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Automatic Invoice Creation Pulling Information From Access

I have a client who is running Excel 2003 and Access 97. It is a membership database. Information on member activity gets populated into an Excel spreadsheet. At the end of each week or month they want to automatically create an invoice based on the information on this spreadsheet. They already have an invoice format. What they want is each name in the excel spreadsheet to be looked up in the Access Database and then the name and address details to be automatically populated. My personal view is that it probably can be done but not simply and that it might also be better if both packages were at the same level. I do not have VBA experience. If this is what is needed I would be happy to pass this project on to someone - it is located in the South of England.

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Sorry for repost, but I am needing help. If I am going in the wrong
direction please let me know and I will not waste anymore of my time or your
time asking questions regarding this method.

How do I create a master form/template in excel that will pull the
information from access? This needs to be emailed on to other individuals
who will input certain information. Therefore, some of my fields need to be
locked leaving some open for data entry.

I thought that perhaps a query imported from access to excel and then the
form populated by excel. Once the individual inputs info and emails back,
that info will populate my excel query.

The thought is all I have as I have never attempted anything like this and
have absolutely no idea as how to go about. I may be on the wrong track

Should I create a query or a form to then move to excel?

Thank you in advance.

How do I create a master form/template in excel that will pull the
information from access? This needs to be emailed on to other individuals
who will input certain information. Therefore, some of my fields need to be
locked leaving some open for data entry.

I thought that perhaps a query imported from access to excel and then the
form populated by excel. Once the individual inputs info and emails back,
that info will populate my excel query.

The thought is all I have as I have never attempted anything like this and
have absolutely no idea as how to go about. I may be on the wrong track

Your assistance is appreciated.


I am not sure how to program a macro to search for a cell if that cell is a text cell, ie if the cell 00-DIV-00443 (a barcode)

The hope is to move towards autoreporting. The user inputs the barcode at the start of the process and the macro runs and pulls back the data that corresponds to that barcode from access.

I have attached a folder Data with a pretty Explanatory excel file and a database to practice on. The real database is much larger than the one in the folder but the code should be the same.

Any help would be appreciated.


PS. The macro I am currently using to attempt to retrieve the barcode data, comes back with Error Copying data???

Hi their,

Im attempting to "Pull" information from a webpage that is broken into tables. These tables on the website have information that I want extracted into Excel automatically.

Is this possible with excel?

Help would be appreciated


Is it possible to pull information from the cell the looks as follows:

Snuffy Joe A

Where the entire name is in one cell. I would like to be able to separate it into 3 different cells that are called Last Name, First Name, MI. I am positive it can be done, just don't know how to Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time!

Dimitri Todika


I am trying to figure out if I can create an Excel macro that will pull information from a Word document (such as number of pages and word count) into specific fields in Excel. Would anyone be able to help with that?


I am trying to create some VBA script that i can run as a macro. I want to be able to search for a date e.g. 11/11/2011 and then it will pull information from a 2 cell an account cell and a availabilities cell.

Accounts run A5 to A74 and date run C4 to BF4. so i would get it returned as

Account 11/11/11
ttbpos16 booked
ttbpos17 free
ttbpos18 free

Is there anyway of doing this?


Can anyone tell me how to create a worksheet that pulls
information from a web page? I'm trying to update a spread sheet that
will pull from one web page. Any help will be welcomed.



Hello everyone and sorry for bad spelling, I'll try to keep it as good as possible.

I have an idea that would make my work a lot more simple. The thing is I have an excel workbook that has around 8 sheet's in it. In each sheet are many lines with information about different products. What I do is, I fill in the number of items needed for each product and then copy into one main sheet all the lines from each sheet that I need and send out offers from the main sheet.

What I need is a way for the main sheet to pull information from other sheets if the number of units for a product is not blank. To make this a little harder, I need to get all the information from the line of the product: Regnumber, name, volume, prize, discount, total prize, total prize with VAT.

I'm thinking about using if to do this, but don't think it's a very elegant way

thanks in advanced

I'm hoping for some help in pulling information from one sheet onto another.

For example, I have no problem setting up a vlookup to find a customer number (happens to be A13) on the other sheet and displaying their name one column over... =VLOOKUP(A2,Input!A1:F20,2)

What I'm unsure of is how to lookup 2 rows below (so that it displays what's in A15) or say 1 row down and 5 columns over (F14). I'm guessing that it may be a vlookup with offset or maybe match?

