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If iserror match formula Results

I have two lists of names with corresponding scores. They list of names are similar, but not identical. I'm trying to combine them to one list, showing names and then score set 1 and then score set 2.
I did some researching and found the =IF(ISERROR(MATCH formula, and applied it as follows:

If column D has a match in Column A, I want it to plug in that persons score (from B) in Column E. If no match, "". In my formula, what do I replace B1 with to make that happen?

Visual Example:

colA colB
Adam 3
Arron 4
Bill 6
Bob 7
Chris 7
Corey 9

colC colD
Adam 4
Alex 5
Arron 3
Barry 4
Bill 8
Bob 9
Charley 1
Chris 5
Corey 6

What is wrong with this formula? It is Excel is telling me it is not a valid formula. Any help is appreciated.

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH($AD3,'Event List'!$I:$I,0),"0",MATCH($AD3,'Event List'!$I:$I,0)))


I'm trying to work up a formula that will look at the value in a cell, find
it in a column on another sheet, and when found pull the value from the same
row, different column where the match was found. Here's what I have so far:

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH($B2,'[TIRs 11-06-03.xls]Sheet1'!$C$2:$C$12000,0)),0, ????

So if the match for the value in B2 was found in C100, the formula would
pull the value from G100.

Any assistance is appreciated.


I have using excel 2003.

I have two sheet. One is "POPULATION" & second is "RESULT".

In "POPULATION" sheet i have total data approx 6,000 record.

In "RESULT" sheet when i have enter in colum b2, b3, b4, b5 & so on ... after enter apllication code in those column i have calculate & to show data record automatically in column c,d,e which is recorded in "population" sheet with using addkey (in AT column) with atleast 6 column. but d & e column result calculate seprate. In "RESULT" sheet total 30,000 + record. I have use following formula's.
Let me know the, which is better or faster formula.
Also confirm is there any other solution to more faster calculation.

In "result" sheet details given as per below
PHP Code: 
formula in b2 =VLOOKUP(B2,POPULATION!I$2:AT$6000,38,FALSE)    

formula in c2 =VLOOKUP(B2,POPULATION!I$2:M$6000,5,FALSE)    

formula in d2 =VLOOKUP(B2,POPULATION!I$2:W$6000,15,FALSE)

& result as per below with using above vlookup formula:

result in b2 is :- I0056:  TOWERS LTD:  :  H:  G:  IN25044:  SELUJIT:  WARDHAMAN    
result in c2 is :- G
result in d2 is :- 09-Mar-06
formula in b3 =IF(ISNA(MATCH($B3,POPULATION!$I:$I,0))," ", OFFSET(POPULATION $AT$1,MATCH($B3,POPULATION!$I:$I,0)-1,0))    


formula in d3 =IF(ISNA(MATCH($B3,POPULATION!$I:$I,0))," ", OFFSET(POPULATION!$W$1,MATCH($B3,POPULATION!$I:$I,0)-1,0))    

& result as per below with using above if (isna(match formula:

result in b3 is :- I0056:  TOWERS LTD:  KAJIT:  H:  G:  IN24276: KEPURIZAR: WAWAR
result in c3 is :- G
result in d3 is :- 20-Apr-07
formula in b5 : =IF(ISERROR(MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0))," ", OFFSET(POPULATION!$AT$1,MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0)-1,0))    

formula in c5 : =IF(ISERROR(MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0))," ", OFFSET(POPULATION!$M$1,MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0)-1,0))    

formula in d5 : =IF(ISERROR(MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0))," ", OFFSET(POPULATION!$W$1,MATCH($B5,POPULATION!$I:$I,0)-1,0))    
& result as per below with using above if (iserror(match formula:

result in b5 is :-  K0240:  K.K. :  OTHER:  R40:  I:  :  CHANDI:  CHANDIWAR    
result in c5 is :-  I
result in d5 is :-  12-Apr-08 
file attached for your ready reference.


I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help with this.

I would like some code that would wrap if(iserror) around a formula, so that if the result is an error then no text is shown. It would be good if I could select a range and the formula would be adjusted for all cells with formula in. (Would be even better if cells with references in could have if(isblank) instead!) I am currently spending ages adjusting all my formulas manually and haven't got time to try and work out how to do this with vba.(I'm not very experienced with it!)

e.g. =INDEX('Characs Single'!$B$1:$C$100,MATCH('1Report'!$B12,'Characs Single'!$B$1:$B$19,0),2)

would be come

=IF(ISERROR(INDEX('Characs Single'!$B$1:$C$100,MATCH('1Report'!$B12,'Characs Single'!$B$1:$B$19,0),2)),"",INDEX('Characs Single'!$B$1:$C$100,MATCH('1Report'!$B12,'Characs Single'!$B$1:$B$19,0),2))

Many thanks.


