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Show/Hide Expand Items Buttons in Excel 2007

1. Select an item in the Row Labels field area (2003 (item) in Years field, see screenshot below).
2. To hide the expand button (on the left of 2003 item or Qtr1item), select PivotTable Tools -> Options -> Buttons (in Show/Hide Group).

Show mode:

Hide mode:

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I am Not able to enable the Merge Cells button in Excel 2007. Have any suggestions ?


My company just updated to Excel 2007. I have a set of macros that I use quite often and had created custom pictures for the buttons I attached them to (you could draw an image pixel by pixel to go on the button). Now that I am using 2007 I am not able to custom create the buttons to go with the macros. It seems that I have to select a button image from a pre-created menu and non of the images are what I want. Does anyone know how to customize buttons in Excel 2007?


When I press the TAB button in Excel 2007, it brings me past the page break to the start of the next page. Is there an option that I need to change to get this back to normal?


Somehow I turned off my sort button in excel 2007. Actually, all my options
in Data tab are disabled now and I want 'em back on. Any idea of how can I
make it?

Hello Everyone,

How do you determine if the close button in excel 2007 is clicked?

Thank you

Does anyone know a macro, registry entry or even add-in that will disable the 'Exit Excel' button under the Office Button in Excel 2007?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have programmed VBA command buttons in an excel 2003 file, and want to know how to use them in excel 2007. I have saved the file as Macro-Enabled workbook, and enabled macro execution through Trust Center settings. I can see each of the Command Buttons code programming by right-clicking on any of them. But there is no way to click on the buttons and execute the code programmed for each of them. Any idea how to enable these commands buttons in excel 2007?

Hi Guys

Can you please help me with a code which can allow me to hide Gridlines and Rulers in Excel 2007.

Many thanks,

I want to use add-ins in excel 2007 - e.g. Anaylsis toolpak, and others for
biostatistics. They are all loaded, as I have verified this in the Excel
options / Manage Addins dialog. However I can't see them anywhere. In Excel
2003 the buttons appeared on the toolbars, or in the data menu. Microsofts
web site says there should be an "analysis" panel in the Data tab in Excel
2007, but there is no such panel I can find. Can anyone help?

Note - this is not an issue in Excel 2003 on the same machine - I can still
see the add-in buttons (or access via menus). I am trying to use them in 2007
due to the dataset size.


I cannot find how to hide or unhide sheet tabs in Excel 2007 beta. Am I
missing something?

Hello everyone,

We recently upgraded some of our users from Office 2002 to Office 2007.
Most of our managers are used to running queries through the Excel query

In Excel 2007 there was an "Edit Query" button visible in the tool bar that
allowed users to go back into the query wizard and change the query fields,
filtering and sort criteria. Having that button in the Excel toolbar was
easy and convenient.

In Excel 2007 the Edit Query button has been moved to Data --> Existing
Connections --> Workbook connection properties --> Definition Tab --> Edit
Query. This is driving users, especially our vice president, nuts.

Is there any way of placing a shortcut to the edit query button in the
ribbon itself so it's easier to reach?

Thanks in advance,

Andre Ranieri

PS Access isn't an option for most of our users because we don't want them
running amok through the database with action queries.


I have the intermittant problem of files created in Excel 2007 not
appearing inside the Excel window when I open them with Excel 2007.

After opening the file the Windows bar at the bottom shows the file as
open and If I try to open the again file Excel tells me it is already
I do not think the file is minimised so small it cannot be seen as I
have tried clicking everywhere iin the Excel window and cannot
activate it to be viewable.

What does work is to go to "View" tab and then to the "arrange all"
icon where I tell the open files to be tiled on the screen. The file
window then pops up and behaves as normal.

I can work on the file, save, close and open it normally and this will
not happen again until I reast expect it.

This problem is not restricted to just one particular file, it seems
it can happen to any .xlsx, .xlsm and .xls files.

Any-one have an idea of what is going on or where I am inadvertantly
changing some setting?

Thanks in advance,



Is it possible to hide the title bar in Excel 2007 when the application is in full screen mode? As in, I'd like the workbook to appear just as a big blank sheet, with no toolbars whatsoever. I've managed to do this in Excel 2003, since the title bar is hidden in full screen mode, but can't figure it out in 2007.


