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Z Factor Z-Prime

I am looking for the code to calculate the Z Prime/Z factor for a compound analysis plate. Does anyone have this information.

Thank you

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How do I calculate the z factor automatically by trial & error

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Is there a formula that I can use to find the prime factors of a given number?

Hi, I've been trying to produce the factors of a number into a single cell. I have found the one for outputting them into a column, but need a few thousand, so cant have it in this format. I need randbetween(1,100) in column A and the factors in B. So A1=12 B1=1,2,3,4,6,12. The commas don't necessarily need to be there.

I also will need in the next step produce Prime factors in one single cell. Eg A1=12 B1=2, 2, 6

Sorry if it's been asked before, but I've had a search and can't quite find what I need.

Thanks in advance!

Is there any formula witch i can use to find the smallest prime factor of a number?

Example: In A1 i write 30 (30=2*3*5 (the prime factors))
in B1 i write a formula, and the result will be 2 (smallest prime factor)

What is the formula?

Hi, i just have a simple request for you guys please.

Searching through the forums, I've found a post of daddylonglegs, witch shows how to find the smallest factor of a number:

This,(as dll says), works only to 2^28-1 , because of an error of MOD formula.

I wanted to ask you for the formula (if it exists) witch can search the prime factor of a number regardless of it's length.

Is there anything like this?


I am looking for a script to decompose a list of numbers into their prime factors.

Attached is a file with an example of what I am looking for.

Thanks for your help,


Anyone have any ideas about programming excel to return the factorization of a user-input number. There is a code for determining whether a number is prime or composite which could be part of the programming or do you think it better to store a large list of primes which could be used to test against the number.

Hello --

I found this on the Internet and would like to make it work.
I placed the formula in cell B1 and the number to be examined in A1 however
it evaluates primes and non-primes as TRUE.
Obviously, I have done something wrong.
Can anyone steer me correctly?

by Bob Umlas
This array formula returns TRUE if the number in cell A1 is a prime number.
Use it as a conditional formatting formula, with A1 as the active cell
in the selection to be formatted.
Here's how Bob's amazing formula works. In a nutshell, the number is
divided by all potential prime factors, and the resulting array is tested
to see whether it contains a whole number. If is does, you have a prime
number. A limitation of this formula is that it cannot test numbers that
are greater than 65535^2. This is due to the array size constraint in
Excel 97/2000.


Is there a way to lock the rows so I can rearrange words from A to Z?


This seems simple, but I can't find a function or combination of functions to make it work. I am trying to retreive a value from a table based on 2 lookup values that act as IDs. Both factors are numerical. I am trying to retrieve a duration based on A- the song performed, and B- the station it was played on. Each song is played on multiple stations, and I have the total duration of all performances of the song per station in a table. I want to retreive the value (total duration) for each time the station and wk ID combo appear in another table. What kind of functions could I use?

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using variable interest rates, create leasing factor for specific time periods: principal, term (months), interest rate, residual value,

i'm looking to determine if a number is prime or not...

i thought of testing with the mod function in an adjacent cell...but i'm not sure how to do...?


thank you.

I am having a problem getting a number to round correctly in Excel. I know I can use =ROUNDUP(x,x) to get it to the nearest whole number but I also need the rounded number to be a factor of another number like you would use in =MROUND(x,x). The problem is the MROUND function also rounds down. As an example if I have the number 12.5 and I want this to be rounded up by a factor or 4 I would get 16. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First post here but have been browsing for a while
I am just getting into VBA mainly as a hobby so bear with me.

I have attached a form which is part of a larger form I am working on.

The user enters a heat output in the shaded text box and depending on the tolerance factor (default of 10%) a upper and lower range is calculated and displayed.

