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Moving arrow to move cursor....

When we usually move the arrow on the keybroad, then the cursor move to next cell, depending on the arrow direction. Now, my spreadsheet is a little straight. When I moved the arrow not matter which direction, the whole sheet was moved, instead of the cursor moving one cell.

could anyone help me out?

Many thanks!


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My friend is working w/ Excel & every workbook she opens, she's unable to use the right & left arrow keys to scroll from cell to cell. Instead, right & left arrow keys are controlling the page up & page over functions. She's closed & reopened Excel & still has the same problem. She just sent me the file she was originally working on, and I didn't have the same issue. Does anyone know how she can change her settings to be able to use right & left arrows to move from cell to cell? Thanks so much & may all beings be happy!

new to excel and just imported some address's in and was able to move with
arrow and now it will not work........ moves whole screen rather than to the
next cell. what has changed, I want to be able to move useing

Attached is a file that is intended to add a few lines to the PO Line Item Section of a excell worksheet - based upon the Users selection of CHECK Boxes (and other data that they have entered).

The Majority of this program is geared to "initiate//activate" as the user closes the application - at which time the application looks at check boxes - in order to add/delete information for the Documentation and Material Inspection requirements in the PO Line Item Section the worksheet

The closing of the application triggers the "Workbook_BeforeClose" which intern jumps to another subroutine "Update_Before_Close" in Module 2

What is happening - is as it passes through (the FIRST TIME) the Subroutine "Update_Before_Close" in module 2 ----> VBA is able to move around a collect information appropriately (ie -works fine) .....


IF the user has not filled out the Document Matrix Form (for who it the documents will be issued to) - it Exits the subroutine "Update_Before_Close" - Unhides a different worksheet (Matrix) and collects additional information ---> prior to completing the rest of the CLOSE AND SAVE routine ( "Update_Before_Close")

When Writing in Documents and MTI requiests ---> it SHOULD write to the next available free line.... (and it USED to before I added MATRIX form to fill out)....

For SOME REASON(?????) it is overwritting existing data starting at row 16....

I have troubleshot the application and know that ONCE it resumes running "Update_Before_Close" the second time --- the "cursor" is STUCK at C:15
It is VBA is UNABLE to control the "activecell". Hence all writing is done relative to this location (ideally it should go to the next available free line - the iTemp2 variable)

If you put code such as
Range("A:A").select etc
it does Nothing.... the curser remains at the same C:15 location.

If you tab over to the form ---> you can use up/down arrows to move the current active location.. you can also "read" which is the active workbook, active worksheet, active cell - so it is not like I can not communicate with the worksheet

The issue is that I wanted to "find" the bottom of the file - to append appropriately.
I HAVE created a work around - but capturing the "lastrow" during the first pass of the subroutine "Update_Before_Close" - and storing it in a Public variable so that access this information during the second pass......
But it still does not address the fact that for all intents and purposes - I have no ability to control curser location during the "second pass" of this subroutine....

To illustrate.... check a couple "checkboxes" - and close the application....
you need to "step" through the application (jumping loops to save time) ---->
on the Second Pass of "Update_Before_Close" - attempt to move the cursur/mouse/activecell (whatever you want to call it).... Nothing! Never experienced anything this before

I have "limited" error handling - but no errors are being "detected"...

I have NO idea what I am doing wrong
(my workaround is Weak - but does keep me "functional"

Thanks for any assistance // insight on what I have done wrong...

In every workbook I open, I'm unable to use the right & left arrow keys to scroll from cell to cell. Instead, right & left arrow keys are controlling the page up & page over functions. I've closed & reopened Excel & still has the same problem. Does anyone know how to change the settings to be able to use right & left arrows to move from cell to cell? Thanks so much & may all beings be happy!

I got a problem, I get a filtered selection in a worksheet, next move is to
move the pointer in a filtered selection down until it is found a certain
cell empty. That cell is seven columns at right from the active cell

The filtered seklection has some noncontiguos registers in the DB that is
being modified.

I need to do this in a cycle until it is finished the revision of a certain
list of lots in another DB.

Alvaro Silva


Active Cell Cursor cannot able to move using Up & down keyword Arrow in the keyboard. Not able to sum the values using keywords. Only possible using Mouse. Please Help!

While in a Excel document,the arrow keys move wintin the page but not from
cell to cell.

How do I get the cursor to move from cell to cell instead of up and down the
spreadsheet by using the arrow keys?

Thanks for your assistance.


While in a Excel document,the arrow keys move wintin the page but not from
cell to cell.

How do I get the cursor to move from cell to cell instead of up and down the
spreadsheet by using the arrow keys?

Thanks for your assistance.


I have Excel 2000, and for some reason when I try to move around the
spreadsheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor stays on the
cell and the entire worksheet moves up, down, left or right. The same thing
is true when I try to scoll down the spread sheet using the scoll tool on my

Any suggestions?



