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if cell contains x pop up a message to user

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I would like to have a message box pop up to the user if a cell contains the word "Other", this would help with a second review of the issue. to avoid using Other.

what VB code to check a cell for specific text entered then popping up a message to the user?

thanks. im om a mobile device so I don't have much searching capabilities right now

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Please let me know how this can be done:
If cell K6= "ERROR" I need a message to pop up on screen with the message "Wrong Entry click OKAY to find, Click CANCEL to ignore".

Clicking OKAY would simply go to worksheet named "MONITOR".
Clicking Cancel would just clear the pop up from on screen.


Hello Guys,

I have a range of values in H23:H37 (1 for yes, 0 for no). This range basically determines if there are empty cells in the range B23:F37. Ie if in the row B23:F23 there is an empty cell, H23 will contain 0.

I have a macro which will perform some actions which is activated by a button.

I would like to pop up a message box if a value in the range H23:H37 is equal to 0 when the button is pressed. I would like to indicate the row or rows in which the 0 value is present so that corrections can be made by the user.

Could you help me achieve this please?

thanks in advance for ur help

Hi All,

I am not so good at VBA coding, so can you help me with this.
I have a question: In excel while we fill data if user skips to enter data in any cell can we pop up any alert message which guides user to fill up empty cells before they proceed to any other cell?

I need alert message for certain columns from column A to I,
R to S,
only U,
W to AC.

and in Column S if we skip to enter data we can either enter in column T
viceversa if we skip to enter data in T should enter data in column S.
i.e data should be entered either in S or T, Cant leave both columns empty.

I need alert message for the entire cells not for a particular range of cells.

I need a alert pop up message soon after the user tries to skip entering data in any cell in excel2003,Using VBA coding is this possible?And i dont require any validation for this.Please suggest any solution with coding.
Solution to this problem would help me a lot...

Any help would be appreciated...
Thanks in advance...

Can I create a date cell that will pop up a monthly calendar from which I can
choose a date, and which will allow me to scroll forward or back through the
months of the year and even into future years.

Excel Experts,

My code checks if a transaction is done correctly, and if it is not, puts a
formula that displays the word "Violation" in a cell next to the transaction.

In the following section, the code checks if the word "Violation" is
displayed anywhere in the sheet. If there are no Violations, it displays a
message box stating this, and if there is a violation, it goes to the first
cell that displays "Violation".

<<start code>>
On Error GoTo errTrap

Cells.Find(What:="Violation", LookIn:=xlValues).Activate

Answer = MsgBox("No Violations Found", vbOKOnly)

<<end code>>

What I'd like to add is code that, if "Violation" was found, pops up a
message box stating, "Violation Found".

Something like,

If the line below finds something (or doesn't produce an error)
"Cells.Find(What:="Violation", LookIn:=xlValues).Activate"
MsgBox("Violation Found", vbOKOnly)

What code would do this?

Thanks in advance.


Dear everyone,

Is there any code to pop up a message each time a cell value is not reached.
For ex if the resulted formula in A1 is less than 0 to pop up a message "LOOSE"

Many thanks for your support .


My Cell C3 is a numeric value.....I have set conditional formatting to
make the text red and bold when the number is equal or less than 10,000
is there a way I can make cell E3 display a message when the C3
condition is true?? or if not a message is there a way to make a
message box pop up when my C3 condition of less then or equal to 10,000
is true?

how would I do something like this?

I need help with a code to detect deletion of a cell's value.
In cell I10, a user can choose one of six items from a data validation list. Right now, I have code in there to pop up a message if the user selects value "X" from cells F6:F10 and G6:G10, but cell I10 does not have value "A", "B" or "C" already selected.
What I want, is if cells F6:F10 and G6:G10 have value "X" in them, and the user deletes values "A", "B" or "C" from I10 or changes it in any way after it has been filled, then to have a message box pop up.


Here's the code I have:
With Target
    If .Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
    If Not Intersect(.Cells, Me.Range("F6:F10")) Is Nothing Then
        If UCase(.Value) = "VALUE X" And Range("I10").Value = "" Then
            MsgBox ("You didn't say the magic word!")
    End If
    End If
End With
So that's what I have to prompt my user to make a selection from I10 (if desired - it's not a requirement). I just need to know how to make a secondary message (i.e. "Are you sure you wanna do that?") come up if they remove choice "A", "B" or "C" from I10.

Thanks again!

