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how to combine multiple files in ms excel

how to combine 2 files become another single file.
example:file 1: ........A........B.......
name address
combine with

file 2: ............A...........B...............C
name address phone

will become:
file 3: ...........A............B.............C
name address phone

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If I select different excel files all are opened at the same excel window, I
want to open each file in each excel window, how can I do it?

I have a simple question. How can I add a ToolTip in MS Excel 07? [a little red box that appears in the upper left hand corner of a cell & when you put your mouse over it you see a message] What is the easiest way to accomplish this?

Please advise how to open CSV file in Excel without using "Text to column"
steps. Where I can make all needed settings in Excel in order CSV files being
opened immediately without making additional actions. Thank you.

how i can do programming in MS Excel.?


Below you see a previous thread with a similar problem to mine:

Now, my question is: I have the exact same problem, but how do I change the code when the two numbers I want synced are on differen worksheets (but same workbook).

I appreciate if somebody could help me! Thanks!

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How to keep two cells in a excel in sync by cross linking

Hi , I want to keep two cells in sync with the same data. The problem with the link option is that we can have one source and any target . But I am interested that same value be shared across two cells so that if one cell updates the value then the other dependent cell automatically updates its data.

Please let me know how can I do this?


If both cells are in the same Worksheet, the following code should be pasted
in worksheet's code (right-click on tab name and select Code)

I used A1 and A2 as example addresses. You can modify these.


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rCell1 As Range
Dim rCell2 As Range
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
Set rCell1 = Range("A1")
Set rCell2 = Range("A2")
Application.EnableEvents = False
Select Case Target.Address
Case rCell1.Address
rCell2.Value = rCell1.Value
Case rCell2.Address
rCell1.Value = rCell2.Value
End Select
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub


How to sort multiple columns in a pivot table. I can able to sort one column at a time in Pivot table. If i want to sort two or more columns at a time, how to achieve that. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone

I have been looking everywhere on how to combine multiple cells in a column so they end up in one cell on top of one another. The script or command would also need to know when there is a space in one of the cells and stop, then start all over once the next set of data is found. The amount of cells in the column will vary.


Cell A1: data1
Cell A2: data2
Cell A3: data3

Cell A4: data4

Cell A5: data5
Cell A6: data6





Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

Trying to figure out how to open multiple files (each passworded) automatically. No VB training, only use macro recorder normally.

any help greatly appreciated

This will explain how to fix Windows so that you have the choice of opening multiple Excel workbook files in a single instance, or separately. I wrote these instructions for Windows XP and Excel 2003, because they are the simplest to describe, but the concepts should also apply to later releases.

The main advantage of being able to run multiple files in one instance is that it enables all workbooks to access macros from any other workbook. This is extremely useful for automating tasks that require exchanging information between workbooks.

However, if you open multiple files in multiple instances of Excel, then all workbooks run independently. They can then run identical macros in each without interference, or easily be displayed in separate windows on multiple monitors.

There is one Excel setting that might have been changed manually that could fix this without having to do all of the other steps below, so try this first.

Step 1 - Excel PreferencesIn Excel, go to:Tools, Options, General tabThe “Ignore other applications” preference is supposed to be able to control your choice of opening Excel in a single instance, or in separate instances.
Check “Ignore other applications” for separate instances.Uncheck “Ignore other applications” for a single instance.To test to see if it’s fixed, first close all Excel files, and then open two files via Windows Explorer. If Excel is now working the way you want, then you’re done. Yay!

If it’s still not working, you should know that it’s unlikely you did something to cause Excel’s behavior to change. Windows Updates are usually the cause of this capability being reset. Here’s how to fix it.

Step 2 - Repair the Windows RegistryGo to: Start, Run, and enter “excel.exe /unregserver” (without the quotes.) This runs instantly and gives no visual feedback.
Then go to:Start, Run, and enter “excel.exe /regserver” (without the quotes.)This takes a minute or so to run. There will be a couple of popup windows, and there will be no visible change when it’s done. However, you have just un-registered and re-registered Excel, so your system will be back to a clean starting point.

Step 3 - Repair the Windows startup commandsIn Windows Explorer go to: Tools, Folder Options, File Types tab, select XLS, Advanced, select Open, Edit (Tip: To quickly select XLS in the long File Types list, just type XLS.)At this point you should be looking at a dialog box titled “Editing action for type: Microsoft Excel Worksheet”. Here is a list of what these fields should be at this point in the process:Action: &OpenApplication used to perform action:"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11EXCEL.EXE" /e %1 Use DDE: checked DDE Message: [open("%1")] Application: EXCEL DDE Application Not Running: blank Topic: SystemYou will need to repair two fields:1. Add quotes to the “%1” argument in the fieldApplication used to perform action:"C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11EXCEL.EXE" /e “%1”This fixes the problem where Windows can’t find the file because of spaces in the pathname.2. Add a comment in the fieldDDE Application Not Running: [do nothing if Excel is not already running]Any text can be entered in the square brackets. This prevents Windows from opening Excel twice the first time it’s invoked. When there is a comment in this field, Windows will ONLY run the “DDE Message” action the first time Excel is opened.

