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Arrow Keys Have Changed!

I don't know what I have done but all of a sudden when I use my arrow keys to move down a cell it now moves down an entire page! It is so frustrating and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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At work, I have Excel 2007. When I press a cursor arrow, the screen scrolls instead of the selected cell moving.

I've looked at Excel Options, without result.
I want the arrow keys to change the selected cell rather than scrolling the screen.

(eg. Curretly, if A1 is in the upper left of the screen, D8 is the active cell. After pressing the right arrow key, B1 is the upper left cell and D8 is still active. The result I want from that action is A1 to still be the UL cell and D9 to be active.)

Is this controlable? If so, where is the control located?

I have an spreadsheet that calculates mileage for you. When I enter an amount - say 20 and hit the right arrow key to move to the next column it inserts +D9 after the 20 and doesn't calculate the amount. Tabbing across works fine and hitting enter works fine also to move down the next row. On some computers however the arrow key works fine- same form. How do I stop it from doing this?

Thanks in advance,


Hello. Heres the problem when I am in my excel sheet I attempt to do a CTRL+F to search for the name of a person. When I find the name I esc out and hit the direction arrow keys (doesn't matter which way) it skip to some a cell like five rows up in a different column and differet row. I don't know if this is excel related. I'm assuming it is since it only happens in excel and I've already replaced the key board. Please help. Thanks

I used to be able to use my arrow keys to move from cell to cell. All of a
sudden, arrow keys cause the sheet to scroll without reselecting a cell. I
must have unwittingly changed a setting. I can not figure out how to get it
Any ideas?

i use a list box to change a series of formulas to look elsewhere. I have to use the mouse and select each time to make the changes.

I was just wondering if there is a way to make a list box selection change with the arrow key?

Hello. I am having some problems with my arrow keys. When I came into work this morning on my excel spreadsheet the arrow keys move the entire spreadsheet up and down, instead of just moving from cell to cell. How do I change this setting? Please help! Thanks!

When I get into excel, my arrow keys act as scrollers instead of move around the boxes. How do I change them so they function normally. I don't know how they got changed, but its real annoying.

Excel 2007
It used to be the case I could move the curser using arrow keys, this is no
longer the case, I have to select a cell with the mouse.
What setting have inadvertently changed?

I have a spreadsheet that uses an input box to get some text from the user. But if they mis-spell something and try to use the arrow keys to go back and change the offending text, Excel starts entering cell references. (So you end up with some input like "Some tect $A$5")

I know it's a minor point, but some of our less experienced users get confused by this!

Is there any way to disable this cell referencing?


Hi there,

I've programmed before but I'm new to VB so please help me. I want to have a user select a cell (any cell in a column) in the worksheet and then he/she should be able to press the "UP" or "DOWN" arrow keys to navigate through values. It is similar to a drop down menu. For example I would have predefined values such "STOP","GO","START". When the user selects the cell and hit the arrow key once, the value of the cell changes to "GO", hit the arrow key again, the value changes to "STOP", and so on....
thank you any help!

This probably sounds like a dumb question, especially since I've been using
Excel for quite a while, but I've always used my arrow keys to navigate from
cell to cell, but now when I use the arrow keys, it causes the page to
scroll. Is there a setting that I inadvertently may have changed?

I use the arrow keys to move between selected cells; however, every once in great while after peforming various pivot tables and formatting, my arrow keys will now move the scrollbar and I can't figure out what I've pressed or done to cause this change. It is very annoying when it happens to say the least.

Does anyone know how you make the arrow keys go back to moving between selected cells rather than the scroll bar?

Some setting has changed in my Excel 2000 so that when I use the arrow keys
the worksheet scrolls rather than the active cell moving. What do I have to
do to get the arrow keys to move the active cell?
Chuck T

Hi, i would like to know how i can disable arrows keys if i select determined range of cells (for example A1:A20), i am asking that because i run macro when somebody change value of this cells automatically and if person press left/right arrow key, macro not work fine, so i would like to arrow lock on this range of cells, its possible ? Thanks


I have just developed a problem with my arrow keys when entering formula arrays.

For example I am putting a sum formula into cell C1 for 10 rows in column A =sum(A1:A10)

When I have written =sum I used to move across to A1 and then press control + shift + down and it selects to the bottom of the range of data however when I press this combination it is looking down from C1 instead of A1.

Ive tried fiddling with scroll and numlock with no success, does anyone have any idea how to correct this?


I just reloaded win 98 se on a pc and in excel scrolling cells by holding down an arrow key is much slower than before. I had this happen once before on an xp machine but have forgotten the fix. can someone help? TIA

I have a spreadsheet which has VBA code behind it which calls functions from our own add-ins. If I use the arrow keys to navigate on a few of the worksheets Excel will hang and display (Not Responding) on the title bar.

Any ideas what might be causing this or what has caused something similar before?

I am relatively new to Excel 2007 and my arrow keys do not navigate cell by cell. When I press the right or left arrow keys, my entire screen shifts to the right or left but the cursor STAYS in the cell where it was. Likewise, when I press the up or down arrow keys the screen shifts up or down but again, the cursor remains where it was. Is there an option somewhere that I need to change?

When every I click in a excel box and try to use my arrow keys to move the box example: A3 to A4. All it does is move the page up and down or across. Is there some type of setting on that is not letting me do this. It use to allow me to. Until another employee got on it. I can not start over becouse I have months of work on this book.

For some reason, when i use my arrow keys to move from cell to cell it now only scrolls my screen around....What did i do, and how do i change it back? I find it sad that i can write code and this stumped me.


When I use my arrow keys, the entire worksheet scrolls in the direction of the arrow. I just want to move to the next cell left, right, up, down. I can't see where I changed any setting to do this. This seems really silly. I'm using 2007.

I have some spreadsheet Userforms that the up and down arrow keys will navigate the user form and some that won't. I haven't adjusted any settings that should affect this. Why won't it work on some? The Scroll lock is off.

Hi folks,

Excel 2003. I have columns B-E unlocked from row 6 to the bottom of the worksheet. When I
protect the worksheet with only select unlocked cells allowed (but not locked cells), I can
select any unlocked cell with the mouse, but the tab and arrow keys behave very strangely.
Sometimes it causes the cell pointer to jump up to row 6, and then the cell pointer will
only move left and right through columns B-E in row 6 only, but never down. Often pressing
one of them locks up Excel. If when protecting the sheet I also allow selecting locked
cells, none of this strangeness happens. I've tried starting over building a new workbook,
and this starts to happen at various times before I've put much in the sheet, and once it
starts, it's toast. I can't tie it to anything I've done as I build the sheet.

I've restarted Excel, rebooted, used /unregserver and /regserver, stood up and turned around
three times -- all the stuff I'm supposed to do. It's a simple sheet, and it's a rush job.
Makes me wish I'd taken up archery instead.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Regards from Virginia Beach,

Earl Kiosterud

I've noticed lately that my arrow keys don't work if I want to navigate to
different cells in my Excel workbooks. Any idea what might have caused this?

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