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Need help creating a pop-up window with specific cell data

hi there, first time I'm using this forum. Hope you can help me.

I'm basically creating a file where a userform comes up when you open the workbook, blocks the access to the actual workspace so that no manual entry can be done. What the userform allows you to do is add a new entry to the database (the userform has some text boxes where we type in stuff like location and name or age) after having found the next empty row in the enormous database (3.000 lines)

I have done this and I need help resolving a stupid issue I can't get over (some of you may laugh ).

After having clicked the OK button in the userform and added the data to the database, I would like the userform to have a pop-up message box with specified text like:

"The number assigned to this entry is:" and then I would like to add a variable with excel using the cell in column D of the same row of the new entry. So the end result would be :
The number assigned to this entry is: 01 I've being trying several things but nothing worked (not even close to be honest).



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What i need to do is----------create a pop up window which apears every time the file is opened telling the person whats the settings on the file is.

I'd like to create a pop up window when a specific file opens, that says:

Due to the size of this file, it is advisable to turn of the automatic calculation in the file before any manipulations to the data is performed.

To turn off Automatic Calculation: Choose Format, Options, Calculation tab, then choose Manual Calculation, click OK.

Note: Make sure you turn the automatic calculation on again before saving the file. Please note, this could take between 5 to 15 minutes to calculate. Can anyone help?

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask, whether it is possible in Excel to have a macro generating a pop-up window with i.e. 5 textboxes, where the user would be asked to enter his name, age, sex, address and tel number. The pop-up window would have an OK and Cancel button, where the OK button would transfer the data entered to cells A1...E1. All of the textboxes would have to have a name coresponding to their contents. Can this be done, and if so what's the fastest way to do it in Excel, or do I need some other environment for that? Hope you can help me out here.


i would like to create a pop-up window in a worksheet.

n.b., i would like to list employees in the pop-up and be able to make a selection.

In Excel, is there a way to hover or click on a cell and get a pop up window with additional information based on the text of the cell. The additional information would need to be pulled from a csv or xls file?

Basically what I am wanting to accomplish is clicking on a cell with a name and be given additional information in a popup window. The popup window should display information of an entire row contained within a separate .csv or .xls file if the name is matched in column A.

Hopefully this makes any sense.

First I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me along in build my current spreadsheet. The latest bundle of fun change involves trying to change my sheet around so the buttons that the participant interact with all be displayed in a nice pop-out window because the participants "aren't supposed to see anything else". I've been messing around with creating a pop-up window but had no luck whatsoever.

All I really need it do to is be able to click the "Begin SSQ" button and have cells A10:G45 appear in a separate window. Once the user makes their selections, then can click "Click to Finish" and it returns back to the spreadsheet.

As long as the button selections made in the popup window remain on the spreadsheet I can process all the data from there. Haven't been able to find a good way to make it work so for now I have a Hide and Unhide macro set up to hide the stuff their not supposed to see. Everyone just feels it'd be better if participants weren't looking at the excels cells while filling in their survey.

I've uploaded the file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thanks again all!

Hi, my problem is probably easy to solve.

I have a certain macro which copies data from one file to the other. There are several target files (refering to a given month each) and one source file. The user chooses a month from a drop down list in the source file which modifies a certain cell. The value of this cell decides on which of the 12 target files will be opened to paste the data to. The macro also copies the value of a cell which refers to the current date (=TODAY()) This number is then compared with a the range (value between two pints in time: start and end date of a given month). All I need is some sort of a pop-up window with a header i.e. WARNING. and the window text: You are about to send the information to a file which does not refere to the current month, are you sure you want to perform this action" and two buttons YES and NO in case the value of the current date does not match the range set up by the starting and ending of a given month in the target file. The button YES would then do waht ever the code that was placed before the pop-up window said, save the aplication and close it, and the NO button would simply close the aplicatiown without saving it. Something like that:

     'the whole code describing the action to be taken
    If Range("A1").Value >= Range("A3").Value And Range("A1").Value

I want to create a "pop-up" text box that appears when a certain condition is met. If A1 reads YES then I would like a pop-up box to appear that says "did you receive this product?" I know this is a Visual Basic application and I have attempted to write the code but with limited success. Any input is appreciated!

I am creating an excel worksheet whereby I generate a 'single file web page'
to publish onto the internet. I want users to click on a specific cell
whereby it opens up a 'pop up' window that provides data/information relevant
to what is in that cell.

