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How to make scale x-axis in scheme

I have a pillar diagram whit 6 different values. Value names are:
A-MUX, A-MUX(kk), B-MUX, B-MUX(kk)..and so on

I'am trying to do that A-MUX and A-MUX(kk) pillars are closed together. And after that is a little space and B-MUX and B-MUX(kk) pillars are together and so on.
How this should be make?
Hope you understand what I mean=)

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I posted this in Excel Charting, too, but I reckon it gets far fewer readers...

I have the following data to plot:

01/31/95 0.29623
12/29/95 0.19822
12/31/96 0.13931
12/31/97 0.33036
12/31/98 0.082194
12/31/99 0.23669
12/29/00 -0.25575
12/31/01 0.023404
12/31/02 -0.11949
12/31/03 -0.018228
12/31/04 0.12326

with the dates being the actual dates I wish to plot on my x-axis in a regular Excel line chart. As you can see, they are irregular dates. Regardless of how I try (with ensuring the Minor Unit is on Days and the Major on months), I can't seem to get the right combination to have Excel plot the actual dates above. Instead, it seems to keep defaulting to the last day in January, probably due to the first data point in the date series or it just gives me a regular monthly date by year (always January 1, XXXX for instance).

Does anyone have any ideas how I would fix this to get the actual dates above to plot on the x-axis?



Ive added secondary y axes before, so you can have a series relating to the
left hand axis and one on the right, but with a common x axis

but is there an easy way to have two x axis, one at the top and one at the
bottom. i don't actually need a 2nd series, but I want my charts to have one
unit across the bottom (dose) and another along the top (exposure index)
just for reference, so that visually I can look at the curve and read off
either dose (at the bottom of the chart), or exposure (at the top)

thanks in advance

Hi everyone,

I am new to using excel and I am trying to figure out how to make the x axis on my graph scaled at even intervals. I am using a bar graph, which is categorical- I am sure this is part of the problem.

Attached is the file I am working on. The X axis represents depth, and the y axis represents fish observed (at the the depth).

I am sure there is a quick way to automatically scale the x axis. Any assistance would be great! Thank you!

Hello all. I have this problem, I will need to create this chart that I don't
know how to.

Serie 1 is below which needs to be time scaled
Date Count
1/1/2006 12
1/2/2006 3
1/3/2006 5
2/1/2006 18
2/3/2006 4
2/18/2006 9
4/1/2006 18
7/4/2006 38

Serie 2 - needs to plot the three dates in serie 1's time scaled X-Axis with


I will look something like you have a line of count on a time-scaled chart,
with 3 dates point in the x-axis. Please give me some advice on how to do
it. Thank you all.

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the X axis label. So far, everything I've done only removed the Y axis label (I recorded a macro of me removing the X axis label and implemented it into my code, but it removed the Y axis label in my chart instead). I want to keep the tick marks though.

Here's my chart code

ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLine 
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet2").Range("E" & CurrRow & ":" & LastCol2 & CurrRow), PlotBy:=xlRows 
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Sheet3" 
ActiveChart.Parent.Name = "CHART" & CurrRow 
ActiveChart.HasDataTable = False 
With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue) 'the min/maxscale makes the Y limits 150 to -150
    .MinimumScale = -150 
    .MaximumScale = 150 
    .MinorUnitIsAuto = True 
    .MajorUnitIsAuto = True 
    .Crosses = xlAutomatic 
    .ReversePlotOrder = False 
    .ScaleType = xlLinear 
    .DisplayUnit = xlNone 
End With 
ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory).AxisBetweenCategories = False 

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I am trying to combine 2 columns of data to create on x axis (I have to
create an Asthma peak flow chart and have 4 different times per day with
figures - before & after), so each day has 4 lines. I need to show data and
graph (if possible) on one sheet to take to the hospital. At the moment the
column is too long to be readable in landscape (with graph) and I can't find
a way to change orientation of graph to make it readable in portrait. Is
anything possible (my dates are like 01 8, 01 12, 01 16, 01 20 etc. for
every day in the month).

I want to chart observations made at random intervals throughout the day on
an area chart. If i use x-y scatter, the x-axis spacing is correct (points
are proportional to the time), but i can't get an area chart. If I use the
area chart, the observations are all spaced equally along the x axis.

Does anyone know how to make the x-axis plot time for normal charts?

See attached doc.

I am trying to get another x axis on the right hand side of this graph with %.

The bars represent the money values in the table, how do i get the % values also into the table but shown as a line. I have tried playing around with it, but the graph just becomes distorted.

Many thanks for your help.

how to make a menu information or selections in the same cell?

