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Cursor doesn't move when page up or page down in Excel 2003

I searched to see if a thread was already started, but could not find one.

Problem is, when i press page up, or page down the screen moves down one
page, but the cursor doesn't go with it. If, after i press page down, i
press the down arrow key, the cursor winds up in the cell just beneath the
cell i began with before i pressed page down the first time.

I have looked everywhere i can think of to resolve this myself. Can anyone
please help?



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When I'm using a Spreadsheet in Excel, the up/down vertical slider bar on the
right doesn't move the page up and down in the usual way. Instead it gives a
line number, and the page moves so that the given number is at the top. Is
there a way to change this so that I can move the page in the usual way

I recently switched to Microsoft Office 2007, and since I did that my mouse
doesn't scroll up or down in an excel, but it still works in all my other
programs. Is there a certain feature or function I need to turn on for this
to work?

I am trying to round up or down in excel to the nearest 5 mins , but with no joy

ie 05:24 = 05:25
06:21 = 06:20

Can anyone help !!!

I have a user who just received a new pc with Office 2003 as part of his
image. When he clicks on Chart Wizard in Excel 2003, the little picture files
to the left of the type of Chart are not listed until you click on the
picture. He also has some existing spreadsheets where the lines in line
charts don't display as well and I believe it's a related issue.

I know I've seen something similar to this in regards to picture files in
Powerpoint (Office 2000) and a setting seemed to resolve the issue in any
Office app but I can't remember the setting that fixed it.

Does anyone know why cells may look empty, without actually having lost their
contents, when scrolling up or down quickly?

They will not refresh correctly until they are moved of and then on the
visible window again, of course after having stopped the fast scrolling.

This happens regardless of xls or xlsm file type.


I don't know how to allow a user to move values in list
box, but you could have a 2nd listbox which can be
populated from the first listbox by the user, in whatever
order they want? The values in the 2nd listbox could then
be copied to the sheet.

>-----Original Message-----
>I have a user form that has a listbox in it.
>The listbox is populated from a row of data on a
worksheet using the
>following code that this news group gave me:
>Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
> Dim x As Long
> For x = 3 To 13
> listbox1.AddItem (Sheets("Worksheet ").Cells
(9, x))
> Next
>It works great!
>I would like to be able to allow the user to move the
items up or down and
>put them in the order of their choice.
>Once it's in the order of their choice, they then select
the items they
>want, and those items are copied to another worksheet
using this code:
>Dim i As Integer
> Dim j As Integer
> With listbox1
> For i = 0 To .ListCount - 1
> If .Selected(i) Then
> Range("codestosummary").Offset(j, 0).Value = .List
> j = j + 1
> End If
> Next i
> End With
>I'm having trouble with the part of allowing the user to
move the items up
>or down to get them in the order they prefer.
>I'm sure how this would be done!!
>Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.

Sometimes i need to move a specfic column one line up or down, my quetios is how ro do it? of course i know how to insert o delete a column but the column itself one line up o down

Greeting, Gurus.

I can never seem to find what I'm looking for using the search tool on this site. I typed in "offsetting up or down", and found several matches for offsetting, but nothing for up or down.

Here's my question: I know how to select the last cell in a column containing text, and offset it left or right by any number of cells:

Selection.Offset(, 2).Select
How do I do the same, and move the selection up or down?

Before you tell me there's a better way than using .select, I realize that, but I'm not ready to delve that deep into VBA yet. The cumbersome and slow part of my macro is performing all of the vlookups. I can't imagine selecting a few cells having that much of a performance factor.

Thanks for all the help.


I have a column of approximately 8,000 cells (in B4) containing numbers in the format of 8.1

I deed to round the number up or down (in B5). I need any figure over .2 to be rounded up, and any figure under .1 to be rounded down. For example 8.2 would become 9 but 8.1 would become 8.

Is this possible?

How do I create a single formula to either round up or down the result of my
formula to the nearest "9"?
843 = 839
845 = 849
etc., etc.

Is there a way to program a cell to automatically round a number up or down if the number being rounded is a sum of other numbers? I'd like to be able to round this $1.22 either up or down in $0.25 cent increments.



I need help for the following:

I need to sum up or down the value of a cell to the nearest 5 or 10

If a cell shows 1 it must be corrected to 0
If a cell shows 7 it must be corrected to 5
If a cell shows 8 it must be corrected to 10
If a cell shows 21 it must be corrected to 20
If a cell shows 23 it must be corrected to 25

BR Kim

Hi People,
Is there a way to round up or down in 1/2 units.
e.g. 2.3 up to 2.5, 2.1 down to 2.
Any help appreciated.

