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3 Dimensional Bar Chart With An Additional Dimension?

I am trying to create a 3 dimensional stacked bar chart with an added dimension showing depth. I have attached a graphical example as I cannot work out how to do this using a chart. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I want to have a stacked bar chart, with 3 bars aranged into monthly groups.
So if I produced a yearly graph, it would contain 36 bars in total.
Im using excel 2002 (xp) and can get either a stacked bar chart, or a
grouped bar chart, but not both together.

Hi, I need help with a stacked bar chart with negative figures.

I can't give you specific details on what it's for, but the scenario is something like this

We are given a budget to work around. Thus, we allocated the budget around as we saw fit.(Hypothetically, let's say category 1 uses $1000, category 2 uses $2000, and category 3 uses $3000).

However, we found out we used more in some areas, and less in others (Hypothetically, category 1 uses $1250, category 2 uses $1500, and category 3 uses $3500).

My boss wants me to find out the discrpency between the amount originally planned and the amount that is actually been used, broken down for each individual section (Which mean that, hypothetically, category 1 has +$250, category 2 has -$500, and category 3 has +$500).

Now, he wants me to combine all the data into a single chart. For those with purely positive numbers, it is easy enough, but for those with negative numbers, the graph didn't work out how I imagined it to be.

My plan was to put the original planned amount and the discrepency in the primary axis and the actual amount used in the secondary axis(with an invisible fill but a thick border to indicate the amount actually used). Thus, if the actual amount is more than the planned amount, it would appear such that the border envelops both the planned amount and the discrepency, but if the actual amount is less than the planned amount, the border would only cover a portion of the planned amount, with the discrepency being tacked on where the border left off.

Is there any way to create the chart in the way that I had imagined? If not, is there a system that could give me the same effect? I tried looking at a waterfall chart, but it appears that I need a lot of graphs, one for each different category, and my boss does not want that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, I apologise if this section is not where I should post ths question.

Cannot create bar chart with adjustable x-axis

How do I create a bar chart with adjustable x-axis? I want a bar chart. I want the x-axis to go from "0", "1", "2" up to "3" (rather than the precoded "1", "2", "3", "4". I am confused about how to get the two things at the same time in Excel 2007.  

Hi folks

I’m using Excel 2003 and I’m trying to generate a combined HORIZONTAL stacked bar chart with a scatter chart.

I have been able to do this with a VERTICAL stacked bar chart with a scatter chart (thanks to Andy Pope - took his idea from another post and used it) but Excel states some chart types cannot be combined with other chart types and am unable to create the horizontal version I need.

The data below should be First, Second and Third "quartiles" in a 0 to 100 scale horizontal stacked bar chart with the Previous and Current values (possibly using a secondary 0 to 100 scale) as a scatter chart on the relevant stacked bar

First Second Third Previous Current
A 76.5 80 83.5 50 85.7
B 77.5 99 120.5 19.8 48.8
C 55.75 62.5 69.25 77.8 96.3

Does anyone know of a solution, even if it means using a macro and VBA to generate the chart?

Here's hopeing someone out there can help ...


How do I crate a bar chart with adjustable x-axis? I want the X-axis to go from "0", "1", "2" up to "3" rather than the prescribed "1", "2", "3" for bar charts in Ecxel 2007.

It was easy to do this in previous versions of Excel. I am unable to find out how to do it in Excel 2007.


Hi all,

I'm trying to create a stacked Bar Chart with trend analysis.

So here is the background:

I have 3 measures, let's say Revenue, Profit and Cost (hence 3 bars). Then I have 3 components for each, let's say Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3 (these are the stacks). So end result: 3 bars, each with 3 stacks. So far so good.

Now the problem:
Let's say all the above data relates to Year 1, but I want to show Year 2 as well. So instead of 3 bars with 3 stacks, I want 6 bars (2 for each of the 3 measures). If I select all the data Excel will by default just create 3 bars with 6 stacks which is not what I'm after!

I tried to tweak with series, but no joy. (I'm using Excel 2007).

Please help.

Hi everyone. I need to create a bar chart with variable width columns.

Let's say you have 5 tasks to do, and each is rated on how important it is.

I want the Y axis to have the importance value, and the X axis to be date. So the bars would be horizontal, their height would be determined by their importance value and their width would go to the date the task is due to be completed.

For example:

Task 1 - Importance 12 - Completion Date 3rd January '08
Task 2 - Importance 5 - Completion Date 2nd November '07
Task 3 - Importance 70 - Completion Date 19th February '08
Task 4 - Importance 20 - Completion Date 4th December '07
Task 5 - Importance 2 - Completion Date 4th April '08

And the chart would look something like this:

OK so it's drawn on paint but you get the idea!!

I am using stacked bar charts to show the various stages a patient goes through in their visit to the Doctor's office. Each stacked bar represents one patient. Most of the stages all follow in a linear sequence, but a few key points do not. For those, I am trying to add markers using line charts. So, there are the stages that follow one another, each with the time value for that particular patient, one stacked on the other, and then there are the markers indicating where the non-linear events occurred.

I add the non-linear events, such as when the MD walks into the exam room, as another series but change that series to a line chart instead of a bar chart, and take out the "line" but leave the marker.

