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EXCEL 2007 - change language


Just bought Office 2007 but the language is Danish. Is it possible to change the language?

I hope it is, because it's so annoying that I have to write Danish formulas in Excel.

Many thanks

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I am using Excel 2007.

In the older versions when I select a row, column, or specific group
of cells, Excel would highlight the group in a certain color. In Excel
2007, it simply surrounds the selected group of cells with a thick
black line.

I've tried going into Excel Options under Advanced but couldn't find
how to do this. Can you assist me in changing this feature?


in excel 2003 i could select an entire sheet, use the find/replace tool, and
find one color and replace with another color. in excel 2007, i can't seem
to be able to do this. am i missing something? i have a spreadsheet that
uses color in some cells and not in others. then when i create a new sheet,
i want the same cells filled with color and the same empty cells to remain
empty of color. but i want the color to be red instead of green (e.g.) for
the new sheet. how can i do this without specifically selecting every cell
or section of cells that is red and manually changing it to green. i used to
be able to use the "find format" function on the find/replace tool, but this
does not seem to work in 2007. HELP!!

In Excel 2007, I set up a pivot table based on a range of cells in
another spreadsheet within my workbook. I put that data into a SQL
table and now want to base the pivot table on that external data

When I go to the change data source option in the pivot table menu, in
the resultant dialog box, the radio button to connect to external data
source is grayed out. What am I missing?


I am teacher Excel 2007, and I did not find how to use Natural Language in
formulas. If somebody know, please, let me know.


lWithout my input, Excel 2007 has changed all my column heading letters into
numbers, and all cell references in equations are now done by cell vectors.
How do I change it back :-( I don't want to type R[1]C[1] to address cell A1.

In Excel 2007, I set up a pivot table based on a range of cells in
another spreadsheet within my workbook. I put that data into a SQL
table and now want to base the pivot table on that external data

When I go to the change data source option in the pivot table menu, in
the resultant dialog box, the radio button to connect to external data
source is grayed out. What am I missing?


I have an issue with repointing links in Excel 2007:

When I change the link source to repoint to a different file, Excel is
asking for the source file pasword to be entered for each cell in the file I
am linking from.

This is causing major time issues in our month-end reporting:

I have a management accounts file which is linked to a large number of other
pasword protected Excel files, which are updated by numerous individuals. The
files are saved in a secure directory on our company server, each month the
files are copied into a sub-directory for the current month and renamed with
that month as part of the filename
It used to be a painless operation; up to Excel 2003, to change the source
of the links in the management accounts file to point to the current month
source files.
Now when I do this in Excel 2007, it is asking me to enter the password 24
times for each linked file.

This only happens when linking between 2007 files, there's no problem in
linking between 2007 and 2003 files.

Is there a way around this, so that I only need to enter the password once
for each file (the way it was before updating to 2007)?


Just started using Excel 2007 and in many documents I create I need to paste screen capture graphics into the excel file. I use the !Quick Screen Capture software.

I noticed that when I am in print preview with margins showing, if I adjust the column widths in order to adjust areas with text the graphics I have pasted change size - they get really small. I have to exit print preview, right click on the graphic, select format picture and then click the reset picture button to get the graphic back to original size. This resizing does not happen if I adjust the column widths in normal view mode.

This never happened in Excel 2003 so I'm confused on how to fix it. Is this just normal and I'll have to adjust to it or is there a setting that will prevent the graphics from autosizing if I adjust columns while in print preview mode?

Many thanks for your help.


I am going insane trying to figureout how to change the default line style width from 2.25 pts in excel 2007. The line is just so fat that it does not work for me.

I have tried saving a chart I made as a template and then applying that template to other charts. Usually the 1st few sets of data will have the proper line width, but the rest default to the thicker line width.

To change the line width I right click the line of data and choose format data series then Line Style which takes me to width, which defaults to 2.25 pt. That is the value that I would like to change to a default of 1pt.

Can this be done? I have tried most of the day and have not come up with a way to change it.

