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Calculation of Fixed Assets Depreciation

Dear Access Expert

Would like to know is that possible to set up a Fixed Assets Module in Access which will automate the depreciation calculation on monthly basis. Would greatly appreciate if someone could show a sample file for me to work on. Thanks

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I'm trying to calculate the Depreciation of the fixed asset for some items
I've tried the formulas that came with Excel but i don't know its not working or not give the correct value
so I attached a file as an example
what I'm trying to have is
1- straight line method along the asset life
2- salvage must be ( 1 )
3- if the purchase date is equal to or before the middle of the month (14-15/02/2004) so the start of depreciation have to start from the beginning of the current month ( Feb) but if the date excess the day 15 ( 16/02/2004) the middle of the month , the the depreciation must start from the next month.
so any one can help ?

I am looking for a formula that will calculate the PV of a fixed asset
less accumulated depriciation at a given time. Example: I know the

Aquisition Cost: 100,000
Aquistion date: 3/24/2004
Monthly depreciation expense: 4500
PV at 12/31/2006: ?



Hi All,

I need some format of "Fixed Assets Register" in excel, if anybody can help me so please,



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Dear Friends,

I have a pivot table like this:

HANDYCAM	A	12	4	2	2		2			22
	B	3	5	9	4	3	9	3	1	37
	C	11	3	4	2		1			21
	D	13	9	2	4	1	2	3	5	39
I need to insert a row alternatively to do a percentage calculation of each quality points, as like below:
HANDYCAM	A	12	4	2	2	0	2	0	0	22
		54.55	18.18	9.09	9.09	0.00	9.09	0.00	0.00	100.00
	B	3	5	9	4	3	9	3	1	37
		8.11	13.51	24.32	10.81	8.11	24.32	8.11	2.70	100.00
	C	11	3	4	2	0	1	0	0	21
		52.38	14.29	19.05	9.52	0.00	4.76	0.00	0.00	100.00
	D	13	9	2	4	1	2	3	5	39
		33.33	23.08	5.13	10.26	2.56	5.13	7.69	12.82	100.00
Is it possible to do like this in pivot table? If NO, any alternate method to accomplish this target? The items / company columns in my table frequently varies. Hence I am unable to refer the pivot table cells in any other sheet.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have a workbook that has many simple functions moving data around to different sheets and processing some if statements on some of the data. The problem that I am running into is all of the data is initially pulled in from a SQL DB, and I believe that the workbook is calculating many of it's if statements, prior to all of the SQL data being loaded, therefore, many of the worksheet formulas are coming up with the wrong result. Is there a way to delay the calculation of all the basic worksheet functions, so that I can ensure that all the data is in the workbook from SQL, before they all fire. I have attempted to use Tools--Options--Calculation--Manual Calculation, but it appears that even though I have things set that way, all of the formulas in the workbook have already pulled their values through.

Thanks in advance.....any help would be appreciated.

4Date of Birth of Government Servant07-08-61ddmmyy5Date of entering into Service22-03-886Date of Retirement/Death19-06-089Total Service ( 6 - 5)20Years2Months88Days10Period of Non-Qualifying Servicea)E.O.I.2Years3Months15Daysb)Suspension Period1"5"0"c)Dies-Non2"1"21"d)Boy Service1"4"16"e)Any other Service not qualifyign for pension0"0"0"Total Non-qualifying Service (a to e )6Years13Months52Days11Net Qualifying Service ( 9-10 )here I need :Total Service - Non Qualifying Service (9 - 10)12Weightage, if anyif total qly service is less 33 years 3 years should should add13Total qualifying Service for calculation of Pension (11 + 12)now total service ( 11 + 12)

I have a bunch of dates and I want to know exactly how many years it is from today or what date will be exactly 'x' Years from that date. I took today()-date to get # of days and then divided by 365. The problem is that some years have only 364 days and it messes it up

Can Excel calculate # of years away from a certain date rather than # of days?

example: 8/22/1985, 10 years is 8/22/1995 If I take (10*365) to get 3650 days and add this to 8/22/1985 I get 8/20/1995, but I want to know how many days it is to get to 8/22/1995.


