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Convert Latitude and longitude to decimal degrees

Hi, I am trying to convert a large number of lats & long to dec deg. My values are landing in excel in the following format in a single cell: -43° 16'0.40"
Any help with this would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance...

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i have data in the form 90° 58' 12.00" W for latitudes and longitudes. The
data is huge and so I need to have a formula to convert this data in decimal
form like 90.xxxx .
I tried cpearson website but it asks me to enter the data in h:mm:ss form,
the problem is i already have the data as shown above and i would like to
know how to get it converted to decimals directly so that I can drag the
formula for the entire column.


I have latitudes and longitudes in two different columns. these are expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds, with North or West labelled as well.
I would like to know if there is a formula i can use in another column to convert these into degrees with decimals, rather than degrees minutes and second. this formula should be something I can drag for the remaining rows, because I have a huge amount of data.

E.g. Column 1 Column 2
27° 44' 08.00" N 92° 44' 28.00" W

i want it as
27.7355 92.7411



I'd appreciate some help with a formula to convert degrees minutes and seconds into decimal degrees.




Hi! I am working in excel 2003 and I need to convert feet and inches into decimal feet.
Example: 15'-10 5/8" to 15.88542

15'-10 5/8" will be in say, column B, and the conversion will be in say, column Q.

This formula will be copied all the way down the page.

Any thoughts on how to do this or can it even be done in this version?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Convert feet and inches to decimal feet.


In column A1, I use for example: 6-11 (Text) and want to covert to decimal feet in column B1 (6.9166666666667).
Have been working on this for a week! With no luck.
6-11 is easy to type in a field and represents 6'-11"

Here is a neat trick:

Excel treats (degree:min:sec) just like (hour:min:sec)
30:20:15 in A1
and Excel will think it is time. In another cell enter:
=A1*24 and format as general and you will see:

Gary's Student

"Charm" wrote:

> Im trying to convert a (degree:min:sec) field to decimal degrees. Someone
> please help me out.

I need to convert latitudes and longitudes from digital degrees ( as 23.36
º) to degrees minutes seconds (as 23º 39' 38'')
I found a way to do it for latitudes ( dividing by 24 and choosing hh:mm:ss
format) but doesnt' work for longitudes ( I tried dividing by 48 instead
considering the difference between 90 degres for latitud and 180 degrees for
longitud, but doesn't work, either)

The second problem I have is when I import GPS files with coordinates from
CSV files, I always get digital degrees, yet those files have both options
(digital degrees and degrees minutes seconds)


I have data in DMS (degree minute second) format and I need to convert
to decimal degrees. I would love to use a script that i saw published
on these pages (and which i can no longer find)- but i have never used
macros before... and i got a bit tripped up last time. Does anyone
have the time to post their (accurate) script for this conversion &
instructions for step by step implementation? Much Abliged-

I need to enter geographic data in excel. Is there a formating category for
latitude and longitude, and will it convert between different degree,
minutes, seconds formats?

Does anyone know how to convert Lat & Long from the DDMMSS to decimal degrees without doing each one manually?

An example of the input data is:

12°35'36'',00 and I need to get the decimal equivalent out.



Hi there,

I do have a string in a cell that looks like this (this is UTM ED50 format):

46° 34' 21.09" N 8° 24' 54.28" E

I need to convert this string to Latitude and Longitude. The calculation
method is pretty simple. In the example above, its
46 + 34/60 + 21.09/3600 = 46.572525 (Lattitude)
8 + 24/60 + 54.28/3600 = 8.415077778 (Longitude)

So, the calculation as such is not very complicated.
What drives me nuts is to get the numbers out of the long ED50 string. I
managed this with a LOT of SEARCH() and MID() functions, but it's just
awfull !!.

RCH("°",MID($K2,22,15),1)+1,SEARCH("'",MID($K2,22, 15),1)-SEARCH("°",MID($K2,
22,15),1)-1)/60+MID(MID($K2,22,15),SEARCH("'",MID($K2,22,15),1) +1,SEARCH("""

Anyone knows a simpler way?



I am trying to show Latitude and Longitude in my spreadsheet. Is there a way
to format a cell to display D° MM' SS.SSS, and then have it display that in
the spreadsheet

Im trying to convert a (degree:min:sec) field to decimal degrees. Someone
please help me out.

I am trying to convert to decimal degrees so I can import into ArcGIS.

Lat: 43°41'34.92"N
Long: 88°56'13.61"W

I have each number in thier own cell in excel

thanks for the help!

what formula can I use to convert hours and minutes to a decimal form???

Currently I have 37:30 (thirty seven hours: 30 minutes) but in order to multiply it i need it to be 37.5 hours.

Any help would greatly be apprciated...

thanks so much


I finally got a list of all zip codes with the Latitude and Longitude of each.

I am looking for an Excel formula I can use to determine mileage between 2
zip codes based on their Latitude and Longitude. I have found several but
have been unable to get them to work in Excel. The following is an example
of what I have to work with.

Zip Latitude Longitude
23219 37.541696 -77.439204 Richmond VA

20315 38.928861 -77.017948 WASHINGTON DC

Any and all help/assistance will be greatly appreciated.


I need help with the formula for computing mileage between points using latitude and longitude. I have obtained this formula:


I have the figure for the radius of the Earth, 3956 miles.

I want to caluculated the distance of several of addresses from one address.

Can anyone assist me?


I have a list of whole numbers in lat/long, that I need to convert to decimal degrees. Does anyone know how or even if this is possible?

Lat Long
350835 812305 EQ to convert to DD???

Thanks for any input

Is there a way to calculate the distance between two points using latitude
and longitude?

Good Afternoon, I am currently working on a project and need some help data mining a extract from a database that's in excel.

Some of the data I was given has latitudes and longitudes which are valuable to me but some of the information was entered incorrectly and the lat and long columns have only zeroes for some entries. I used some VBA to sort out all the ones that have zeroes in the lat and long columns because I noticed in a comments block some of them have the latitude and longitude placed in the comments instead of the designated spot.

An example of one of the comment cells is this:
Search and Rescue 30NM S MARTHA'S VINEYARD 40-37.4N 070-43.3W MEDEVAC OF 35YOM E

As such the problem I am having is figuring out how to search through the cells for ones that have a lat and long in them since there is other information and numbers in the comment cell. Keep the cells that have latitudes and longitudes and get rid of the rest. The red highlighted information is what is valuable to me. Another problem is not all of the latitudes are in that format sadly as can be seen by this example cell:

SAR Unreported Vessel/ 42 01. N 067 25. W CLOSED AREA II/041527ZAUG06

If anyone has any insight/references into how I could go about doing this I would pretty much owe you my life since doing it manually would take ages for myself and my group on this project.


i have a column of info in degrees/min/sec
example: 254802N 0503311E

How or can vert this column to decimal degrees?

I have a list of locations and people and their latitude and longitudes. I’m using this equation to calculate the distance between the two.


I would like to have a user form that when the person selects the location it will show them the nearest person. So basically you select a one location and the distance formula calculates all distances between it and the people and returns the closest person. Anyone have an idea of how I would do this?

I have a list of cities w/ latitude and longitude that I have to find the
distance between any two of the cities. The formula I was given is this.....
69*(difference in latitudes)2 + (difference in longitudes)2
VLOOKUP is used for the differences and needs True or False.
Ofcourse I have just started excel so this is really aggrivating.


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