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Highlight Cell If Same Value Exists In Another Column

I'm trying to do a formula without using a marco. The formula would do the following:

- Highlight value in column A if the value is found in column B and on the same line value in column F and I are equal to zero;
- Value in column A could match many value in column B

I tried everything I know but can't seems to make it work.

Can anybody help me?

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I do not want to use VLOOKUP. Is there another way to check if my value
exist in a column and if it does then it should just write YES.
Thank you for your help!
DJ Steffo

Greetings. I am trying to add multiple values in one column based on
multiple values of the same value (text) in another column. A little
simpler said . . . in column B I have a list of usernames. In column D
I have number values (a number showing how many times that person made
an entry for example). I need a formula that will look down through
column B and everytime it sees a particular username, it adds up all
of the numbers in column D on the same row that username showed up.
Hopefully the example below with make it more plain.

Column B Column D
usrjsmith 3
usrbjohnson 5
usrlgold 2
usrjsmith 7
usrjsmith 2
usrbjohnson 4
usrjsmith 8

So, looking at the example above . . .I need a formula that will look
down through column B and say 'usrjsmith=20', 'usrbjohnson=9',
'usrlgold=2'. I meesed with Vlookup but couldn't get that to do what I
needed. Any ideas?

I have a spreadsheet with one column of data, and I want to check all the values in that column to see if they exist in another column of data.

What types of formulas or operations exist in excel that will allow me to accomplish this?


I went and did a couple searches and tried to get an example I saw to work. Sadly I couldn't figure out why it wasn't functioning correctly...

In this workbook I need to hide a row if no value exists in column C through Nth for the row, I was using as my example.

Modified it so it worked on Sheet 19 and started at C6, but when I went to check it out nothing i could notice occured...


Any way to help me get it so that the rows hide and unhide the blank rows would be extremely grateful.

Hi guys,

I am finishing up a custom user form for an excel macro and was looking for a function you can send a value to it and it will return a true or false if the value exist in a specific column. (it needs to check all records on a specific column without specifying the length it has)


Dim Check as Boolean
Dim Value as String
Check = LookItUp (Value)
Tried a few function but they did not work properly. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi guys an easy one I suspect.

I have a list of staff names in say column H, I'm entering staff names on a roster using drop down list in say column B. I need the names in column H to be highlighted (say cell colour changed) when the name is entered into column B.

To simplify, this is to indicate any staff not entered in column (any cells that have not changed in colour)

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi All,

I hope I'm posting in the right section. I have a problem that I think is quite difficult, but maybe not. I was going to attach the spreadsheet I was working with.

Need to find if duplicate values exist in a Master sheet, compare in New generated sheet and then display the newly added datas in output sheet.

What I want to do, is search for duplicates by comparing master and new sheet by matching the columns datas. Once that is complete, it needs to delete the row of duplicate entries and update the new entries in output sheet.

I have attached the example file for the reference. Which the output should look like.

I have two sheet , I want to know if the value in a colomn of a sheet is
exist in other sheet also.

say the value is loan number if the same loan number is exist in another
sheet than it should be highlighted in the first sheet

Hi All,

The code below loops thru a specified range I12:I26 for a duplicate combobox value in each cell. When I enter the same combobox value in range I43:I54 it still finds a duplicate. I'm at a lost.

Case Is > Empty 
    On Error Resume Next 
    sAdd_WBS = cmbSel_WBS.Value 
    Set rAdd_WBS = ActiveSheet.Range("I12:I36") 
    For Each rCell In rAdd_WBS 
        If rCell.Value = sAdd_WBS Then 
            MsgBox ("The WBS Number selected already exists in this column.") 
            Exit Sub 
        End If 
    Next rCell 
    On Error Goto 0 
End Select 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
Thanks in advance.

I have been looking and browsing the web all day now for a macro that would really help me out. But first some background.

I have 2 worksheets in the same workbook.
The first workbook (ProductDatabase) is like a database, with the product names in column A. The second worksheet (tmpWeb) is imported from the web though a macro and then put into the second worksheet. Also in this worksheet the product names are in column A.

What I need to do is that I want to create a macro that does the following thing:

starts in the second sheet (tmpWeb), in cell A1 and then see if the same value exist in the other worksheet, ProductDatabase, somewhere in the entire column A, not just in the corresponding cell A1. If so, I then want the following value "Registered" to be put in column H in the same row. If the same value does not exist anywhere in column A, then no value needs to be added into column H.

