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Removing the wrap text in a cell

I have downloaded data from a particular source containing names of employees from an outside source and they have used the wrap text cell function to list several names of employess of the company in one cell rather than entering them in say 3 separate rows or columns
For Example the file I have received shows
cell A1 Name of company = ABC Ltd
Cell A2 Employees Smith,Jones,Wright

What I want to do ideally is to expand the two cells to show
A1 ABC Ltd B1 Smith
A2 ABC ltd B2 Jones
A3 ABC ltd B3 Wright
Alternatively if this is not possible to show
A1 ABC ltd B1 Smith,C1 Jones D1 Wright etc

I cannot see how to do this as by merging the cell you can only keep the leftmost name
Is this possible

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I have read many posts on wrapping text in A cell, but have not found the answer I need. I created a password protected sheet that has word wrap on in a non merged cell and the row height will not adjust. I try this in a new sheet and it works. Any suggestions?



When wrapping text in a cell (Excel 2003), does the wrapping only apply to a
limited amount of characters? I notice the wrapping stops after a certain
point. Is there a work around?

Dear Expert,

My system generated file must give a comma at the end.

Examples are below

USD -19.8 / TWD NDF,

GBP 3.1 / USD ,AUD 2.1 / USD ,USD -1 / SGD ,USD -2.9 / KRW NDF,

USD -5.7 / CNY NDF,USD 2.7 / IDR NDF,

USD -16 / HKD ,
USD 20.1 / CAD ,USD 3 / SGD ,

Text length in a cell may be different from time to time.

Sometimes the comma in between are needed.

Only the LAST comma at the end is totally unnecesary.

How to use function command to just remove the last comma in a cell?

Thanks so much,

I can use the =left(a2,1) formula to give me the value of the leftmost character in a cell.

Is there a formula which will allow me to remove the leftmost character in a cell?

For instance, if I have a cell with "PHOENIX" in it, and I want to return a value of "HOENIX", is there a way to do this?

Hi, is there anyway that I can automatically remove a prefix from text in a cell. For example, I have the following text in a cell:- CNHP92274A and I wish the remove the CNHP so that I end up with:- 92274A. Any help would be most appreciatted.

Thanks, Ciaron

1. Type the following text into a cell: Get the Most out of Excel 2007.
2. In the Formula Bar, place the cursor after the word out.
3. Press Alt+ Enter.

1. In the Formula Bar, place the cursor where the text is wrapped, that is, before the word out.
2. Press Backspace.

1. Type the following text into a cell: Get the Most out of Excel 2007.
2. Select Home -> Wrap Text (in Alignment Group).
Click the dialog box Launcher arrow symbol in the bottom-right corner of the Alignment Group to open the Format Cells dialog box -> Alignment tab
Press Ctrl+1.
3. In the Alignment tab in Text control section check the Wrap text box and click OK.

If I want to write some text in a cell but am not sure how much I am going to write, how do I set the row hight to auromatically expand to fit the text I enter? I have tried row height auto-fit but that doresnt seem to work.


I am running into an issue with wrapping text in a cell. One of the cells wraps text for the beginning of the text string, but then when I reach a certain point, it stops wrapping the there a maximum amount of characters I can have in one cell? Is there anyway to increase this?

I am looking for macro code or excel function to compare text in a cell (A2) with the text in the previous cell (A1) and return a value (remarks) in B2 based on the text in the previous cell. Some examples are given below.

A1 Atlantic Ocean B1 New
A2 Pacific Ocean B2 Replace
A3 Ocean B3 Remove
A4 Ocean B4 Repeat
A5 Pacific Ocean B5 Add
A6 Earth B6 New
A7 the pacific B7 New
A8 The pacific ocean B8 Add
A9 the pacific B9 Remove

For B1, the previous value does not exist. So, the value of B1 can be either entered manually or automatically. Please help me. I need a formula or a code to display the text in B.

I know how to set automatic text wrap in a cell ... but how can I
automatically wrap text in a cell ... and have the cell resize larger
automatically as I add more text? Thanks.

