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Resource allocation (personnel) Excel Add-on.


I am wondering if there is an Excel Add-on (Plugin) which would allow me to do some resource/staff management. I am looking for something that would let me do the following:

1. Able to allocate personnel to several projects. For example 1 person might split half of its time to one project and the other half to a second project.

2. Keep track of time worked by each person on each project

3. Easily scalable to 5-10 projects.


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Looking for an Excel add on called "Spreadsheet Professional". Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi all,

My boss asked me today if I knew of any add-ons or 3rd party applications for Excel that would make it easier to create more robust statistical analysis charts. He didn't really get into specifics of what types of charts he's looking to create but considering he's the CFO, I'm sure he would like as many options as possible. Could anyone here recommend anything to take a look at? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


I am working with add-ins in Excel 2000 on a terminal server. I have users
loading Excel add-ins in a terminal server environment on a per user basis?
What is the best way to load/unload/use Excel add-ins is a Win 2000 terminal
server environment. The file for the add-in they load is stored on a network
drive, and it is not a standard add-in preloaded in Excel.

We have recently been told by our agency systems administrator that we need
to upgrade all of our existing PCs so they have Office 2003 because of an XML
function that allows us to import/export data to and from our agency server.
Obviously, this would not only be prohibitively expensive, but time-consuming
as well.

What I would like to know is if there is some kind of XML add-on that we can
install for Excel 2000 and/or XP that will give us the same XML functionality
as Excel 2003?

Thanks MUCH in advance if anyone can give me an answer on this.

I have a user who is pretty good at Excel. He wants to know if there are
more sophisicated graphs within EXCEL or add-ons he could use. He had a
problem where he inserted 4 graphs into a document and the bottom L/H side
one enlarged itself a little and the other graphs played up a bit.

It could be the way he is wokring with them but he is looking for something
that is more easily manipulated.

Any ideas of add-ins or another program. He works with graphs etc all day


I've just found the ASAP utility by chance and found it really useful in different things for me.

Please does there is any free add-ons for Excel 2007 that is might be as useful as the ASAP!?

Or in other words any that has been tried and trusted!?


Is there a project management add on for excel inc. gant charts?

Can anyone recommend a good statistical add-on package that corrects for the
erroneous statistical functions of Excel?





I've installed Office 2003 (the trial of the Standard edition) along with the Excel Add-In for Analysis Services on a Windows Server 2003 box that is running SQL Server 2005.

When I select Build Report in Excel to connect to a cube I've created I am getting the following error when attempting to connect to the server:

OLAP Server error on connection SCSRV-DR2MATTTEST

OLAP Server error: Unable to connect to the Analysis Server. The server name 'SCSRV-DR2MATTTEST' was not found. Please verify that the name you entered is correct, and then try again.

The analysis server and the SQL server are both started. I have tried reinstalling Office and the Add-In without any luck. Can anyone help out with this, or direct me to extra resources for the add-in?


Where can i download the MINITAB add-on for excel 2003 ?

I have written an excel add-in that adds a new menu that runs a couple of macros. It has been working fine. I had installed it by copying it the the xlstart directory. Now that it is time to distribute it to my clients, my boss has several problems with it. One, he does not want the menu to appear whenever the user is in excel, he only wants it to appear when the client has one of our sheets open. Also, he doesn't want them to have to copy the xla to the xlstart directory, he wants the xla to reside in the same directory as our sheets and to load from there, so the user doesn't have to get confused copying it to the excel directory. I have started playing around with some of the commands but an getting a subscript out of range error on the line: Set addxl = Excel.AddIns("mmsc.xla")

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As an Excel add-remove?, as I have several, but not how to do

There is material on the Internet that explain how to do it?

Thank you very much for your help.


We sent our Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis to our shops. We and our shops communicate via Skype and I want an 'add in' in our spreadsheets (For an example look at

I want the Callto:// commando integrated in my excel sheet. Why I think it's possible? The Mailto commando works in Excel, it will automatically open your mailclient.
The Callto script/commando should automatically open you Skype application and phone one of your contacts.

How can I create this (Macro?) in my excel sheet. Your help is much appreciated.
Kindest regards,

Jan Folmer

Hi All

The company I work for have recently purchased Hyperion Essbase which comes with an Excel Add-in. Unfortunately this add-in seems to conflict with an existing add-in we use from SunSystems called Vision XL (it provides a direct interface between Excel and Sun Accounts) and the two cannot be installed at the same time. Consequently I'm now trying to write some VBA to toggle between the two. The macro is below and logically should work however the 'AddIns("Vision5").Installed = False' statement seems to halt and exit the macro after the add-in has been disabled resulting in the other add-in not being enabled.

I'm pretty sure that this quirk is particular to Vision5 as I've tried the same code with other add-ins and it seems to work ok with them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this problem? I'm not a VBA expert and there may be a better way of going about resolving the problem.