I have a spreadsheet that I am matching column A to column K and if it finds a match insert the data from column J.

I input this formula in column B but I know I
am missing something.


Again if column A matches K the input the data from the J column.

Thank you for your anticipated response.

I want to compare two columns as shown below. Column A includes a list of film titles and the releasing years, which are in brackets. Column B includes a list of film titles without releasing years. I want to find out whether films in column B also show up in column A. If a film in column B is included in column A, then column C is recorded 1; otherwise 0.

I can't use the "if(iserror(match" formula, since the films in column B are not exactly the same as films in column A. Column A includes the releasing year while column B doesn't. In this case, how should I solve the problem?

Column A
A1: I Am Legend (2007)
A2: Fast Food Nation (2004)
A3: Transformers (2000)

Column B
B1: I am legend
B2: Crash
B3: Transformer

Column C
C1: 1
C2: 0
C3: 1

Hello Excellers!

I am hoping that the Hive Mind that is this forum can help me find a solution to my problem.

I am looking for a formula that will look up a value in 2 different arrays and return 1 of 3 possible statements "<--Present", "<--Absent", or "<--Per Diem".

The work book has the monthly employees for 2010 sorted by their departments and status. The columns are broken down by Full Time, Part Time, and Per Diem.
Sometimes an employee will be terminated in January and will not be listed in February, and I need a "<--Absent" placed in the column beside their name. If an employee goes Per Diem from January to February I need a "<--Per Diem" placed. If an employee is present in both January and February, I need a "<--Present" placed.

I am using this formula to return "<--Present" or "<--Absent"


So I figured I can change the formula to return "<--Present", "<--Absent", or "<--Per Diem"

=IF(MATCH(D7,$G$7:$G$87,0),"<--present",IF(MATCH(D7,G145:G157,0),"<--Per Diem","<--Absent"))

However, this formula is incorrect only producing a "<--present" if the value is in G7:G:87.

Any help out there?


Hi Everyone

I want to match the Account Column in Worksheet1 to the Account Column in Worksheet2. If the account I’m looking for in Worksheet1 exists, it must return a “Yes” and the line in which it exists, if it doesn’t then it must return a “No”. This I have managed to do using the formula below.
=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(G748,SACluster!C$4:C$1872,0)),"NO","YES("&MATCH(G748,SACluster!C4:C1872,0)&"), IF(SACluster!$H6="WON",1,""),””)
Now I need to check the status of the account in Worksheet1 (SACluster) if it does exist and return a 1 if the a 1 if the status is "Won".
So I want to combine these two formulas, is that possible?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum.

I need some help in doing something that is like a looping lookupthat outputs.

I have 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 has in column B a single ID number in every cell, Sheet 2 in column A can have multiple numbers in a cell (e.g. "55517 / 55518 /55519" written in one cell.)

For every row in Sheet 1, I need to find the ID in Sheet 2 and add in column C in Sheet 2 the corresponding cell value found in column E on Sheet 1.

By doing this formula, when I am in Sheet 1, I can already find the row number in Sheet 2, if it exists.


I suppose I can then move to the destination cell by using OFFSET.

This is all I have been able to figure out conceptually.

I think it makes more sense for this to be in VBA. Especially the 'writing part' I don't know how to do. After the OFFSET part, how do you tell Excel to write something to that cell?

Because several IDs from Sheet 1 can occur in Sheet 2, it would have to add like REPLACE at the end (ie. len(cell)) "+result", so they get summed if there are multiple finds.

I am also not sure the MATCH sentence above can be translated as a Macro, or whether it is even an efficient way.

And finally, it has to loop (repeat for every row in Sheet 1), which must require VBA.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can show.