I would like code that would allow me to create a form to fill out. Ideally I would kick it off with a short cut key. After hitting the sort cut key VBA box would pop-up first telling me certain info about row of the active cell of the spreadsheet.

Example Spreadsheet:

So, in theory, if the active cell was anywhere on row 1 when the code fired it would pop-up a message box that says "Joe:" & a place to type in the zip code. The final application of this code will be far more complicated but I think all I need is help getting started.

Thank you in advance.


I want to pop up a message whenever I open or close the workbook. The column D has a value that if it goes below than 30, it will capture the value of the cell in column A.

If D1 < 30, The value on A1 will be shown on the message box if you open or close the workbook.

This should apply on all columns in D.

Please help.


Okay....I have a worksheet with 93 tabs, and I'd like a pop-up message box to
display when a user attempts to close, print, or save the file, but only if
two cells do not contain the same figure. For example, if cell a5=5000 and
cell a6=6000, I need a message to display stating that the cells must contain
the same number. Is there a way to write the code without creating a macro
for it? I know this sounds like every other "wish-list post," but I'm drawing
a blank here. Any help is appreciated.

Message posted via

i know i have done this before but can't remember how today
when i close a document i want it to pop up a message telling the user to
remember to password protect the workbook first
i then want it to ideally not let them save until the workbook is password
protected or if easier automatically password protect on exiting
failing this just at least warn them and if they choose not to it is their
look out


Is it possible to pop up a message when closing the workbook?

if so, could the message only popup if a certain cell is negative?

For example, This is what i would like to happen.

When workbook close is activated:
If cell A1=(-20), then pop-up "Please check your work and correct".

else, close workbook

Thank you for your help.


Hello guys,

I wonder if it's possible to pop-up a picture when mouseover a specific cell. For a example:
In A1 cell I have the number 1234. Is it possible when I pass over the A1 cell, pop-up a picture named "1234.jpg" which is saved in a specific folder ?

Thanks in advance,


I am trying to build a formula that would say If cell contains text then copy/paste text from a different cell.

For example:

I am writing my formula in cell I5. If there is any text in J5 then I want the text from J3 to appear in I5.


-What I am doing is making an excel spread sheet for meeting notes.
-Column A has the project names.
-Column I is the date the project was last updated.
-Columns from J on, represent weeks. (Column J is for 1/1, Column K would be for 1/8, Column L would be for 1/15, etc.) The column heading (the cells in row 3) would be the date.

Each week, a new column is added (for a new week) and if there is any new information it is typed for that project for that week. If there is any new text in that week's column, I want the heading for the column (in my case the date for that week) to appear in Column I.

I hope this makes sense; please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Thank you,


I have a code that sucessfully pops up a userform when a specific value in column O is typed in. What i'am unable to accomplish is to pop up the useform only if the numbers in Column O change downwards, for example if i change the 10 to 9, or the 20 to 19 and so on...
Could somebody help to adjust the code?
Thank you very much for your time!
Here is my code
Workbook has been attached too

    If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub 
    If Not Intersect(Target, Range("O:O")) Is Nothing Then 
        If Target.Value = "A" Then 
            Load UserForm3 
            Unload UserForm3 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 

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I have linked cells from one workbook to another using this formula, which works great. The only problem is everytime I open the workbook that has this link in it, a message pops up asking me to link the info, then when I click yes I have to choose the appropriate file in the network. Is there a way to make it automatically choose yes for me and then find the "SEPTEMBER04" file itself by using code or something?

I have a cash amount, and if that cash amount is greater than zero, i would like the cell to the right to be required and if they don't input something pop up a message requiring input.

I'm new to this stuff. I come from a C# .net background.


I wish to prompt a user to do something when they close excel 2007 i want a
message to pop up on closing or saving

I want to set up a formula to count certain items in a row based on what the
content is.

So, if the cell contains an "x" count it as 1, if it contains an "e" count
it is 0.5, and then add up the values.

I hope that's clear enough

Is there anything I can do to display a message to users if data is input to
a specific column in a spreadsheet, like a pop up window?

