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How to rename a forms button

I'm trying to rename a forms button (not a command button) I don't mean the caption, but the name of the button itself.
APP = Application.Caller
to grab the name of what button is pushed. Commandbuttons won't do it. Need this so I can use the same code of each button.


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Good day!

I don't know how to create VBA or Macro language so any help will do. I created a sample World clock spreadsheet where I have about 15 countries on there. Everything's almost set I somehow managed to put a Form button and named it CONVERT except I don't know how to make the button work. It's suppose to convert only after I put a date on the Enter Date field and time on the Enter Time field.

I have attached the draft for your reference.

Thank you!

Hi, All,
I met some trouble when I tried to rename a form button. (Not the text on the button.)
For example, if i tried to give CC10 to a button, the cell CC10 will be activated but the button name is still "Button 1".
Did any one meet this problem before? is that some setting for this?

Thank you very much.



This is my 1st post on here, apologies if I don't do it correctly! I'm also relatively new to coding, so apologies in advance if I'm not clear enough in my explanation of my problem.

Basically, I have the following problem:

I have a form button on a tab in my workbook. Attached to this button is a macros that will run when the button is clicked (pretty standard stuff so far).

Within the code of the actual tab itself, I have a Private Sub that makes the button visible if a condition in a cell is met, and hides the button completely if the condition is not met. Here is the code I am using:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

v1 = Range("M12").Value

If v1 = "DISABLE" Then

    Sheets("CHANGE PERIOD").Shapes("Button 14").Visible = False


        Sheets("CHANGE PERIOD").Shapes("Button 14").Visible = True

End If

However, I want to rename the form button to something that explains what the button does but when I do, it stops the above code from working.

If I change the "(Button 14") part to the new name of my button, it still doesn't work.

I have also tried to create a new button & when it asks you to assign a Macros, have tried editing the name in the top left of this box also, ie 'Button1_Click' to whatever I need.

Is there a way around this, so my form button is called something more descriptive than 'Button 14'?!

Thanks in advance


How to create a form with select check box to run different macros ?

for example I create a form that runs 6 different macros and I want to run only selected macro when I push on button "Run Selected Macros"

the selected macros must run from top to down ,for example if I select "macro 1" and "macro 5" and "macro 6" it means run first "macro 1" when finish run "macro 5" and then run "macro 6"

Thank you

How to create a toggle button on the menu? like the Bold, Underline...

Has anyone created a macro to create a forms button, assign a macro and name the button? Any info would be appreciated.

How to execute a commandbar button in excel while cell is in edit mode

How to rename a column title in excel?

When I hide some rows of a worksheet, the form button is still appear on the
worksheet, how do hide the button as well?

Hello everyone,

I am using VBA code to create a command button on a sheet:

ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1", Link:=False, _
DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=190.5, Top:=38.25, Width:=97.5, Height:=20.25).Select
Does anybody know how to assign code to OnClick event to the button using VBA?

Any help appreciated.

I need to make this sheet easy to use. At the moment it's annoyingly complex.

It also links in with other sheets.

I could only add this test.xls file due to size.

I would like to add a "Add Details" button to the page that updates the correct cells with user added information. At the moment I've got as far adding the button but don't know how to change the form. The Details are the basic details that are on Row 6.

Also add a "start time" check box/button and "Finish time" check box/button that records the details on another sheet.

Please ask me questions so i can help you help me.


I want to create a print button in an excel spreadsheet. I want it to print certain tabs in my workbook that I define. I dont see how I can manipulate the command button to add simple macros in it, then again im not real good (or good at all) at writing macros in excel. Any help would be great..

Using Excel 2000

Does anyone know how to disable a custom button on excel 2007 ribbon?
I created a new tab in the menu wich contains two buttons but I want to disable the button untill a certain workbook is opened. right now the button are enabled even if there is no workbook opened, wich throws an error when they are clicked as they have a macro that do some calculations depending on data obtained from the file in question.

