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How to make a Drop Down list [SOLVED]

I need to know how to make a dropdown list on excel. What i need to do is have one cell that has a small arrow on the right hand side and then when you click on it i want to be able to select "tel" or "show" and then insert it into that cell.

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How do I make a drop down list with a value from a table next to it?

For Example,

I have a table with products (E.g. Burger Buns) in one column and the cost price (E.g. $1.20) in the next column.

I want to make a drop down list where I click Burger Bun and the cost price will appear in the next cell.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

I'm a beginner of Excel 2000 and I would like to create a drop down list on
the airfares, where different locations can be chosen, and when a location is
chosen, the cost will appear in the colums on the right.

Expenses Unit Cost 1 Day 2Days
1. Airfares (here is where I need help)
2. Hotel $100 $100 $200
3.Transport $100 $100 $110
Total xxx xxx xxx

eg. If HK-GZ is chosen, I can see the cost appears in the same row. The end
result will be getting the total sum of all the expenses.

Would it be possible to make different choices by just using one worksheet?
How can I revert to "Airfares" and make a new choice again?

I have a list of 6000 entries in excel of which 4 namely x1,x2,x3 and x4 are
used repeadily and i want to make a drop down list to make my search easier

I want to add a drop down list with 2 options,how do i do that?
Also,can i copy/paste the D.D.list to other cells?

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a drop down list in one box that will allow me to filter rows?
For example.
[ ] = represent one excel box

Row 1 [ Date ] [ Name ] [ Country ] [Fund Type]
Row 2 [ 24/4 ] [ John ] [ USA ] [ Macro ]
Row 3 [ 25/4 ] [ Peter ] [ Japan ] [ LS ]
Row 4 [ 1/5 ] [ Jane ] [ Australia ] [ Currency ]
Row 5 [ 2/5 ] [ Tim ] [ USA ] [ Marco ]

Thus, I want to create a single box that shows a drop down list (on the top of the title [Fund Type], so that when i choose Marco on the list, it will show only Row 2 & Row 5 on the spreadsheet. Then if i switch to (example) ALL, it will re-display all the original rows again on the single spreadsheet itself.


Hi there everyone, I normally enjoy being presented with Microsoft Office puzzles from co-workers and can normally find the answers online, but I'm finally stumped. How do you edit a drop down list in Excel? This is a spreadsheet created by a former employee.

The drop down list is very simple, it offers a short list of initials of staff members in charge of various tasks. On the header, if you click the drop down tool you can sort the list by the staff members.

They are trying to remove the initials of the one of the former employees from appearing in the drop down list.

I have already tried the Data/Validation route but it looks like the person who created the list did not use this method to create the drop down list. I also tried Insert/Name/Define and it does show the drop down list under "names in workbook", and appears to reference a source in "Refers to", but I still cannot figure out how to edit the darn list.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Let me try my best to illustrate it(Can't find my html maker for Excel'07),


Jobs | Pay
Clerk / | 2000

Jobs | Vancancy | Pay
Babysitter | 30 | 500
Clerk | 28 | 2000
Pilot | 2 | 7500
Cook | 9 | 1200
Teacher | 15 | 1300
Police | 20 | 1200

I just need to pick the job from a drop down list and matching data in sheet2's table will be shown. Actually i have multiple worksheets and i want a report in a glance. Appreciate if anyone could help or simply give me a link. BTW, i'm using Excel'07. Thanks in advance.

I am trying to create a worksheet to organize manufacturer and product
information. I have created a drop down list based on the manufacturers name
from lets say sheet 1 and I have the manufacturers products on lets say sheet
2, what I would like to be able to do on a whole nother worksheet (lets say
sheet 3) is to have a drop down list populated with the products of the
manufacter (lets say on sheet 3 cell a1) when I select a manufacturer from
(lets say sheet 3 b1).

Another question: How would I link the manufacturers name to there various

Hi is it possible to populate a drop-down list (data validation) field with data from a database? In my case the database is MySQL. If so does anyone know how I can do it? Or know where there is an example of how?

Good afternoon

Sorry if this is an easy fix but i can't get my head around it.

Basically I have a very simple spreadsheet to be filled in by fairly computer illiterate people and want to produce drop down options for each column to avoid the operators having to type the information in. I have 5 columns
shift, time , Location, finished, comments/ delays

Obviously I have completed the list for shift, location & comments but I am trying to work out how to create a drop down list that would enable the operator to choose the correct time without having to trawl through a full list of every minute option on a 24 hour clock, sorry the operation runs 24 hours.

Is it possible to be able to drop down the list showing the available times or do i need to split the column into 2 and have hours and minutes seperate? which is what I'm also trying to avoid? Cant use auto fill in for exact point the cell is clicked as the sheet is not always filled in real time.

Hopefully there is a solution however if not i can feel some computer training coming on.

Thank you in advance

I have a worksheet (wsA) acting as a database with columns ID, Name and Amount.

I defined a name for each of these of columns.

On the other worksheet (wsB), I made a drop-down list for each of these
names using Data->Validation.

However, the items in the drop-down list is not sorted because my data in
wsA is not sorted and I don't want to sort it manually everytime I add a
record to wsA. I want it to be sorted because this is easier for user to
search for a particular record.