OK, I’ve decided to upload a copy of my workbooks to see if someone can help me figure this out. There are a couple things I need this setup to do. The first thing that happens is a 2 track magstripe card is encoded for the member with the required information. (Member number, 1stand last name, and phone number, in a comma delimited format. I’d like this information to be collected and entered into the members workbook by a swipe of the card. This means I need either a pop up input box that will read the file in comma delimited format into the selected cells or read it into a text file then import it into the selected cells. Then first and foremost, I’d like to explain the basics of this workbook as follows: on the member’s page, members are added by a worker and given a member number. The only other information collected is first and last name and a phone number. If members purchase sessions, the “Add Sessions” button is clicked, it then pops up an input box that asks for the amount of sessions purchased which in turn adds the entered amount to the existing amount already in that cell. This is the “members”workbook. The “CheckIn” workbook has only one purpose, to log the members in when they swipe their card. When the card is swiped, it is entered into the “Members”workbook on the “Checked In” sheet. This can happen multiple times per day/per month. This next issue is the main problem I’m trying to solve. When a member checks in (swipes their card) I need the system to: read the card for the member number only and enter it into cell C3 with a carriage return, subtract 1 session from their total (if theyhave any, please read on for more on this), pop up a message saying something to the effect of “Thank You for Checking In” and give them their total sessions remaining. If the members do not have any sessions available, I need a different message box to pop up telling them that they do not have any available sessions and ask them to see the personal at the front desk to purchase more sessions. The members checking in cannot use the keyboard or mouse, therefore, the message boxes need to also be on timers and when completed, needs to reload the main pop up input box for the next member to check in. I hope I’ve explained this well enough for someone to get me heading in the right direction. If anyone needs more information, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them to the best of my ability.
Thanks in advance for any help offered. Just a side note. The magstripe swipe is keyboard emulation. So in effect, what gets entered into the input box is : ?,MemberNumber,FirstName,Lastmane,PhoneNumber,! this is the info i have to work with. can i extract just the member number from that and enter it into a specific cell?? maybe thats the way i need to do it.


I am trying to work our my finances in Excel by loading my statement transactions in a Sheet and then breaking them down into Categories.

I have things like "Sainsburys" and "Cash" but they do not alwsys stay the same (e.g. "Cash LLOYDS @ 19:00" or "Sainsburys Longon" or "Sainsburys Essex")

I'd like to categorise these transactions by looking up a sheet and pulling in the category label I have given that type of transaction.

So IF CELL contains "Sainsburys" then its classed as "Supermarket"

I have a sheet listing all the words like "Sainsburys", Tescos" , "Cash" and next to that I've given it a Category like "Supermarket"

I was thinking along the lines of INDEX and MATCH but this will only return the value if it's Exact.

Here's what I'd like to do:


How can I make it so "MATCH(D2, " is 'CONTAINS'

Hope I am making sense!!

Hello group! In a earlier post I had sought help trying to delete any duplicate info if there was a duplicate number in column V and have it delete the last entry row. With help from this site I was able to get that to work. The problem that I've since discovered is that I need to really look at the duplicate numbers to see what row of the duplicates that I would prefer to keep before deleting any of them; due to content entry if slightly different, etc. Thus my new request for help!

What I'd like to do is have help with the following code or new code if possible which will allow me to identify the duplicate numbers in column "V" and have them appear in a message window. The code would search the entire column of data and afterwards pop up a message window that would say something to the effect "The following complaint #'s have duplicate entries: 454,462,527,..." etc.
Then I would be able to manually filter those numbers and delete the row(s) I choose.

The following code currently identifies the number of duplicate entries in column "V" and deletes the 2nd entry in Column "V" only (not the entire row). Afterwards a message window will appear notifying me something to the effect "There were 10 duplicate entries deleted". Would anyone be able to help modify this code to just identify the duplicate entry numbers instead of deleting anything?
Any help would be appreciated.

Sub DeleteDuplicateEntries()
   Dim rClMain As Range
   Dim rClDupe As Range
   Dim rCheck
   Dim N As Long
   Dim LR As Long, i As Long, found As Range
   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
   N = 0
       'currently starts in A6 down,adjust to your data
   Set rCheck = Range(Cells(6, 22), Cells(Rows.Count, 22).End(xlUp))
   For Each rClMain In rCheck
        '1st loop - (to speed things up ignore any empty cells)
       If rClMain <> Empty Then
           For Each rClDupe In rCheck
                '2nd loop - compare non-empty rClDupe values
                'and clear contents if it's a duplicated value
               If rClDupe <> Empty And _
               rClDupe.Value = rClMain.Value And _
               rClDupe.address <> rClMain.address Then
                   N = N + 1
               End If
           Next rClDupe
       End If
   Application.ScreenUpdating = True
   MsgBox "There were " & N & " duplicated entries deleted"
End Sub

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