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Copy all shortcut keys to word documents

Kindly let me know the following:-

I would like to copy all the Excel shortcuts and functions keys from the Microsoft Excel help and paste to a new MS Word document.

The problem is after I pasted to the MS Word document, I see lots of lines or border line in the MS Word document.

Kindly let me know the way to delete those lines. Maybe I should just paste those shortcuts and functions in a new Excel worksheet?

Thank you


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Is there a way to copy my whole workbook to word document all at once? For example, I have 30 worksheets and I would like to somehow link them all to a word document as the party that I am sending them to does not have the excel program. I could pdf the worksheets, but I would like to be able to link any changes from my excel worksheet to the word document.

Thanks for your time.

Hi All,

I am creating a macro for copying data from an Excel file into a word document. I am using following code. I am getting a compiler error, saying 'Excel.Application is not a defined object'.

Set ExcelApp = New Excel.Application 
ExcelApp.activeworkbook.sheets("summary stats").Range("A3:D9").Copy 
Selection.PasteExcelTable False, False, False 

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Can anybody please suggest something?



I would like to know if there is a way to copy a range of data from excel sheet to word document and save the word document in this format "todays date.doc"
Any help would be appreciated in advance.

In Word the shortcut keys to change from UC to LC is shift F3, why not have
the shortcut keys to do the same in Excel?

I want to disable ALL shortcut key functions in my program. (i.e. if a user presses Ctrl+S it will NOT save, Ctrl+O will NOT open file, etc).

Of course I need this enabled again in something like workbook close for users to have this ability in other workbooks.

Your help is greatly appreciated

Is there a shortcut key to close just ONE workbook. If I do "Ctrl+F4" it wants to close all of my excel - I just one to close the current work book I have open.

When trying to copy graphs from excel to word the percentage values re-align
and I have trouble repositioning them. Also, when I try to manually make the
graph in word smaller all that is inside the graph turns blank.
I had to go back and use a office 97 and copy everything in there and then
reopen the file in the 2007 version in the compatability mode.
Is there anything else that I could do so that the alignment doesn't change
or so that I can make a 2003 compatible file?


I want help to add shortcut keys to all the custom menus/sub-menus in tool
o For example, for the “Juniper Tool 1B” menu item, use “J” as the shortcut key.
It's urgent, Can someone please help. I am relatively new to Excel programming.

How do I assign a shortcut key to insert an em-dash at the insertion
point while editing the contents of a cell? In order to automate
Insert => symbol => Special Characters => em dash (in Excel 2003 on
WinXP) (and earlier versions if possible). The "Special Characters"
menu doesn't show a keystroke shortcut for any of the special
characters listed.

I can't write a keystroke recording macro to do it, or at least, if I
try, I must start before selecting the cell and the insertion point or
the macro recorder is grayed out; and if I run the macro recorder the
code I get is ActiveCell.Text = "[the entire text in the cell]" which
isn't useful.

Autocorrest will do it (upon entering "--"), but then it happens all
the time, and I don't want it to happen all the time, just when I
actually want it. Yes, I can use "undo" but that seems like it should
be an unnecessary step also.

Many thanks,

Fred Holmes


I need some help. I would like a macro to copy data from excel to word.

The macro needs to:
* Copy data from excel - the data will vary in size each week eg. number of columns and rows.
* Needs to open a specific word document (in edit - not as read only)
* Paste data (as a table) at a specific bookmark within the document (eg. pastehere)
* Save the document and rename the file.


Ive got a custom function which I've got as an excel add-in.

With normal macros you can assign a shortcut key easily but i cant see how I can assign a shortcut key to my add-in macro?

Any ideas?

Is there a way to copy information from Excel to Word without having to
format it? For example, I have a list of clients and each has an address.
The data is in Excel. The user goes to an Excel spreadsheet and selects the
client from a pick list and the data comes up for them. They then go to Word
and paste the data. I need to create a macro that will copy the data for
them to the clipboard, got this part in Excel, and then when the user hits
the paste button in Word the data will be pasted unformatted at the curser
location. To better understand what I need here is the menu progression in

PASTE Special
Unformatted Text

In VB from the Macros Recorder its:
Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteText, Placement:= _
wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False

Can these Macros be combined into 1 Macros? Can this be done? If so any
help would be appreciated!!

I am using microsoft office 2007. I created a database of over 950 addresses
with the purpose of doing a mail merge. I do not know how to find, or match
fields to word document for merging. Help.

Hey, how can I assign a shortcut key to a macro that does not show up in the Macro's lsit box? I've only been able to find info on assigning a shortcut key through the Options button in the Macro box but I still haven't been able to find out how to assign a shortcut any other way.


Once I create a macro in an Excel workbook using Visual basic, how can
I assign a shortcut key to that macro?



Is it possible to re-assign paste functionality/shortcut/key to pastespecial xlvalues.
I often have a problem where users paste in data, and corrupt cell formatting and validation.

Any help would be appreciated.


I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here.

