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Pipe a Paragraph to a bookmark in Word

I am a newbie to VBA but have ample generic programming skills.
I have setup paragraphs in code within Excel VBA. Set the necessary
bookmarks in Word. When Excel document is executed, the word document is
populated with these paragraphs, thats okay, now the fun starts.
1. How do I get certain fields to display in bold or italic (done thru Excel
2. If certain part of the word document is split into 3 columns, how do I
align data to start the display on the same row. Note 'column 1' could have
1 line data, 'Column 2' could have 5 lines data and column 3 could have 2
lines data. So the next section of data should really start on row 7 leaving
row 6 as blank.

Many Thanks

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How do I import text from a series of bookmarks in Word,say labeled A1,A2, a column in excel sheet ?


I want a formula on how to change/translate an amount in figure in a cell to
amount in words on the other cell within the excel sheet. How do I do this?

Like for example: In cell D3 I typed 6000, on cell D4 it should be " Six

So I would have to type the words, instead it will automatically translate
the amount in figure to amount in words.


I'm hoping someone can help me with creating a macro to help me do something in Word 2003. I have many *.rtf files that need to be altered. I would like a macro that can search for a specific phrase and delete everything before that phrase in the document. Also, if possible save the altered file as *.doc rather than *.rtf.

I know this is an excel board, but everyone here was so helpful in the past in creating macros for me to use in excel I thought I'd ask on here.

Here is an example what needs to be done for each and every *.rtf file I have:
Explore by Substance Identifier started at: Fri Nov 26, 2004 at 4:51 PM 

Explored by Substance Identifier in REGISTRY. 
    REGISTRY Answers 
        0 for 2,6-diamino-5-hydroxyhexanoic acid 
        21 for -5-hydroxyhexanoic acid 

Get References started 

127 references were found for 16 of 21 substances in CAPLUS and MEDLINE; for each sequence, retrieve additional related

Research Topic Refine started 

31 references were found when refined using the phrase "HUMAN" 

Research Topic Refine started 

31 references were found when refined using the phrase "URINE OR PLASMA" 

Research Topic Refine started 

17 references were found when refined using the phrase "HEALTHY OR DISORDER" 

CAPLUS: Copyright 2004 ACS (The UK patent material in this product/service is UK Crown copyright and is made available with
permission. (C) Crown Copyright.  The French (FR) patent material in this product/service is made available from Institut
National de la Propriete Industrielle (INPI).)  
MEDLINE: Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine 
REGISTRY: Copyright 2004 ACS (Some records contain information from GenBank(R). See also: Benson D.A., Karsch-Mizrachi I.,
Lipman D.J., Ostell J., Rapp B.A., Wheeler D.L. Genbank. Nucl. Acids Res. 28(1):15-18 (2000). Property values tagged with IC
are from the ZIC/VINITI data file provided by InfoChem.) 
CASREACT: Copyright 2004 ACS (In addition to reactions indexed by CAS, CASREACT contains reactions derived from the following
sources:  ZIC/VINITI database (1974-1991) provided by InfoChem, INPI data prior to 1986, and Biotransformations database
compiled under the direction of Professor Dr. Klaus Kieslich.) 
CHEMLIST, CHEMCATS: Copyright 2004  ACS 


Registry Number: 	83972-61-6

Absolute stereochemistry.

Formula: 	C6 H12 O3

CA Index Name: 	Hexanoic acid, 5-hydroxy-, (5R)- (9CI)

Other Names: 	Hexanoic acid, 5-hydroxy-, (R)-; (5R)-5-Hydroxyhexanoic acid
I would want the macro to search and find "Registry Number: " and delete everything before that in the document. So, in the example above the new document would read:
Registry Number: 	83972-61-6

Absolute stereochemistry.

Formula: 	C6 H12 O3

CA Index Name: 	Hexanoic acid, 5-hydroxy-, (5R)- (9CI)

Other Names: 	Hexanoic acid, 5-hydroxy-, (R)-; (5R)-5-Hydroxyhexanoic acid

I am using Excel 2000 (not by choice) and I need to add a hyperlink to an
individual word within the cell, not the whole cell itself. For example in
the sentence "Click here or here to go to the appropriate web page." I want
the words "here" to each have a separate hyperlink.

Any ideas? I can manage some VBA too if necessary.



this is kind of tricky to say/write much less construct a formula
exported data to excell - column A has a sentence or paragraph of text, adjacent cells has a dates.
Further over say... column E I have pasted a column of text from a seperate excell spreadsheet.

i need to find a text string in column A that matches the text in column E and return the date(s) in the adjacent coulmns to text in column E.
Column A (cell A1)
pl .3750" x 60" x 42" sb168 alloy 600 sw9n with mtrs item# 12 for 7775 (ht# nx124923)

(cell B1)

(cell C1)

over in column E, I have a cells that contain a list of item #'s one of them is "Item# 12"

I want to find the Item# 12 in the text in column A and bring over the dates assoicated (cell B1 & C1) with the Item to the Item# 12 in column E

kind of a find text string and a Vlookup formula in one (or two)


I am using Excel 2000 (not by choice) and I need to add a hyperlink to an
individual word within the cell, not the whole cell itself. For example in
the sentence "Click here or here to go to the appropriate web page." I want
the words "here" to each have a separate hyperlink.

Any ideas? I can manage some VBA too if necessary.



Hi, peoples.

Below is a macro I use all the time to save a workbook to the server and to a mirror back-up directory on my C: drive. I've never worked with Word macros - can this be easily converted to work in Word? Perhaps by substiting something for ActiveWorkbook?

