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Hi guys,

I am new here and I want to apologize if I am posting in wrong section.

I have worksheet where I have more than 20 columns of different data that gets imported by macro from internet explorer. What I am trying to do is to be able to modify same data in popup form and also to be able to enter new data in active row when I click on macro button. (without importing from IE)
Every time when I import data from IE it saves it in new row, it would be great if popup can open automatically every time when new data is saved so I can fill in additional fields or change one there and close and save.

I am not sure how to do this or is it possible but I would appreciate any help or directions how to do this.


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on popup form, vba to toggle between datasheet and form view

i now right click and switch, but i'd like to create vba code to do this...


thank you.

I need to create/access the objects that excel creates when you place a
control on a spreadsheet in excel using the form toolbar. I can't find
a reference to the controls in vba anywhere and the only control
references I have been able to find pertain strictly to "userform1" or
some other variant of a popup form. I need to be able to create a form
directly on the spreadsheet or at least be able to access the controls
I have manually created in excel.

So I'm looking to have a form popup based on selection of a macro button, but I don't see anywhere to create forms on excel, I also have no idea how to reference one if I did. The form needs it's own set of macro buttons.

Is this possible to do in excel, and if so, how would I go about creating the form?

I am trying to create a macro that opens a popup form.

The popup form has a series of check boxes (10-15).

When the popup form closes (or maybe when the user clicks an "OK"
button), I want to the macro to select a cell on the current row and a
defined column and for every check box that's selected, insert some
text in the cells starting with the selected cell and, in the same
column, on the rows below, advancing one row for each additional
selected check box. Does that make sense?

E.g. Say the cursor is in A25 and four check boxes were ticked (item
1, item 7, item 8 and item 13). The defined column is J.

On closing the popup form Cell J25 would contain Item1, J26: Item 7,
J27: item 8 and J28: item 13.

Any ideas?


Hi Friends,

Can somebody help me to create a form for the following data.Range A1 to C8 will have only one entry.But column A12 to G12 may have any number of entries.Can any body help me create a form for this so that once the file is open the form pops up and once the entry is made the form can be closed so that i can run the other VBA i already have.Can this be done.

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How can I Create A Form Macro On A Label Template?

I have an Avery label sheet template and within that sheet, I have created form fields in each label. One that I created is __ / __ / __ for the date.

I would like to create a macro so that when "02" is entered in for the month, the cursor will automatically move to the entry for the day field WITHOUT having to press the tab button.

Note that I have already set up the option to have only numbers and only 2.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

I need to create an approval form in excel that can be forwarded to other users. Optimally the excel form should tie to a central excel file.

Here exactly what I need to do....create a form that many business users can record cost savings ideas on, forward the form for approval by management, and then tie the form to an excel spreadsheet. I know there are expensive work flow management systems out there like this, but has anyone ever done it in a simpler excel format? If so, please provide details.

Also, if anyone knows of an off the shelf template that already does this in excel that would be great....Thanks!

How do you create a userform with a dropdown populated from a range of cells then get the selection to populate another cell

Ihave tried to read and understand various text on this and dont understand this is my first attempt at a form so please dumb it down for me

I can create the form but dont know how to write the code to make it work
i want the form to say something like enter name then get the list from range AG7 - AG60
the selected value needs to be entered in cell U7

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I need to create a form to collect information from people, I can do it in word no problem using the forum toolbar.

Would I be better to do it in excel though?

Im looking at creating a form, which looks up a spreasheet, and in that form you can select some items from a list which generates a new spreadsheet and creates the list

For example:



Data Item

1. Orange
2. Apple
3. Chair



1. Nice and Juicey
2. Granny Smith
3. A comfy red one

Then I would like to have a form, which lists both columns, and the user can select the items, when they hit the create key it then creates a new worksheet with the selected items.

USER selects Orange and Chair hit create button

New worksheet is created with Orange and chair in the COLUMN 1 with description in COLUMN 2.

Could someone point me in the right direction of where to start.

Thanks so much for any help .. really appricate it



I am getting very stuck on how to create a form that firstly checks whether the record already exists and if so the user can click through to a seperate form to add the data.

I have tried several different versions of VB script but I'm not getting very far....

Can someone please help.



Hi as you will notice im not a Genious with Excel but i do need to create a
form in excel and have the raw data saved to a database so that it can be
used by other people, I also require other people to have access to the
database and to the Form (where it can be re-used and a database populated
from peoples inputs) Is Excel the best way to do this? Can you help?

I am using Excel 2007 with Windows XP Pro. I need to create a form for
expense reimbursement. It must look like another form that we have and I'm
wondering if I can import the picture of the form and somehow use it OR
import or paste the picture and use it as a template to arrange the columns
and rows as they align on the original form.

Is there any way to use this form as an overlay to adjust the cells or to
import the document and make it work with calculations.
Thanks for the help
Bob R

Is it possible to create a form from a document that already exists? I have a
form that was created in Excel that can only be properly filled out from the
hardcopy. I want to make it possible to fill out this form electronically.
Is there a form function in Excel like the one in Word?

I want to create a form from scratch but with option buttons and lists but
from the hlep function I can't figure out how to do this?

Hey guys, how can I hide a check box created using FORMS together with column
it is placed in (or in some other way). "Move and size with cell" option is
not active in object positioning for check boxes created via FORMS as opposed
to those created via CONTROL TOOLBOX.


I would like to be able to create a FORM on say sheet one. I would like to
have about ten fields on the form

I would like to then have a SUBMIT button which takes the data from the
field and enters it into say sheet two. (Each column being a different field
and each row being a seperate record.)

Am able to do this in Access2003, but haven't used Excel for anything other
than simple finances up-to-date.

Hope you can help


iPod's ROCK!

I am trying to create a form in Excel. In my form I want to be able to Tab
from Cell to cell and input information. Not every cell will need this
function. For example
In A1 I need a gray space to indicate that you should type some is a visual...

Contact Phone: ___________(this is actually another cell, that I want grayed
out, and someone can click on that cell and automatically start typing.

Then I want them to be able to press tab OR enter to be navigated to the
next cell that requires information.

I dont want anyone able to change the format of the cell that is asking for
the info...for example, the cell named "contact phone" should not be able to
be changed. But I want its corresponding cell to be able to be changed and
then once done filling in that infomration I want to be able to click enter
or tab and be directed to thenext cell which I have to enter something. I
tried all the protecting sheet steps and it did not do what I was wanting.

Thank you in advance.

i would like the title bar (caption) of a popup form to refer to a text box on the main form...


thank you.

hi, i want to create dynamic form based on data from the worksheet. i had three fields with From Date, To date and expenses from combo box.

i want to create the dynamic form based on the inputs like date,expense.and when the command button calculate is clicked i want to extract data from the Dates and expense selected and the amount added on the whole including the sno.

For example when i select any expense from the drop down combobox after entering the from and to dates and when i click calculate i want a form to be created where the form shows the data from the From and To date for that particular expense.Like

S.NO. Expense amount


my name is habeeb, i am new here, please help me, i am tray to create user form for make bill format for super market example if enter in text box the item name etc. then add data in to excel sheet with excel formulas and if customer buy more then one item when enter another item name in to text box it's need to go with same bill number and when search with bill number it's need show all carrying with that bill number and we can print bill fromat paper, please some one help me, if give me another example to make bill of items

thank you,

Hi, Is it possible to make a form by Excel?

I need creat a form which will need users fill some information
such as
Name _____

Address _______

The user can only put information on the line but should not be able to
change the form.

Can Excel do this?


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