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How to enable Merge & Centre option which is greyed out in Table Style Light 1.

Hello Everyone!
Please guide me on "How to enable Merge & Center option which is grayed out in Table Style Light 1". Advance thanks.

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How to Enable/Disable the Option Button(s) based on different ComboBox Values?

Dear Forum,

In a USER FORM , i have a combo box with different values and based on these values I want certain Option Buttons Enabled and Disabled.

So what code do I write and also I want to know that based on certain Option Button Clicks I want to Enable and Disable a Frame..

For Ex:
Option Button 1 Click

Frame4 is Enabled but when any other Option Button is Clicked then this should be disabled again so do I need to write the Frame4.Enabled = False for every other Option Button other than 1 or is there a better of way doing this...

Like I want the Frame to Enabled only when the Opt Button 1 is clicked and not otherwise so please sugges me the above two things..

1. To manouvere the Option BUttons on the Combo Values
2. To Control the Enable and Disable of Frame Dependent on the Option BUtton click.

Warm Regards

sort option is greyed out in excel, am I missing something? Did I fail to
intall any components?
Please help!!!

I have a pc with Office XP installed. Save as button is greyed out in new
documents. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Still greyed
out. Any ideas?

Hi Friends,
I am beginner of using Excel. Actually what i want is to find out the sheet name which is current using in Excel.
For Example,
If suppose the various sheet names are shee1,sheet2,sheet3,........upto sheetn. Am using sheet14 currently. how can i get that sheetname14 specifically. Am using
"Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;"not oledb. please suggest me some codes to achieve it using

Thanks a lot,


Anybody please tell me how to know when a Row/Column is Inserted/Deleted in Excel, programatically. Coz according to that i need to implement some functionality.

Thanks in advance

I'm using the Excel 2003 version and I recently checked the Ignore other
programs setting and once I did that, all my excel documents went blank. I
tried going back to uncheck it but now the options link is greyed out. How
can I fix this?

I have an Excel document that I want to add arrows to, but the autoshapes
options are all greyed out. I also tried to cut and paste an arrow from
another excel document, but it would not allow me to paste it. Is there an
option somewhere to turn on/off autoshapes?

I cannot send emails from excel because the send to mail recipient as an
attachment is greyed out.

When I go to Inser/name/define the Define is greyed out. What can I do?

I'm using Excel 2003 in high security mode. I've generated a certificate
using selfcert.exe, signed a spreadsheet with a macro, saved and then reopend
it. When I open the file, I get the Security Warning dialog box and the only
thing I can do is disable the macro because "Always trust macros from this
publisher" is greyed out.

This is all being done on the same computer as the same user. When I choose
Tools | Macro | Security, "Trust access to Visual Basic Project" is checked,
but greyed out too. If I and manually export the certificate and then import
it into "Trusted Publishers", the macro will run, but I'm trying to come up
with a simpler process for some of my less sophisticated users.

When I have a excel file opened can't click on file and pick send as an
that section is greyed out. but able to right click on the same file closed
and tab to send as an attachment is there.


I have a problem the my paste function. Whenever I copy (copy seems to work
ok with the marquee and selection process) and then try to paste the data
into another cell, it won't let me. the Paste function is greyed out. The
worksheet is unprotected and I'm in Excel 2003.
Any ideas.
Bob Reynolds


I am using Excel as front end in my application and using Excel interface for communication between excel and my ATL COM components, As part of it, i need to enable Undo / Redo Operation from my components depending on the user

I'm able to enable the undo (both menu & toolbar) through raw_OnUndo()
method present in _Application interface,also i found one more method
raw_OnRepeat() which would enable Repeat Menu alone , but i'm not able to
find any method for enabling Redo options.

Can Some one suggest how to enable redo menu & toolbar icon.

Thanks in Advance,

This SUB in excel 2007 must open a file containing macros (so it's an .xlsm file).

The file is opened, but oftenly macros are not automatically enabled. Sometimes excel shows the traditional Warning message asking if I'd like to enable macros, but many times it doesn't. So in those cases I need to go to the opened file and click the Options button to manually enable macros. This is against the automatization process I'm trying to implement, as the amount of files I need to open is high.

Could anybody suggest how to always automatically enable macros of the file to be opened?

Sub Open_MRA_Report_File(Working_Path, MRA_Pool_Filename)
        Dim This_Datos_File As String
        This_Datos_File = Working_Path + "" + MRA_Pool_Filename
        Workbooks.Open FileName:=This_Datos_File, UpdateLinks:=3
End Sub


I have a chart done in excel 2007 with major vertical and horizontal gridlines. I managed to remove the horizontal lines using Format Major Gridlines option but I can't do it for my vertical Major Gridlines. The "No Line" option under "Line Color" is greyed out. How do I enable it?

How to enable spell checking when you protect a Word 2007 Template?

I am creating a Microsoft Word 2007 template which needs to be Protected so that user's can open the template and enter their data into the fields then save the data. When I protect the document I notice that now the Spelling & Grammar options are unavailable to be run. I have tried creating a Macro to run on Exit which doesn't run when you exit the template. Please help!

Hi All,

My application protects all the sheets and the workbook by the

I have couple of cells which are not locked so that the user can enter
the data.

But in these unlocked cell I do not have the right click functionality
or copy paste functionality enabled.

How to enable the copy paste functionality on these unlocked cells
where user can enter the data.

I also want this copy and paste to be enabled so that i can copy the
data from different work book onto these unlocked cells of this

Please guide.

Thanks and Regards,


I have just moved from Office 2002 to Office 2003, and I cannot figure out
how to enable the merge and compare feature under tools in Excel. Please
help. Thanks!

I need to get the real character value of a string which contains non-English character (Nordic)

In the Msgbox it is displayed as S?mna,Norway
In Debug.Print - the same

When I put its value in a userform textbox it is displayed correctly as Sømna,Norway

Can someone advice how to loop on the string with S?mna,Norway (in VBA) and get the value ø instead of the ? (the 2nd character)

Thanks !!!

Please Help. I had an opened Excel 2003 spreadsheet and I think I went to
the Tools Menu and clicked on "options" and then "General". I clicked on
Ignore other applications". Now my spreadsheet does not open and "options"
along with many other applications are greyed out from the Main Menu Bar.
I have no idea how to enable all the applications that are greyed out.
Is there someone out there who can help me. ?

Excel 2003 - the "X" to exit the application option is greyed must
use "file / exit" to exit the program. How does this get turned off and how
do you turn it back on?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I have a tablet PC with Vista Biz and Office 2007 installed. I noticed that
the mouse right click function does not appear in the working cell. Anyone
know how to enable right mouse click? The mouse is definitely working as the
right click function works outside the cell (within excel 2007).


How to sum up the data which match two criteria?

A Home BB Call 80
B Office Mobile 8370
C Home Mobile 870
D Home BB Call 860
E Office BB Call 850
G Home Mobile 480
H Office Mobile 380
I Home BB Call 10

Is it possible to sum up all match "Home" and "Mobile" by a formula?
870 + 480

Thanks a lot

In "Print Titles" feature it should be possible to print selected rows or
columns of spreadsheet as header rows etc on every sheet, but this feature is
grayed-out in my program. I have XL2000 which is part of Office XP for
Students & Teachers.

How can I access this feature?

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