While the # of columns over and/or rows down from the customer number will always be the same, the rows that the customer info is on will be different... for the A13 example, next week it might be on A16 but I'll still need to lookup one column over, one column down etc. this is why I'm guessing a vlookup or match might be needed.

Thanks in advance!

I need to pull information from multiple spreadsheets into a new spreadsheet
to develop a monthly recap.

Hi folks, I got great help just now on the first part of this project and am hoping to get lucky again. I attached a workbook. This is traffic count data. I need help pulling information from spreadsheet named HourTotals.

The data is in cells H2:AE366, it is 24 hours wide by 360 days long. I need to search that range for the highest number and in addition to the number get the corresponding date from the date_ column and the hour from the corresponding hr_X column and paste that information into another spreadsheet and repeat that process for say 500 values.

No problem right? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I would never claim to be an excel expert, so this might be a simple solution, but I need to pull information from a source sheet to create a table on another sheet.
Essentially, I need to pull certain info from the main sheet (“Pursuits”) into another sheet.
I need to pull Columns A, E, F, J, L, M, Q, Y, Z, AC, AD, and AF into a new table, but only if the Status (column H) says: “In progress” AND there is a date in Column Y and/or Column AC.

I am not sure how to pull this off.

Clear Stream Pursuit Log.xlsx

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I've tried finding the answer to my problem throughout, but it doesn't seem to have been addressed before.

I've created an Excel 2003 document to keep track of the personnel in a military unit. What I'd like to do is pull some information off of an Access 2003 database with a built in Macro button to update the roster, so as to keep the numbers accurate. It can't be automatic because keep separate copies of the file for each individual day and will at times refer back to the information on them.

The Database would be in a different location from the file, so the format would have to be something like: Serverfolderfolderfolderdatabase.mdb

I'd like the information in the database to be placed between a Tabulation field at the top of the worksheet (adds the total number of personnel in each platoon, total number of personnel, etc..) and a Legend at the bottom of Worksheet (Saying which platoon has which type of personnel). The Tabulation Table and the Legend are already done, but the VBA will need to add or delete rows between the two to make the Roster fit between them.

How would I go about doing that? Will I be able to call up a query from Access or will Excel have to make it's own? Sorry but I know nothing about VBA :/

Oh, I'd also attach a clean, dumbed down version of the file, but it'd still be to big to upload.

This is just a question about Excels functionability in case i end up investing a lot of time (stress) in trying to do something which cannot be done.

Is it possible for Excel to be able to automatically pull specific information from emails and files residing on a shared drive? If it is, please point me in the right direction.


I've been creating a series of workbooks that pull information from one another to make reporting in our organization easier, but I've run into an issue that I can't quite figure out how to solve.

I prefer to use spreadsheet formulas, as my programming isn't that great, but If I have to use Basic, I will. The ultimate goal is as follows:

Workbook 1 has a list of employees (WB 1, Column A) and their employee numbers (WB 1,Column B). Workbook 2 has the same list of employees (WB 2, Column A), but in a different (and what will unavoidably be random) order. Now, the trick I'd like to pull is to have Workbook 2 reference it's own list of employees (WB 2, Column A) and fill the employee numbers into a new column (say, WB 2, Column B) to match the employee name.

To further clarify, Workbook 1 may look like this:

Joe Smith #132
John Johnson #654
Eric Erickson #278
Steve Stevenson #236

And Workbook 2 may contain the same names, but in a different order:

John Johnson #
Steve Stevenson #
Joe Smith #
Eric Erickson #

Now, what's the best way to go about populating column B in the second workbook with the appropriate numbers? Keep in mind, this is a process that needs to be repeated every week, so if it could happen automatically through spreadsheet formulas, that would be the best. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

I'm extremely new to excel but i'll try my best to describe what I want. But please describe everything in detail when helping.

I have a quote sheet that takes a customers information.

1. I want to have a dropdown list for the customers name and then have excel pull all the information from access and fill in all the contact information. (Customer name also is in access).

