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Forgot password to unprotect worksheet Results


I have a worksheet that needs amending but have forgotten the password that
i protected the sheet with - is there any way of removing the password via
macro code or similar?

Thanks in advance

I forgot my password to an excel worksheet. How can I unprotect to sheet to
edit? I have tried all the password I hae used in the past and none work.
Please help!

Need someone's help

I'm trying to unlock a worksheet that has been protected with a password. I used xyz as my password example

So far I have used the following 3, but none of these will work

Workbook.Unprotect (xyz)
Worksheets("My Menu").Unprotect Password:=(xyz), Scenarios:=True
ActiveSheet.Unprotect (xyz)
sure could use some help. I used this many years ago, but I've forgot how to do it.

Unfortunately, this answer is half right -- there are many workSHEET password
tools out there.

A tool for workBOOK password removal or retrieval isn't easy to find.

Suggestions welcome.

"Bernard Liengme" wrote:

> Do a Google newsgroup search (*excel). There are lots of password breakers
> about - many are free
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> Bernard Liengme
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> "fauxartist @Work" wrote in
> message ...
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is there anyway to unprotect a workbook. I have forgotten my password and
> > I
> > need these workbooks urgently

I set a password to protect my worksheet, but I forgot what it was. Is there
any way I can remove the protection with out having to start over completly?

I opened one of my worksheets from some time ago and forgot my password to unprotect the sheet is there any way to retrieve it?

Hello all. To start with, I have searched the forum for this topic and think I understand the password policies. Here is my situation. We have a workbook that has macros that protect and unprotect all of the worksheets in the workbook. Naturally when we are working on them we remove the protection. Apparently someone in our group forgot to reprotect the workbook before it was closed.

These workbooks are on a server that is accessed by our mech. engineers.
Somehow one of the worksheets in the workbook was protected and the rest was left alone. It was one of the sheets that would have data input from the engineers. I need to remove the protection from that one sheet so we can reprotect the entire workbook. Are there any simple solutions to retrieving the password for the sheet?

Thanks and have a great day.


My apologies to viewers who have read this post already. I forgot to put a title on my last post.

As part of a string of answers to a previous question (see “Why do I encounter problems running macros in a shared workbook?”), I’m left with the impression that I cannot successfully run macros in a shared workbook if I protect worksheets/workbooks. The reason I’d like to have worksheet protection is that I have many data forms set up and there are some data forms where I do not want users entering or editing existing data fields (sheet protection grays out the cells and the “New” button”). If anyone has successfully protected and unprotected a sheet using a macro in a shared workbook, I’d love to hear about it. I’ve tried setting up some very simple examples and have not been able to get them to work.

I read the Excel help menu on the limitations of workbooks and it does not say that you cannot use protection features on shared workbooks

(From the help menu) In a shared workbook, you cannot do the following:

· Assign a password to protect individual worksheets or the entire workbook. Protection that you applied before sharing the workbook remains in effect after you share the workbook.
· Change or remove passwords. Passwords that you assigned before sharing the workbook remain in effect after you share the workbook.
Write, change, view, record, or assign macros. However, you can record operations in a shared workbook into a macro stored in another workbook that isn't shared. In a shared workbook, you can run macros that were created before you shared the workbook; although if you run a macro that includes an unavailable operation, the macro stops running when it reaches the unavailable operation.

Any comments?

Hi Guys,

I have a macro that protects all my sheets in my workbook (Thanks to the guys here for providing that macro).

What I wanted to know is this.

Can I set extra criteria like you can when you manually protect a sheet, by this I mean the option to:

Select Unlocked Cells.
Use Sort.
Use AutoFilter.

Below is the code I use, kindly provided by VBA Noob. Can I modify this to allow these extra features?

Thanks in advance.

Sub UnprotectSheets()
'Shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + P
Dim wSht As Worksheet
    For Each wSht In Worksheets
        If wSht.ProtectContents = False Then
            wSht.Protect "Password"
        wSht.Unprotect "Password"
        End If
    Next wSht
End Sub
EDIT: I forgot to add I usually unselect the option for select locked cells so basically you can only click on unprotected cells.

Hi, I need to 'force' select Listbox2 in the following code to ensure that the contents populate the ActiveSheet, as I don't want to rely on the user having to select it manually as if forgot then his/her work could be lost. However whilst the following code works fine, I get an error on Listbox2.selected(i)=true when ther is nothing in listbox2 (which could happen) I have tried If listbox2.listindex<0 then exit sub - but this is not working. Do I need to select the listbox in order for the following code to work or is there a way of forcing the select but exit sub if listbox2 is empty?

Sub CommandButton14_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = ActiveSheet
    Dim NextRw As Long
    Dim i As Integer
  If ListBox3.ListIndex < 0 Then
  Unload Me
  Exit Sub
   ListBox2.Selected(i) = True

   ActiveSheet.Unprotect "password"
    With ActiveSheet
    If Len(.Range("A20")) > 0 Then
    .Range("A20", .Cells(.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)).EntireRow.ClearContents
    End If
        'loop through ListBox & determine selected rows
        NextRw = 20 'start row
        If Me.ListBox2.Selected(i) = True Then
        For i = 0 To Me.ListBox2.ListCount - 1
                .Cells(NextRw, 1).Value = Me.ListBox2.List(i, 0)
                'enter description
                .Cells(NextRw, 2).Value = Me.ListBox2.List(i, 1)
                'use CDbl to make sure qty is recognised as a number
                .Cells(NextRw, 16).Value = Me.ListBox2.List(i, 2)
                'add the per type
                .Cells(NextRw, 17).Value = Me.ListBox2.List(i, 3)
                'add formula
                .Cells(NextRw, 18).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-2]*RC[1]"
                'add the rate
                .Cells(NextRw, 19).Value = CCur(Me.ListBox2.List(i, 4))
                NextRw = NextRw + 1
        Next i

 End If
    End With
End If
ActiveSheet.Protect "password"
Unload Me
End Sub

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