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I understand how to use page breaks on a single sheet to print front to back, I am trying to figure out how to print sheet 2 to the back of sheet 1 etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am working on a project that has data on sheets 1, 2 and 3. For the
presentation I only need sheets 1 and 3. Is there any way to use one print
command to have both sheets print at the same time? And if possible, to have
them print on front and back of a page??

First and best option, if your printer has duplexing capability, then go to
File|print|Properties and look for the option to print 2-sided.

Print your document. Then flip it upside down and add one blank piece of
paper to the top of the pile. Print the document again, and then sort
through the pages. Note: Make sure your pages are numbered, or your going
to have a real headache on your hands.

"shell369" wrote:

> I need to know how to get two pages in excel to print front and back on one
> sheet.

Is if possible to set up two different sheets in the same workbook to print as front and back pages on a duplex printer?

I need VBA code to print two particular sheets of a workbook called
Sheet1 (tab named PR282) & Sheet2 (tab named PRpg2) to print on my HP printer duplexed front & back.

I have the printer preset to duplex, select both pages to print, & print, they print on separate pages instead of front & back (duplexed).

Any & all help greatly appreciated. mikeburg

In excel we have two sheets of information. They are set in columns for
specific data. On sheet 1 it is in english on sheet 2 exact data is in
spanish, same column format and everything. When we print 1 sheet two sided
we want the columns to line up. When we cut the columns out we want to look
at one side and it be in english but on the back we want the exact thing but
in spanish.

In excel 97 I could tell printer to start printing from the back page to the
front so the job would come off of the printer in the right order. I cannot
find that command in excell 2003. Am I overlooking it, or have they changed
the command convention to an obscure, hard to understand, jargon.

How Do I get Excel to print two seperate worksheets from the same workbook,
front and back?

I want to print 100 pages of a word file. I want to print two pages per sheet. I also want to use the front and back of the sheet. First i want to print odd pages (front of sheet) and then even pages (back of sheet). However when I do that the printed back of the sheet is upside down with respect to the printed front of the sheet. How to prevent this upside down problem?

Recreated new thread as earlier thread having some problem and cant view 2nd page of earlier thread.
Hi there... firstly as said earlier thanks a lots for your complex micro on search pincode and generate courier name which was coolest.. in continuation on same file if possible i also require data sorting by courier names in separate micro.
once the courier names are assigned we have to manually give AirWayBill numbers to each shipment once that is done we make 3 sheets for each courier on same file then email each sheet to particular courier service as record for our daily shipments and print out for barcode scanning to enter shipping details.
Sample Excel SalesHistory with full data here.

What Micro Should do is :
1) Create 3 new sheets with name Aramex, Bluedart & DTDC.
2) Sort data and Search Aramex from 'SalesHistory' Sheet and paste the data on 'Aramex' Sheet and so on for other 2 couriers (data only be copy and pasted in new sheet, original sheet remains unchanged)
3) Now on each new sheet change "Courier" field and make it as 'Sr No'
4) Change the formatting of AWB Number.
a) first add '*' in front and back of the AWB number that is for Barcode scanning.
b) change the Font for the AWB field as "CODE39" and font size as 28.
5) As you can see in sample excel not all fields are required hence after sorting delete the extra fields, vary for each courier data.

help on this would be highly appreciated as 'dangelor' has already helped in earlier thread.

hi all,
i have a sheet with almost 3,000 rows. and after i filter these rows only about 20 to 120 rows are avalabel.
what im trying to do is run a code before i print that will hightlight every other row that is in front of me..
then after the print is done i would like every thing to go back to normal "with out any hightlights" .

How can I set up a sheet where I would input a list of names and numbers
sorted numerically, and have that data automatically placed in alphabetical
order on another sheet.

The application is a simple key locker i.e.
Sheet 1
num desc
001 front door
002 back door
003 firehouse
004 apple house

sheet 2 would automatically display as
desc num
apple house 004
back door 002
firehouse 003
front door 001

the printed output is most important so I could just sort before printing.
But if the automation is possible it would be very interesting to see how
that could work.
Any ideas?

In excel, I have graphs that are printing in landscape form. I also have
text that I need to print on the back of the page in portrait format. I have
set my print areas to determine the from and the back of the sheet. Is there
a way to print the front in landscape and the back in portrait?

this is a printer option not an excel option. technically all excel does is
send the data. click the options button in page setup. this will display the
options of your default printer. if your printer has such an option, you can
set it here. if your printer does not have this option, then excel cannot do
what your printer is physically incapable of doing.

"Steve H" wrote:

> I have a document in excel which has 2 pages seperated by a page break of
> course. I want to print it so that it comes out as page 1 on the front and
> page 2 on the back without having to print it and refeed it upside down etc.

I need VBA code to print two particular sheets of a workbook called
Sheet1 (tab named PR282) & Sheet2 (tab named PRpg2) to print on my HP printer duplexed front & back.

