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Convert Standard Time In Military Time

I need a simple formula to convert standard time (1:05pm) into military time (13:08).

I've read through several posts, but all I've found is reformatting or time subtraction type information. The reformating works to an extent, it gives me the hours in military but the minutes stay standard.

Basicly, all I need is:

Cell A1 = 1:05 p
Cell B1 = formula that shows/converts 1:05 p as 13:08

Can someone direct me to a helpful post or help me with this?


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I have a column in which the cells contain downloaded data for date and time data in standard format such as:
3/30/2011 2:00:00 PM To be clear the date and time share the same cell.

I would like to convert the time into military time, for instance the above example would read:
3/30/2011 14:00 (do not need the seconds though it will not hurt either)

Thaks very much

What function can be used to convert a column of Standard Time to a column of
Military Time in Excel?
Is it a formula or formatting?

I need to convert standard time format(hh:mm:ss) into seconds. Do we have any
formula to do this in excel.

I have data with time in standard fromat i.e. 3:00PM but I need it to be in
24 hour format i.e. 15:00. How can I do this?

Help! I am not an excel power user. So I have a field that is standard time with AM/PM and would like to convert it to just military time. I have other fields where the time is in military time and need to look at Lapsed Times.

Originally, I had a date/time field mm/dd/yy hh:mm AM/PM. I extracted that data to a date field and a time field. Perhaps that wasn't the best way?

Thank you for your expert help.

I have tried multiple solutions from this forum and still can't get my times to convert. My problem is: I need to calculate in standard time, the Operating Room Time (How long a surgery took). I can only get the OR start time and OR End time in military times, i.e. (Start Time 0747, End Time 0929) when I subtract the start from the end, I get 182 minutes in military time, however, I need this to read as standard time, i.e. 1 hour 42 minutes, or 1.42. I have tried dividing the 182 by 100 = 1.82 (still military time) and dividing by 60 = 3.03 (the surgery wasn't 3 hours and 3 minutes). Am I missing a step? Any Help would be appreciated as I am calculating each patient manually in my report.

Thank you!!!


I need help with a formula. As of now, I have a column with standard time. For instance, the column looks like:

7:58 AM (CDT)
4:24 PM (CDT)

I am looking to remove "(CDT)" from the text. I know the formula for that would be something like =LEFT(Column, # of characters). However, I would also like to convert the standard time to military time, and then I want to convert the times into a decimal. Is there a way I can do all of this in one formula? Thank you for your help.

I have a timesheet as follows: Col C is labeled ‘In’ for start time in
military time, Col D is labeled ‘Out’ for stop time in military time, Col E
is total hours worked with formula beginning in row 10, where data input
begins, as =D10-C10+(D10

I have a timesheet as follows: Col C is labeled ‘In’ for start time in
military time, Col D is labeled ‘Out’ for stop time in military time, Col E
is total hours worked with formula beginning in row 10, where data input
begins, as =D10-C10+(D10<C10). Also on row 10. in Col F is labeled ‘In’ for
start time in military time, Col G is labeled ‘Out’ for stop time in military
time, Col H is total hours worked with formula =G10-F10+(G10<F10). Col I has
the total of columns E and H with the formula =E10+H10. Data in rows C, D, E,
F, G, H is formatted Custom h:mm and data in Col I is formatted [h]:mm. I
would like to have the times in Columns C through H to read as regular time
(such as 2:25PM as opposed to 14:25).
John T. Sullivan

Hello -

I am trying to determine the time difference from two combo boxes in which i
pick a start time from one combo box and an end time from the second combo
box. I can do this, but i would like the user to be able to see the times in
standard time, not military. I have already tried formatiing it from VBA,
but i can't seem to figure out where my problem is at? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


This is what I have in range B1:B7


I want to convert these times into (IST +9:30) and put them in A1:a7



I've searched and found almost what i'm after but not quite
i have a list of times in word in a column
they are in the following textformat 12 23 00 23 14 34
i can paste them into excel but cant work out how to change them to excel time eg 12:23 00:23 14:34
thanks if anyone can help

How can i convert a time in minute km in km/h ?

minute km km/h
A2 0.04.00 B2 15,000

Need a formula to convert EST time in to MST. Lets say we have current EST time as 18:30 and i need to convert it to MST which is 16:30 and its not accepting 18:30 - 02:00.

Hi everyone. Does anyone know how I could convert military time to standard time? The format is HourMinuteSeconds.

For example, in column C, I have something like

92412 ---> So this is 9:24:12 AM
152209 ---> So this is 3:22:09 PM

I just want to change the format from military time to standard time so that I can do a sort.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

24 hour time entered using custom format '0000' was automatically changed to
'special' number format for Portugese postal code. Reformating does not
stay--reverts to Portugese postal code. Unaceptable to convert English
expression to foreign language. 24 hour time standard for military.

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I have a column that contains times in military format. I want to convert the times to numbers, with no formatting.

For example:

Right now the columns show the following:


Their actual values are:

12:01:00 AM
12:23:00 AM
2:14:00 AM
1:32:00 PM
7:54:00 PM

I want it to instead have the following values:


They should be formatted as numbers, with no indication that they represent times.

Is this possible?

I have a worksheet that contains military times in number format that I need to compare against.



Converting the dates and times in column A from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to CST (Central Standard Time).
CST is 6 hours earlier than GMT.


Use the TIME function as shown in the following formula:

I need to convert time in decimal format.

For Eg: Min = Hour
1 = 0.022 = 0.033 = 0.0540:39 = 40.65
Conversion table file is attached for more information. Please took a look at it.
Procedure require through vba...


Can anyone guide me as to how I go about converting a date column to a length
of time in months from a specified time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Can somebody advise me if it is possible to convert a time formated cell to
a string in Excel?


Bill Partridge

I have a customer that whats to be able to enter time as military time 2123
w/no colons and it would be converted to a normal time format 9:23 PM

I need to add aircraft takeoff and land times in a 24 hour (military) format
to come up with flight hours in a decimal format across days (the date itself
is not important).
Takeoff 2231 to land 0138 the next morning is 3.1 hours of flight time and
would look like this:
T/O LAND Hours
2231 0138 3.1

The tenths of hours are standard flight time accounting and go like this:
0-5 min= .0, 6-11 min= .1, 12-17 min= .2, 18- 23 min= .3, 24-29 min= .4,
30-35 min= .5, 36-41 min= .6, 42-47 min= .7, 48-53 min= .8, and 54-59 min= .9.

I'll be using Excel 2002 to do this, if it can be done at all. Thanks in

Can somebody tell me how to do this? I have Total tonnage and crane capacity if i divide this i get the handling rate but this handling rate i wnat it time format E.g. total tonnage 2000 handling rate 1500 tonnes/hr the mathamatical result is 1.33 hours but i want this 1.33 hours in Time format. plase also let me know how to convert 0.25 in 0.15 hours?

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