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Slashed Zero Fonts


Could you please inform me how to import into Excel 2000 a Font file with
a Slashed Zero number?
e.g. number zero slashed 0 such as in the "Consolas Font file"
I m usng MS Windows XP

The reason is the some of the codes in the cells on my Excel spreadsheet are a mixture of number Zero 0 and the letter O which I find confusing

I have obtained as copy of the Font file with Slashed Zeros from the site below

Other slashed Zero 0 Font files are:

Andale Mono Dot
Andale Mono Slashed
Arial Slashed
Glass Gauge
Ham Gothic Light
Ham Mincho Light
Pro Font Windows
Proggy Clean
Tahoma Slashed
Technical Slashed
TI 92 Plus
VAG Round

Hoping you can oblige


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I have a couple of small questions :

1. The first one is to do with using more than one condition in
conditional formatting without having once countermand the other.

I'm using =MOD(ROW(),2)=0 to colour alternate rows down my worksheet.

I'm also trying to have negative numbers show in red by using formula ->
less then zero -> font red.

I can't , whatever I do , get this to work so that negative numbers will
be red on whichever row they appear , without changing the background
colour. Any suggestions?

2 . Also , I would like to limit the visible screen size to A1 - K27 ,
so that the visible screen won't scroll beyond these rows. Is there a
piece of code I can enter to do this?

Any help gratefully received.


Which font style has the zero with the slash through it? To quickly distinguish the capital letter 'o' from the zero.

Or is there a keyboard shortcut that creates this symbol?

We have organization codes like Z0PA2A and people in a hurry are always using the capital O instead of the zero. Is there a keystroke or way to replace the zero with a zero with a slash through it just to make it easier to identify the zero instead of a capital O?

I've looked through the symbols and cell format and can't find it.

I am using both alpha and numeric characters in an excel spreadsheet cell. I want the user to differentiate between a zero “0” character and an “O” to avoid confusion. Is there a font that would represent a zero with a slash through it?

Thank you very much for any help.


I am using Office XP and would like to show zeros as "slashed", like the old
HP calculators used to do to eliminate any confusion with "O". This is
especially sensitive in passwords and logon ID's. This option should be
available in Excel and Word.

Can I have zero format with a slash through it? If I mix numbers (digits)
with letters in a cell I want to be able to distinguish zeros from Os with a
slash. Example: ABCD000438NOPQ (zeros and Os in same cell).

How do I change the zero to a zero with a slash
through it.
Will this work for all Office programs (i.e.,
Word, Access,
Power Point, etc.) Thanks !

How do I make a zero appear with a slash ?
Thanks !

How can I put a slash in a zero in Office 97

I have a VB script that pulls data from a Worksheet using Formulas. The Script replaces the formulas with values. I am interested in haveing any Non zero number that was returned appear in Italics. If the number is typed over then I want the font to appear as normal, no longer in Italics. Is this possible?

Thank you

Hi All.

I'd like to be able to have my cells displayed in a different font depending on their content.
In my particular example my cell is holding a numeric value; what I would really like it to do is display a 'tick' if the value is zero (available in the Wingdings font set), otherwise display the value itself (in Arial).
I'm looking to 'traffic light' the cell background as well, depending on the value, so green if zero, otherwise red and I can achieve this with a conditional format but this doesn't allow me to change the font itself.


When writing code most people use fixed width fonts to maintain tabs.
I would like one that is free (of Course) and shows clearly zeros and Ohs, One and lower case L, Five and uppercase S.
Does anyone have a preference or suggestions?


Hi again,

I have been saving up all my questions!.

I have a spreadsheet that requires some fields to have a 0 result, but I want it to display a ' - 'instead as I normally hide zero values. I want people reading it to see that there was a result and it was zero, not that there was no data for it.

I tried looking in conditional formatting to change zero values to ' - ' but I couldn't see how I could load a ' - ' as it was all about colours or fonts.

If I just load a ' - ' it comes up with a #VALUE error when using a formula including that cell.


Excel 2003...

I have a summary page that pulls data points from various pivot tables. I also perform calculations on the summary data, so I have entered a formula in the summary table that will convert errors into zeroes for the calculations to work properly.

