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Zip codes that start with zero

I can format the cell as text in Excel and the zeros show up and print fine,
but when I mail merge into WORD, I get a zero ONLY as a zipcode. Frustrating.
I need to print labels by Friday. WHat do I do?

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my mail merge will not accept zip codes that start with a zero or end with a
dash and four more numbers how do i format either excell or word so that i
can print out my labels with the proper zip codes

I formatted the cell for zip codes and in Excel 2003, the 0 shows up but when
I try to mail merge into a Publisher document, it won't print the 0 in zip
codes that start with 0. Please help

I have a large excel worksheet - zip codes, cities, states, area codes ... I
need to be able to sort as well as find. Problem comes in with states that
have zips starting with zero. I can get them to appear correctly as custom or
special, but not able to do cntrl-find and bring up ... I can't believe I
can't figure this out ...

I have product codes that start with zero (Ex: 010069). When I import and save to a .csv file Excel is automatically dropping the first zero. I can manually change each individual cell and save as 'Text' but as soon as I close the document and re-open, it will automatically go back to dropping the zero. I even tried locking the cell.

So, what gives? How can I prevent Excel from doing this? It's causing major pains.

I use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 to import data from Excel. In the data import wizard you can see it is treating zip codes that start with zero as only four digit zip codes (it is dropping the zero). I know this is probably more of an issue with S&T, but I am wondering if there is a way I can format those numbers in my zip code column to make programs like S&T's keep the zero?

I am trying to do a mail merge for a mass mailing I need to do. I am trying
to input zeros in the zip codes that start with zero. When I type in the
zero, Excel automatically erases it. How can I input a zero without having
excel automatically erase it?

When I type a zip code that starts with a zero into my xls database the zero
doesn't take.

I just tried to print a Christmas list many of whom live in N.J.
which has many zip codes that start with a zero. They don't
print. This is with Office 2003. That has to be a fix for this.

Any help please??


I'm trying to do a mail merge, with zip codes that start with a zero. But when the Excel worksheet transfers over into the MS Word mail merge screen, the zero disappears from the front of the zip code, leaving me with only four digits--thus making the mailing impossible.

I've formatted the zip codes in Excel as "special" (formatting them as "text" didn't work), and the zero appears in the Excel worksheet; but it mysteriously vanishes when I go to do the mail merge.

Can anyone help me with this problem? There must be a way to keep that zero on there.



I have a large list of numbers on tools.
Some of the tools numbers start with zeros.
When I have exported the list to Excel all the numbers in the beginning is missing.
Because of that I want to create a macro that searches for these numbers and replaces it with the correct one.
For exampel if the number 22 occurs in column D and/or E it would be replaced with the number 0022.

I have attached an exampel bok.


How do I enter text that starts with a zero and have the cell show the

Example :


Thank You.


I am trying to import some addresses into UPS worldship software. I need it
in the form of a CSV file. It does not accept excel as an import engine. I
have several addresses with zip codes which start with zero. I am able to
keep the zero in front of the zip code in Excel but when I go to save it as a
CSV file it drops the zero. Worldship then rejects the record since it is
not a valid address. I need to find a way to have a zip code which starts
with a zero saved as a CSV file. Can anyone help?


Chuck W

i'm trying to separate a column of 9 digit zip codes into 5 and 4. i've tried the data, text to columns option but the problem is zip codes that start with 0 - even when i format them, the text to columns application reads them as only 8 digits so they don't divide in the right place. suggestions?


I have a list of Names, addresses and zip codes for some reason the zip
codes that begin with a 0 do no print. can anyone help me?

When entering data in an Excel spreadsheet, any zip codes that begin with
zero, such as mine "03301" drop the leading zero. Why can't one of the
formatting options be a zip code format that deals with the fact that you
need to change the format to text (which doesn't always work)?

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I am having some issues with cell formatting getting all messed up when combining cells. I am combining two cells into one with the below code:

Cell AB are zip codes, and AC is a country.  My problem is when I have a zip code that starts with zero, for example
AB450="07522" and AC450="USA", when they are combined it shows up as "7522 USA", I need it to
show "07522 USA".

I have cell AB450 formatted with NumberFormat = "00000", so when it is in AB450 it shows up with the zero in front. I am not sure how to select the specific data that I am combining in order to format it to keep the zero.

I am thinking I need something like the below code inserted, but I'm stuck.

    Selection.NumberFormat = "00000"


I am entering addresses into an Excel worksheet the I need to use in a mail
merge. One of the addresses has a five digit postal zip code that begins
with a "0" (zero.) I typed it in like any other zip code entry, but Excel
dropped the zero as soon as I moved to the next cell. I tried converting the
entry into "text," but when I printed the record, only the zero printed.

Other zip codes that do not start with zero work fine in a mail merge and in
printing the records.

How can I enter a zip code that begins with a zero, so it will appear
properly in Excel and in a mail merge?

Thank you.


I have an excel spreadsheet that I need to convert to a .csv to import. One
of the columns is the zip code, including codes that start with 0. However,
whenever I convert it to .csv, it strips out the first 0 of the zip code,
thus leaving a 4 digit code. Is there a way to fix this?


hi there -

all of our employee ID numbers start with '0' so for example 09998.

I just received a report back that has all the employee numbers on it, and it appears like there is a zero in front so 09998, but when i scroll over to the cell, the number is actually 9998, formated to look like there is a zero in front.


i need to do a vlookup from one xls that has the real 09998 number to the fake 9998 number and cant figure out how to do this..

any way to turn the 9998 number into a real 09998 number?

help much appreciated in advance.


I want

Excel erases zeros and puts


I need to have digits that start with zero
I could use text but I need them in numbers for deriving formulas and data validation.


was wanting a vba code for deleting all Excel files that start with Mentor in a certain folder. Any advice would be great

I want to type in mobile phone numbers that start with a zeio but when I do,
the zero is omitted - how do I stop this from happening?
excel 2003

Hi guys and girls,

I would like to search and select all rows that start with numbers. Could any of you help me with the code to do this?

Thank you for you reading,

I have a list of wedding addresses in an excel worksheet and I am using the mail merge feature in word to create a bunch of address labels. Some of the addresses have zip codes that begin with a "0" such as "03413".

For some reason the zip appears correctly in the cell as "03431" but in the formula bar it appears as "3431" so I can tell that excel in removing the "0". As a result, when I go to print an address label I get "3431" in the zip field.

I've tried changing the format to "zip codes" and everything else but the "0" is always missing in the formula bar no matter which format I use.

If anyone can figure this out please let me know

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