What I cant get to happen is when the tolerance is changed using the spin buttons, the upper and lower ranges are not updated.

    txtTolerance.Value = SpinButton1.Value 
End Sub 
Private Sub SpinButton1_SpinUp() 
    txtTolerance.Value = SpinButton1.Value 
End Sub 
Private Sub txtOutput_Change() 
    Dim upper As Integer 
    Dim lower As Integer 
    On Error Resume Next 
     'calculate the values
    upper = txtOutput.Value + (txtOutput.Value / 100) * txtTolerance.Value 
    lower = txtOutput.Value - (txtOutput.Value / 100) * txtTolerance.Value 
     'display the values
    txtUpperLimit.Value = upper 
    txtLowerLimit.Value = lower 
End Sub 

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I have tried running the same code for the txtoutput_change event against the txttolerance_change event but it doesnt work right

Any ideas?

I am trying to get the text for the Two Factor line at this web site:

I am using the VBA code below. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I've tried some methods from the MSDN web site but I am missing something.

Of course once I get this information, I hope to submit the form with the completed information.

    Dim IE As Object, z As Object 
    Dim oTable As Object, i As Integer, j As Integer 
    Set IE = GetHTMLDocument(webSite) 
    With IE 'IE.Document
        For Each z In .all 
            Debug.Print "z.ID=" & z.ID 
            Debug.Print "z.tagName=" & z.tagName 
            Debug.Print "z.innerText=" & z.innerText 
            If z.ID = "Table3" Then Set oTable = z 
        Next z 
         'Debug.Print "oTable.Rows.Length=" & oTable.Rows.Length '=1
        For i = 0 To oTable.Rows.Length - 1 
            For j = 0 To oTable.Rows(i).Cells.Length - 1 
                Debug.Print "row" & i & " cell" & j & "=" & oTable.Rows(i).Cells(j).innerText 
            Next j 
        Next i 
    End With 

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code for creating mersenne primes and perfect numbers...

i'm looking for....????

thank you.

One that has me a little stumped. Basically I have a column Z with a list of numbers for example


Now when I sum it fails due to the text "+" if I use a substitute to change the + to a blank it transforms it all to text so will not sum. Unfortunately the structure of the sheet is fixed so it will have to be a function or UDF (excel 2010)

Any help appreciated.

I am trying to put together a formula to work out a 3 staged delivery cost which is done by weight.
The weights are as below:
upto 1kg = £8.14 (cell Z1)
2 - 10kgs = £0.27 (cell Z2)
11 - 100kgs = £0.14 (cell Z3)

If i had an item that weighs 20kgs (cell A1) the cost to delvier it should be £11.97 however the formula below is not throwing this out becuase i have done it wrong and i am struggling to get my head around it. i am duplicating the weight in the formula.

Ok hi i am new to this and kinda stupid so any help would be greatly apriciated.

If i have a name for instance : Joe Bloggs in one cell and his phone number in Another cell how when i add another name at the bottom and number can i A-Z by the names and get the relating phone number to stick with that cell?

Or more complicated... a IF AND formula that can tell me if the name joe bloggs appears in A2 and the number 1 appears in B2 put the number 34 but if the name is different but B2 is still 1 put nothing......that will stay relating to the name when A-Z??? I dont know if that makes any sense but any help would be great!!

I have a column of random number in Column A and need a formula to identify if any of the numbers in Col A is a prime number. If it is, then say "Prime" in the cell adjacent to the prime number in Col B. Eg if A12 has a value 17, then cell B12 should say "Prime".

thanking you

do any of you know how to make a vba program that will find the first "n" ugly numbers or 5-smooth numbers? what the program does is that it asks for an integer "n" and then lists the first "n" integers...

btw, ugly numbers are numbers whose only prime factors are from the set {2,3,5} and by convention, 1 is the first ugly number...

Does anyone know how to recreate the 4 interest factor tables in excel? Future value of Dollar and Annuity. Present value of Dollar and Annuity. This is for my finance class. TIA

Which formula should I use to look for the present value factor if I have the interest rate and the # of periods. Please see attached file.

Thanks in advance

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