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DDE Excel 2010 Format with Mail Merge in Word 2010


I am using Excel 2010 and Word 2010 and trying to complete a mail merge in Word. I am having issues with the Excel not bringing over the formatting in Excel over to the mail merge. In past versions, 2003, I have had the option to bring over the Excel data in DDE, which keeps the formatting the same but no such luck so far in 2010. I am looking for a simple solution to pull over the Excel data in its format into the mail merge versus having to manually update the formatting in the mail merge with $#,## etc.


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I have a spreadsheet that contains all loans with problems for a certain day.

I would like to create a word doc and have excel output each loan into a seperate mailmerge addressed to the branch manager associated with the Loan (Column H) and if possible, combine all loans under that branch manager in a single email.

I am looking to use a mail merge within word due to six legal paragraphs that must be included within each document.

Any help would be great.

I'm trying to do a Mail merge in word to have Photos match with a name,
however I cant seem to get the photo to happen. i can get the hyperlink to
work, but nothing else. any advise, l8ike maybe being able to have a picture
in the cell

MAIL MERGE in WORD using EXCEL RESULTS as database

OPEN ZIP FILE and EXTRACT to chosen FOLDER, however on opening word file, select correct excel file: 'exoftable4.xls' , i.e: Pointing to the correct FOLDER that the EXCEL file is now saved in, as opposed to the FILE DIRECTORY LOCATION when last saved/created.

YES to open selected data, DATA LINK PROPERTIES, CONNECTION will appear
In 1. Browse all FILE TYPES, and browse to folder, where files are saved to: 'exoftable4.xls', OK.
VIEW, TOOL BARS, MAIL MERGE (Tick if NOT ticked), <<ABC>>, to toggle between FIELDS and ACTUAL DATA.

When finished to toggle between CODE and ACTUAL FIELDS, press the MAIL MERGE ICON <<ABC>> 'VIEW MERGED DATA'.
|< Start of records
< Backwards through records
> Forwards through records
|> Finish of records



VIEW, TOOL BARS, MAIL MERGE (Tick if NOT ticked), INSERT MERGE FIELDS (A4 icon), DATAFIELDS, then select your chosen EXCEL HEADINGS, 1 field at a time!


QUESTION 1). Is there a FORMULA and/or VB CODE way for MAIL MERGING to WORD from EXCEL? Hence a word document would be created, however I guess this would cause some issues:
~ If started in EXCEL instead of WORD then LETTER without elabourate HEADER, FOOTER, logos, unless all paper in printer is already LETTERHEADED.
~ Alternatively prompt EXCEL to use a designated TEMPLATE

I have an Excel spreadsheet, showing dates when a succession of different
stages are reached for each client in my conveyancing job. All dates are in
UK format in Excel. However, when I mail merge in Word using this data
source, all dates appear in Word as US format, and any empty cells are
populated with 12:00AM.

Could you please tell me if this is an Excel problem, and what the solution
may be.

I have a mail merge in word that is linked to an excel database. I also have two dynamic charts per mail merge recipient. I know that you chart mail merge a chart so to combat this issue i have added a column to the data table that has the individual chart name. I'm trying to use this merge field in a link but I'm not sure how. Something like {LINK Excel.Chart.8 "File Path" }. Is there a way to write a link rather then using the Paste Special Link feature?

I am running XP Professional - Office 2003 on a Dell Destop System

When converting an Excel file to a mail merge in Word the "zip code" column
(formatted as such), drops the first digit whenever that digit is a zero,
causing the zip code to now be invalid in the merge. (Side note: If the
first didgit is anything other other than a zero it tranfers... it is only
when the first digit is a zero that I have the difficulty.)

Is there a fix for this.

Hi all,
I am not sure where to post this but I will start here.
I have an Access table created from several queries that supplies data for a mail merge in word to send out specific performance reports.
Also in the Acess database I produce a query that supplies Excel with data from which I run a VBA code to produce several charts that are named with the unique identifier for each person getting the reports.
I now want to add the appropriate chart to the mail merge letter for each person.
I once had the code/syntax to do this in Office 95 but it didn't work in the newer versions and I can't locate code that will
I assume it will be a VDO/OBE system or can I import into the Access table and use that
Thanks for any help

I am running XP Professional - Office 2003 on a Dell Destop System

When converting an Excel file to a mail merge in Word the "zip code" column
(formatted as such), drops the first digit whenever that digit is a zero,
causing the zip code to now be invalid in the merge. (Side note: If the
first didgit is anything other other than a zero it tranfers... it is only
when the first digit is a zero that I have the difficulty.)

Is there a fix for this.

I want to merge an excel list to an excel spreadsheet exactly as you would
mail merge in word. I need the list to merge onto one sheet that will print
out each name on the list at the top of this one page.

I printed the directions from excel to go to mail merge in word and it seems
to me that something lacks in the instructions.


I've build a macro in Excel to perform a Mail Merge in Word with a
small Printfile.xls. The macro itself is stored in a personal.xls.
Everytime the macro performs the "OpenDataSource" function in Word, the
whole system comes to a halt and I have to wait for another
excel-instance to start (I guess from within Word) which will always
show me a messagebox to tell me the personal.xls workbook is locked.

