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tabs and bottom scroll bar missing

I can't get to the sheet tabs or bottom scroll bar on an excel file someone sent me on a CD. The spreadsheet goes on forever. I am using excel v.X, I believe the file itself was created using excel 2004. I have checked preferences>view>window options and selected scroll bar and sheet tabs. That did not work. What else should I be checking? Thanks!

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I can't see my bottom scroll bar. I checked in Tools, options and it is selected for viewing. W hat do I do now?

The bottom scroll bar is missing from my Excel spreadsheets.

I have lost the bottom scroll bar and the tags to other sheets in a number of
different worksheets. I use Excel 2007 but work in Excel 97-2003 to be
compatible with other users.

I have tried Ctrl Down arrow to get to the end of the sheet (Row 65000) and
it still does not appear.

Vertical scroll bar still present.

How do I get the scroll bar back

i have a user that is not able to see her tabs on the bottom and the scroll

I had the user go to tools - options - view tab - select the options
horizontal scroll bar and vertical scroll bar.

user was able to view her scroll bar

this fixed the issue for the new spread sheet

but when user goes to an old document and then goes to options - the options
are already selected. but she is still not able to view the tabs, scroll bars

any suggestions?

Good afternoon, all,

I have a scroll bar on a worksheet that, which when I right click and click
"Format Control" displays a dialog box with "Size", "Protection",
"Properties", "Web" and "Control" tabs, the latter of which allows me to
soecify maximum and minimum values and link the scrollbar to a cell to
display a value between the min and max, depending on the position of the
button within the scrollbar.

However, when I create subsequent scrollbars, the "Control" tab is absent.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?

Thanks in advance


Good afternoon, all,

I have a scroll bar on a worksheet that, which when I right click and click
"Format Control" displays a dialog box with "Size", "Protection",
"Properties", "Web" and "Control" tabs, the latter of which allows me to
soecify maximum and minimum values and link the scrollbar to a cell to
display a value between the min and max, depending on the position of the
button within the scrollbar.

However, when I create subsequent scrollbars, the "Control" tab is absent.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?

Thanks in advance



I just downloaded a file called "scroller.xls" under the section "Excel charts". The file was made by Andy Pope and shows how to make a graph dynamic by combining Named Ranges and a scroll bar. In that example, the graph changes continously as I scroll the bar. When I try to build a similar graph with a scroll bar, the graph won't change until I stop scrolling. In other words, the graph does not update smoothly as I scroll, it only updates when I stop scrolling. Does anyone know how I can make my graph update as smooth as Andy?

PS! I have created the scroll bar using View - Toolbars - forms - scrollbar.


I'm not really new to Excel, just to Excel 2007.

Anyway, I have the "show...scroll bar" boxes in Advanced Options, so that's
not it. They just aren't visible...and then suddenly they are, and then
they're not. And since I'm looking at the spreadsheet, I don't know what
action it is that shows or hides them automatically, which is what is
obviously happening.

Anybody know what this is all about?


I am using excel and the scroll bars disappeared. I checked the in tools/view
and the scroll bars are selected. The workbook was orginally created on the
Mac and now I am using a PC.

Anyone know how to make the sheet tabs and horizontal scroll bar show up
at the bottom?

I created a workbook for my mom's work on Excel 2000 containing 5
different sheets, which I can navigate to by clicking the tabs at the
bottom. However, my mom can't see the tabs (or the horizontal scroll
bar) using Excel 2003. There's nothing else at the bottom except the
status bar. I got her to check Tools>Options>"View", but both the
sheet tabs and horizontal scroll bar options are checked to be shown.
Is there something else I can tell her to do?

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I have never used a scroll bar in conjunction with a text box. Please help.

I have userform CCLCFC

I have text box txtbxexplain

I have scrollbar scbrexplian

Via VBA I want to tie scbrexplain to txtbxexplain so that when one uses the
scrollbar he/she can scroll up and down through the information in the text
box. Please help.


Could some one please post some VBA Code of a custom control button, Scroll Bar, that mimics the same code as the corresponding form button, scroll bar? Where a cell is selected and the scroll bar changes the cell value from 0 to 100 in single intervals.


I have gone to Tools, Options, View and checked the boxes for both the
horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Only the vertical is showing. Is there
another place to make this happen?