I can of course create the hyperlink but I am having problems in identifying
a way of asking excel to open up a new window to display the information. I
would be extremely grateful if anybody can please guide me in the right

many thanks

I would like to create a pop up box simular to the one that appears when you
are closing your document and are asked to save. Is there a function to
allow you to create your own pop up window and questions?

I need the output from spreadsheet C, but C requires input values returned by running spreadsheets A & B in order. I use VBA code (Workbooks.Open) to open A & B, but they both contains links to other data sources. As soon as the workbooks are opened, there will be a pop-up window asking the user to choose between "Update data" and "Don't update", and the operation of my VBA code breaks down here. Is there any VBA code available to make Excel select the "Don't update" option automatically?

(Since A & B contain some cell of same functions, I can't put them in one spreadsheet. I tried to rename functions in one of the spreadsheets, but then it failed to work)

I am very good with Access but my boss is using Excel for this particular
project because of the calculation abilities. Can I create a pop up box that
prompts for parameters and shows the rows in the spreadsheet that meet these

Good Evening again,

As part of my big project, I was hoping that it's possible to insert or create a pop-up calendar for selecting a date. Similar to those you might see on a hotel reservation website. By clicking on the calendar icon, a larger calendar would open and one could simply click on the desired date and that date would self populate in a cell. I hope this isn't a nutty request for information. As always, thank you in advance for any help.

I need help creating a formula for a worksheet I need for work. Listed below are the colums I will be working with.

a. Insurance
b. Initial Evaluation Date
c. Re-registration Date
d. Prescription Expiration Date

This is what I need. If column "a" says either "Medicare" or "Medicaid", then add 30 business days to the date that's in column "b" and reflect that new date in column "c" , but if column "a" dosent say "Medicare" or Medicaid" then add 90 business days to the date in column "b" and reflect that date in column "c". I don't want Saturday or Sunday to be counted (if that's possible) If not I'll work with the formula. Thank you soooo much.

I'm working in a worksheet where some of the cells provide a pop-up window
that contains information about that cell. It's not a comments window.

How does one create a pop-up or e-mail alert when a condition is reached in

Is there a way that the contents of a cell can be displayed in a pop-up
window when you hover the mouse pointer over it, ie. the same way that
comments are displayed.

The pop-up required for my purposes will include text only and will not
require any formatting to be displayed

I'm working in a worksheet where some of the cells provide a pop-up window
that contains information about that cell. It's not a comments window.

How do I (in Excel 2007)..

I have a listing of items (product numbers) in a spreadsheet on one tab (Product List). In the same spreadsheet, I have another tab (BOM) which shows the product name and where it is used (in a Bill of Materials). An item could be used in one or many different products.

I would like to be able to hover over an item (or select it) and have a pop up window or a view of where that particular item is used. As I select another item, the window would update to show where that respective item is used.

how do you create a pop up box if a certain string of text is entered into a cell?

the string of cells is from b10:cz374 and if "sd" is entered into any cell i want "has the EE used 5 sick days?"

is this possible?

I need help creating a macro to copy from a cell in sheet1 to a cell in
sheet1. Though when it pastes I can't have it fill the same cell over
again I need it to paste it in the next cell down from it.


Sheet1 -> Sheet2

B12 -> B2
D12 -> C2
I5 -> A2
I17 -> E2
G12 -> D2
I22 -> F2
I27 -> G2

I have merged cells from B through G with rows 16-28 needing to be
copied to H2 but become unmerged in the seperate sheet. Can anyone
help me out?

How do I create a pop up in window that will ask a question and have a
blank spot for the answer?

Then, I want that answer to populate a database.

Please help. I'm pulling my hair out... and don't have many left.

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How do I create a pop up in window that will ask a question and have a blank spot for the answer?

Then, I want that answer to populate a database.

Please help. I'm pulling my hair out... and don't have many left.

I have created a workbook that contains certains billing codes and their discriptions on about 25 different sheets. Another sheet, in the same workbook, contains the criteria that may apply to the codes.

I would like to have a window pop-up when either as a click event or a mouse position (as in hovering over the cell in question) that would detail the criteria that apply to that billing code. The data in the pop-up code either be linked to the cells containing the information or hard-coded. The criteria list does change so it would have to be a relative link. I don't know if VBA references can be relative.

So the criteria (which are actually diagnosis codes) may apply to several of the billing codes.

Thank you in advance.

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