Hi Guys

I am trying to do some data entry work in a excel sheet, I am trying to make my work easier instead of moving around the sheet using arrow keys i would like to run a macro, which helps me to move around the sheet. I will try to mention the cursor movements step by step.

I have columns from A to Q

A = Serial No: ( I will Type That)
B = Current Date (When I type Serial No: in Column A, It should come automatically)
C = Current Time (When I type Serial No: in Column A, It should come automatically)

Thats First part
Then in Column I if more than 2,then cursor should go to K,if less than 2 go to J
Then in Column K if YES, then cursor should go to L, If K is NO then go to O
Then in Column J if more than 2, Then cursor should go to P,If less than 2 got to Q
Then in Column M if the text value or list value( Which I have not decided yet) is 'AUC' then cursor should go to N

I hope the explanation is OK

Can somebody help me on THIS TASK


Am trying to create a procedure that will moves the cursor to a particular cell and then prompts the user to make sure the cursor is in the correct cell. Currently the procedure just uses a message box with a yes or no to pause the procedure. If the user selects "yes" the procedure continues. If they select "no" it exits the sub. I want to allow the user to move the cursor to the correct cell if "No" is seleted and then have the procedure continue.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


I want a macro which will move cursor to right cell of the same row when the user will press enter in a particular sheet of particular workbook. I have tried the ToolsoptionsEditmove selection after enter , but this applies to excel as a whole and needs to be change every time if another worksheet or workbook is used and thus creating difficulty.
Can this be done through a macro as I need the cursor to move to right cell only for a particular worksheet and for a particular workbook?

Looking to, without using variables, move the cursor to and select the first cell in whatever row I happen to be in.

So, if my current activecell is M233, the next line of code needs to move it to A233. I'm trying to do this without setting any variables.. and this is the last line I need.


Rather than using enter, if I have a lot of data it is easier to use the
arrow key to move the next cell. But I can't get it to work. The page just
scrolls in whatever direction arrow key is press. I have tried turning
Scroll Lock On and Off but it makes not difference.


See Rob Bovey's posting on a method to do this: .gbl

There is no direct support for it (or any setting).

Tom Ogilvy

"KMoore007" > wrote in message
> I have defined two textbox controls on my Excel sheet. I have found no
> to create a tab order for them. When I TAB nothing happens; the cursor
> not move. Is there a way to program the cursor to move from one textbox
> control to the other one?

I have a multi page worksheet with functions throughout.
It has one sheet of inputs, other sheets hidden, input & answer sheets are
The Input sheet, several cells are available to input.
Yesterday I could move around with the enter key, tab, and arrows.
Today for some reason, the enter, tab, and arrow keys will not move me around.
I made sure all input cells and function formatted linked cells are unlocked
and unprotected.
I have to click into another cell to move.
***I reboot, and the keys still don't work.***
I have been through all the options settings, can't find the answer.

Tap the Scroll Lock key and try to move. If it doesn’t work then do Unfreeze
Pane Alt+W+F and check now.
Remember to Click Yes, if this post helps!


"Elrepho" wrote:

> I always use the arrow keys to move from cell to cell in a worksheet. Now,
> the arow keys are moving the entire worksheet and I have to use the mouse to
> move to the next cell. How do I revert back?

Not sure what I did, but when I use the arrow keys to move around the
worksheet the entire sheet moves in the direction of the arrow I push. The
only way to move from cell to cell is to "enter" down to the next cell, or
click a cell with the mouse.
I've looked all around and can't figure out what I've changed to make this

Any ideas?

On the keyboard, the arrow keys when used move the screen instead of moving
to the next cell. How do I switch back to moving from cell to cell?


I am new to the forum but have been using Excel for some years, however I am strugling with a comand in a macro to move the cursor down 1 cell. My macro goes to a cell, then sends the cursor doen to the last row with an entry in it, I then want to move the cursor down 1 row to be able to copy data into it.

Many thanks


Hello all,
I know this is a sooo basic question but I can not for the life of me remember how.....
when I am on a excel sheet I can not seem to move from quare to square qiththe arrow keys.
It just now takes me all the way to the left or all the way to the right and not from cell to cell from left to right.

I know its something rather simple yet I can not seem to figure this out.
I have no problem with this on 2003pro.

I have 2000 at work and trying to get this sheet back to normal any help would be wonderful.
Thank you,

Hi, all,

The formula is much too long in the conditional formatting and only a
portion of it is displayed. How to move the cursor without changing the
cell references?


In an existing worksheet the arrow keys (up,down,right & left) cause the
worksheet to scroll accordingly instead of moving from cell to cell.

Is there a way to make the arrow keys move cell-to-cell instead of having
them scroll the entire worksheet?

Using Excel 2003.



I have a small Excel worksheet for which I have done a very short Visual
Basic program. I am not experienced at VB. Have looked through many books but
can find no answer. Is there a command I can use to move the cursor 3 columns
to the right? This seems to be a very basic thing to do in any spreadsheet,
but the answer eludes me. Any help? Please respond to

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