I've been trying to figure out how to make the X cells that I select to give a grand total for the amount that the X represents. I have attached a excel sheet as an example.


I can't figure out how to make the x-axis the y-axis. Excel makes the chart
for me...its a simple column graph.

Hi. I would like to ask how to make a transmutation table in which zero (0) will be equivalent to seventy (70) and how to make a formula for that using excel. I would be glad for any help that you can give me. Thanking in advance.

Is this possible?

I know how to make just a link in a cell work by just entering the link and pressing enter. But i now have a paragraph in a cell that has multiple links within the text. How can i make the links work?

For example,

I have in a single cell....

"If you need to do a search on google, and the other option would be yahoo,"

Please help. Thanks!

I need to figure out how to make certain text bold in a comment using vba. I'm making it so it adds a comment that looks like this:
I've searched other forums and none have helped. I need to do this in vba. Thanks in advance.


I have the following data. What chart should I use to display it most effectively?
How do I set up the data table for it? I tried using a scatter plot, but couldn't figure out how to make the X axis be the employee names.

Employee Commission
Dave 1.3
Dave 0.3
Steve 2.5
Dave 9.4
Al 3.2
Bob 6.1

how can I make a chart with the x-axis in logarithmic scale. the built in
function makes the y-axis log


I'm trying to make a line graph based on two sets of data. These are a subset of the data:

Distance Moran's I
57.302 0.33
143.568 0.084
198.755 0.009
248.781 -0.059
296.452 -0.063
342.166 -0.061
386.37 -0.051

I want the Moran's I data on the Y-axis and the Distance data along the X-axis, which I've been able to do easily using a PivotTable/Chart. However when I create the chart I can't seem to change the X-axis data from the exact number, i.e. 57.302, 143.568 etc to a scale e.g. 0 100 200 300 400.

Anybody know how to change the X-axis so it's displaying my data in a scale rather than the exact numbers?

Many thanks for the help


What my question ultimately boils down to is the following: Does anyone know how to make a secondary x-axis logarithmic using VBA in Excel 2010? I cannot get the .ScaleType property to work. Some more information that may be helpful is given below.

I'm writing a macro that automates creation of a scatterplot, and I need to make both the primary and secondary x-axes logarithmic. However, whenever I try to set the .ScaleType property for either x-axis through VBA using the lines of code given below, I get an error that says "ScaleType of object Axis failed."

ch.Axes(xlCategory).ScaleType = xlScaleLogarithmic 
ch.Axes(xlCategory, xlSecondary).ScaleType = xlScaleLogarithmic 
 'Note that ch simply refers to the chart that's being created

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I am aware that the .ScaleType property technically only applies to the y-axis, but I found out from some old posts in another forum that this error will not get raised as long as .ScaleType is set immediately after all data has been added to the plot. This solves my problem for the primary x-axis, but it is impossible to set this property for the secondary x-axis immediately after all data is added to the plot because I have to add the secondary axis before trying to make the scale logarithmic. Is there another way to get around this?

Hi all,

I have created an XY scatter plot with date values on the x axis, the
problem is that my data starts in 1971 yet the x axis goes back to
1900. I cannot access the check box to make the x axis time scale as it
is greyed out in the chart options form.

I have made a bit of a mess of describing my problem but if anyone has
come accross this before or knows how to get an XY scatterplot to
automatically start its x axis values with the minimum x value given to
it, I would be grateful.

I can fix this using vba but I would rather not.



Does anyone know how to make a nomogram in Excel? I am trying to get a
Y-Axis with two scales of values, another Y-Axis with one scale, and two
X-axis each with 1 scale of values.

so that i have the Y-Axis with 2scales on the left, the Y-Axis with one
scale on the right, then one X-Axis on the top and one on the bottom.

thank you.

I'm trying to make a log-log graph using excel, and I can't figure out how to
change the x axis to log scale. Its not an option in the "format axis"
window, and I have no clue how to go about doing it. I'm using Excel 2000,
and the data range for the x axis is from 9.35E-4 to 2.40E-3.


I have to create an x axis scale the matches equal distances along a normal
distribution curve such that when this curve is ploted on this graph, the
scaling makes the cure turn into straight line. Logarithmic x scaling doesn't
work for this. How else can I achieve this?


I am doing a column chart. All x-axis labels are quite long. Is there
any way to show them in two lines?
I tried to adjust orientation in the option(alignment), but the chart
will be too ugly.



I'm trying to make a log-log graph using excel, and I can't figure out how to
change the x axis to log scale. Its not an option in the "format axis"
window, and I have no clue how to go about doing it. I'm using Excel 2000,
and the data range for the x axis is from 9.35E-4 to 2.40E-3.


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