Is there a way to sort the items in the drop-down lists without using Macro?
If no, marco is fine too.


Hello again,

I do not know how to create a drop down list to ensure the user inputs only the values from that list. Once I figure this out I would love to add a drop down calender for a cell as well.

Thanks in advance

I have a user who would like t be able to select more that one from a drop
down list. Is there a way to do this? I told her to create two cells and
select one for each cell. Is there another way she did not like that idea.


Can anyone tell me how to add a drop down list to a specific column? I need
to have only two options in the list, and the people using the spreadsheet
should not be able to input any other value than:

Local Market



Could you tell me how to create a drop down list in a cell?


Hello, I understand that the 1,000 limit is for the number of items that will display in the drop-down list... does anyone knows how to make a drop-down list with 13,000 items???

Hi everyone,

I have a question. I would like to have a macro that when activated, gives a drop down list which contains all the tabs in the workbook. The user will select one and the macro will store this selection for later use. But I dont know how to make a drop down list with all the tabs, and make it possible to select one. How do i do this?

Thanks a lot

Create a drop-down list from a range of cells. ?

In workbook "sheet2"
From A1 to A7 I have Monday to sunday
I highlighted these 7 fields and defined the "NAME" for the list as "=weeks"
(no quotes)

I then went to
"sheet1" and I select the field in which I want the dropdown selection

On the Data menu, i click Validation, and then click the Settings tab.
In the Allow box, click List.
To specify the location of the list of valid entries, I did the following:

The list is on a different worksheet in the same workbook , so I entered the name that I defined (=weeks) for my list in the Source box.


Any help please

How to add a drop down menu to a cell?

How to Make a Count-Down Timer in Excel?

Dear Forum,

I am preparing a Small Test for the Human Resource Department which can help them in the Screening process.

This test would be a Multi-option questionnaire and would be Time-Bound and the questions would be picked from a Bin of Questions with each question already assigned with the number of minutes to be solved in.

For Ex: I have a Databse of 50 questions, each question assigned different timings depending on their complexity and for various level openings.

I would like to pick up randomly any no of questions and get the Total Time Displayed in the Cell G3 and in the Second Sheet where it has a look of an exam it should have a CountDOwn Timer after the Candidate clicks on the Start Button and it Should have a Count-Down Timer which should be Dynamic to pick up the Total Time from the no of selected questions for the Test as well as should Disable the Sheet once the Time reaches zero...

It can also promt the user of the Last 5 minutes to go...The Candidate can click on Submit button to complete the Test ..

Can this be possible..It would be really helpful as the current procedure is time-consuming and also not very reliable..
I am not sure whether this is only possible in only VBA thats the reason posted the query in WorkSheets Functions but please if its not then can be moved...

Warm Regards..

how to make a select down menu, like the jpg attached

Ok i am new to Excel and to these forums but here i go.

Instead of trying to describe what i need i will just show it. my fire is still a massive work in progress but what it depicts is.

I am making a spread sheet from a list of information me and some friends are compiling for a game we play.

As you can see,
The A Column is the slot the item goes in.
The B Column is the items name.
The C to X columns is the information on the item. still being expanded on.

What i am trying to figure out is. I need to add drop down lists in the B Column for each slot so i can add new items to the list. when i select each new item in the list it needs to update the stats in the C > X column. So in essence if i say have 3 items in the B2 cell. if i change from item 1 to item 2. all the stats in cell C2 > X2 need to change to what item 2 has listed. then back again when i change back.

The chart still needs to be readable with the =SUM command i have in the totals line. thats why i don't have say. each slot on its own page with each item listed per column.

The drop down menu for the B Cells needs to be able to be updated with ease and the chart needs to be kept clean. most likely i will need to add more sheets foe each slot or something.

I just do not know how to make a drop down list populate all those cells with the saved information. still being new to excel (have been playing at it for less than a week now) i don't know all the advanced commands so forgive me if there is a big button on the program that shows how to do this.

Figured it would be better to ask those who have been using this longer than me so i can do this right. rather than messing with it and ruining my work.

So to sum it up. i need to add a drop down menu in each cell in the B column. each drop down needs to have easy access to add new items and take old ones out. and it needs to show the entered information correctly in the C to X columns.

Hope this is doable.

I am trying to figure out how to create a drop down list on one page of a workbook with the list of items for the drop down list located on a separate worksheet within the same workbook.

I have a workbook with one spreadsheet with a list of items on it (sheet1/ingredients) and the rest of the worksheets would have the drop down list of items from sheet1/ingredients.

I have been trying to use the validation method with no luck - I just can't seem to get the source path right.

If possible I would also like the drop down list of ingredients to be self updating - the ability to continue to add items to the list and show up in the drop down lists.

When the value in the drop down window is selected I would really like / need to have the data populated in the rows to the right of the drop down window.

While asking is there any sort of auto complete so that one can start typing in the box and the ingredients that start with those letters show up to select from? (Such as if type EVA or EVAP --- then all words starting with EVA or EVAP appear instead of the entire list?)


does anyone know how to add a drag -down list box and if I choos a from my
list, it will give 1 to cell B1, If I choose b from my list, it will give 2
to the same cell B1, and so on. Thanks.

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.