At this point, you should be able to use Step 1 above to set the “Ignore other applications” preference to work the way you want it to.

One last note: If you run multiple files in one instance, but want to be able to Alt-Tab between them,In Excel, go toTools, Options, View tabCheck the “Windows in Taskbar” preference. This will display each file separately in your Windows Taskbar, and you will be able to quickly Alt-Tab between them.

Good luck!

Am using Excel 2007 version.

I had posted an excel file (with 10 questions with 4 options for each
question, drop down option is used) to about 100 customers to fill the
answers and post it back to me.

So, now i have 100 excel files. I need to combine all those into one excel
sheet so that it will be easy to analyze, segregate and for further

So how to combine the data available in these excel sheets.

Please explain the solution 'clearly' such that a layman can understand.

Thanks in advance

My co-worker have multiple Excel files (1 worksheet per file); all worksheets have the same column headers and structure; she needs to combine all these worksheets from the multiple files into one worksheet with all the data stacked one below the other.

Please help if you know of an easy way to do this.

If would be great if you could provide a macro code and instruction on how to use the macro.

Hello Dear Friends
I have an HTML file Listing of my Hard disk files that has a link to the files with no drive letter in the beginning of the addresses and as i click on the name of the file name in the html file, it opens the file. since this listing is in a column format and has different information of a file in various columns (like size, date, name, type, etc) i imported the file in an excel 2010 worksheet to use the filtering ability of the excel to better handle my list and find specific files faster and easier. allegedly each drive has it's own HTML list file and its has been placed in the root of the drive and since there is no drive letter in the addresses of each file in the HTML file, it will open the targeted file as i click on its name in the HTML and it has nothing to do with the drive letter. and as i opened the HTML file in the excel, it will import all the links as the hyperlinks and they will act same as the HTML file and it should be in the drive root too. the question is, how can i combine these excel files that are in each drive, in one master worksheet that it uses the files from its source, somehow embed it inside one file but i need to have access to all the filtering abilities of all the file at the same time, and the reason that i need the files to be accessed from their sources is because of this fact that if i combine them all in one worksheet regularly, it will save it in that single file and so all the linkings will be disordered because it doesn't know where to look at.
sorry for the long long question, but i'll be very appreciated if anyone could help me out here.
thanks in advance


I am a VB noob and i am trying to help my non-tech savvy colleagues in a rural non-profit to maintain better data.

I am sure there are better ways of data maintenance, but they are used to one way of working over the years and I need to align the excel to match their way of doing things.

They maintain user data with static details (like name, village, occupation, etc.) and dynamic details (service taken, etc.) in the same sheet. Problem is, due to manual entry, the static fields become erroneous.

So what I want to achieve in the userform is:
1. If he is new user, he signs up separately.
2. If old user, he chooses his name in a dropdown list.
3. User details (static ones) are shown in a listbox. Since there are multiple people with exactly the same name, he chooses which details match him.
4. These details are passed on to the form and he adds the dynamic details.

I have done everything, the only two areas where I am blocked are:
1. How to lookup the values in the excel and display in a multi-column textbox ONLY with the unique combinations. Presently, i am populating a list, but its showing all values and also, i cannot use that for point 2 below. I need a better way.
2. How to carryover the values to the other userform from the list box (I think I will be able to figure this point out myself if the first problem is resolved)

I am attaching the sheet with some dummy values for your reference.

Would it be possible to help? Let me know if I have not been able to convey the issue clearly.

Copy of Data tool.zipCopy of Data

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a macro/program that when execute will:

1. Ask user to select and open an Excel file.
--archieved this by using GetOpenFile method.
2. Ask user to select multiple sheets in the opened file.
--GOT STUCK here.
3. Copy some infos from the selected sheets to other sheet in other file.

I'm stuck in 2. How do I ask user to select multiple sheets?

I tried to open the file and loop through the Activewindow.Selectedsheet, but only one sheet was selected. There is no dialog to temporarily stop the macro and ask user to select the sheets. Any idea how can I solve this?


I have a folder that contains numerous text files and I need to import these into excel. I'm using the Workbook.Open function to import the text files however the text files use different delimiters and I wanted to know how to include multiple delimiters in the function. I'm unable to mention more than one delimiter there.
I would appreciate any help that you could provide.