Excel Calculation of Before and After Cost of debt

Bond is redeemable at premium 5% of the 1000 face value i.e 1050.

I J I and J are cell
Tax Rate 35%
Coupon Rate 15%
Maturity Value 1050
Face Value 1000
No of Years of Bond 7
Present Value 976
Brfore Tax Cost of Debt 16.03%
After Tax Cost of Debt Missing % Here i have problem

It should be 10.8%.

I need after cost of debt 10.8% but its not coming

*Remember:* Bond is redeemable at premium 5% of the 1000 face value
i.e 1050.

Thanks in advance.

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Actually I found this problem recently and don't know why this could happen.
I did simple minus calculation of these two values: (-0.365)-(-0.3575)
and excel shows -0.0075000000000000100000000.
It is not exactly -0.0075.
Do I need to change some settings or ....?

Thank you

Instructions for calculating the median froma frequency distribution tend to
rely on a visual interpretation of the frequency distribution. I have
hundreds of frequency distributions that I want to calculate the median for.

Can I automate the calculation of the median directly using code or do I
need to transform the distribution temporarily into its original array then

I can provide examples if necessary.

Hi all, would appreciate some help with the following:

Have text strings of variable length in many spreadsheet rows e.g.

C:Documents and SettingsxxxDesktopEC extract textjohnsmithabc

C:Documents and SettingsxxxDesktopEC extract textxyz

C:Documents and SettingsxxxDesktopEC extract textit'sallovernowbaby

The text "C:Documents and SettingsxxxDesktopEC extract text" will always be of fixed length, anything after the last '' will vary in length.

Am trying to place in a new cell all text (of variable length) following the last ''.

Thank you - C.

Hello All,

I have a list of fixed assets with the following data

1 Description Cost value Depreciation
Net Book value Depr Rate Number years

2 Vehicle #1 100,000
48,800 51,200 20% this is
what I want to know
3 Vehicle #2 100,000
51,040 40,960 20% this is
what I want to know

I would like to have a formula to determine how many years each asset has
been depreciated (declining balance) based of the data in columns B to E

In the first example, the asset has been depreciated 3 years
=100000*(1-20%)^3= 51200.
In the second example, the asset has been depreciated 4 years
=100000*(1-20%)^4= 40,960.

In other words, I would like to know how to get the "N" value in the

100000 x (1-20%)^N = 51200

or (0.8)^N = 0.512

or 0.8 = extract the Nth power of 0.512

or N=3

Does anyone have a formula to obtain the result that I want? or is there a
user defined function through VBA that could be used?

Thanks in advance



Need your assistance on the following:

In the file attached, I have a dump data sheet which have two columns Site ID & Duration of outage (minutes) marked in Grey cells.

I have this dump data for about 11 states and would like to automate the calculation of same through some kind of macro.

There is a penalty if uptime is less than 100%.
Uptime calculation is number of minutes in a month - Duration of outage (minutes)

Eg: for Site ID: AKRA58, total outage minutes are 115+32=147, therefore uptime is =100%-(147/43200)=99.66% (24 hours*60 minutes*30 Days)

This calls for a penalty of 10% on Service Charges as it falls in the penalty bracket of (99.70-99.50), taken from penalty sheet.

I would to represent the data as in "Result tab". All cells marked in light yellow is what I am looking to get through a Macro. I will manage the service charges.

Hope to have a response from you on this.


How do I keep the value of a subtotal calculation of a named cell range (i.e.
CASH is the named range of cells C1:C10)? When I change the auto filter to
another criterion (i.e. DEBIT), the value changes when I create another named
range to create a different calculation? I'd like to eliminate as much
manual entry as possible (if I were to filter for the respective category
each time, and then enter the subtotal in a different cell, then filter again
for a different category, and manually enter the subtotal in another cell).
Any thoughts?

calculate of total working time of an employee in a day

suppose the time in is mentioned in column b3 and time out in column c3 and the total has to be displayed in d3.

and one more problem
how to calculate the leaves of an employee

say date of 1st leave is mentioned in b4 and last leave in c4 and the result to be displayed in d4 and main issue say the employee has taken leave only for 1 day , then the total leaves that is in d4 it is to be displayed as 1.

please help me and it will be great help if anyone can mail the solution to my personal email-id.