After the macro have checked if cell A1 in tmpWeb exists somewhere in ProductDatabase-sheet in column A, I want the macro to check if cell A2 exist, and then A3, A4 and so on. Until the whole column A in tmpWeb has been checked, i guess the whole range then. (there will not be any rows between any products since the product name always must exist).

If someone could point me in the right direction how I can do this, I would be really happy!

Hi all,

I hope I'm posting in the right section. I have a problem that I think is quite difficult, but maybe not. I was going to attach the spreadsheet I was working with, but I keep getting an error. I'll type an example at the end of the message.

What I want to do, is search column A for claim numbers that match. When I do have a matching claim number, I want to concatenate the original cells ownership field with the said matching cells ownership field (or move into a column in the same row, I can always concatenate later). Once that is complete, I want to delete the row I took the information out of.

I want to join this data in ArcGIS, but as of right now, it's not a 1-to-1 relationship, so only a relate works. That doesn't help me as I want to display claims by ownership, and this can vary per claim. Company A may have 100% on one claim, and then split another claim 50% with Company B. This causes a double entry on the claim field in this current spreadsheet I have, which requires me to clean it up by making multiple columns of ownership vs. an additional row for shared ownership.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




My problem:

Column A Column B
1235555 Company A (50%)
1235555 Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%)
1235557 Company B (33%)
1235557 Company C (33%)

What I would like to see

Column A Column B Column C Column D
1235555 Company A (50%) Company B (50%)
1235556 Company A (100%)
1235557 Company A (33%) Company B (33%) Company C (33%)

I have a form, when I fill in the order no, I want it to look if the value exists in a range and then notify me with a msgbox. Here is my code - it doesn't work no matter what I insert into the textbox it tells me that it exist. Please help.

Private Sub TextBox65_AfterUpdate()
 Dim Answer As Variant
  Dim Customer As Range
  Dim Rng As Range
  Dim RngEnd As Range
  Dim Wks As Worksheet
  Sheets("MM Jobs Order No").Select
    Set Wks = Sheets("MM Jobs Order No")
    Set Rng = Wks.Range("A2:A6000")
    Set RngEnd = Wks.Cells(Rows.Count, Rng.Column).End(xlUp)
    Set Rng = IIf(RngEnd.Row < Rng.Row, Rng, Wks.Range(Rng, RngEnd))
      Set Customer = Rng.Find(Wks.Range("A2"), , xlValues, xlWhole, xlByRows, xlNext, True)
      If Not Customer Is Nothing Then
         Answer = MsgBox("A customer by this name already exists, " _
                       & "Do You Want To Continue?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion)
         If Answer = vbYes Then
            End If
         End If
End Sub

Hello All,

I'm new to Excel so pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to see if a proposed part name already exists in another column. Column "A" contains the master list of existing parts, while column "E" contains the proposed names. If the proposed name in "E" does not exist I want to place a "No" in column D in the same row as the missing proposed part. The master list contains approximately 25,000 rows while the proposed list will contain approximately 1,600.

Thanks in advance

I am trying to count the number of times something occurs in a particular column when a condition is met in another column. To me this looks like it should be an Index & Match to find the condition and then count the cells if there is something entered there.
I have attached an example: I am trying to show in cells C12 - G12 the number of times a group undertakes instruction in period "0" (before the start of the programmed day). The periods are shown in column B.
Therefore the answer should be none, for all groups, except Group 4 which has undertaken 2 periods of PT during period "0".
Any help will be, as usual, much appreciated
Billy B

I'm trying to do some data validation here. Basically in one table I have a primary key, and then in another table it's a foreign key and I only want the user to be able to enter something in the second table if it already exists in the first.

I checked the Access help and found it a little confusing - it says "For field and record validation rules, the expression can't contain user-defined functions, domain aggregate or aggregate functions, the Eval function, or CurrentUser method, or references to forms, queries, or tables. In addition, field validation rules can't contain references to other fields."

However I did a bit more reading and it seems like I could use dlookup for this. Is that the case?

Hey Guys

Can someone help me with the following problem. I would like to delete information in a cell which also is existent in another cell.

I have two different cases which I would love to solve all in one go

Situation 1

Cell A1
Cell B1

-> I want HSBC to be deleted in cell B1

Situation 2
Cell A2
Arab Bank Group
Cell B2
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp;
Arab Bank Group

-> I only want HSBC; and Arab Bank Group; to be deleted. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp should remain in B2

A remark:
1) The cell information contain line breaks (divided with ENTER)

Hi and thanks again for your help out there...
Is there any function to test if a particular value exists in a list?
A simple example: Column A1= car; A2=train; A3=plane

In B2 I place "car". Is there a function which will return TRUE if B2 exists
in A1:A3, or false otherwise?


