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I have read every questions and replies on this site in order to get my
negative numbers to show in brackets and nothing works. I am desparate. The
regional settings are changed to indicate negative numbers in brackets but
when I try formatting the cells in Excel, I cannot get the numbers to show in

I have Windows XP, Office 2003.

Please help me...


I have tried the regional custom settings but the "apply" section is shaded
and inoperative. However the settings show negative numbers in brackets but
when I go to Excel all it does is show minus signs !! It is so terribly

I have tried the regional custom settings but the "apply" section is shaded
and inoperative. However the settings show negative numbers in brackets but
when I go to Excel all it does is show minus signs !! It is so terribly

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to do this? I hve a column of figures, some positive and some negative. I want to format them so taht the negative numbers are expressed in (brackets) and also so that the column itself is decimal aligned, so even if I don't use decimal places the brackets "stick out". I know Word does this in tables, but I can't seem to make Excel do it. Help! Thanks, Vicky.

When I try to type something in brackets it now displays as a negative number no matter what I do! I miss-hit a key when typing and now cannot get this to stop. Can someone please tell me how to make it go back to normal?

I'm using excel 2007

In column A, starting at A3, I have names. Some of these names have a number, positive or negative, in brackets behind them. For instance Joe Blow (-3) or Joe Blow (26).
In the column to the right of these names, column B, the first ten cells (B3 to B12) have values.
In Column D, starting at D3, there are the same names as in column A without the numbers in brackets and some more names. They are not in the same order as in column A. So Column A could have 20 names and column D could have 30 names.
In the column to the right, column E, there are values also. These values relate to the name to the left of these values.
Column E might or might not be sorted.
I want to find the names from column D in column A and add the value to the right of the name in column A to the value to the right of the name in column D.
I have the following code but it does not give the right results on occasion but I can't pinpoint on what occasion.
Can someone tell me where I have to make changes, and what kind of changes, to the code.
Your help is very much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards

    LRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Row 
    For Each c In Range("D3:D" & LRow) 
        LV = ActiveCell.Value 
        With ActiveSheet 
            Set rFound = .Columns(1).Find(What:=LV, After:=.Cells(2, 1), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:= _ 
            xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False, _ 
            On Error Resume Next 
            rFoundPts = rFound.Offset(, 1) 
            c.Offset(, 1).Value = c.Offset(, 1).Value + rFoundPts 
        End With 
    Next c 
    On Error Goto 0 
End Sub 

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I have also attempted to adapt the following code but I cannot get that working at all.

    Dim c As Range, arr As Variant, i As Integer 
    arr = VBA.Array(Range("D3").Value, Range("D4").Value, Range("D5").Value, Range("D6").Value, Range("D7").Value, _ 
    Range("D8").Value, Range("D9").Value, Range("D10").Value, Range("D11").Value, Range("D12").Value, Range("D13").Value, _ 
    Range("D14").Value, Range("D15").Value, Range("D16").Value, Range("D17").Value, Range("D18").Value, Range("D19").Value, _

    Range("D20").Value, Range("D21").Value, Range("D22").Value, Range("D23").Value, Range("D24").Value, Range("D25").Value, _

    Range("D26").Value, Range("D27").Value, Range("D28").Value, Range("D29").Value) 
    For Each c In Range("A3", Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) 
        For i = 0 To UBound(arr) 
            If c Like arr(i) & "*" Then 'If c Like "*" & arr(i) & "*" Then
                c.Font.ColorIndex = 45 
                Exit For 
            End If 
End Sub 

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Please help!

In the past, whenever I input a negative number, and then selected the 'comma' autoformat button, the data would change from:




Now, however, whenever I perform this task it changes from a



- 5.00

I would really appreciate getting my autoformat cell to go back to the bracket style. How did this change? How do I change this back?