Kanwal Deep Singh

Premise: Units budgeted is in weeks
would like to auto fill cells based on comparing Start date and Finish Date to the Month Date.

if P5 <> C17:D17, then calculate # of weeks from C17(Start Date) and P5 (Month End Date). ' ie, Month End 5-10 s/b 3 and Month End 6-10 s/b 4

I will need to have cell validated to not exceed 4 (4 full weeks per month)

I tried doing a calculation using the Roundup and Datedif function in combination with an "If, Then" statement to basically say, If the Start Date is after the MonthEnd date then 0, otherwise Roundup((Datedif(Start Date, MonthEnd Date, "d")/7),0) but I need a way to make sure that the sum of the row does not exceed the budget.

Any suggestions? (I keep getting #NUM, #VALUE for Apr-10)

File attached

I would like to see a spreadsheet(s) added to the download section to assist
small business owners with the calculation of their Federal Unemployment Tax
(FUTA) and State Unemployment Tax (SUTA).

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane.

Excel Calculation of Before and After Cost of debt

Bond is redeemable at premium 5% of the 1000 face value i.e 1050.

I J I and J are cell name.
Tax Rate 35%
Coupon Rate 15%
Maturity Value 1050
Face Value 1000
No of Years of Bond 7
Present Value 976
Brfore Tax Cost of Debt 16.03%
After Tax Cost of Debt Missing % Here i have problem

It should be 10.8%.

I need after cost of debt 10.8% but its not coming

Remember: Bond is redeemable at premium 5% of the 1000 face value i.e 1050.

Thanks in advance.

Hi guys!

I am working on a pretty exciting project, and with the help of this forum and my own interest in excel, i have developed a very nice, easy-to-use spreadsheet for the project's rate of return.

The final challenge ahead of me: How to automate the calculation of threshold values for a number of parameters?

The challenge is this:

1. On input page, there is a table of input values.

2. After a number of calculations, the final sheet has an IRR value.

3. On a sheet called Sensitivity, I perform an analysis where I write the input value for each parameter at which the IRR value (final value) reaches a certain benchmark (threshold value)

Now, the calculations will likely undergo many many changes in the coming weeks, so I want to naturally automate this process?

Could you please tell me how?

Many many thanks!

I have a long detailed list of fixed assets. When the tax return for this
company was filed, assets were lumped together using a logic I have yet to
figure out. For example, one of the lump totals on the tax return was
$144,681. I know that 2 or more amounts in column c of my spreadsheet of
fixed assets will add up to this amount. Can I somehow use the sumif
function to figure out which the amounts in this column add up to $144,681?

Thanks for your time.


First off, its my first post so hi and thanks in advance

I have an excel spreadsheet to consolidate accounts. So i have Account types in column a 1 to a 50 (the likes of fixed assets, current assets and the various sub headings) in the current assets and current liabilities are all the inter company accounts so there is a list say from a20 to a30 owed by co x owed by co y etc and from a40 to a50 owed to co x owed to co y etc.

the various co's are then across the top col b is co 1, col c is co 2 etc.

What i want is a formula that matches up all the inter co balances so i can reconcile them.

So i want it to say for Co 1 to pull all the amounts it is owed by other companies (which is easy just col b20 to b30) but also to goto col c-x40-50 and to pull the balance that the other co reports as owing to co 1.

can anyone help

see rough attached example of what info i have sheet 1 and what i want to achieve, sheet 2

I am required to determine depreciation of an asset. I know the formulas and already have determined the correct values. However, my professor wants Excel to display the formulas, without me typing them, and show the steps of calculations. How do I get Excel to do this? I have to show the above on seperate worksheets.

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