I want to enter a paragraph of text into an excel cell. SOmetimes its one or 2 lines and sometimes its 10 or so.
Id like that all the cells would be the same size, e.g. display 5 lines. Therefore if the cell has 10 lines of text the cell would have scroll bars in it.

Ive done some browsing and come up with nothing.

I then looked into using Text Boxes. These looked promising. I can setup a text box so i can enter multiple lines and have a vertical scroll bar. I want the size of the textbox to match the size of the cell. So if i make the cell bigger/smaller the textbox will also re-size. The textbox does have Format Control - Properties - "Move and size with cells". The problem is that this control seems to scale the text box. If i make the cell bigger, the font gets larger and distorted and the scroll bars get bigger(distorted). If i make the cell smaller, the font gets small etc..

Anyone have a solution?


I find that unless I have my window maximized that the horizontal and vertical scroll bars are not visible and I can not move around the spread sheet.

Is there a setting for this?

We were working in a class and 3 of the 22 people in class lost their scroll
bars and the sheet tabs at the bottom of their worksheet. The left side of
the screen has a grey rectangular area - kind of looks like a small blank
grey task panel. Can anyone tell us how to correct this?


The horizontal scroll bar and sheet tabs have disappeared from my most recent
spreadsheets. Old ones are OK as are new. I had this problem once before but
did manage to resolve it but not this time. I cannot access previous sheets.

I'm new to M Office Home & Student 2007. I can't display scroll bars and
worksheet tabs in Excel, even in XP versions that I have saved. How do I make
them visible

It would be nice to have the option of eliminating sheet tabs and scroll bars
from new Excel workbook sheets. If this option already exists, I haven’t
found it yet. Thank you

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Using Excel 2003. Had year's worth of months set up for an extensive budget.
Tabs existed for all months. In transfering some info from one month to the
next, I lost the tab sheets at the bottom, as well as scroll bars on bottom
and sides. HELP! I need to retrieve them, since a lot of duplicate
information was entered in all months. Have tried tools, options, resizing
scroll area, etc. No luck. Thanks!

Whenever I open a saved workbook I only see 1 worksheet, all of the others
are missing as are the scroll bars. I have tried Tools - Options - View. I
know that there are 22 worksheets in the workbook but i can only see the one
that was showing from last time it was saved. I have no record selector
buttons at the foot of the column numbers either? If I open a NEw Workbook, i
can see 4 tabbed worksheets, scroll bars and selector buttons? Ideas anyone?

I am building a form in Excel using textboxes with some VB behind them. I am new to this and I'm sure there is an easier way to build my forms but it's too late to turn around now.

I have 25 or so textboxes on the left side of the form. When I get to textbox 22, the focus is below the viewable screen. The scroll bar does not move with my tab order. If I tab a few more times, the focus is returned to the textboxes on the upper right of my form.

I need to get the scroll bar to move to the bottom when I reach the end of the screen and to the top when I go back up. Is this an Excel setting that I am missing or can I control the scrollbar with some VB? Thanks for your time - Mcroozer.

Help, I have check the excel option/tabs slide bar check boxes. Here is the issue :

I can open the spreadsheet fine on my home desktop computer, all the tabs display and the bottom slide bar displays. So does the right slide bar and the min/max/close icons on the worksheet. But.... on my laptop they do not appear and it seems as if they are just off the screen and I can't get to the. I have attached a screen capture.


I'm using Excel from Office 2000.

I have a workbook in which the sheet tabs and horizontal scrollbar have disappeared. I can only access one of the worksheets, there are 8.

Is it possible to access worksheets from keyboard without using the sheet tabs?

The vertical scrollbar is partially working. The up arrow is visible and I can use it to scroll up the file. The verticle slide bar will move up and down the visible page. The down arrow is missing and I cannot scroll below the visible page. However I can go down the file by hitting the enter or down arrow keys of the keyboard.

I have gone to Tools-> Options-> View tab and unchecked Horizontal scrollbar and Sheet tabs hit "OK" and returned to check these items and reapply them.

In windows I readjusted the scrollbar size. These changes were reflected in the portion of the verticle scrollbar that was visible.

My other workbooks have working sheet tabs and horizontal scrollbars.


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