I need to make a custom format so that my numbers have the following

- no dollar sign
- thousands shows with a comma; eg: 1,000
- negative numbers shows in red and in brackets with no negative sign; eg:
- zero amounts to be displayed as a " - " not as a blank cell.
- all numbers to be aligned to the right


Hi everyone,

I need your guidance in establishing a formatted style of my choice as a default style name 'comma'(,) on the Format toolbar for every new workbook.
For your info, my preference would be for negative numbers to be in bracket instead of a minus sign (-).

Presently, every time I open a new workbook, I would use the default comma style (,) to format the numerical data. However, the style which I get is a minus sign for negative numbers instead of bracket.

Previously, I'm able to get what I want when using the default comma style. But I do not know what I have clicked or unclicked to change this default comma style fm bracket to minus sign for negative numbers. Please help

Thanking in advance

I like to combine cell values within text on my reports, usually no issues
I would like to format a number so that if it is negative it is red & in
The brackets appear fine, but I cannot change the font colour
=TEXT(ROUNDUP(I8*10.764,-2),"#,##0;[RED](#,##0)")&" ft²")
Anybody able to help?



Does anyone know how to format a cell so that it looks empty when a zero is
put in?

I am using the custom number format of #,##0;(#,##0) so that I can put
company accounts onto a sheet, where negative values appear in brackets. I
want to extend the format so that zeros appear as blanks (or rather, they do
not appear).

When turnover is zero, so far, if I leave the cell blank, the average
function does not take it into consideration. On the other hand, I do not
want any zeros to "appear" on my page or my hard copies as there are lots of

Hard enough as it is, finally, is there also a way to edit my format to make
zeros appear as any other character, for example a hyphen "-" ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi, all
I get a problem which I initially thought as trivial but turns out big.

The data is in a txt file and in follwoing format (tab delimited)

############ following is the data (tab delimited)################

12.3 13.5 14.8
(3.79) (0.05) (9.80)
-10.2 -11.5 -10.8
(-3.4) (-6.2) (-2.7)

############ the data end ################

Yes, I want excel reads in the file and show it exactly as above i.e., with the 12 elements each in a cell.

unfortunately, excel force the brackets into minus sign IF the number in the
bracekts is not negative i.e., leading by a minus sign.
in other words,
(3.79) (0.05) (9.80)
are read and show as :
-3.79 -0.05 -9.80

all other rows are ok.

I get thousand of such table to read in, please help me on this.
the step I went through is attached below, please add, reduce or modify the steps to show me how to do it.

Your help is highly appreciated!

################ attachement ##########################

The steps I went through

1. File ---> Open -----> (choose my file)
2. (Choose)Delimited--->next
3. (check)Tab -----> next
4. (check) text-----> finsish

These steps yield following output

12.3 13.5 14.8
-3.79 -0.05 -9.80
-10.2 -11.5 -10.8
(-3.4) (-6.2) (-2.7)


i have got following question: i have an application that can export tables to Excel. But in Excel, the data is only recognized as text, and not as or numbers. A typical column looks like this:


An amount in brackets signify a negative amount. Is there an easy way how i can convert this cells into numbers i can work with in excel? I have a similar problem with dates, times and cells with both date and time in them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


P.S.: i'm using Excel 2007 if that makes any difference, and my Windows Regional settings are 'German, Germany'

P.P.S.: i tried with "format cell" as number, but it doesn't appear to work on this.

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me with custom formatting of numbers - i am trying to get a version of the "accounting" format with brackets for negatives instead of a minus sign. At the moment i am using the custom format

"£000.00;£ (00,000.00)"

but then I have to vary the number of spaces in every cell depending on how many characters are in the numbers, to get the £ at the left hand side of the cell (and it doesn't exactly line up). Is there an easier way to do this?




I want to format my cells in the following way:
if the number if positive then colour it in blue, if the number is negative, color it in red with brackets, and finally and most important part which i could not crack, if the cell value is error (like #IV!0, #REF!,#VALUE!) then show "NM"

I know how to do the first two parts, but I am unable to complete the third expression for error formatting.

Any help in this regard shall be highly appreciated. This will make my owrksheet very neat and presentable.


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