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Getting rid of light blue lines

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Hopefully this is my last question of the day.

I have these light blue lines showing up on my sheet. I have "not boarders" selected and they do not print - but I can see them on the screen. Does anyone know how I can get rid of them?


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There are bold white horizontal lines appearing randomly in some of my
worksheets: where I have filled a group of cells in colour, they show up.
They look like cell borders but they aren't, nor are they drawing objects,
nor rows that have been reduced in height.

Deleting the rows above/below one of the lines does not get rid of it.
Deleting the columns that it spans does seem to make it disappear - however
that will cause problems for the contents of the worksheet.

Has anyone experienced this problem and how do I get rid of it?

Hi all,

I have a checkbox/tickbox on a userform. I was wondering if there was a way of getting rid of the border line that apears around the checkbox/tickbox when you click on it or in the box. It seems that the whole thing becomes selected and to get rid of it you have to click somewhere else on the userform for the border to disappear.

Any ideas?



Hello all.

I've been tasked to make some modifications to an Excel spreadsheet that was developed by another individual. The sheet has got a thin line that separates two columns I would like to get rid of. In this sheet the gridlines are turned off. I'm working in Excel 2003.

Things I've tried:
1. Cleared borders using the border tool.
2. Erased borders using the eraser in the "drawn borders" tool.
3. Tried drawing a "no border" with the "drawn borders" tool.
4. I've tried copying cells that do not have a line like this and pasteing them in these cells.
5. I've tried poking around with the drawing toolbar to see if there is a drawing line that was insert.
6. I've unhid columns to make sure there wasn't another column there I wasn't seeing.

There has to be another way to create horizontal lines I'm not thinking of. I would appreciate any ideas on other things I can try to eliminate this.

Thanks in advance.

I'm using Microsoft Excel 2003. There is a dashed vertical line to the
right of columns 22 and 86. It has the same color as the grid, and
cuts through merged cells. No amount of fiddling with the borders of
the columns or the cells gets rid of it. Can someone point me to
documentation that explains what it is? Thanks.



i have an excel document.
inside a lot of text
how can i get rid of all tabs, carriage returns and new lines characters
that could be in this documents in all fields?

thanks in advance for help

Hi All,

Some of my worksheets are growing ridiculously large due to "insert cell" actions being used to line up a subset of data beside a main list. ie

fred fred 453
jane jane 426
ed ed 897

So, I have 2 problems:
1) how to I get rid of the 1000's of blank lines at the end of my data? I've tried delete line to no effect.

2) is there a better way of updating an spreadsheet with a .csv file? I'd really like to end up with only the 1st and 3rd column from the above example keeping in mind that I don't want to overwrite any data in the 3rd column from previous updates.

Thanks much!


I am reading a text file line by line. Each line looks something like this: 300.0; 10006; 1; 322; 1.7; 0.84; +;

I am using the split method to read each number into an array. This command looks something like this: Split(textline, ";", -1).

I would like to get rid of the spaces, but the problem is that the number of spaces is different in every line.

Any suggestions?

Hi All,

I have written a small macro with the help of others that is meant to go through each cell in a given column and save the cell as a picture, paste it on a chart, and export the chart as a jpg. I am trying to set the chart with a transparent background and no border line, but I am having absolutely no success in getting rid of the border. Can anyone help me here? Please!


Sub SaveAsJPG()

Dim Temporary_Worksheet As Worksheet
Dim Temporary_Chart As Chart
Dim Temporary_Picture As Picture
Dim CellName As String
Dim Count As Integer
Dim Length As Long
Dim CLength As Integer
Dim StrTemp As String
Dim StrPrev As String
Dim TrimMyText As String

Row = 3

Do While ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 3).Value ""
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 3).HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft
Count = 1
ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
CellName = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 1).Value
Length = Len(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 3))
TrimMyText = ""

' Removes any unnecessary spaces
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 3) = Trim(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Row, 3))
CLength = 1
If Length > 1 Then
Do While CLength

I have to use a database which has been imported into Excel. In one of the
fields the address details appear as wrapped text. When I unwrap the text
there is a "square" character between the 2 parts of the field. How do I get
rid of this?
All assistance appreciated, thanks.

I was in Excel and highlighted a range that I wanted to print as a selection.
Somehow I clicked the wrong thing and now it thinks it's a LIST (has the dark
blue border around it with column lables at the top). I don't want it to be
there. I just want my plain old spreadsheet back.

Anyone know how to get rid of this??



I've created a calendar in VB following the instructions in this link -

The calendar works fine but the problem I've got is I've got unwanted copies of the shortcut when I right-click. If you scroll down the URL, right at the bottom in blue is a paragraph that describes the problem and how to get rid of it. I've tried this numerous times but the duplicate entries keep re-appearing.