I was looking for a shortcut key to switch between sheets in excel spreadsheet. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance

Can anybody remind me what is the shortcut key to see a macro running
"step by step"

When using Office 2003, I'm loosing colour from charts that contain
'fill-effects' colour when copying them from Excel to Word. I need to paste
them as pictures of charts and not linked to the chart. When pasting them as
pictures, colour is lost from those parts of the charts that contain
'fill-effects' colours. If just plain colours are used, there are no
problems. Curiously, if I copy the same chart from Excel to PowerPoint and
then from PowerPoint to Word there is no problem??? Any suggestions?

Good Morning

With the help of others I have managed to complete a Working Macro to move Rows from One Workbook to Another and place it in the first open Row of the secord workbook. The Macro then leaves the inserted row with Cell L copied to the clipboard.

Here is code that it working for me adequatly to get that job done

     ' OpentoSold Macro
     ' Macro recorded 2/1/2008 by Mike
     ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+q
    Dim objLastRow As Range 
    Dim lastRow As Integer 
    Windows("Amazon Open.xls").Activate 
    Windows("Amazon Sold.xls").Activate '
    Set objLastRow = ActiveSheet.Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell) 
    lastRow = objLastRow.Row + 1 
    Range("L" & lastRow).Select 
End Sub 

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Can I add code to this Macro to paste that cell's text into an ALREADY OPEN word document named AmazonSale.Doc , AT THE PLACE WHERE THE CURSOR WAS LEFT when that word doc was last on screen ? When I do this manually and I reactivate the Word Doc to Ctrl+V the text, the cursor does still remain active where it was last left.

Thanks For Reading


So I'm new to this and not sure if what I need can be done but here goes. I know how to create macros to copy and paste from excel to word. But now I have a word file that imports key information from access, based on the Project Name (eg XXYC) that was imported I need to open that folder (XXYC) and then import the excel tables and picture files into my word document. There are numerous case studies, this is a research project for malaria outbreaks and I would like to automate this as the project is growing rapidly.

At the moment I import the data into word, then manully navigate to the folder, then copy information in the folder and paste this into word at the relevant places.
Each case study has a different project name, different folder and the information inside the folders are generic excel templates so they all have the same names but different content in all the folders. The Word document I am pasting into is a standard report. So only the copied information and project name changes.


I'm struggling with inconsistent performance of my code. It's a long process that copies data from Excel worksheets from my workbook (no charts; copies as a print preview rather than screenshot) and copies them to a new Word document using the "wdPasteEnhancedMetafile" method. Each image is pasted on a new page. After pasting to Word, depending on the prefix of the source worksheet (SPS_... RTP_...), the image is resized to a certain scale for better fit on the page.
To accomplish this resizing, each image's unique Shape number (for example, Word.Shapes(i)) is recorded at the time it is pasted to Word to keep track of all the images. Later, more code formats those images, centering all of them in the page, and then moving some of them to different page positions (upper left, lower right, etc.) based on those original worksheet prefixes (RTP, LQ, etc.).

The problem I've had is that the code runs perfectly sometimes, sometimes more than once in a row; at other times, especially when there are more worksheets to copy in the workbook, or I've had Excel open for a while, it will suddenly "give up" resizing as it pastes to Word. There's no consistent point at which this happens; it can happen at the beginning, or just as it's about to finish. The remaining worksheets will be pasted to Word, but will be too small. The other formatting code, which uses the same Word.Shapes(i) ID to call these images by number, will perform correctly, moving the data images to where they're supposed to go (and distinguishing them correctly).

The most reliable way for me to get the code to run is to close and reopen Excel, and close all other programs.

Because of the long time the code takes to run and the fact that I'm copying with print preview (this is my boss' requirement), I'm thinking it's a memory issue. I've added instructions for Excel to clear its Clipboard each time it moves to another worksheet and copies it, but this doesn't seem to help. Is there any other way I can improve the memory or performance of my code in this aspect? Thanks!

Can’t seem to find a solution…I’m using Application.GetOpenFilename to open a word document but from there I want to copy all the text from that document into the activecell of the Excel sheet that I’m currently in.

I found a post that find’s a certain table in a doc (document) and moves that into the sheet but nothing on getting the entire text.

Stumped…Can anyone help?



I am using a spread sheet of dangerous goods for work, I have check boxs at the end of every row and i have the Vba to copy all checked rows to a new sheet but i would like to be able to copy to a specific area on a word document or have the word document in excel and copy the rows a specific cell range.

Here is the Vba I have so far:

    Dim sShape As Shape 
    Dim wsNew As Worksheet 
    Dim wsStart As Worksheet 
    Set wsStart = ActiveSheet 
    Set wsNew = Sheets.Add() 
    For Each sShape In wsStart.Shapes 
        With sShape 
            If .FormControlType = xlCheckBox Then 
                If .ControlFormat.Value = xlOn Then 
                    wsStart.Range(.TopLeftCell.Address).EntireRow.Copy _ 
                    Destination:=wsNew.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)(2, 1) 
                End If 
            End If 
        End With 
    Next sShape 
End Sub 

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the word document has a table in the middle of it and that is where i would like the rows copied to.
I have attached copies of both excel and a screen shot of word doc.


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