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Excel 2007 worksheet won't print in color

I have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets (14). The Book was created in Excel 2003. Now it is being updated in Excel 2007. The sheets and associated charts display on screen in color but only the sheets that were created since moving to 2007 will preview and print in color. All the sheets that were created under the 2003 version of Excel preview and print in gray scale. The workbook is still being saved in a 2003 compatible version so that it can be shared with users who are not running the newer version.

We would like all sheets to print in color. What option, what setting haven't I found?

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I have just begun using Excel and have changed the font colors as well as the
cell colors in a document. However, when I try to print it, it comes out
only in Black and White. I am sure it must be something basic and I have
checked my printer, but to no success. Can someone please help me?
Thanks much!

I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet with areas that have been assigned colors.
The colors show on the screen the way I expect. However, I can not get this
one file to print in color. Other files print correctly. I have looked
under file - page setup - sheet tab and made sure black and white is NOT
selected, but still no luck. I have also reloaded the printer drivers.

any help would be appreciated.

The Excell spreadsheet prints in color, but the highlighed areas do not show
up on screen. Any suggestions about how to fix this?

Why will my Excel charts not print in color?

Excel 2007 - Printer now prints hidden gridlines once picture-pasted into Word 2007

Dear forum,  I have a customer that I have upgraded to Office 2007.  Since recently,  when he pastes part of a worksheet into a word document,  the invisible gridlines are also printing once in the word document.

Customer says this never used to be the case and is new,  (possibly since a recen't service pack?).
Turning off gridlines for the whole worksheet (and many worksheets) would not be practical.  and I have suggested this as a short term workaround.  Obviously,  my customer then has to turn back on gridlines for each worksheet he is working on.

This symptom is easily recreated

Can someone please advise the fix or workaround?



My excel sheets aren't previewing or printing in color, I always get a black
and white print. I scanned my logo and try to use it in excel sheets but i
can't seem to get a color printout.

Please I need help, mi excel doesnt print in color, Ive tried everithing and i just can get it , even in the print preview i cant see colors...

How do I convert a excel 2007 worksheet to a memory stream?

How do I convert a excel 2007 worksheet to an array of bytes?

Thanks in advance.

Watch this: Create a drop-down list in Excel 2007

To make data entry easier, you can create a drop-down list in your Excel 2007 worksheet. See how in this video.

Update: I found some info about the OnTime function, and I built a macro which seems to work right now.. It refreshes the data every 5 minutes.
But it still doesn't work when I export the worksheet as a web page.. that's what I'm missing. Whenever I export it, the worksheet is completely static, it doesn't update the data even if i refresh the page in the browser.
i hope you understood my situation..

hello guys,
I have an Excel 2007 worksheet in which some cells get external data from a website every 15 minutes. Therefore, every 15 minutes the worksheet is updated, by refreshing the data and recalculating the formulas. I did this with the data function, and setting the connections properties to update every 15 minutes.
I would like to export/publish this worksheet in HTML format, as a simple website. I tried the normal "save as" etc but it doesn't seem to refresh the data like I want to.
Is there a way to make this happen?
thanks in advance

I am having this strange issue where I select "Color" in the printing preferences when printing a workbook. The workbook has multiple work sheets, and when I print out the entire workbook, only one random page will print in color, it is odd. The rest are in black. Not sure why it does this.

I have a color printer that is set to grayscale as a default. When I print my
excel workbook and select it to print in color in the print driver properties
the first page prints in color but the other pages print in black and white
even though the other pages are in color.

I'm creating a macro in my worksheet to print a range with a network printer. The networkprinter is set for standard printing in black. Is it possible to put in vba a code so it prints in color?
This is what I have fornow:

Sub Printen2()
Dim STDprinter As String
    STDprinter = Application.ActivePrinter
    Application.ActivePrinter = "BETPBRU-PS01.main.glb.corp.localBETPATA-P00FC02 op Ne04:"
    ' change printer

    ' prints the range

    Application.ActivePrinter = STDprinter
    ' change back to standard printer

End Sub

I have recently loaded Office 2003.
However, Excel runs Ok, but I have noticed that it will not view or print in
Landscape format. Even if you have a previous saved document from excel 2002
in landscape format, Excel 2003 will not show this document in Landscape mode.
Can somebody assist..?

Is it possible to make a user form asking "print in colors or black/white" ? also another question save as "pdf" ?

Thank You

I have been looking through countless threads, but it's frustrating to me that a simple function such as printing in color is so difficult when so many other tasks can be performed with ease. I have started my printing routine by using code from the "record a macro" option. However, when I record a macro and go into the actual properties of my specific printer, it does not capture things such as print in color or staple the top left corner. I have read that its necessary to either write code to change the registry settings or alternatively I could somehow use the sendkey method.
In the printer properties screen, it allows me to save the settings as a .sav file. This seems to be the most helpful, but I dont know what code I would write to call or "load" that file. Since Id prefer not to mess with the registry, could someone fill me in on how I would use sendkeys for this task or how to load that .sav file?
Thank you.

Is there a way using vba to go around this ?
I want all sheets to print in color.


Data showing #VALUE in Excel 2007 but valid data in Excel 2003


We have an Excel 2003 sheet that has a pivot table connecting to an SSAS cube. The login is a user with role based security and limitations on the dimension levels he can see.  In Excel 2003 the filters show correct permissions and the pivot table works great.  

Now doing the exact same thing in Excel 2007, the filters show the correct permissions but the pivot table displays #VALUE.  No matter what you pull with the filters everything remains the same #VALUE.

Now the field that it is being accessed is a calculated measure (not a calc member).  That being said, I can pull each piece of the calculation (a simple subtraction of two other measures), and those measure display correctly.

We have ruled out the calculation to be incorrect because everything works correctly in Excel 2003.  Is there a compatibility issue.

Also note, that someone that has access to everything in the cube, does NOT have this problem whatsoever.

We have opened an incident with MS and they believe its an Excel 2007 issue.  Any help would be appreciated.


Excel 2007 Demo: Create Charts in Excel 2007

Subject: wont print in legal size

hi, in ltr size no problem when i switch to legal it cuts off the first 30 lines, and the same thing happens on 2 desktops, anyone thank you

My spreadsheet is also for display and I would like to print in color but I have yellow highlighted cells or my employess to know which cell need changing and to imput. Is there a way to highlight a cell and not have it print the color.


Worksheet headers & footers that printed in Excel 2003 appear in the 2007
print preview but do not print. I have verified margin settings.

I opened Excel 2003 worksheet in Excel 2007. Graphics (bitmap, JPEG, etc.
from file) in Excel 2007 worksheet do not print in same location as shown on
the display. Printed correctly in Excel 2003. Print Preview in Excel 2007
also does not display the graphics correctly. Using Dell Inspiron 9100 with
ATI Mobility RADEON 9800 display adapter.

I an office 2003 user and have no problems printing excel charts. When using
excel 2007, I can print work sheet tables with no problem. I can build a
chart in a worksheet, but can not figure out how to print it. Please assist.

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