I'm new to excel.
I want a macro to split text in a cell to rows and the cell formated to wrap text with a fixed length and the text should be splitted till the end of the text in line one of a cell.
Pls find the attached example.

In the above example, the text should be splitted in A1 cell till "It is mainly concerned with recording of financial data relating to the " and the second line in cell one into new row i.e.,"business operations in a significant and orderly manner." and if a cell contain third line then it should be splitted into third row and so on so forth...

Your help is greatly appreciated....

When cells in a spreadsheet are populated with text, is there a shortcut
command that can be added to the toolbar for 'wrap text'?

Also, when there is a long text string entered in a cell, it appears across
multiple [blank] cells in that row automatically. If this is a formatting
feature, how/where can I access this option?


How to set the borders and the alignment of the text in a cell using VBA?

Thanks in advance

I know that when referring to the text in a cell in excel I would write something like

INDIRECT(".....") etc

But if i have a cell with a name in it, and want excel to always copy the text in the cell, how do i write that in vba


Application.Goto Reference:=xxxxxx


I really need help on "How to split wrapped text in a single cell into
multiple lines" e.g

Text (wrapped) appear in one cell

Prepare and allow "Rentokil" anti termite treatment as described to sides
and bottom of foundation pit and basement beams trenches and all top surfaces
of lean concrete to basement floor area including apron and verandah.
Provide 5 years warranty.

Text splitted into four different cells

Prepare and allow "Rentokil" anti termite treatment as described to sides and

bottom of foundation pit and basement beams trenches and all top surfaces of

concrete to basement floor area including apron and verandah. Provide 5


For example any time a cell contains the text "greater" I would like the font
for the word greater to be bold but not the other text in that cell.

What I am trying to do is check the text in a cell on one sheet to see if it
is the same as the text in any of 4 cells on the last three sheets in the
workbook and issue a warning if it is the same. I can't seem to figure out a
way to do this. Can it be done and if so how?

I need to link the text in a cell to a value, then use the original cell in a
formula. Can anyone help?

I have a text which i need to put in a cell. As the text is pretty big i
merged few cells (in one collumn) and used "wrap text". However starting
from 1522 symbol (i checked it using different texts) the text is not seen in
a cell, only in "function" bar. More, if i use "alt+enter" one more line can
be seen, the rest not, and so on, actually using "alt+enter" after every word
will allow me to see the whole text in merged cell, but that not the best way
out i think.
What is the problem??? Plz help!

OK, the subject should say a lot about my Excel programming experience.
I'm quite the flaming novice.

I'm trying to change the text in a sheet named "Cert" on a cell
starting in column C to the text in a cell in another sheet in the same
workbook named "Info" when the cells in the A column change. I was
thinking this should be really easy and doable in 2 or 3 lines.

Here's what I came up with:

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A14:A35")) Is Nothing Then
Range("C:" & Target.Row).Text = sheets("Info") ... and then the
cell, based on target cell's value.

It's the part after the "=" that I think is really getting me. It
can't be that hard... but I'm managing to make it so. Any advice would
be greatly appreciated.


I want to have multiple lines of text in a cell. I format the cell to have
word wrap turned on. Is there a way to manually insert a new line in the
cell instead of having Excel automatically wrap?


How do I show all the text in a cell? I have tried the auto-fit options for
both row and column and the wrap alignment option and it still not showing
all the text I have typed. It didn't do it in short paragraphs but with the
longer ones--the last 2-3 sentences are missing.

Help - I've just spend 45 mins trying to figure this out. I have a lot of text in a cell but its not all showing in the the cell. Its in wrap around mode. When I click on the cell, the formula bar pops up with all the text that I have typed but when I click on the actual cell - all the text is not in it eventhough I can view it in the formula bar. Is there something that I can do to fix that cell so that it can contain and view all the text that is typed?? I thought maybe it wasn't showing on the worksheet and perhaps it would print out properly but it doensn't - please help ASAP. Helpless Helen

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