Thanks in advance.

I have three files with data about a set of individuals where each
file has different fields. The largest contains last name, first
name, address and phone with data on about 8,000 names. The second
is a smaller file with last name, first name, address in a different
format, birthday, and region code. Most but not all of the names in
the second file are also in the first file. The third is the smallest
file containing names, address, and two activity code fields. I want
to combine these files to create a single record for each name
containing the fields from all three.

Here is an example of the file when it is simply combined:

Last First Addr1 Addr2 Phone Birth Region Act1 Act2
BB AA 1111 2222
BB BB 1234 3333
BB AA 1111 1988 2
BB AA 1111 2 3

I want to get this data to look like this:

Last First Addr1 Addr2 Phone Birth Region Act1 Act2
BB AA 1111 1111 2222 1988 2 3 4
BB BB 1234 3333

Do I have to use VBA? I tried using Access but don't have the skills
to make it work - and I'd rather leave it in excel anyway.


I'm having problems trying to get some uniformity in our documents. The problem is that all of our company Winword documents (thousands of documents) already have a table in the footer in which the following information is listed in sequential order:

Machine no.:
Page x of x

The table is made up of 2 rows and 5 columns.
The bottom row is updated by the worker that processes the file.

Furthermore, we do not edit the winword footer but instead edit the document properties because there are fields in the winword footer that are connected to the document properties. In other words machine no., version and date are edited in the document properties and this changes the footer.

Can this be done in Excel with a footer?

I have found out how to insert the properties into the footer (in Excel), but not how to create a table in the footer.


Does anyone know how to write a macro in an Excel file which can copy and
append the data in an Excel worksheet to an existing Access file? Also at the
same time, a graph in that Excel worksheet is linked to a PowerPoint file. So
when the macro is run, I hope both the Access and PowerPoint files will be
updated automatically.

Since I am doing some works which require data analyisis by using Excel, I
currently need to copy and append the data to the Access database manually.
Also I copy the graph from the Excel file to the PowerPoint file manually as
well. It would be great and save a lot of time if one macro in Excel can
manipulate between Excel, Access and PowerPoint?

Thanks and regards,

Good day,

I need to develop a System using Macro in MS Excel 2007.. but i don't know how to do it..

I got 2 file in MS Excel

File number 1 : Demand - file name : ( got 55675 row of data)
File number 2 : Supply - file name : ( got 6774 row of data )

File number 1 : The data is starting from 0110111101 ( commodity code ) until 9999999999 ( commodity code )

File number 2 : The data is starting from 1532423007(commodity code) until 9119199901 (commodity code )

I need to categorize all this data in 10 sheet ( sort by the first 2 digit of the commodity code ):

Sheet 1 : 00 -09
Sheet 2 : 10- 19
Sheet 3 : 20 - 29
Sheet 4: 30- 39
Sheet 5: 40 - 49
Sheet 6 : 50 - 59
Sheet 7 : 60 - 69
Sheet 8 : 70- 79
Sheet 9 : 80- 89
Sheet 10 : 90 - 99

I really don't know how.. And not really great/terror in programming...
I need someone to help me to works with this.. Thank you..

Hi Community,

This is my first post!

My goal is to merge multiple sheets in multiple workbooks to create a master sheet in a different workbook.

A 1 2 3 4
B 5 6 7 8

C 9 10 11 12
D 13 14 15 16

E 17 18 19 20
F 21 22 23 24

G 25 26 27 28
H 29 30 31 32

WorkBook3Master (desired results)
A B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
C D 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
E F 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
G H 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

I am currently merging the data manually, which is very tedious.

Can this be done without a Macro or VBA? If it does, can you suggest where to look for help to create a Macro or write the VBA code or can this be done with an existing tool in MS Excel 2007?

If require any additional information, please post, I will elaborate.

Thank you in advance.


i just want to combine my rows into a one merge cell..

1.....4 cups of flour
2.....3 tsp of salt
3.....5 kilo pork

and i need to make it like these

5..4 cups of flour
....3 tsp of salt
....5 kilo pork

NOTE: there is a function (PRODUCT) in the ingredients so i can't just retype it

i'am sorry, i'am a noob in excel and i don't know if these is even possible... hope someone can help me

Does anyone know how to add a DriveListBox in VBA for Excel? Any help ASAP would be great!!

I want to remove multiple pagebreaks in an excel document in one go, is that

Hello, I had a user ask me how to open multiple files in Excel 2003, it use
to be that he was able to hold down the control key and click on serveral
files and they would open in the order that they were selected. Since we
upgraded him to the newest version of Excel this no longer works for him. I
looked on but could find anything.
Does anyone know if this can still be done?


No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.