I am trying to write a function that returns a Null value if a reference cell is blank; if the cell has a date value, use MATCH to, check if a date exists in a Column on another sheet. If MATCH is TRUE the function should return a value of PH for the Day value. If FALSE the function should calculate, from the Date, the day of the week (vbMonday). I have no trouble getting the second condition to work as a function by itself:
Public Function DayV(Date_Val As Date) As Variant
If (Date_Val) < 1 Then
DayV = 0
ElseIf IsDate(Date_Val) Then
DayV = Weekday(Date_Val, vbMonday)
End If
End FunctionIt also works when combined as a compound worksheet formula with Match:
But no matter what I do I can't get MATCH to work.
The Spreadsheet is being used to cost wages that are paid at different rates for different days of the week and on Public Holidays. I want to perform the function programaticlly as part of another function rather than on the spreadsheet; any ideas?


I have the code below in a userform. I would like to add a line that will insert this formula in column B everytime a new row is inserted.


Private Sub AddButton_Click() 
    If cboAssociate = "" Then 
        MsgBox "Please enter an Associate Name.", , "Entry Error" 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
     'Show alll rows
     'Insert a row for the new Associat to expand the Named Range "CustomerList"
    Sheet2.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).EntireRow.Insert 
     'Find next empty row.
    Row = Sheet2.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1 
     'Add/Update the record
    Cells(Row, 3) = TxManager.Value 
    Cells(Row, 4) = cboAssociate.Value 
    Cells(Row, 5) = TxHDate.Value 
    If TxAtten = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 6).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 6).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxCOE = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 7).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 7).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxComp = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 8).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 8).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxPerf = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 9).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 9).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxPerso = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 10).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 10).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxPost = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 11).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 11).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxNonN = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 12).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 12).Value = "" 
    End If 
    If TxSched = True Then 
        Cells(Row, 13).Value = "Yes" 
        Cells(Row, 13).Value = "" 
    End If 
    Cells(Row, 14) = TxAction.Value 
    Cells(Row, 15) = TxDAction.Value 
    Cells(Row, 16) = TxTimeFrame.Value 
    Cells(Row, 17) = cboUnits.Value 
    Cells(Row, 18) = TxUpdates.Value 
    Cells(Row, 19) = TxAttri.Value 
    Cells(Row, 20) = TxRetained.Value 
    MsgBox cboAssociate & " Recorded.", , "Record Added" 
    Unload Me 
End Sub 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
Thank you for your help.

I have a list of numbers in A1 to A10.
I have a list of numbers in B1 to B10.

I'm trying to use an array formula in C1 to return a full list of numbers in A that do not appear in B... (this is just me practicing with Array Formulas and as a result nearly smacking the PC.... )

This is what I tried in C1


Confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

Sorry - Probably a stupid attempt... Anyone any ideas?

Remember, I want all missing numbers from A to be returned into one Cell.


With the below data in Excel 2007 usinsing IFERROR , it's pretty simple to bring in the - if all the cells in the range are blank instead of the #N/A

With Excel 2003 I know that I have to use IF(ISERROR. I have tried numerous ways to insert the "-" between my formula but can't come up with it.


Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaG5=INDEX($C$4:$F$4,MATCH(MIN(C5:F5),C5:F5,0))G6=INDEX($C$4:$F$4,MATCH(MIN(C6:F6),C6:F6,0))G7=INDEX($C$4:$F$4,MATCH(MIN(C7:F7),C7:F7,0))G8=INDEX($C$4:$F$4,MATCH(MIN(C8:F8),C8:F8,0))G9=IFERROR(INDEX($C$4:$F$4,MATCH(MIN(C9:F9),C9:F9,0)),"-")

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

G9 houses the 2007 function that works just fine in 2007.

In G8 I am trying to get rid of the #N/A for 2003.
I have tried
Along with alot of other variations of that with no luck.

I know that it is staring me in the eyes, but I can't see it.

What am I not seeing?


If it wasn't clear, I am trying to determine the Min in each row and bring in the Header for that Min

I am using the following forumla:


It works well but I have hit a glitch with certain cells. I have found that some of the cells have a space after the last number and the forumla works well with those cells but if I enter a value with no space after the last number the formula will not work. I have 200 cells that I would need to go and add a space after each number. Kind of a pain! Any way to fix? Example below:

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Book1___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutF6G6F7G7F8G8F9G9F10G10F11G11F12G12F13G13F14G14F15G15F16G16=
ABCDEFG5 thi s column has space after last numberno space after last number no values6rs35694460 rs41271617 rs10091081 rs35694460

7 rs2229522 rs1042360

8rs41271617 rs2229523 rs1049210 rs41271617 rs41271617
9 rs2229524 rs1061018

10rs35478984 rs1128870 rs11140494 rs35478984

11 rs45573936 rs11140503

12rs2229522 rs11549896 rs11146982 rs2229522 rs2229522
13 rs45458701 rs11146986

14rs2229523 rs8187655 rs11556834 rs2229523 rs2229523
15 rs8187656 rs11568388

16rs2229524 rs8187649 rs11568391 rs2229524 rs2229524
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

I am trying to use IF(ISERROR(...) to eliminate #DIV/0 error messages.