I want to create a conditional format that will now change any zeroes to a white font, but I seem to be failing at every turn. Below is my formula in the summary table that converts the zeroes.

Thanks in advance!

=IF(ISERROR(GETPIVOTDATA("Active Y/N",$A$57,"Leader","Smith")),"0",(GETPIVOTDATA("Active Y/N",$A$57,"Leader","Smith")))


If all the values in cells E2:L2 = zero then change the font colour of cell
A2 to Red.

How do I achieve this please?

Thank you.

I'm working on a relatively easy spreadsheet and just can't figure
this one out.

I'd like the average of the column (which I already have a cell for)
to represent any cell in which the user doesn't enter a number, or
enters zero.

Also, I'd like this cell to be differentiated (highlighted, different
color font, etc.) so as to know when this condition is used.

Many thanks,

Hi all. Hope you can help.

I have a sheet which has conditional formatting which sets all
zero values to white fonts.

However, although the sheet effectively shows a blank cell in all
zero cells (or more accurately, white-on-white), my printer
insists on printing these cells in black - as if the font is not
set as white at all.

Any ideas? thanks.

(Excel 2003)

Howard Coakley
e-mail... howard

I have linked a cell from another sheet. If the original cell is blank, 0
shows in the linked cell (text would be typed in source cell).

To handle this, I conditionally formatted the linked cell, so if it equals
zero, the font colour is the same as the background colour of the cell so you
can't see the zero

But the zero still prints even though it is not showing prior to printing


I have a spreadsheet that calculates working times, with a formula that
works out my daily flexi.

The problem that I have is in some cells 00:00 shows correctly in black,
however in other cells, it shows as -00:00 and it shows as Red font.

I have searched for cells containing conditional formatting and all these
have been cleared, and upon a second search now show that there are no cells
with conditional formatting. I have checked the formula to make sure that
the formatting has been carried down consistently and this is correct.

The format of the cell is set to custom... hh:mm_);[Red]-hh:mm_) So I can
sort of understand the red font as a minus is showing before 00:00, but my
question is, Why is it showing a zero time as -00:00, especially only in
certain cells?



How complicated is it to create a macro to hide rows
conditioned upon a zero value in a particular column of
that row? Could a second condition also be added to test
for bold font type zeros to not be hidden? I have a VERY
large cost estimating spreadsheet with 2,000 rows of
items, and want to be able to hide rows that do not
apply. Summary rows are in bold type and I would like to
retain them, but hide all the detail. It takes forever

How do I get the font color to change automatically depending on whether it
is a positive or negative number? Example: if negative auto change to red,
If positive number change to green, zero balance auto change to black.

Hi all. Hope you can help.

I have a sheet which has conditional formatting which sets all
zero values to white fonts.

However, although the sheet effectively shows a blank cell in all
zero cells (or more accurately, white-on-white), my printer
insists on printing these cells in black - as if the font is not
set as white at all.

Any ideas? thanks.

(Excel 2003)

Howard Coakley
e-mail... howard<dot}coakleyatcoakley<dot].codotuk
Skype ID: howie10 (get skype from

Hi Folks
I'm trying to write a piece of code that will allow me to change the font color of the contents of a cell to the interior color of a cell. To be more specific I already have code that changes the interior color of cells based on contents, but I don't want the value "0" (zero) to be visible. ie if the cell is yellow I want the "0" to be yellow.
This is what I came up with but it does not work. any help is appreciated.

(Sheets("Calendar").Range("C7:Z65").Value = "0") Then
   Sheets("Calendar").Range(("C7:Z65"), ActiveCell).Select
    With Selection
        Range("C7:Z65").Font.Color = Range("C7:Z65").Interior.Color
    End With
End If

I'm relatively new to working with vba, so this is sort of a stab in the dark.

I have created a userform that inserts user supplied data about into a series of spreadsheets that in turn populate a spreadsheet to keep track of the overall inventory of different parts in our shop.

The overall inventory is populated by countif functions that count the occurence of a type of part. There are several combinations that may never be used and will result in a calculated zero in that cell. These zeros make it hard to read the spreadsheet.

Is there a way I can program the font color or fill color to change if the count value is zero or maybe is greater than zero?


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