I want to display a form(excel) while running a program through a macro.

The form shows the program running status like"calculation in progress....."
while the macro is running the program in the excel (Just an identification
for the user that the program is running safely).
How to call and display the form (with labels showing status) in the module
of the macro.

Joseph J

I have never used macros before. I have a spreadsheet that lists the email
addresses for a group of parties. Then I have a single cell that pulls all
the emails addresses in a particular row into a mass email hyperlink (eg):

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&INDEX('Contacts (2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($F4,'Contacts
(2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1)&"; "&INDEX('Contacts
(2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($G4,'Contacts (2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1)&";
"&INDEX('Contacts (2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($K4,'Contacts
(2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1)&"; "&INDEX('Contacts
(2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($O4,'Contacts (2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1)&";
"&INDEX('Contacts (2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($S4,'Contacts
(2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1)&"; "&INDEX('Contacts
(2)'!$BG$2:$BG$10,MATCH($W4,'Contacts (2)'!$F$2:$F$10,0),1),"Email
Distribution List")

I would like to put a form button in place of the hyperlink so that the
spreadsheet looks more presentable, but I can't figure out how to record a
hyperlink. When I try to record it, the macro only takes me to the cell that
the hyperlink is in, it doesn't actually act on the hyperlink. Any help?

Hi all,

I am using Excel 2002. I would like to display a form when a worksheet is
activated. But after a few seconds have elapsed, I would like the form to
unload itself. Can you please share with how I can accomplish this? Thanks.



Could some tell me how to make a form just like this step by step ,see in details enclosed form,thanks much!

i want to know how create a command button in a cell in the excel sheet
and then how to assign a macro to the created command buttton so that the
macro will run once i click on the command button ?

another question:
is there any sites available on the internet where i can have online free
training on the office components ( word , excel , powerpoint , access ,
outlook) ?

I want to display a form(excel) while running a program through a macro.

The form shows the program running status like"calculation in progress....."
while the macro is running the program in the excel (Just an identification
for the user that the program is running safely).
How to call and display the form (with labels showing status) in the module
of the macro.

Joseph J

I would like to make a form where a user can fill in information in an easy to ready format, then click a submit button, and have the data moved to another sheet or file from where the data can be merged into another document. Each time the user fills out the information and clicks submit, a new line of the data is created in the destination. Here's a picture to show what I'd like to do:

Any help would be great. Thanks!

I am relatively new to VB and Macros but I have managed to make several different checkboxes that add to a sum in a specific cell.

Since I have so many checkboxes in a particular category spaning both rows and cols. I would like to know if there is a way to make a 'Check All' button that checks each checkbox and calls that checkbox macro to add the sum correctly.

Here is a sample of the simple macro for one of my checkboxes (feel free to correct it if you see a mistake):

Sub Value1()
Dim cBox As CheckBox
LName = Application.Caller
Set cBox = ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes(LName)

If cBox.Value > 0 Then
Range("L20").Value = Range("L20") + 1
Range("L20").Value = Range("L20") - 1
End If
End Sub

If someone could show me how to make a form button make a form checkbox > 0 that would be a good start. Thank you in advance.


I need the necessity to rename a sheet after a copy from another sheet.
More exactly in my code:

i = 5
sheetname = "Report" & i
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Copy _

I create a new sheet "Report (2)" but I want to rename it using the variable "sheetname".

Is it possible?

Any suggestion will be well appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your kind support.


Hi, is it possible to have a form button to activate a hyperlink to another workbook please?

I know how to link a form button to a macro but dont know how to code the macro for the hyperlink

The exact path to the other workbook is:

dfz70952102055001workgroupCSA OperationsKingfisher NCT STATSKingfisher NCT STATSNCT AONCT 11Team 3Case TrackingAO 1.1.xls

Thanks for any help


how to run a macro button using some code?

No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.