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Split cell diagonally Results

How do you split a cell diagonally so you can show the title for the header row and the column in the same cell?

just quick question is it possible to split a Cell diagonaly like below so you can use one cell as such and have 2 seperate numbers in it etc

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DEFG3    4 250                    125 5  6    Sheet1 
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

okies wont show the borders of cell on html maker sorry

Kind regards


Anyone out there know a way to split a single excel cell diagonally in order
to have it contain 2 pieces of information?

Is there a way to split a cell diagonally ? I would like to have 2 data points in a cell that have a diagonal split so it looks like that are still in the same cell with just a diagonal line between them. I also need to be able to still sum the 2 data points.


I am creating a report that has to show the number of new customers and the dollar value those customers brought in. We would like to have the cell appear with a diagonal split so the # of new customers is in the top left and the $ is at the bottom right with a diagonal line between the two. Is this possible? if so, how can I do this?

I am putting together a calendar on excel and would like to split a cell
diagnolly, colour each section and be able to type text in each triangle.
Is this possible and if so how ?

Many thanks

I believe the only way this could be achieved is using a drawing
object(s) i.e. triangle. You could colour the cell and then superimpose a
triangle over the cell (or use two triangles).

For a single cell this might be an option but for multiple cells it's not
(obviously) very practical.

"Andyfishing" wrote:

> I need to colour a cell that is split diagonally with 2 seperate colours?
> Excell 2003.

I would like to create a table with cells that are split at 45 degrees. That
is the column B & C and rows 2, 3 & 4 use the same vertical & horizontal
height & width

Column A
Shop A
Shop B
Shop C

Column B

Column C
Sales $

Please help as I need to know asap.

Thank you.

Having split a cell with a diagonal border I wish to have a differrent colour
in each half. Is there a ay of doing this? Currently I create an image of the
cell, edit it in paint and insert.

I'm trying to label cell A1 in an Excel spreadsheet so that the row name is
identified as well as the column name in this same cell A1, separated by a
diagonal. I can draw the diagonal, but how do you get the row name to appear
in the upper right of the cell and the column name to appear in the lower

I would like to create a table with cells that are split at 45 degrees. That
is the column B & C and rows 2, 3 & 4 use the same vertical & horizontal
height & width

Column A
Shop A
Shop B
Shop C

Column B

Column C
Sales $

I want to place 2 numbers in the same cell w/ a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. The line is intended to make the printed spreadsheet easier to read.

Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

If not, what other options do I have besides the obvious merge of the row header? I feel the horizontal lines will not separate the large amount of $-data on the sheet...

Looking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance.

Nicholas N.

Is it possible to diagonally split a cell to place two headings in one cell -
one for the row heading and the other for the column heading?

Hi, I'm looking to apply more than one colour format to the same cell, split
diagonally from right to left (one colour being orange, the other being
white/uncoloured). I don't want stripes, just two blocks of colour making up
the cell background.

Slightly bizarre question, I know, but it's for a work diary for a
department with colour representing 'busy' and white/uncoloured representing
'available'. As I'm busy for the first half of the day, I want to split the
cell in half. At the moment I just have a diagonal line and the whole cell in
orange, but wanted to make the 'pm' half of the cell to be clear. If that
makes sense!

Thanks for your help!


Is this possible? I've seen it on Excel (hardcopy) documents before, where the cell is split with a diagonal line, but am unsure how it's done ... if at all possible. (I know how to put the diagonal line in the cell.) Can it be done, or has the author done some other type of tweaking to the worksheet which is outside of Excel's typical functionality?

can i split a single cell in excel diagonally and put type in each side ?

If you make a square cell, then make a diagonal border you can make it
look right for printing, but I was wondering if there is anyway to
make it so that you can edit.

For example:
I would like to make a cell and then split it into 2 cells, so that it
will almost look like a fraction.

1/2 #1 in the upper cell,# 2 in the lower cell, then use a border
to do the diagonal.


Hi there,

Is there any quick way to split a cell diagonally (i.e have item number/item reference in the same cell but splt diagonally by a line).



Please see the attached spreadsheet. I want to use it to keep track of wins/losses/splits for the NFL. Well, since the season's over, more so for a way of testing out different things to affect how the standings would come out.

My question is, I want to sum wins (from the row of the table) in the AM column. Each cell that is yellow will have a "W" or "L" in it. Each cell that is red will have a "W", "L", or "S" in it. Is there a way of using a formula to countif the cells equal "W" to and if the cell is red to count W's as 2 and S's as 1? (Red cells represent 2 games each). I'd basically want something similar to:
 Except modified to take into account the backround color.  I'm not sure if this is possible, so if there's another way, I'd
love to hear it.

A second question (should it go in it's own thread?) Is there a formula that I can type into all of the cells below the diagonal line to see if a cell mirrored across from it is a "W" to put an "L" or vice versa? (For instance, if H4 = "W", then D8 = "L"). I know I could manually put formulas into each cell, but that would take a while and was wondering if the experts on here could help.

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