    Dim qResult As Integer 
    If AddIns("Vision5").Installed = True Then 
        qResult = MsgBox("You are about to switch from Vision to Essbase. Do you wish to continue?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion,
"Add-in Switch") 
        If qResult = 6 Then 
            [COLOR=YellowGreen]AddIns("Vision5").Installed = False[/COLOR] 
            AddIns("Essexcln").Installed = True 
            AddIns("Hyperion Essbase Query Designer Addin").Installed = True 
            Exit Sub 
        End If 
        If AddIns("Essexcln").Installed = True Then 
            qResult = MsgBox("You are about to switch from Essbase to Vision. Do you wish to continue?", vbYesNo +
vbQuestion, "Add-in Switch") 
            If qResult = 6 Then 
                AddIns("Essexcln").Installed = False 
                AddIns("Hyperion Essbase Query Designer Addin").Installed = False 
                AddIns("Vision5").Installed = True 
                Exit Sub 
            End If 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines

Any assistance would be great as this proving to be really frustrating!!



I'm getting one of 2 problems.

Excel adds a "1" to my file name upon opening, turning "Test.xls" to "Test1.xls".

I can fix this by taking off the "%1" at the end of the line in Appcliation in the Advanced File Type settings, but then I get error messages when I open documents...

It seems to choke on the file path at every space... so I get an error that it can't find:


and on and on until I have to clear 10 messages, then it loads the file. Any clues?

Has anyone seen this happen before? The add-on will be there and functioning properly and after I close out all of my excel files and the program itself, the next time I launch an excel file the add on will be gone.

I am looking at building a standardised model and have come across an add-on to Excel called BPM (Best Practice Modelling) Toolbox. My understanding of this package is that it provides the purchaser with an additional toolbar in Excel with a number of macros already built into it. The Toolbox also comes with a set of guidelines and principles that one ought to apply when building a model in order to produce 'best practice' quality. The end result is that you can press a button in the toolbar and a standardised model (i.e. all the worksheets) then populates the assumptions page and customises the workings sheets to populate the standard model output/sheets.

I am not aware of any other packages out there that attempt to achieve a similar outcome. Any suggestions?

Hi all,
I am having a problem with xlt files when using my code to open them let me explain. Normally when you open an xlt file excels adds a number to the name so your template is not over written correct?

I have two macros set up the first without going into to much detail, opens all the xlt files in a folder amends them and resaves them as a xlt with the code below.
Dim sPath As String
sPath = "J:edecmastersEDECMasterMASTERTESTNew Folder"

On Error Resume Next
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs sPath & ActiveSheet.Range("B4").Value & ".xlt"
ActiveWorkbook.Close False

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs sameName, xlTemplate

The other macro is combined with a userform and allows a user to pick from a list the xlt files from the folder mentioned above.

Now this is the problem, when I amend a xlt file with the macro and then open it using my userform it opens as a xlt file but with no additional number but if I open it directly from the folder it has a number added to the name for example 'E056-114A' becomes 'E056-114A3' the later is what I would like to happen as I would like to preserve the saved xlt file
Can anyone tell me what is happening because it’s driving me mad?
If my file lookup code is needed I could post also.


I've written my first Excel Add In and am delivering it to a customer site
tomorrow. Initially I planned to have each user copy the Add In to their own
computer but now I'm wondering if I should deliver the Add In to a location
on their LAN and have users install it by browsing to the LAN location from
the Add In manager. This latter approach would seem to make re-deployment of
subsequent versions much easier.

Is the LAN based approach for an Excel Add In typical? Any downsides that I
should consider?

thank you.

I have many excel add-ins that are AOK. My latest add-in has a second
library.dll file. Both files are located in c:programsmiscrosoft
officeOffice 10Add-Ins

When I open excel I get the error msg "No Libraries Found". I copied the
dll to the LIB folder in Office 10 (above) but that changes nothing.

To use the functions each time I open excel I have to open the Options
ADD-IN dialog, highlite the program, browse to the *.xla file and click on

Any suggestions on where to locate the files so that they excel can find them

I'm trying to copy and paste a chart in an excel file and when I do this and
try and edit the chart with new source data a window pops up telling that I
cannot add new fonts to excel and then excel crashes on me.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this or knows how to fix a problem like

please respond or e-mail me at

Another Essbase Excel Add-in question.

When I retrieve values into Excel from our Essbase Cube (using Hyperon Excel
Add-In), null values return as text characters. Even if I format the cells,
these values appear as "0". The only way I can change the text to numbers is
through a VBA procedure that changes "0" to value 0 for all cells in the used

Can anything be done (either on user end or Admin side) to get null to
return as number 0 without having to use VBA?

Thanks ...

bill morgan

I just tried to open a Pocket Excel file on my Windows XP desktop and the
file could not be opened. Has anyone had any luck opening Pocket excel files
on a desktop PC without converting them?

Pocket Excel I believe is the .pxl format that the Handheld PC and the
PocketPC use.

I may want to password protect files and send them to a party that does not
have a PocketPC. Can this be done, or do I need to convert the files to MS
excel and password protect a seperate .zip file using resco File explorer?

I cannot send any files to this party that are not password protected for
the risk is too high.



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Can somebody suggest any third party Charting
Add-ons/Plug-ins/Controls that expand the charting capabilities of MS

Such that may be code-controlled in VB or VBA.


No luck finding an answer? You could always try Google.