just spent a week trying to find it online. I ended up on this forum, and I am out of time, so am breaking down and asking.

The project is to take an unsorted list from the first worksheet in a workbook, and based on the value in column A, copy the row data to other worksheets. It's just a straight copy of nine columns of data, and could either include or exclude that first column. (Since that value will always be the same on every row, there's no real need to include it except as a quick visual affirmation of which worksheet is being viewed.) The number of rows of data in the first worksheet are unknown, so the range is not fixed; and the number of expected matches are unknown.

I've found all kinds of advice about using a macro (but I can't use a macro, because the workbook will be maintained by someone who has no VB training), or if they do refer to formulas, say nothing more than "use VLOOKUP, or OFFSET and MATCH".

All the Excel Help file and online references I can find only show how to use VLOOKUP to copy data from a single column, as the purpose and design of that function. How is it possible to use VLOOKUP to copy the row of data?

And to copy into a new row for each match?

I can't even find information on whether that function is entered once for each worksheet or whether it has to be copied into each row... but if the latter, that's a problem since we don't know how many rows we'd need.

I'd be eternally grateful if someone could either help me directly or show me where to find the information I need to meet these specific project requirements.

Hopefully somebody can figure out my stupid mistake (at least that seems to be the case). I'm trying to do a simple vlookup between two spreadsheets (in the same workbook). I want to look up the part number on one sheet and find the part number's description on the other sheet (to fill in missing information on the first sheet). However I can't get it to work. I don't know if I have syntax wrong or some other simple human error. My pride is suffering...

The workbook is attached. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Hello gentlemen,

I'd be eternally grateful if someone can help me out with what i'm hoping to accomplish.

Note the attached file "Team Sheet.xlsx"
Workbook contains sheets as follows:
Top Gun

Please disregard Schedule and Top Gun sheets as they are not relevent for the potential goal.

Note on Sheet "Matches"
Each week 5 people play, another group of 5 people.
The group on the left will all be based off the 8 people listed on Sheet "Standings"

What I'm looking to do, and I hope I can explain it well enough.

I need either a VLOOKUP or a Macro that looks through column "B" on Matches for a player number. (this number correlates to Sheet "Standings")

Upon finding the player number on sheet Matches per week, I want it to update the lower table in Sheet "Standings" to increase the MP column (D) by 1 per specific player.

For example:
Search Matches.Range(B22:B26) for value 6265
If Value 6265 exists in mentioned range go to
Standings.Range(D24) increase by 1

Once we've verified that a player has participated in that week, i want it to take that same row, Matches Row 25 per example. and see what the value of Column E is, in this case 4. So being that the value is 4 to go back to Standings.Range(J24) increase by 1

Example Continued:
After found Value 6265 in Matches.Range(B22:B26) {exists in B25}
Verify value of E25 in this case 4
Go To Standings.Range(J24) increase by 1

Once we've increased the our second value, finally we need to check the Value of Matches.Range(D25) Per example. If Value of D25 is W then update Standings.Range(I24) increase 1. If the Value is L in Matches.Range(D25) then do not change the value of Standings.Range(I24)

Example Continued:
Upon Finding our player, and the value of E25,
Verify if player Won or Lossed (W/L) if W then update the Win Value
in Lower Table of Standings, if Lossed do Not change value.

Finally I need this same set up to be able to be repeated for all 8 players from Sheet Standings.

If it's better to have a macro button on the Standings page, that will run a macro to update the data, or it is a constant VLOOKUP

I'm trying to reduce the locations that require editing. My goals is that I only need to update the Matches sheet and that information will update the rest of the workbook.

If this is too extreme just tell me i'm dumb and i will move on.

Thank you for all who contribute.

how can we use hyperllink with vlookup() to data transfer between sheets

i atttached the workbook file with this

if i click on sheet1 serial number "2" on sheet2 it shows the serial no2 row.

everytime when i click on different serial numbers the data on sheet 2 will updated according to that serial number....

please see attached file to see my requirement......

Excel 2007: trying to do a vlookup between 2 sheets - second sheet has a varying number of rows. How can I get the nnn of rows into the formula? Example -
Alll I get is an error. Thank you.