Sub SaveAndBackupSave()
'Many thanks to Geversud, Message Board
Dim Filename As String, full As String, full2 As String

full = ActiveWorkbook.Path
Filename = ActiveWorkbook.Name

Length = Len(full)
full2 = "C" & Right$(full, Length - 1)

Path1 = full + "" + Filename
Path2 = full2 + "" + Filename

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path1
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path2
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path1
End Sub

how do i get a heading to show in document map pane

I had typed a document with about 5 500 word postings and typed a bold subheading over each of them, I am making an archive of postings.

When I clicked on View > Document Map - I really liked how this feature became an index for my postings and I was really happy to discover this feature.

Then, I wanted to type some more postings with more subheadings for which I want to show up in the pane. I cannot get the program to do this and have been all over the help searches to no avail.

Can you help me?


Does anyone know how to get a chart to appear in a separate window.

I am wanting to hide a chart at the bottom of a sheet out of the way and have a button near the top that will allow the chart to appear when clicked.

The chart is located as an object in a sheet but the following code does not work?!?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Sheets("BCM hourly").ChartObjects(2).Chart.ShowWindow = True

End Sub


I need to multiply & sum my data in Row 4 x either row one (B1:E1) or row 2 (B2:B4) with result in Cell F6; I would like to do a lookup based on value in cell A6 to return the the appropriate range to use in the sumproduct formula. I figured I could use multiple if statements as I showed below. but would like to use a Index/Match and sumproduct as I will have more than the 2 options in "mysumproduct range 1" below
Sumproduct range 1(input table)
Row 1 S1 .25 .25 .10 .40
Row 2 C1 .25 .50 .15 .10

Sumproduct range 2
Row 4 10 20 30 40

Row 6 S1
Formula in F6 = if($A6="S1",Sumproduct($B1:$E$1,B4:E4),if(A6="C1",Sumproduct($B2:$E$2,B4:E4),"error"))
(note F6 will be copied to down & to the right)
I would like to use and Index/Match to lookup the proper range based on the value placed in A6. My input table will not be sorted in acending order so I believe Lookup will not work. Is this possible? and can I use index match to return a range to use in the sumproduct?

Thanks guys!

Can anybody tell me how to convert number in figures in words like we cinvert
currency in numbers to currency in words.

I want to use 'homemade' cheque printing utiity for cheque printing. I need
to convert amount in figures to amount in words. Is thare any ready made
utility / macro / function / add on available ?

how do i link a list of items in a workbook to worksheets in the same
workbook and also link the format? I able to accopmplish each individually
but not both.

I tried to move a paragraph to the next page using pagebreak. It did
move the paragraph but it moved it to a separate page on it's own.
How do I move it to the next page of my document without creating this
separate page?
I would greatly appreciate anybody's help answering this.


I have the new excel program and I can't figure out how to get the results of
a formula to show in the cell instead of the formula itself. The old program
displayed the results! That is what I want, how do I do that?
ie....=SUMPRODUCT(+D3+D4+D5+D7+D8) should be xyz dollars, not

Hi there, I have Excel 2000 and was wondering if there is a way to increase the number of conditional formats. Right now Excel2000 allows 3 in one cell. Does Excel XP have this limitation? or is there a way to increase in Excel 2000?

Kindest regards,

Is there a "go to" function in Excel? What I want to do is have a conditional
if statement where if data in the previous cell equals a given variable, then
you would be automatically redirected to another cell.

This is what I’m trying to do: =if(c11=”x”,go to d11)

Thanks in advance!!!!

demostrate a table to count in different base numbers from 0-255

i hope this explains it better than i did in my previous post. what i would like to do is make a box to type in span and anouther to type in pounds, and have it give me an answer in anouther box from column a, which is the beam sizes. as you can see the values are not exact, so if im looking for a 2ooo pound 20 foot span(which there isnt, the # is greater which is ok, lesser is not), the right answer it should give is 10x25.4 in column a. if i asked for a 1000 pound 20 foot it should come back 0.
thanks again for your time

how to develop a a table to count in different base numbers 0-255


How do I get a macro to work in different workbooks without having to copy
it in to every workbook. I have tried to create a button on the toolbar but
it does not work.


I have a large spread sheet that has a list of numbers and letters in one
column, and the rows are filled with other information like title, yes or no,
any other number&letter connected to it,and some other things. I have filled
in some of the information for some of these, but i see that there are
duplicates(which i need to keep).
Is there a way i could condition the cells, or have a function, to fill in
the rest of the row if it is a duplicate? (just filling in what the first
duplicate has or the previous duplicate so it would do this throughout the

Any suggestions will be helpful!


I need to create a hyperlink which takes me from a cell in excel to a bookmark in a word doc which will be inserted into the excel file itself. The problem i have is that the users of the spreadsheet will not have access to a shared server (so i can't do a regular hyperlink), but will have to reference specific parts of the word doc at a click of a button.

I've been able to open the file using a macro, but not get to the bookmarks in the word doc.

Please ask if further clarification of my problem is needed.

I'm using the following code to paste information from excel to word:

With GetObject("c:test.xls")
.bookmarks("bookmarkname").range.text = sheets("sheet1").range("a1").value
It works absolutely fine. however I have a range of cells (B2:H40 which is essentially a table) which I have tried pasting in the same fashion (...range.text = ....range(B2:H40)) with no luck - I get a run type error 13 - Type Mismatch.

The bookmark in questions is at the beginning of the second page of Word, so I have tried using wdgotopage function but I don't know how to use it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

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