When I typing "true" in Excel 2007 in any cell, Excel will automatic display
as "TRUE" and align centre in the cell.

Is this bug, by design, or just my local configuration?

Charts made in Excel 2007 change format when put into Word and are saved so
that compatible with earlier versions

I am working in Excel 2007. Currently the column labels are showing up as
numbers naming cells as R1C1 etc. I'd much rather use letters for the
column labels so the cells will be the usual A1, B2 etc. I've searched the
help menus and have been unable to find out how to do this.

I have a lot of trouble using Excel 2007 together with SQL server 2008 R2. I need to share data between two or more workbooks, and I want to do this through a SQL database (placed in SQL Server 2008 R2) on a remote server. I use VBA with ADO and SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider as data access provider. When one client have uploaded data from Excel to the database, I want SQL Server 2008 R2 to fire a signal to the other workbooks about that the database has been changed, and my question is how to do that? And can I do it in VBA?I have figured out how to use event notification in SQL Server 2008 R2, but again my problem is how to notify Excel without running a macro that query for messages in a Service Broker queue every 30th second, or so. As well as I know Excel 2007 doesn’t support multithreading, and as I need Excel to run other macros as well, it isn’t a solution to run these checks every 30th second.

Language-Specific Properties, Methods, and Functions [Excel 2007 ...

Language-Specific Properties, Methods, and Functions ... Methods that have new arguments or fewer arguments than ... 2007 Microsoft Office System Excel 2007 Excel 2007 Developer ...

Is there an easy way to make wholesale chart data series changes in Excel 2007?

I have a chart created in 2007 that I must share with others who have Excel 2003. I created the chart using all the Excel defaults and therefore Calibri as the primary font. The others do not have Calibri and, therefore, Windows has substituted Arial. The font change altered the spacing of the chart and now the legend omits several of the series names. There are 15 series in the chart and I'd rather not change each individually.

I realize that I could have changed all the data series in the time it took to compose this, but I'm sure the knowledge would be useful in the future.

Oh, crap! I posted in the wrong forum. Can someone fix this for me?

Hi All,

I'm trying to make a custom ribbon tab for excell 2007, I've made my custom tab as well as various groups and buttons to run bit's of VB code that I use however not I've got a problem. I'm trying to replicate The Code Group in the Developer tab (just so I can minimise the number of tabs I have open at a time but still use the functions in the code group as it's the only thing on there I normaly use.

so far....


group id="MiniDeveloper" label="Developer"
button id="MDVisualBasic" label="Visual Basic" size="large" onAction="" imageMso="VisualBasic" /
button id="MDShowDeveloper" label="Open/Close Full Developer" size="large" onAction="MDOpenDeveloperTab" imageMso="SmartArtInsert" /
button id="MDMacroRecord" label="Record Macro" size="normal" onAction="" imageMso="MacroRecord" /
button id="MDMacroRelativeReferences" label="Use Relative References" size="normal" onAction="" imageMso="MacroRelativeReferences" /
button id="MDMacroSecurity" label="Macro Security" size="normal" onAction="" imageMso="MacroSecurity" /


But where my knowlage falls down is the onAction= part, I know how to call a custom section of VB code as that's what I normaly do but here I just want to replicate the in built functionality of excell so that I can open the VB Editor or Change the macro secrity settings just like on the developer tab

Also any of you who read the code and use the developer tab alot may have noticed that there is a button missing.. the view macros button as I can't find the correct imageMso= etc that will give me the correct face... anyone know it?

Oh and the exstra button is to open close the full developer tab if I decide I need it... that one works fine as it's calling up custom code

Anyway not sure if the code to call up the default functions of buttons in the ribbon can be in my xml or if it needs to be in a VBA module and just linked to the button but either way I don't know what it is so Help!!

Dear All,
I have Office 2007 Pro MUI (XP SP2 MUI) installed in my computer.
I have changed everything- Menus, Helps,.. of my Office to English.