I have two sheets. Sheet-2 has additional information but Sheet-1 has the dates I need.

See attached sample of what I'm working with. I need to populate Sheet-2!C2 with the Date from Sheet-1 where the ID matches. Do I use VLOOKUP for this or somethign else?


Hi Guys

I want to do a vlookup between two sheets, the matching criteria on one sheet is in the format xxxxxxxx ABC and each will only appear once. On the second sheet the same match may appear between 1 and 3 times, these will be sorted so will be beside each other. Is it possible to return the sum of the qtys for each time the criteria appears on sheet2 using a formula rather than the first one as a conventional vlookup would?

Sheet 1
Criteria Qty
xxxxxxxx ABC 100
Sheet 2
xxxxxxxx ABC 50
xxxxxxxx ABC 30
xxxxxxxx ABC 20

Criteria Sheet1 Qty Sheet2 Qty
xxxxxxxx ABC 100 100



I have a large workbook that tracks mutual funds. Fund names, numbers and symbols are in a master sheet that I use vlookup in other sheets to keep the name of the fund consistant.
The problem is, to color code the names (Red for Closed, Green for funds I own, Yellow for funds I'm watching . . .) in the master list and have these colors follow the fund name anytime it is called by vlookup.
Is there a better way? Is there ANY way?


there's a preference in excel somewhere that allows you to reference an array
in a different workbook all together than the sheet you're entering the
function on. Here's my example:
I have multiple worksheets in a book - each sheet has a different period's
pay information for our employees. I've got a separate workbook set up on a
different drive that pulls in all these periods of pay information to one
simple worksheet. The vlookup function works for me, but not for a coworker.
She doesn't get the little yellow box that pops up with the details of the
function after typing in "=vlookup(". Even if she inserts the data manually
into the function helper, it doesn't let her deviate from her current
i'm going crazy trying to figure out where the preference is that allows her
to do this - any one have any ideas? Thanks!

I need a macro using VLOOKUP to compare data in Sheet1 Column B with Sheet2 Column C. If they match, I want to have the value in Sheet1 Column E to be copied to Sheet2 Column D.

I found this macro online and have modified it but I dont think I have the VLOOKUP formula correct. I have that part in red. Please help!

Sub PlaceVlookup()
'Determine last row based on Sheet 1 Column B
lastRow = Sheets(1).Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
'Insert formula using lastRow variable
Sheets(2).Range("D1:D" & lastRow).FormulaR1C1 = _
"=VLOOKUP(RC[1],Sheet2!RC[3]:R[" & lastRw - 1 & "]C[2],3,0)"'Copy/PasteSpecial Values
With Sheets(2).Range("D1:D" & lastRow)
.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
End With
End Sub

I am looking for a macro to partial text match vlookup between two sheets.

Sheet1 - Monthly Report
Column A
United States

Sheet 2 - Master
Column A
United States

I need a vlookup that will find any partial text in Monthly report matches in the master report. For eg. Vijay in monthly report is partially matched with Vijayanand in Master report.



First Time posting and I have a question to ask within these hallowed portals that this mere mortal is struggling with!

I have constructed a rather large spreadsheet which has a column of record numbers that are hyperlinked to out of program server stored files. Alongside these record numbers is a series of record specific data.

As a further use of fundtionality I have two further worksheets that utilise VLOOKUP to pull out condensed specific record details. The question that I would like to ask is that when the condensed records are pulled up via VLOOKUP, I lose the hyperlinks. Is there anyway that I can keep and maintain these hyperlinks ?

Morning! I am well rusty on these aspects of Excel and would appreciate any guidance/pointers.

I have 2 workbooks and am trying to use VLOOKUP to DWG number in workbook 1 to Code in workbook 2 (either in workbook 2 or in fresh sheet).

Have attached example of what I am trying to achieve.

Many thanks and all have a good day!


I have an idea about the vlookup to work between the sheets in the same work book.
Is there any way that i can use Vlookup between two workbook's..
Can some one help me with that..

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.