I end up with stacked bars showing how long each patient waited at each stage, and a marker where the MD intervened (sometimes they come out to the waiting area, sometimes they see the patient early in their exam room, sometimes the patient waits in the exam room a long time before the MD enters --- the marker for the MD can fall anywhere on the stack).

The problem I am having is turning this sideways so that you can follow the stages left to right. You can select a sideways stacked bar chart, and that does show the stages for each patient from left to right. But it does not appear that excel allows you to do the same with the line chart series. Changing the chart type to a side-ways stacked bar only works for the bars, and not the line. So, you end up with line markers that are not related to the same axis as the stacked bars, and Excel now adds a second axis when you try to do this.

Is there a way to have both a sideways stacked bar chart with a line chart that also runs sideways on the same axis?


I need to draw a bar chart with 2 bars for one year.

Year 2002 2003 2004
Turnover 1000 1200 1400
Cost A 300 400 500
Cost B 200 300 400

The chart for 2002 is

Bar 1 = Turnover
Bar 2 = Cost A + Cost B (2 colors) in a bar

how can I draw it?

I've got several charts that are horizontal bar charts with error bars. Some of the error bars are very wide. in order to accommodate the error bars I need to expand the x axis. As a result, the bar information is not informative. Is there a way that I can put a break in the x axis scale?


I need to know how to draw a 3-D bar chart in a seperate sheet in the Excel

Need to create a stacked bar chart and utilize the secondary axis for data
with a different value range.

Data Table:
Yr 1 YR 2 Pipeline
Small Deals 7 1 13
Med Deals 2 6 14
Large Deals 0 2 20

Primary axis should be Yr 1 & 2 and secondary axis should be pipeline.
Having created the stacked bar chart I change the pipeline series to the
secondary axis and end up with a simple bar chart. How can I create a
stacked bar chart with a secondary axis with a different scale?


I want to create a bar chart with the following spec.

the first bar with green color

the 2nd bar with blue color

the 3rd and beyond with red color

Does anyone know how to make a bar chart with multiple data ranges?

For example, you have figures for Actual and Budgeted expenses for 2005 and 2006, and want to project them on the same chart.

One of our accountants was asking me, and I didn't know how either. Please help!

Hello there,

With the attached data, can someone assist me how can i generate bar chart with stacked option. It should use data range from $A$1:$C$12 with 2 series.


Is it possible to create a bar chart with a broken X-axis? I found Peltier's nifty broken Y-axis instructions and have created a column chart using it. I've seen it posted that the method can be used to create a broken x-axis as well, but have not been able to figure out how.

However, I think a bar chart would be better to display the info, but cannot get the markers that would allow me to break the axis to display on the x-axis. They just scatter straight to the y.

Any advice would be aprpeciated.


I have a bar chart with a return series over several months. Some values are positive, some negative off a zero line. I'd like to have the negative bar values show in red, the positive bar values in black. How would I go about doing this?



I am trying to create a bar chart with multiple series in Excel 2003. I have
x and y data, but the x-axis has to be the same for all series or it takes
the x-values of the last series created. My problem is not the scale. It is
getting two series to appear independent of each other. Using bar charts
forces a comparison of the two series, but I simply need to plot data for
each series. Should I be using a different chart type? If so, what is it?
-- Thanks,

Need a stacked bar chart with each section of the stack representing a month,
but some of the months have a negative number. The chart moves the negative
number to the bottom of the graph, when I need it to show in monthly order.

Any help on this would be great!

Need to create a stacked bar chart and utilize the secondary axis for data
with a different value range.

Data Table:
Yr 1 YR 2 Pipeline
Small Deals 7 1 13
Med Deals 2 6 14
Large Deals 0 2 20

Primary axis should be Yr 1 & 2 and secondary axis should be pipeline.
Having created the stacked bar chart I change the pipeline series to the
secondary axis and end up with a simple bar chart. How can I create a
stacked bar chart with a secondary axis with a different scale?


I want to plot # of deliveries and $ by quarter. The # of deliveries needs
to be on the y-axis and the $ need to be on the secondary y-axis. Both
series have the same x-axis data (quarter). I need to have them show up as
bar charts with a gap between range data.

Every time I do it, it just sets one set of data on top of the other.

Is there a better way??

I'm looking to create a stacked bar chart with primary axis and secondary axis side by side, with my primary values (percentages) to the right of zero and secondary values (currency) to the left of zero. I almost want a Positive-Negative/Tornado chart but I want to be able to graph two different variables/number formats on the X-axis adjacent to each other.

Dear All,

Thanks for taking the time to read my posting.

I have created a rather complicated chart. The chart runs the bars horizontally from left to right. There are 2 sets of bar charts illustrated.
The first bar chart has an X axis range from zero to 35,000, incrementing by 5,000.
The second bar chart is placed at 35,000 on the X axis by use of a dummy data series. The actual data has a range from zero to 5,000.

The problem is that the X axis label for the second bar chart starts at 35,000 and finishes 40,000. I would like the 40,000 to be 5,000.

I thought of putting a label of 5,000 and pasting it over the 40,000.

Can any one give me some insight please?

Second question is how to make the grid lines solid instead of dashed?

I have attached the file for simplification.

many thanks in advance JV

Hi all,

I'm working with one bar chart with two sets of data. I've set up a secondary value axis, and now all I need to do is get the bars next to each other instead of overlapping each other. I've attached my example.

Any help is much appreciated!

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