Ok a little confusing to explain.

I have a spreadsheet set up, where differnet columns may contain the
same values for example:

Col1 Col2 Col3

Item1 A
Item2 H
Item3 B A
Item4 G H
Item5 A

What i would like to do is be able to filter on conditions if a value
is found in either Col2 or Col3, for example "A" which would return
item1, item3 and item5.

I've not played to much with filters but would love to get this
working. The tricky part is that the condition will change, eg today we
need all enteries where "H" applies... tommorow "A"

Should i give up in excel and go to Access?!?!

Any help would be brill.


I have a userform that basically uses:

With WS
  WS.Range("stawkid").Cells(Me.stlookup.ListIndex + 1, 1).Offset(0, 1) = Me.inputdate.Value
  WS.Range("stawkid").Cells(Me.stlookup.ListIndex + 1, 1).Offset(0, 2) = Me.sent.Value
  WS.Range("stawkid").Cells(Me.stlookup.ListIndex + 1, 1).Offset(0, 3) = Me.hno.Value
  WS.Range("stawkid").Cells(Me.stlookup.ListIndex + 1, 1).Offset(0, 4) = Me.street.Value
However before these steps I would like a to be able to check if an entry exists in Offset(0, 4) for example if so then omit that line of code but still add the rest.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.


I need someone who is good with excel coding. I have ten columns, the first column has a number in and I need a equation to check to see if this number appears in another of the other columns in the same row. Sometimes the squares are blank.

An example would be this:


Check column 1 (value = 5) against the other 9 columns to see if there is the value 5 in there. In this example, 5 is there, and its in column 7.

Thank you!


I'm trying to calculate a number using multiple cells and the vloopup function (as shown in formula below). If no value exists it's returning "#VALUE!" in the cell, if a value exists then it works fine and gives me the correct number, however whenever no value exists I want it to display "N/A" or "-".

The current formula...
=($C$10/2)/COS($C$11*(PI()/180))*$C$16*VLOOKUP('Data Tables'!A13,'Data Tables'!A15:I22,7)

I have tried;
IF(ISNA(($C$10/2)/COS($C$11*(PI()/180))*$C$16*VLOOKUP('Data Tables'!A13,'Data Tables'!A15:I22,7)),"-",($C$10/2)/COS($C$11*(PI()/180))*$C$16*VLOOKUP('Data Tables'!A13,'Data Tables'!A15:I22,7))

But for some reason can't get it to work...

Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any help.

Have a number of rows that have an x in one of three columns (accept, reject, revision) and the state in another column. I need a count of the number of times x appears in the accept, reject and revision columns based on the state (cells with ?).

Order # State Accept Reject Revision 2345234 CA x 242345 MI x 234555 CA x 6543332 TX x 123453 AZ x 334523 CA x 74332 TX x State Total Findings Accept Reject Revision AZ =COUNTIF(B2:B8,"az") ? ? ? CA =COUNTIF(B2:B8,"ca") ? ? ? MI =COUNTIF(B2:B8,"mi") ? ? ? TX =COUNTIF(B2:B8,"tx") ? ? ?

I want to copy data from 1 column into another column...The columns are been checked for a specific value & if the value exist in the column,then data from a particular range needs to be copied to another column...for ex-Value"AMI" is been checked within column "A" to "C".If the value exist in column "B" then data from 7th row to 33rd row & column "B" needs to be copied in column "AA"..Plz refer to the Attached file for more details.Thanks

I am experiencing total brain freeze on this and I hope a more caffienated person thsan I can help me out here....

I am taking counts of values from columns on one tab and tallying the counts on a totalling tab. I have a series of values that can only be counted if a date exists in another column on the first tab. I cannot get the COUNTIF to accept the condition that it should Count only if a value exists in the second column.

info is entered on Tab 1 and counted on Tab 2.
I need to be able to take a count each value of Tab 1, column 1 (which is a drop down), but ONLY if there is a value in Tab 1, column 2 (a date field).
Tab 2 has a series of columns corresponding to each value and displaying a count for each...i need to adjust the basic formula below to only count if a value exists in another column. Lets say the date value it needs to look for is column L, using the same range (3-201)


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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