2. Everytime a create a quote I need the quote number to auto-increment ( I want to save the quotes into the access database )

3. I want it to auto-fill in the current date and the user who is logged in.

4. Everytime I type in a new product in the description part I would like it to autoincrement the item count on the side.

5. AFter typing in a quantity and a price I would like it to auto-fill the cost of each and then at the bottom I have a final box for the complete total.

COMPANY NAME(dropdownlist) 
Address                                                  UserName 
City, State   ZIP                                       Date Entered 
#    Description                QTY        $              Total 
1     blah blah                 3           4               12 
2     hehehe                   1           12              12 
Total 24 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines

I have a crosstab query in Access that groups by month and year. In Excel 2003, I have a query that pulls in the crosstab query.

At the time, I couldn't just pull in the Access table. For the other Access tables and queries, I could go to Data >> Import External Data >> Import Data >> select the database as a source >> select the table name.

However, to get the crosstab query, I had to go to Data >> Import External Data >> New Database Query >> MS Access Data Source* >> browse to my database >> select the crosstab query name >> select the data I wanted.

Since I wanted all the data, there did not seem to be a difference. But now that new dates are being added to the database, there *is* a problem. When I wrote the query, I only included the months available -- up to June 08. Now that there is data in July 08, that month exists as a heading in the crosstab, but Excel's query doesn't know to pull it! I have to manually edit the query to add the new month.

So my question is... is there a way to do this automatically? I have two crosstabs in five different spreadsheets, making a total of ten manual updates I have to remember to do each month.

Thank you in advance for any help.

--Rachel Garrett

On my first sheet I have data entered for each period as the period ends (kind of a YTD running total)Each column is another period's information. On the second sheet I want to pull the latest period's information. I don't want to have to change the formula's after each period to pick up the next column's information. If I put a cell on Sheet 2 saying what period it is, is there a way to write a formula that would go back to the data and pull the information from the specified period's column?

I'm not sure what the best way to do this is?


I am running an MS Query in Excel using the Create New Database Query
Function pulling data from an Access Database Table. In one of the
cells, I have the criteria for the Query. How do I have MS Query grab
the criteria from the Excel cell and include it in the list of
criteria that it pulls in from Access?

I need to make a worksheet pull information from several other files on a
network. The sheet and cell location would be the same for each file but
they would have their own paths.

In more detail, I am trying to pull monthly totals from a row of cells in
reports made for each person. So I want all of January's scores for all
people. Each persaon has their own file location, but once you get to their
file the workbook is set up universally the same. I am just becoming fluent
with excel and have set up everyting else we need around it. Can excel do
this too or do I need access or something else?

Thanks in advance,

Does anyone know if this is possible. Would like to have a columned data sheet in excel and be able to pull information from the excel file to the Web page. Kinda like using the Vlookup to look up the first column and getting information from the others. If anyone knows if this can be done and if so are there any good tutorials or anything online. Thanks.

Hi Guys,
Wondering if you could help me
I design a worksheet to capture the observation by different managers. Almost 10 department need to add or update their observation in this file but the problems I am having are
1. if some managers in 10 department need to update this file, they have to wait until it is closed by another manager in another department or same department
I suggested to have different file for different department, Production, sales, logistics, which is than feeding into the “Main file”. As far as I know, Macros could help to update main file by pulling information from the different files for 10 department, but do not know how to do it, any suggestion.
Below is attached file for further understanding and this post is also posted on "
Any help will be greatly appreciated

In Excell, I am inputting data into a spreadsheet from written documents. I work for a shoe company, and I'm inputting information about each shoe, such as Color, Size, and Model.

Let me give an example of what I am doing:
-I look at a document, and in a new spreadsheet, input:
The Color-red
The Size-10
The Model-Athens
-then I look at the Master List spreadsheet and find the row that has the shoe that is Red, Size 10, and Athens model. That shoe has an item number in that same row, which I have to copy and paste onto the spreadsheet I am working on.

Here is a pic of the Master List:

And here is a pic of the spreadsheet I would be working on:

The tedious part is finding the item number for each shoe. So I am wondering if there is a way to make this easier.. such as having Excell automatically input that item number for me once I type in the size, color, and model name.
If Excell can't draw information from one Spreadsheet and put it into another, I can always start this new Spreadsheet at the bottom of the master list too.

I would really appreciate help with this challenge.
Thanks so much

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