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I have a spreadsheet with about 300 rows and columns up to AB. Is it possible to stop the page to scroll beyond the 300 rows and AB columns.


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Why doesn't the scroll wheel on my mouse make the page scroll when I'm
selecting cells? I hate the way the cell selection auto scrolls the page, I
always end up going farther than I want to.

All I want is the ability to control the scrolling of the page with the
standard scrolling control, the mouse wheel!

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Hi guys,

I have inserted a multi page onto a userform.

I want to change the scroll height of the tab strip and have tried the below, which does not seem to work.

"i" is defined as an integer.

Me.Controls("page1").ScrollHeight = i* 30 

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How do you put a break on an excel page, so when you scroll up/dwn only a portion of a page move.

I am using Excel 2003. Till today, the page scrolled when I moved the scroll
bar with my mouse. Now, the page doesn't move until I release the scroll
bar. What did I do wrong, and how can I reverse it?

I am populating a combobox based on the choice from another combobox. This code is designed to find the entry in the spreadsheet that matches up with the selection in cboGroup and then populate cboCarrier with the carriers listed under that group. Column A is group, and column B is carrier. Column A has duplicates because there are multiple carriers per group.

This code makes the page scroll while selecting each cell in myRange. Can I make it not do this? Is there a function I should be using besides select, so that it will do the same thing but not actually scroll the page?

    Dim wsSheet As Worksheet 
    Dim rngNext As Range 
    Dim myRange As Range 
    Set wsSheet = ActiveSheet 
    With wsSheet 
        Set rngNext = .Range("a65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0) 
    End With 
    Set myRange = Range("a3", rngNext) 
     'finds the cell in column A with the value selected in cboGroup
    Cells.Find(What:=cbogroup, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:= _ 
    xlFormulas, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:= _ 
    xlNext, MatchCase:=False).Select 
     'populates cbocarrier
    With cbocarrier 
        For Each rngNext In myRange 
            If ActiveCell = cbogroup Then .AddItem ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) 
        Next rngNext 
    End With 
End Sub 

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My second problem is that the first combobox, cboGroup, has many duplicates because it draws data directly from column A. How do I make it take only one of each value? Here is its code:

     'this section finds the next empty row
    Dim wsSheet As Worksheet 
    Dim rngNext As Range 
    Dim myRange As Range 
    Set wsSheet = ActiveSheet 
    With wsSheet 
        Set rngNext = .Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0) 
    End With 
    Set myRange = Range("a3", rngNext) 
     'populate Group combobox list
    With cbogroup 
        For Each rngNext In myRange 
            If rngNext  "" Then .AddItem rngNext 
        Next rngNext 
    End With 
End Sub 

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Hi I have a spread sheet which when I use the wheel on my mouse moves by a few lines at a time, is it possible to make it scroll 1 page at a time as its for a weekly hours sheet and I dont want to be able to see half of one and half of another.

Thanks for any help given, also on another note when a thread has fixed my problem where do I go to change the status of it. Thanks MHolt

When a message box appears the scrolling of underlying page gets locked. Will you please tell me how I can enable the page scrolling when msgbox is appearing.


I know it's possible to lock objects (textboxes), via their properties. ( ie: to move or not with cells),

However, I'm trying to lock down a textbox so that when I scroll the main window, the entire page scrolls except the textbox, which remains in it's position.

A quick solution would be to freeze/split this area... but part of my work area is already utilizing a frozen partition.
I don't believe there is a way to freeze multiple areas.. or is there?

Any ideas how to prevent a textbox from moving?




I was wondering if the following was possible:

In HTML, you can use the code which does the scrolling text from one side to the other. Can this be done with Excel?

Im have a front page with links on which various users see as the "home page" kind of thing, but pulls information from the Tab "help" and displays this on the home page scrolling.

Dont know if the scrolling is possible, but any help would be appriciated.


I opened up Excel and tried to move across cells with the arrow keys. Instead, the page scrolled as if I was hitting the scroll bar with mouse. The active cell did not move, it would just scroll off the page.

Enter and tab still work to move the cell down/to the right, respectively (and shift enter moves up). When I go into a cell and try to enter a formula, it still scrolls instead of moving to the reference cell when pressing the arrow keys (but I can select the cell with the mouse).

I played with the options but there was nothing that I could find.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I have a userform opens as modeless in the sheet selection change event
   If ActiveSheet.Name = "Style" Then
       UserForm1.Image1.Visible = False
       If UserForm1.Visible = False Then UserForm1.Show vbModeless
       If (Dir(StrPicFile) > "") Then
          UserForm1.Image1.Visible = True
          UserForm1.Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(StrPicFile)
       End If
   End If
The image also changes as per the activecell.
Now my problem is that I cannot scroll through the data area with mouse-wheel or Pageup/Pagedown and arrow keys. Can somebody suggest me a solution?