I have a weird one here. I cannot scroll up or down on a particular worksheet. All the other sheets in the workbook operate successfully, but this one appears to be locked. I have tried both the right hand scroll bar and the mouse. The indicator on the scroll bar moves but the page is "stuck". I have copied it out to a new workbook and this is consistent behavior here too.



Hello All,

I want to make a form with two lists.
One list showing eg all files in a particular folder and one empty list.
The idea is to select one or more files and by pushing an ADD button these
filenames are placed into the empty list. (removing them from first list)
(this is different in compare to a normal folder viewer)
Selecting files can be one by one and ADDING them one by one or by
selecting more files in once.

After finishing the files in the new list can be used for performing
special things on the selected files.

This looks like any picture-viewer were you can select files for a Dia-show.

Does anybody have any suggestions? (sites , examples etc)
Which tool are easy to use or manipulate via VBA in other to get this to
Manipulating the order of the list by means of buttons MOVING UP or DOWN.

Thanks in advance,

Kimball Engbersen

I have a list with 4000+ items in alphabetical order.
Is there an easy way to move up or down to another beginning letter other
than scrolling? Say I am in the Z's & want to go up to the B's, then back
down to the W's, etc... Any help would be appreciated.


Hi all,

I have a code that suppose to move items in listbox up and down. When executed, code only selects row above or below respectively, but does not move item within the listbox. Where is a catch?

Private Sub
    Dim ItemNum As Long, TempItem
    With Me.ListBox2
        If .ListIndex <= 0 Then Exit Sub
        ItemNum = .ListIndex
        TempItem = .List(ItemNum)
        .List(ItemNum) = .List(ItemNum - 1)
        .List(ItemNum - 1) = TempItem
        .ListIndex = ItemNum - 1
    End With
End Sub

Private Sub MoveDown_Click()
    Dim ItemNum As Long, TempItem
    With Me.ListBox2
        If .ListIndex = .ListCount - 1 Then Exit Sub
        ItemNum = .ListIndex
        TempItem = .List(ItemNum)
        .List(ItemNum) = .List(ItemNum + 1)
        .List(ItemNum + 1) = TempItem
        .ListIndex = ItemNum + 1
    End With
End Sub
See attached workbook. Try to load the listbox called "Pennystacks" and move selection up or down.
Any idea?

Using Excel 2007 Form Spinners (i.e. not ActiveX ones) how can I detect whether the user has pressed the up or the down button? I can get the associated value of it, but I would like to use the control independent from the actual spinner. In other words, I have various spinners on my sheet and would like cells to move up or down (not incremental, through specific vba code instead) depending on which spinners is pressed and in which direction.
I can happily identify the spinners through ActiveSheet.Spinners(Application.Caller).TopLeftCell.Row (and .Column), but the value property is capped through Min and Max settings, so this doesnt necessarily tell me which direction the user pressed it.
Thanks for any clues in advance

Hi all,

I have a list of items across 4 rows. It is a single select, not a multi-select list. Row 1 is a Unique ID (1 to nth), Row 2 is a description, Row 3 is a Number Value for one requirement and Row 4 is a number value for another requirement. I have a listbox which captures the range and displays the data in a multi-column format. I want the user to have the ability to move records up or down in the order. I know you can do this for individual items in a colum using list index, but list index does not like to capture rows. Thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey folks. I am a newbie here and a bit of a biffer when it comes to Excel so I hope someone here can help me out.

I have a spreadsheet that carries out some mathematical functions and the final output is a number between 0 and 25. What I would like to do is round the numbers up or down so they only output:


i.e. if the raw output is equal to or greater than 24, output 25
if it is less than 24 but greater than 9.5, outputs 10
less than 9.5 but greater than 4.8, output 5
less than 4.5, output 0

I have tried using nested IF functions but got myself horribly tangled up.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction with this?

Many thanks

How do I remove rounding up or down errors?

I haven't got an example to hand, but when excel works out an average forumla which to use the full answer would be to say 5 or 6 decimal places, but I only want to show it to 2 how do I remove the 'aparent' visual rounding up or down error?

Hope the above makes sense.


I am needing a formula that would cause a currency amount from a calculation to round up or down to the nearest 100.00 mark. The current formula is ie: =E10*F10 (e10 being an amount of money and f10 being a percentage fo it.) I am needing the resulting answer to round up or down to the nearest 100. So if the answer is below the 50 mark it would round down and above it would round up. If that is not possible then just rounding down would be acceptable.

How do i do this??


Hi all,

Does anyone have a snipet of code I could modify that will add an up or down arrow (wingding symbols) as the last character in each cell in a given selection.

Many thanks!

Hello, I'm trying to figure out the formula for the following example

=400*.98 I want the answer to then round up or down to the nearest zero or 5 Thank you I'm sure this is not to hard but I could not figure it out,,,, Newbee Thank you very much

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.