When I want to insert new Add-Ins in Excel 2007 (Solver, Analysis Functions) the dialog box in Excel Setup are appearing in German and once activated, the Add-In Button (in the Data Tab) is alo in German

And of course the Add-In formulas and their descriptions are also in German.

Any idea on how get rid of this?

Thank you


The one feature in Excel 2007 that's still giving me a lot of trouble is the behavior of the Find and Replace dialog box.

In Excel 2000 (I never had 2003), when I clicked on "replace", it brought up a dialog box with the cursor in the "find" position. I'd type the thing I wanted to look for, then tab, then the thing I wanted to replace it with. Then, I could select from "find next", "replace all", etc.

Excel 2007 behaves differently. I could live with different, but it behaves inconsistently, so I have to actually look hard at the dialog box to see what it wants each time. I can't just rely on my fingers to "know" what to type.

If it's the 1st time I've used find and replace in this "incidence" of Excel (i.e. today), then the dialog box behaves just like in Excel 2000. If it's a subsequent time, then the cursor defaults to the "replace" position rather than the "find" position. I'm all the time putting my "find" criteria in the "replace" box, and then having to backup and fix it.

Is this a "feature" that I can change? I can't find any mention of it on anyone's website, but have trouble believing that I'm the only one getting tripped up by this change.

Hi there, I tried searching for my answer, but I never seem to have much luck searching forums

anyway, I'm trying to track changes across multiple sheets using the 'review>track changes>highlight changes' tool in excel 2007.

the problem is that every time I try to select cells on more than one sheet, I get an error about the reference not being valid.

Hi everyone,
I am trying to change the member properties order in a excel 2007 pivot
table but it wont work...

I've found how i should do it according to Microsoft Office web site
( , see : Display
member properties as data in a PivotTable report ) but even if i follow the
instruction by the letter it is not working...

I've searched a lot but i can't find anything on this...

Anybody's having the same issues or know a way around it ?

I'm using SSAS 2005 SP2 and Excel 2007

Thank you very much!

I am in the UK, I have been asked by a friend in France (who is a
translator) how he can arrange for his French version of Excel 2007 to show
numbers in the standard English nnn.nn format as against the standard French
nnn,nn format to which his PC defaults. He and I are both using Windows XP.

We know about changing the Language/Regional setting in Control Panel which
can do it locally, but he needs a way to change the settings within the
Excel file so that when it is opened by his client, who will have the French
version of Windows and Excel, it is still in nnn.nn and does not go back to

I have been experimenting on my English Language PC trying to go from UK
format to French, and I have tried to change it using the Format Cells
feature, updating the part, but I have got nowhere.

Can anyone help please?

I used track changes in excel 2007 so that my reviewer knows what to pay
attention to. She has excel 2003 and she cannot view the changes when I send
her the file.

The file was originally 2003, so I work only in compatability mode. Is
there something I can do or she can do to enable her to see the changes I

many thanks for your help

Office setup is 1 system running Vista Business and 4 systems running XP Pro.
All systems running Office 2007.

1. User "A" and user "B" open a shared workbook hosted on the Vista system.
2. User "A" sorts their sheet and makes changes to rows 10-15 for example
and saves changes.
3. User "B" without doing any sorting does a save to get the applied
changes. He checks for the changes and finds them in rows 10-15 but the rows
that should have been changed are his rows 30-35.
4. If user "B" then saves and user "A" saves to get changes, user "A" then
has the changes as were viewed by user "B" and not the original changes user
"A" made.

This problem has only occured since going to Office 2007. Previous version
was Office 2003 and never had problems. The problem also is random, it does
not happen everytime.

The current work around at this time is for each user to only do 1 save then
exit the shared workbook and then reopen it. We have also found that they
need to wait a bit before the reopen or none of the changes are there.

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated. I
think we have discovered a major bug in Excel 2007.

How do I change the default highlight value so that it is possible to see the
highlighted selected cells within an Excel 2007 sheet. i.e. selected rows
and or cells.

I wish to set this so that it always has this value for any sheet. I am
aware of how to change it for one sheet however we want to distribute this
setting for everyone and need to change it as a default.

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