I click on a cell on my worksheet. When I hit my enter key, the next cell
down in the column should be selected; instead the original cell remains
selected and
my whole page scrolls down. How do I undo this setting?

Hello - I have this nagging excel problem that is making me crazy!!!!

The page I was working on has gone to far up the screen. So I can't grab the top of it to bring it back down in the viewing area.

I can't figure out how to move the page back down. Do you know how??

Please help.

Thank you

Hi All,

I could really do with some help. I have 8 worksheets making up my workbook. On sheet 1, I have 5 graphs (1 graph per page scrolling down e.g A1 to J29, A36 to J67 etc). My graphs are populated by data from sheet 6.

I have placed a command button next to each graph to which I would like the indiviual graph to print when that button is pressed. So when the user presses the 2nd button graph 2 is printed and when they press button 3 graph 3 is printed etc etc.

However when I try this I can only get the first graph to print every time.

I am using Office XP at work and Office 2000 at home.

Please help


Okay, now I thought about recording the macro, but it's an offset and if you click the chart, then it'll mvoe somewhere else even though the charts are always placed in the middle when generated.

So I think I need to place it in a specific range. I want to use XY coordinates or range labels or something to that effect but would like something to this affect:

    .ChartWizard source:=Worksheets("sheet1").Range("a1:a20"), _ 
    gallery:=xlLine, title:="February Data" 
End With 

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I got that in VBA help, but I'm not using Chart wizard, my code just creates the chart from the data on its own with specific chart type. So anyway, how would I make it put each of my five charts for the 25 people in the same place for every person.

Performance Errors etc etc etc all will go in the right place everytime, regardless if you start with the page scrolled. I should do range right, but how do I change this macro to do it without chart wizard...just a chart that's already created and named (thanks Dave).

QUESTION: How do I place charts that are created from a data source onto a specific area of one worksheet, and those charts are always in the same place regardless of the person'a name.

Please let me know if it's unclear.

Hi folks

Does anyone know how to completely clear a worksheet so that the page scroll bars return to their original position?

ie. If I use 892 rows in a worksheet the page scroll bar on the far RHS is modified accordingly. If I then decide to start afresh (without deleting the sheet and inserting a new one), I would like this scroll bar to return to it od position. This way The Active Sheet range is reset.

Hope someone understands what I'm on about.


Is the concensus that every keyboard shortcut from XL03 still works the same? Or need I do some setup first?

The first thing I tried was alt-page-down to "page-scroll-right" and nothing happens.

Holding down the control button combined with an arrow key normally quickly traverses information by skipping to the next empty sell in the direction of the selected arrow. Without explanation, today it is behaving differently. The selected cell does not change. Rather, the whole page scrolls - as if you were to use the bottom horizontal scroll bar or the right side vertical scroll bar.

Does anyone have a fix? It's super annoying.


In Excel 2002 I could draw a line between columns just by dragging it, and
when I reached the bottom of the window the drag would automatically start to
scroll down the rows, so to draw a line between columns D and E, rows 1
through 2500 was dead easy.
In Excel2007 the page no longer automatically scrolls, or rather the page
scrolls but the drag doesn't follow the scroll. So I have to manually scroll
the worksheet back, find the circle, and drag the line a screen at a time,
which takes ages if you have several lines 2500 rows deep.

I either need the drag to follow the scroll, or to be able to select the
start and end points.
Any thoughts why Excel2007 is different to Excel2002?
Or how to make them behave the same?

I don't know what button I hit but now the page scrolls up and I need to move
from cell to cell with my arrow keys.

Hi I need to include a few command buttons that stay fixed in the same
position on the screen when the the page scrolls up or down. Is there anyway
of doing this or will I have to use a floating menu?

Many Thanks

This is an odd question, I know, but recently my Excel program has undergone a change and I don't know how to reverse it.

Entering in my store data, I need to be able to rapidly move from cel to cel. Used to be I could hit my arrow key and it would immediately move me to the next cel, be that up, down, left, or right.

Something happened the other day. I opened up the program, filled in one cell, and hit the arrow button. Instead of moving to the next cel, it moved the status bar at the bottom of the page, scrolling me over to the next column without actually moving the selected cel. I've been working in Excel for several years and never hit this behavior before. Can anyone assist?

Hi I need to include a few command buttons that stay fixed in the same
position on the screen when the the page scrolls up or down. Is there anyway
of doing this or will I have to use a floating menu?

Many Thanks

I have a weird one here. I cannot scroll up or down on a particular worksheet. All the other sheets in the workbook operate successfully, but this one appears to be locked. I have tried both the right hand scroll bar and the mouse. The indicator on the scroll bar moves but the page is "stuck". I have copied it out to a new workbook and this is consistent behavior here too.



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