How can I evade this? I don't need excel to open the personal.xls for
me again when opening the printfile.xls.

I'm rather stuck here and any help will be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


My husband has an excel spreadsheet that he is wanting to merge into Word to
make labels. I used to know how to do this but I have forgotten. Can anyone
help me?

Hi All,

I m using word 2003, I m doing mail merge in word, but when i merge it i m getting only 1 label in one sheet only,

In word 2000 it is easy and i can do it., but here I tried but dont know how i do it, i want around 24 lables in on A4 sheet,

Could any one tel me what kind of lables i have to choose for this purpose and how i do it?

Thanks in advance.

I am using an excel worksheet to provide data for a mail merge in Word. When I select the data it is transferred from Excel but the formating disappears (i.e percentages, number of decimal places etc...) This problem seems to have occurred now we are using XP as a platform. I think it is something to do with Text converters or DDE links but cannot find a solution.

How do I maintain (or permanently convert to text) formatted cells from Excel
when using it with a Mail Merge in Word?

Just wanted to let everyone know that it is not possible to perform a mail merge in Word and retain the Excel-defined formating. For example, percentages turn into long decimals and $ signs and commas are dropped from currency. This cannot be corrected.



I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm completely stuck!
I have been using Office at work (which I think is 2003) and trying to mail merge in Word using an Excel data source.

I have 3 different formats of letters in Word. I have 4 sheets in the workbook - one for each of the different types of letters, and 1 that I use as a lookup table for the others.

2 of the 3 letters have merged beautifully, but when it comes to the final merge document:

I get the "Browse" part to find my data source
I locate the file and select it
I get varying results in the list of sheets in the workbook - I get "NSW - FC Proposals", "NSW - FC Proposals_", "NSW - FC Proposals - Print Area", and most disturbingly "NSW - FC Proposals-FilterDatabase". These results seem to vary each time I try the merge, without me having made any changes to the Excel file.

No matter which option I select, the next dialog box lists NO tables and I cannot go any further. It tells me that it was unable to open the data source.

The spreadsheet that I'm having all this trouble with is the only one that uses the lookup table (done using =INDEX and matched to 2 criteria) and so is quite formula-heavy. I have also used every column available in the spreadsheet, so I don't know if that is a problem.

I don't understand why the other sheets in the workbook merge perfectly and this one refuses to work - any suggestions?

Thank you!

I have an address list created in Excel which I'm trying to export into a
mail merge in Word. Most of my zip codes begin with a "0" and although I'm
putting an apostrophe before the zero it doesn't carry over into the mail
merge so I'm coming up with a 4 number zip code instead of a full zip code.
I've tried setting the format as text and as special/zip code. I was been
able to make it work in one worksheet a long time ago but now it doesn't work
in the others - what am I missing???
Anyone willing to help?

Hi All,

I am trying to use a sheet on a MS Excel 2000 workbook to mail merge to Word 2000. The list has the headings in the first row of the worksheet and there are no blank rows in the list.

When I try to set up a Mail Merge, I get the error:

Works cannot open the mail merge list you selected.
The file may be damaged or it may be in a format that Works does not support.

The Excel file is in use constantly and I have had no problems with it. Can anyone tell me how to overcome this problem please?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi Guys

Does anyone know how to do an entire mail merge in excel and not use word at all. This is becuase I'm currently working on a macro to automate some tasks. I'm aware I will need a worksheet with the name, address etc, which is not a problem, its just not to sure how to go about the next part? I used the excel help function and all it has to offer is a website that trying to sell some kind of add in that will do it for you. Is this my only option??


Excel 2003

Trying to create a mail merge in word from an excel file.
Zip codes that begin with 0 and zips that have a -XXXX at the end
Once the merge is complete the 0's and -XXXX just have a zero for the zip
I have tried formatting all zips as text, general, number with 0 decimal and
it makes no difference. How do I correct this issue?

i need to create a mail merge in word which uses data in an excel spreadsheet.

some of the cells are currently set as a date and others as a currency.

is there a way to maintain these formats when its merged into word?

at the moment it moves dates into numbers and currency into numbers without commas and pound signs.

many thanks

would like to pick your brain for a sec please. I am pretty good with mail merge where I can set up the source in excel, use the mail merge wizard in word and do what I need to do. Now I came across a problem where I am trying merge a picture along with the data. Here is what I am doing. I have some pictures saved in c drive as lets say ab.jpg, cd.jpg ef.jpg and so forth.
In excel I have 3 column as below
Last Name First Name Photo
a b ab.jpg
c d cd.jpg
e f ef.jpg

When I do the mail merge in Word, I can get the last name and first name to update, however I cant get the picture to show up. I am using { IncludePicture "c:{ MERGEFIELD Photo }" d }
for the photo field. I am merging to a new document and cant get the picture to show up. What am i doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Ive had this problem before but never figured it out.

if you are referenceing a cell in an excell sheet and that cell is blank, it puts a '0' in its place.

Now obviously in excell you can turn off 0's in the tool menu to hide it.

But when you use this file for mail merge in word, it shows that 0.

How do i fix this problem?
=A22....IF(A22 = "")display "")
something like that but in code i guess.....

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