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Desperate corrupt workbook Results

I am a moderately advanced user in a world of spit. I have a sheet that either won't open, hangs on recalc, dirtily crashes Excel, or misreports dependencies. The problem varies as I desperately tweak this and that to solve it.*

The most infuriating clue is the permanent appearance of "Calculate" on the status bar.
Auto recalc is on; whenever I hit F9, I see the recalc % go through to 100, but then "Calculate" reappears. (Probably related: when you open the sheet and immediately close it, you get "Save" prompt. No UDFs; in fact, no Subs either).

Sometimes, F9 goes to 11% and hangs.

I think corrupt dependencies are the key. A specific "weirdity" I have observed is that some cells show precedence with a particular defined name on a another sheet, but that defined name shows no dependencies (alt-T-U-D)! Also, Walkenbach's PUP2000 will not unapply the defined names (I bought and understand most of its source, if that suggests a solution course).

I incrementally removed sheets to take it down from 13 meg to 1 meg, and 30 sheets down to 4; still a problem. I started a new sheet and copied sheet by sheet (alt E-M) - and still am corrupt, at least with dependencies. Scandisk is clear; rebooted, repowered; saved as another name ... I've tried the obvious and am grasping at straws.

This is a massive workbook and complete manual reconstruction is undesirable. At this point I'm down to going Select All and copy into a new book, which is still nasty because there will be #REFs if I don't sequence the rebuild perfectly. So I'm open to voodoo or anything at this point. Help, and TIA!

*(At least it opens in Win98 - Win2000 won't even permit that. How frightening - that by resisting the "upgrade" on my machine, I saved myself from being COMPLETELY screwed from even opening the workbook!)

First of all hello to all of you out there, I am new to the forums and although I have used Microsoft Office and Excel daily in my work I am still not very well versed in Excel and am sure that you might have gathered that already.

What I am having issues with is we have been a growing company and we have a few excel workbooks that require multiple users to access and edit through out the day very often. Now I know how to Share the workbooks and have multiple users edit them at the same time, but the issue I am running into is that we end up having the workbook become corrupted from the share and then I have to restore it from a backup and unshare it in order to keep it from becoming corrupted. I am in desperate need of a solution to how we can share this effectively and not end up with a corrupted workbook.

If anyone at all can help me with this I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you,

Would anyone know how I can repair or recover or display a "drawing.xml" file that has been corrupted and won't open in Excel 2007?

This "drawing.xml" contains text boxes positioned on a worksheet and I would really benefit from recovering it, or even maybe just being able to view it or fixing it and exporting ot to another workbook so I could see it.

I am desperate as I've found nothing has worked, other than recovering what appears to be coding in a .txt file.

Many thanks in advance for your help!!

Good morning, all,

I posted a similar question a few days ago, but I think it might have got
lost, so I'll try again.
I have a number of workbooks that contain a macro to save to a network drive
and a macro to save to a local drive.

If I open a workbook and run its networksave macro, I get a runtime message
1004 "Cannot access file xxx.xls"

If however I open the workbook, first run its localsave macro (which runs
OK) and THEN run the networksave macro, then everything is OK.

I can then run the networksave macro as often as I want, but if I close the
file and open it again, the problem reoccurs.

I'm not going to post the code as, since it runs OK after I've done a local
save, I don't think there can be anything "wrong" with it. As the problem
occurs over a number of different workbooks, I don't think that it's a
workbook corruption issue, either. And nobody else has the workbooks open.

Can ANYONE help, please?

Yours in desperation


Can anyone sugge

Good morning all!

I originally posted this query on the Developer board, as I thought it was a
problem with my code, but now I'm not so sure.

I have a workbook with a macro that runs a Save As within a loop, to create
test data files.

I was finding that for every new file I created, and additional file with a
filename comprisiong eight alphanumeric characters and no file extenson was
created in the same folder.

Thinking that the workbook might be corrupted, I created a new workbook
(with NO copying/pasting from the original - everything types in from
scratch) , created new code modules and copied the code first into Notepad,
then into the new workbook.

The problem still occurred.

Finally, I noticed that it even happened when I did a simple File Save As
from the menu, so I'm fairly certain it isn't my code that's causing the

Could my Excel document template be corrupted in some way?

Can anybody think of any tests or checks I could carry out on my workbook to
look for corruptions that might be causing these additional files to be
creaed? I'm assuming that they're TEMP files that are being created, but not
deleted, during the Save As process.

Yours in desperation, and thanks in advance

Pete Rooney

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