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Menu Data -> Form... Events?

Hi everybody!

This is my first time on your message board and I have an Excel question...what else...
When adding a set of data via Menu Data -> Form there seems to be no event in VBA to be released (Excel2000).
No "Worksheet_Change", no "Worksheet_SelectionChange", no "Worksheet_Calculate" nor anything else...
Is that so?
Is there anything I can do about it?

Any trick? Any idea?

Thanks a lot!!

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I've been given the task of trying to keep track of a street light inventory.
The spreadsheet that was initiated by someone else has the data form as shown.

From what I can tell, this form is generated automatically by Excel.

Is there a way that I can amend this form to have drop down lists in the various fields. ie: MOUNTS...pole / post top / steel standard etc.
I cannot see how I can amend this form.
Form is brought up from the menu bar by Data/Form

As you will see, there are no drop downs in any of the entry fields.

oops....Forgot to add Please & Thank You in advance..

btw...The file is too large to send an example and I don't know how to make it any smaller, although I have tried.

hi all, calling on your expertise again

i want to create a data form with list box and check boxes, I can't do it using the data form menu and have tried with a userform but it seems very comlicated and the help isn't helping is there anyway to add these control to a data form.

this would help me a lot
thanks andyl

I have limited ability with Excel, and I'm trying to create a database using the Data/Form menu choices. My problem is I only want specific data in two of the 20 or so fields. When I use Data/Validation and direct data entry, I get exactly what I want, EXCEPT that the choices don't come up when I use the Data/Form. Users can enter anything they want, which defeats the purpose. I tried to build a user form to use for data entry, but I don't know how to get it to add items to a database or lookup items like the data/form process does. I also want to add a few macro buttons to the form to do other things.

I am pretty sure of a few things: 1) This should be pretty simple. Anyone knowing VBA would probably know how to do this in minutes. I found some code that did a simliar function, but couldn't interpret it to fit my needs, which brings me to 2) I'll never use VBA or complicated macros again. I don't have the need for them. This is just an isolated incident. Therefore, signing up for a class would be useless to me. I tried to locate some advanced Excel/VBA classes, hoping to find an instructor or even a student who would welcome a simple challenge, but there are none available. Is there anybody here that could help?

I'm using excel 2003. I'm working with a excel file from wayback, so I don't have any resources into how they did what they did. Here's what I got:

1. We click a button to bring up the data form. No matter what data I have selected, if I click the button or go through the menu, the same form with the same fields always comes up. I have found some data way off to the right of the worksheet that has the data in it. It even has X and Y sizes. I can change these numbers and make the data form change sizes. I just don't know how they have the data form linked to this area of the worksheet.

2. We also have a button that lets us change a name. Its not a data form, but a dialog box. I've found to the far right of the work sheet parameters that I can change that changes the size of the dialog box. Again, I dont' know how they linked to this certain area.

3. I've also located a hidden worksheet with some odd(odd to me) entries:


Ok, the only missing link could be: when i go to the visual basic editor there is a few entries other than my workbook. But they all have passwords. I can't figure the passwords out. But, under the workbook entry I see only the macros, no forms or anything else.

Do I have enough info above for someone to get me on track to figuring how the above is being done?

I'm trying to replicate and clean up our program.




I've Made A Data Form Using Visual Basic And I've made An Input Where You Type Something And It Goes To The Requested Cell, However I Would Like It To Be Data That Is Valid So When Someone Types In The (For Example) Invoice Number 'S' A Pop Up Menu Will Say Please Enter A Number So I'd Like The Data Input Into The Box Only Data If It Helps Here IS The Code I've Started With:

Private Sub cmdEnterInvoiceData_Click()
Sheet1.Range("b11").Value = txtInvoiceNum

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Click()

End Sub

I have a daily schedule that I fill out by using my Data/Form/New method from the menu bar. I have increased the number of items to enter to 36, exceeding the maximum field capacity of 32. Is there any way to write VBA code to do the same thing the Data/Form does? I would like to be able to start at the first available blank row, fill in the 36 information items, and go on to the next row or close out of the procedure. The VB method would actually be set up to prompt the user, making it easier to fill out the forms, but I don't know where to start to allow me to fill out an unlimited number of rows, beginning at the first blank one and going one row at a time from there on. Any suggestions?

Thank you

I recently upgraded from Excel 2003 to 2007, and I confess to being flummoxed
by the ribbon/new menus. Have data forms disappeared?

I have a large mailing list in EXCEL 2003 that I am updating and adding to on
a regular basis. I am also doing registration for an event using this
spreadsheet which has many columns. When I use the data form I am limited to
32 columns, which so far means I have to hide some of my columns so that I
can use the data form. Is there a way to make a smaller (less columns)
spreadsheet to work off of and which when I update the "smaller one" will
automatically update the "large one"

Thanks in advance for your help.

I recorded a macro to open the Form on the Data Menu.
Sample Worksheet Attached

After starting the macro recorder I selected the Food table cell (located to the right on the worksheet). Then went to the Menu bar.... Data Forms... and Clicked new.... followed by close and then stopped the macro Recorder.

It produced the following code.... which reflects a code error when run.
What am I overlooking..... Thanks in Advance.