I've attached my workbook in the hope that any of you experts would be so kind as to take a look and offer any help or advice on how to fix this problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



I have to use a database which has been imported into Excel. In one of the
fields the address details appear as wrapped text. When I unwrap the text
there is a "square" character between the 2 parts of the field. How do I get
rid of this?
All assistance appreciated, thanks.

I have the following loop in a function to get rid of unprintable
chararcters (car ret, line feeds, etc) in a cell.
It works fine most of the time, but something is getting by it.
I keep running into a cell that has one char that always remain (I can
see it is taking up a space, but I cannot identify it).

Can I change this loop to leave only a-z A-Z 0-9?
Or at the very least, leave only chracters I can see?
Thnak you

Function eliminate_unprintable_chars(chars)
For i = 1 To Len(chars)
If Mid(chars, i, 1) > " " Then
...I have a good character here, now save it....
End If
Next i
End Function


I want to read a PC's MAC address and copy it to a worksheet. I have a code that works (see attached). I work on WindowsXP with Excel2002.

The problem is that I had to put a MsgBox on line 19. If I remove the MsgBox command the sh.Exec on line 4 seems to be executed too slowly before opening MAC.txt on line 21. The code is executed but Sheet1 remains empty. That is why I put the MsgBox break.

Does anyone know an elegant way to get rid of this MsgBox? I do not want to bother a user every single time with the MsgBox.

I have tried pause commands or loops which check the existence of the MAC.txt file, but without success.

If someone knows a better way to identify the MAC address alone, i.e. without the "Physical....", this would be even better

Help appreciated.


Hi Guys

Is there a formula in Excel which could get rid of duplicates inside a cell?

EG :
Cell A1 (Input value)
54-297.574, 54-297.574, 54-297.574, 54-297.605, 54-297.605, 54-297.605

Cell B1 (Output value)
54-297.574, 54-297.605

Thank You!

Help Please !

(List X) is a fixed list of codes and the amounts next to them are picked up from
a table array (List Y) by using VLOOKUP ie =VLOOKUP(A5,table,2,FALSE) List Y is cut from another source and pasted into a spare area on the same spreadsheet.

However when the table array(List Y) does not show one of the codes in the fixed list it returns #N/A. How do I get rid of this ?

. A B
1 List X
2 accode Amount
3 100000 100.00
4 100001 200.00
5 100002 #N/A
6 100003 400.00

. A B
1 List Y
2 accode Amount
3 100000 100.00
4 100001 200.00
5 100003 400.00


Hi all,

I'm having a problem, which isn't unusual for a Friday!

I have a sheet which I used a macro to help format the sheet, but now I need to distribute the sheet to lots of people, but I want to get rid of all traces of macros. I've deleted the macro but whenever I open the sheet I still get the macro warning, how do I get rid of this?


Hello, I have a large HTML file that was converted to .csv after running a web-based report. I need to parse through the file and get rid of all the HTML tags leaving only the relevant text. The range of the file is
(A1:CU1396)(90 columns and 1396 rows). I want to write a macro to iterate through and check each cell for opening and closing tags () and delete the text in between them, including the < and >, or replace with "". I believe the oly HTML tags are located in column A. So maybe going through the entire range is not necessary, only column A. Please, can anyone help. Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.

Unfortunately I cannot attach the file due to the sensative nature of the data.

Mark L. Oium


I run some quiry that gets data from Yahoo to excel. Every time I run it, some Named Ranges called ExternalData1, ExternalData2, etc. are created.

I believe they are all local ranges. I don't have any more local ranges in the file, all my own ranges are global.

How do I get rid of these ExternalData1 ranges?

Thank you in advance,


I have a simple question but can't figure it out, I've tried googling but cannot find an answer.

PROBLEM: I have a "-" in many cells that I wan't to get rid of.


A1 = H-107
A2 = H-108
A3 = H-109

What I want is...

A1= H107
A2 = H108
A3 = H109

How do I get rid of the - ?


Hello all,

I have a simple copy - paste macro. Is there a way that I can get rid of the 'marching ants' that appear around the copied range when the macro is complete ??:o

How I get rid of- INCLUDEPICTURE * MERGEFORMATINET that has all of sudden appeared in my Word 2007 documents

I have been using Word 2007 on my computer with Vista for over a year.  All of sudden--my documents that I receive from another indivual are showing this where there should be a downloaded picture.  What do I do to get this corrected.  I would appreciate any help.


Demo: Get rid of revision marks, once and for all

Leaving revision marks and comments in your documents can be embarrassing. Watch the demo to see how to get rid of tracked changes and comments, once and for all.


I'm trying to get rid of formulas in cells while keeping cell values. Does anyone know how to achieve this? The reason why I want to do so is because I don't wish to re-calculate cells that already have calculated values and only cells that haven't been calculated yet will be calculated, in order to save time.

Thanks so much!


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