I have the printer preset to duplex, select both pages to print, & print, they print on separate pages instead of front & back (duplexed).

Any & all help greatly appreciated. mikeburg

I'm trying to print two sheets within the same workbook at the same time as a single print job. This way sheet1 is the front and sheet2 the back.

It I do select both sheets and then print active sheets Excel creates two print jobs, forcing the printer to start the second sheet on a new page.

This page break between the prints means that I have two single sheets printed out of the printer rather than one piece of paper in duplex.

Any ideas on a work around for this?

The two two sheets are only a sinlge page in size, but have different column widths so wont easily go onto a single worksheet.

Hi everyone, had a look round to sorting out the general problem but im just stuck with this last bit.

I am trying to setup an online contract with my customers so can I e-mail them much quicker rather than in the post. They have the option to print sign, scan and send back. I use Primo pdf and send off to the customer. Easy.

I have scanned the documents into an excel file as I wanted to use the tick box button. I have used text boxes for general info and customer names and address and locked their position in front of the picture of the contract so nobody can move them or resize them.

However when I lock the file my tick box buttons are unusable. I normally tick the boxes before I send the contracts to a customer and my main reason for needing this is so I can send it out to other employees to use.

So it's a picture with a tick box in front of it that when locked renders the tickbox useless. Any ideas?

I just completed a workbook for our NFL pool at work. I got mildly hung-up on one task, and I am presuming there has got to be a better way to accomplish this. It goes as follows:

On worksheet #1 I have everybody's picks in row format -- 40 entries total -- for ease of entry:

- - NAME | N 1 | N 2 | N 3 | N 4 | A 1 | A 2 | A 3 | A 4 | TIE
_1. Dave | NYG | SEA | GB_ | DAL | SD_ | CLE | JAC | NE_ | IND
_2. Mark | SEA | WAS | GB_ | NYG | SD_ | NYJ | PIT | IND | NE_
_3. Mary | ARI | TB_ | DAL | GB_ | SD_ | IND | BUF | PIT | SF_
40. Zack | ...

On the second worksheet, I'm tracking team wins.

On a third sheet, I list everybody's picks in table format, and add in the wins, to print and post up as a weekly update:

1 |Dave| ________ |Wk1|Wk2|Wk3|...|Wk17
. |NFC | Giants__ | 1 | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Seahawks | - | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Packers_ | 1 | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Cowboys_ | 1 | _ | _ |...
. |————————————————————————————————
. |AFC | Chargers | - | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Browns__ | - | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Jaguars_ | - | _ | _ |...
. | .. | Patriots | 1 | _ | _ |...
. |————————————————————————————————
. | .......Total: | 4 | _ | _ |...
. |————————————————————————————————
. |TIE |
. |BRKR| Colts___ | - | _ | _ |...

2 |Mark| ________ |Wk1|Wk2|Wk3|...|Wk17

Simple enough, but on this 3rd worksheet, I want to be able to easily copy this simple 2-dimensional table, one after the other after the other, 40 times down the page. The problem is that each table takes 14 rows, so under normal copy-paste technique, "Name" on my second table will refer to the 14th player on my first worksheet, etc.

I managed a tricky little work-around with this, where I've assigned a #1 in front of the first table, and a formula in front of each subsequent table scans up the column and adds one, so they number themselves 1 thru 40 as I paste them down the worksheet. Then each person's name is looked up on the first worksheet, using the INDIRECT function + a formula involving the table #. From there, their 9 team picks are carried over via VLOOKUP from their data page, and team wins are similarly brought in from the team win page.

All fine and good, but using INDIRECT removes a lot of portability from the table, since it's an absolute reference. I can't indiscriminately lengthen the table or jostle around the layout of the entry sheet without screwing up the output. I'm also concerned that when I come back to this next season, it's going to be a huge hassle (attempting to recall what I did to make this work) if we add more entrants.

Anyhow, back to my main question: was there an easier way for me to have done this?

I'd be happy to email you a copy if you're interested in taking a look at it.

- Nate

I have a 4 sheet Excel document that I need to print as a booklet (11" x 17"
paper, with two 8 1/2" x 11" pages side-by-side on the front and two 8 1/2" x
11" pages side-by-side on the back. I'm using Microsoft Office Excel 2003.

I have a bunch of state .pdf forms that I want to link into sheets so that I
don't have to retype the common info over and over. I still want to be able
to type into the other cells (the non-linked ones). I took a snapshot of the
page and turned it into a GIF, made the appropriate areas transparent and put
it on the Excel sheet as a picture. I was going to align the cells to
correspond to the state form, but the picture is in front of the cells - so I
can't get to them. I could put the pic back after I link the cells but then
I couldn't type into the non-linked cells. I also tried setting the pic as
the background, but then it won't print!
Any help would be appreciated!

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