Original formula:
=IF(Factors!$B$2=1,AVERAGE(Headcount!B14),IF(Factors!$B$2=2,AVERAGE(Headcount!B14:C14),IF(Factors!$B$2=3,AVERAGE(Headcou nt!B14:D14),IF(Factors!$B$2=4,AVERAGE(Headcount!E14),IF(Factors!$B$2=5,AVERAGE(Headcount!E14:F14),IF(Factors!$B$2=6,AVER AGE(Headcount!E14:G14),0))))))

Factors: Name of a tab
Headcount: Name of a tab

The synopsis is that this formula goes to the Factors tab to determine the month. Once the month is determined, it then knows where to proceed in the formula above to find the average; if none of the months on the Factors tab match, then it returns 0. However, in the ranges where I am trying to find the average, some months are all zeros, thus giving me the #DIV/0 message.

I have two columns due to nested IF limitations; one for the first 6 months and one for the second 6 months of the year and I get the same #DIV/0 message in both (obviously).

I have tried many ways to get this to add IF(ISERROR(...) to my formula, but I am still not able to get the Excel to accept what I type.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not married to the above formula if someone knows of a better/more efficient formula, but I don't want to have #DIV/0 errors.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I am making a sales tracking worksheet and I am looking for a little help. I have a sheet called Employee Names that has all of the employees listed in their different positions. I use the following formula on a sales summary sheet to determine what position they hold in the store. The actual formula has several if layers, but this is the basic version:

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(D4,'Employee Names'!$B:$B,0)),"FT",0)

This formula works great, but what i need now to have a formula return the hours worked. (using the formula above) For example on the sheet employee names are in column B and the hours they worked are listed beside their names in column C. Is there a formula that will return their total hours worked to another page when you reference the name?

I had a couple of people suggest with vlookup, but with the text names i don't know how that would work.

Thanks in advance!

After spending hours trying to do this myself, I'm giving up and asking for help. I'm trying to unhide rows based on A2 and F2. F2 contains a MATCH formula that finds the row number of the record that needs to be unhidden.

Formula in F2 =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A2,B5:B9,0)+4),"No Match",MATCH(A2,B5:B9,0)+4)

First, replace formula in A2 with value
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
Application.CutCopyMode = False If A2 equals "ETD" I want all the rows in the spreadsheet unhidden.
MsgBox "You entered ETD"
Rows("5:100").EntireRow.Hidden = False If F2 equals a value I want to display that row number
Rows(Range("F2").Value).EntireRow.Hidden = False
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0).Value = Now
MsgBox "Please edit your record" If F2 contains "No Match", I want a message box
MsgBox "Your record was not found" Thank you in advance for your consideration -- DJ

hello everybody.

I have two sheets, first one contains first names in A1:A5, Last names in B1:B5
Sheet two has First names A1:A10, Last names B1:B10

Is there any possible way to have somesort of match function that matches BOTH first & last names from sheet one against sheet two?

currently I have on sheet one, in cell C1..conditional formatting with this formula

=IF(+A1=0," ",IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A1,SPL!A1:A10,0)),"OK","*"))

and then In D1 I have

=IF(+B1=0," ",IF(ISERROR(MATCH(B1,SHEETONE!B1:A10,0)),"OK","*"))

Which matches the very first name in the list against sheet two names... which changes my cell color if there is a match.
These formulas are used throughout Sheet one... and work great... Problem is...

Lets say On sheet one, one name is John Doe

on sheet two. two names are John Smith, and Jane Doe... I get a match in both conditional cells.

I need a way for those cells which with the formulas to only Trigger when I have a FIRST and LAST name match on ONE NAME... not mixing and matching.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful

Thank you!

This must be a really easy one.I have the following formula in column C
I then want to count the number of items found but COUNTA does not work. What do I use ?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.