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[Solved] Printing: Date Format in the Header/Footer


How can I put in a different date format in the Header/Footer of the sheet for printing. Excel only appears to allow the dd-mm-yy format whereas I woulld like to use something different e.g. dd-Mmm-yy

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I need to chage my date format, in the header to Day; Month DD, YYYY
ie. Saturday; May 23, 2005.

Woudl you please help me out ?

Thank you.

Hesam Shakourian

Is it possible to print the last modified or saved date in the header/footer,
instead of the date printed?

If not, is there a way to put this value in the worksheet itself?

I need to change the date format in an Excel footer from e.g. 05.02.2005 to
05-Feb-2005. How can I do this?

I would like to place a formula in the Header/footer area so that I can pull
info from one changing cell to the header/footer. Is this possible and if so
how? Thanks in advance to all that reply

I want to format the date in dd/mmm/yyyy format in the header/footer of any worksheet. Any way out ?

Thanks in advance...


I have a 'spreadsheet' that I use for a preschool sign-in sheet. It has all the kids' names listed in alphabetical order in column 'A' and a place to record the time in and parents' signature and time out and parents' signature in subsequent columns ('B' - 'E').

I print one of these multi-page sign-in sheets each evening for the following day. I would like to have tomorrows date (ex: Monday, July 2, 2007) right justified in the Header of the printout. I have figured out how to do this in a cell using TODAY() + 1, but I can't figure out how to get it into the Header. The few built-in choices for things to go into the header or footer don't seem to include a way to add anything to the date.


In Excel 2003 if you enter custom header or customer footer there are 9-10
formatting buttons that you can use in the header dialog box. Examples of the
format buttons include: the file name button, date button, font button etc...
In all Microsoft Office programs if you point to a button on the tool bars
with the mouse it will provide you with a screen tip, letting you know what
the buttons function is. That is every where except in the header/ footer
dialog box. i would like to know why and where can I find out the description
of each button?

I have been using the '&' to string text together from cells.

Does anyine know if this can be done in the header/footer?



Hi all
hopw u can help with this one for a newbie. i created a pivot table from my main sheet. contained in there are several colums which contain dates. the date format in the main sheet is as i want it but when i change the pivot table date to what i require, save & return to thetable the dates have revertd back to the original format. how do i get the dates to retain the format.
thanks in advance


I use the Active X Calendar to pop up next to my date field on my spreadsheet. Everything works fine but I want to change the date format in the calendar.

How do you change the format of the active X calendar so it displays the date as follows:

mmm-dd-yyyy ie Nov-29-2010

Right now the date defaults to the following:

mm/dd/yyyy or 11-29-2010

The field that the pop up calendar is linked to has the data field defined as

Whenever someone selects a date from the calendar it goes from mm/dd/yyyy to

To stop confusion betweem US and European numerical date formats ie US
06/07/05 means 07 Jun'05, whereby European means 06 Jul'05.
John Ellis

1. Select cell A1 in the sheet, and insert the current date by pressing Ctrl+;.
2. Select Home -> Number Format dropdown list (in Number Group) -> Short Date or Long Date
Or press Ctrl+1, select the Number tab, and then select Custom.
3. Clear the Type box.
4. Enter the date format in the Type box, based on to the list of symbols below:
m (Month): Displays the months number, without a leading 0 if the number is lower than 10.
mm (Month): Displays the months number, including a leading 0 if the number is lower than 10.
mmm (Month): Displays the first three characters of the months name.
mmmm (Month): Displays the months full name.
mmmmm (Month): Displays the first character of the months name.
d (Day): Displays the days number, without a leading 0 if the number is lower than 10.
dd (Day): Displays the days number, including a leading 0 if the number is lower than 10.
ddd (Day): Displays the days name as a three character text.
dddd (Day): Displays the days full name.
yy or y (Year): Displays the last two digits of the year.
yyy or yyyy (Year): Displays the full year.

When viewing a header/footer, I would like to insert a date in spcial format, how can I do this?


Sam Sebaihi
Western International University
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I want to format the date in the header of my worksheet as "mmm dd, yyyy"

I want to format the date in the header of my worksheet as "mmm dd, yyyy"

I have a series of workbooks being shared on a business server and being
updated by a number of sources as new information becomes available. Because
the date of these updates is important, I would like the workbook to display
the Date Modified in the header of the document when printed.

The only way I know to see this date is via Excel's properties window (or in
the Details view in Windows).

How do I change the format of the date option in the footer of a worksheet?
For example, currently it shows 8/9/06; how would I change it to Aug 8, 2006
or 9 Aug 2006 for example?.


I have a spreadsheet that contains both Sheets and Charts and I want to Reference the contents of a cell in the header/footer of both types using VB.

The following Micosoft web site contains a nice simple piece of code that I would like to use if possible - uses the Workbook_BeforePrint method to add the cell contents to the header/footer before printing :-

The following VB code works when printing a Sheet but not with a Chart.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
   ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftFooter = Sheet1.Range("a1").Value
End Sub
I can make the code work with a Chart as follows

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
   ActiveChart.PageSetup.LeftFooter = Sheet1.Range("a1").Value
End Sub
My problem - if I combine the two I get an error because if the Sheet is active then the Chart is not, and the reverse of this, the Sheet/Chart that is not active generates the error in the code.

Private Sub
Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
   ActiveSheet.PageSetup.LeftFooter = Sheet1.Range("a1").Value
   ActiveChart.PageSetup.LeftFooter = Sheet1.Range("a1").Value
End Sub
The ideal solution would be for a simple modification to the above code but I seem to be stuck hence any help would be appreciated.


Can someone explain why the character & will not appear in the header/footer in Excel.

For example, I need to insert the company's name which is Morrison & Foerster, LLP in the header.

The result is only Morrison Foerster LLP.

The '&' will not appear.

Can anyone explain why and recommend a solution.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi, what I am tying to achieve is to locate all columns in my work sheet which contain the word ‘Hours’ in the header e.g. ‘Billable Hours’, ‘Hours Worked’, ‘Total Hours’ which can be located any where between columns ‘A1 to ‘IV1’ and then format them to a number with two decimal places.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Excel version 2003

Many thanks

Thanks for the help with concatinating text in a header.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.CenterHeader = Range("c5") & " " & Range("c6")
End Sub

Cells: C5 = May; C6 = 2nd Qtr
This places 'May 2nd Qtr' in the header.

I need to format the text. I tried formating in the header/footer custom header box. The formatting will not stay. I also tried adding the VBA I got from recording a macro formating the header; .CenterHeader = "&""Courier New,Bold""&24 May 2nd Qtr"
and trying to replace May 2nd Qtr with Range("c5") & " " & Range("c6") - no luck!

Any help out there?

Can someone tell me how to print an '&' (ampersand) in the footer? Iam using a macro to populate the footer and have tried (1)using Chr(38) and (2)including it in a string (ex. "A & W"). It just sees it as a non-character and prints nothing. Thanks!

Is there a way to change the format of the date button in the header? I get
12/11/04 and would like December 11, 2004.


Hi, I am building a template to be used by multiple teams. I would like them to enter their team name once in the first worksheet of a multi sheet workbook. I would like to have the team name appear in the header and footer of each worksheet also without having to modify the header or footer manually. Is there a way to do this?

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