     ' McrEnterFood Macro
     ' Macro recorded 20/01/2010
End Sub 

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The built in excel data input form (one in the Data menu) is almost perfect for my purposes except that you cannot get a drop-down menu for validation purposes like it appears in the cell itself.

Is there anyway to have a drop-down on the data form? And if not, is there a way to customize this form through programming? Or perhaps a template somewhere on the web that does much the same thing (search for records and edit them)?
Any help much appreciated

From a standard data form..

data >> form..

it's possible to have a tab data? such as tab profile, tab academic..

Hi, Firstly I would like to say hello to all, I have only just registered.

I'm having problems trying to create a custom form on a separate work book which will allow me to search for data on book1.

I can use the built in function (data - list - data form) but I would like to create a custom data form which will constantly appears on book1 (user friendly).

Can anyone please advise me the best place to start. i.e. Macro/VB, good website, every time I search on the net im directed to excels built in data functions.

Thanks for any help.


I have a spreadsheet containing a list (database) with column headers and rows of records. With a cell in the list selected, I can go to Data/Forms... to enter a new record.

How can I create a macro so that a user can simply click a button on the spreadsheet that will bring up the above Data/Forms... input box? That is, I would like to have a button with a label saying "Click to edit/add records" instead of an explanatory note saying something like "Go to Data/Forms... to edit/add records".


I have a customer excel database and just need to create a form similar to excels Data form however only new to coding can anyone help??

Have created a simple database spreadsheet with labels in row 3 and data starting in row 4 going from column A-L. Am trying to put a macro button in Row 1 and 2 that will allow the user to have the data form appear. The command in the Macro is ActiveSheet.ShowDataForm.

The macro produces an error every time I run it no matter where the cursor is located at the time the macro button is pressed.

Thanks for any help


I am trying to delete rows that i dont want using data form. The problem i am having is i have to go through almost 12000 rows. I hope someone can provide an easier answer to deleting common records/rows at once from a database instead of finding eaching one

I want to be able to run a macro so that it opens the data form box.

I have inputted, 'ActiveSheet.ShowDataForm' as my code, but when I have tried to run the macro, it states that the column headers are not defined, but they are, as when I just simply click onto data-form it works fine.

Is there some code that needs to be added so that the macro will open the data form window and show my records?

Please help me out! I'm sure you can.

I have a spreadsheet from column B to G. Each column has a heading and there are currently 1000 rows which holds customer data.

I used the built in Excel Data Form to assist in inputting each new row of data to save me creating my own form. It works great but some users of the spreadsheet still sometimes type in lowercase.

Every field on the spreadsheet should be in Upercase.

Can anyone suggest a solution so that however they type in the Data Form, the data will end up in Uppercase.
I have searched for hours and have tried numerous options which are all very good[from 'Worksheet Change' to 'Ucase'. i have used macro's but as this searches the whole spreadsheet it takes quite a while.] Most attempts work in some way if i physically type into the field, but entering via the built in form draws a blank.



I'm trying to create a simple database for some of my employees, none of which have any experience with excel. Most of the components are in place but I need to a way of being able to search the database and change the receive date when the product comes in. It seams that the built in data form will do the job nicely but I would like to create a very simple (fool proof) way for my employees to select the proper range and lunch the data form. I tried recording a macro with the steps and assigning to a button but it does not execute.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I want to be able to run a macro so that it opens the data form box.

I have inputted, 'ActiveSheet.ShowDataForm' as my code, but when I have tried to run the macro, it states that the column headers are not defined, but they are, as when I just simply click onto data-form it works fine.

Is there some code that needs to be added so that the macro will open the data form window and show my records?

Please help me out! I'm sure you can.

Hi all!

This is probably a really stupid question, but here it goes.
I added a button to a worksheet, and added a macro to open up the data form. However, when i run it i an errormessage, which i also get whenever i use the data form function.

"Microsoft Excel cannot determine which row in your list or selection contains column labels which are required for this operation"

Any way to avoid this? I've formatted the column headings as text...


Hi Everyone,

I am having a major issue with one of the functions of excel I never knew existed: the data form. Somebody created the spreadsheet I am using before me so I am editing what someone else has already done. They have a spreadsheet set up that holds multiple records about company information (a database you could call it). A data form has also been set up which works nicely to edit records. The issue I am having is that I was asked to insert one column to the database, which I did. Now I cannot figure out how to add this last column to the data form. I tried reselecting all cells, trying to recreate the dataform, but nothing works! Anybody have any ideas for me?

Thank you for any help.


I was wondering if anyone knew how to have a pop up that looks like a data form but it has custom text boxes where a user can enter data.


user clicks on C2: Pop up on the screen appears and the user can enter data in each text box on the form and when completed the data appears in each cell.

Data would be in cell C2, D2, E2, F2, G2 etc in order..

This would be a repeat when the user clicks on C3, D3 and so on the user can enter data that way.. (The pop up would appear when cell is active)

I hope someone can help.



I have a database with a couple of the columns having drop down lists, created using data validation.

When I use excels built in 'data form' to enter new records, the drop down lists do not appear on the form.

Is there a way round this?

any help much appreciated


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