Hi everybody, I have an Icon on the Excel 2007 status bar that enables the start/stop macro recording. How can I disable it. I tried to disable it with this code below:

Sub EnableControl(blnState As Boolean)
    Dim ComBar As CommandBar, ComBarCtrl As CommandBarControl
    On Error Resume Next
    For Each ComBar In Application.CommandBars
        Set ComBarCtrl = ComBar.FindControl(ID:=184, recursive:=True)
        If Not ComBarCtrl Is Nothing Then ComBarCtrl.Enabled = blnState
End Sub
but alas, this code didn't work.

I accidentally hit the "New Window" button contained under the "View" ribbon in Excel 2007. Unbeknownst to me, it opened up two additional windows. After completeing my work, I saved the file. Now any time I open the file it automatically opens three windows of the same workbook (open to same tab).

Does anyone know how to reverse or turn off this option?

Thanks for your help in advance!


I want to use VBA to insert an Organisation Chart in Excel 2007 (ie if I did this manually it would be Insert, SmartArt, Hierarchy), but I cannot find anything on line that shows how to do this in Excel 2007. I know the code for Excel 2003, but that does not work in 2007.

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


I am wondering if this is by design or if it is a bug. When you use the Sort
button in Excel 2007 and then try to repeat the sort action again either by
pressing F4 or Ctrl + Y nothing happens. The repeat function seems to work
fine for anything else except sorting. Is this normal, a bug, by design or
what? I have tested it in Excel 2003 and it works perfectly. Please help.
Appreciate any help or advice on this.
Thank you.

I do not want to use border. I want to show or hide gridlines instead. I
went to Page Layout and chose Show/Hide Gridlines, only after I had selected
my cells I wanted to change and it changes the whole document and not just
those cells selected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks anyone!

There is a button in Excel 2007 on the page layout menu called Themes. Does
Excel 2003 have the same button or capability? If so, how is this done in

Somehow I turned off my sort button in excel 2007. Actually, all my options
in Data tab are disabled now and I want 'em back on. Any idea of how can I
make it?

There is a bug in Excel 2007 Beta 2. In the legend for the chart if the
Series Name value is set equal to a cell and that cell is hidden then the
Series Name value is not reported correctly. It shows in my case as Series2.
If I unhide the column containing the cell the correct Series Name value
appears. I can then hide the cell/column again and the chart shows the
correct value. After saving the file and opening it again the legend will
again show the incorrect value "Series2".

This spreadsheet was created in Excel03 originally.
James M

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I have made a couple of useful macros that used to be assigned to individually designed buttons in Office 2000. In Office 2007 I can choose only between a number of custom buttons for my macros. I know I can use several ribbon editing tools to create my own ribbon groups and buttons, but I would rather just add some images to the location where Excel 2007 stores its custom buttons, so that they show up among the built-in buttons from which I can choose. Does anyone know where this location is, and if it is possible to add my own images/buttons?

Regards, Martin


I just upgraded to Excel 2007 and my macro from Excel 2003 for inserting a picture doesn't work correctly in 2007. I have a command button that states insert picture and when you click it, it will let you insert a picture into the cell and hide the command button. In 2007 it will let you insert the picture, but it isn't centered and expands into other cells and the command button is still visible. The picture appears to be the correct size it just doesn't center itself in the cell and the command button is still visible. Below is the code, Help me please!

Sub InsertPicture()
Dim myPicture As String, MyObj As Object
myPicture = Application.GetOpenFilename _
("Pictures (*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif),*.gif; *.jpg; *.bmp; *.tif", _
, "Select Picture to Import")
If myPicture = "False" Then Exit Sub
Set MyObj = ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(myPicture)
With MyObj
With .ShapeRange
.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse
.Height = ActiveCell.RowHeight
.Width = ActiveCell.Width
End With
.Placement = xlMoveAndSize
End With
Set MyObj = Nothing
End Sub

I have created Excel inport and the data is without the first quote symbol in the grid. But if I select the grid, I can see the first quote symbol appears in the Excel. How to show grid in Excel 2007 as I have clicked Tab menu View and there is some Show/hide area for grid. Is this or I have to choose other as I still do not see the first symbol.

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