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Auto alert or auto print on due date


First I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who has helped me so far on this forum!

My knowledge of excel is pretty basic - but I can always find the answers to problems on this forum - QUICKLY!

A special thanks to VBA Noob - quite simply a true legend!

Ok so here's my next topic

When we have new starting employees at work there is a coaching and accreditation period they must past in order to reach 'qualified' status within a certain timescale.

Is there a way I can set up a spreadsheet to help track this?

- so that you are informed when the due date is near or passed?
- auto print a document on a set date?
- be able to enter a date and excel work out the date 4 weeks from that date
- can I maybe set up an email reminder?!
- can print a daily report with an update of what coaching is due

I ideally want to create a 'super' database for 400 employees where all coaching can be recorded and accreditation deadlines/review deadlines listed with an auto-notify function.

I have no problems setting up the layout of the sheet - it's just the functions and programming I will struggle with!

I understand some of this maybe in the realms of fantasy - but I've quickly learned on this forum - EXCEL CAN DO SO SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Any help would be appreciated

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I am new to VBA but I have a spreadsheet that calculates when everyones qualifications are due. "A2" is there name, "D2" is due date and "G2" is their email address. I need to auto send an email when they are one month from their due date stating that it is coming due. If it could also copy that row with their info it would be even better. I have dug all over the internet but every time I copy and paste a code it always comes up with errors. Thank you for your help.

I have a spreadsheet with recert dates on certain things. I need a way for excel to alert my staff when the due date is 60 days and 30 days before the certiffication will expire in their email. I am not savy with vba or macros so please use laymans terms if helping me.
I am already using conditional formating to highlight the dates in certain colors.

Please and thank you to anyone that can help!

I hope I did this right. I am a newbie to this site and fairly new to excel. I am attempting to create a template to input specific dates. If a student submits an assignment on the due date, I have set up the spreadsheet to conditionally format whether the assignment was late or not. In addition, I have a column for when feedback is to be submitted and whether it was on time or not. My problem is this...

I cannot figure out a formula or a way to determine:
If the student submits the assignment late, when will the feedback be due? For example, if submitted one day late, the instructor has an extra day to submit feedback.Two days late is an extra two days to work on it etc...

Attached is a brief description of my problem. I don't know if excel is even capable of doing what I am looking for.

Any suggestions?


I'm losing my mind. Please help. I have multiple sheets, each sheet contains the name of the Court Reporter with their due dates for transcripts. Sheet One is title Court Reporter just making it easier for me to click on their name and it will take me directly to their sheet.
So when a DUE DATE has approached it will highlight in RED but I also want it to be automatically be moved when it comes due to one sheet. I have 30 sheets and if 5 out of those Court Reporter's have dues then I want to be able to see it in one sheet opposed to clicking on each reporter to see what they have due. I hope this makes sense. I am attaching my WORKBOOK.

I want to be able to see what is due for each reporter on one sheet when it COMES DUE opposed to clicking on each sheet. HELP!
Is there a code for this?


This is 2 part question

I have a problem in xl, can't figure out. I am using column C named as

What I am after is
"if difference between today and due date is less than 10 days then the cell
colour should change automatically to red!!!!!

I have used this
> highlighted column C
> format > Conditional Formatting
>formula is =(C4-today())>>> In above part one if due date of the particular job is more than 10
days then cell color should not be RED,
and as soon as it becomes equal to or less than 10, the cell colour should
change automatically to RED.

I don't want anybody to physically alter that, just clicking a button does



I have 'Conditional Formating' on a Column with meeting due dates so that they turn yellow when the current date is 28 days before each due date, turn orange when 14 days before each due date and turn red on or past each due date.

I have added another column so that when meetings have been completed, the date is entered.

How do I stop the 'Conditional formating' from actioning when a date has been put in the completed column?

Can anyone help?

I have -
Column A - Team Leaders names
Column B - New staffs names
Column C - What the reminder is - Supervision, 1st Performance Management, 2nd
Performance Management and Final performance Mangement
Column D - The date when the reminders in Column C have got to be completed by.

At the top of the page I also have the current date which automatically updates daily.

I would like to 'Conditionally Format' Column D to turn yellow when the current date is 28 days before each due date, turn orange when 14 days before each due date and turn red on or past each due date.

Can anyone help?

Hi, I'm new in VBA. And I will like to know how to set a msgbox, when workbook open, addressing which task is near to due date. Ex.. Workbook will open in Sheet1: "Menu". Sheet2:"RPT-Set Up", contains: Task Name, Assign To, E-mail Address and Due Date, Notification (On/OFF), Notify After(Date), Task Complete (Yes/No)... All columns Heading Start at row 2, Data is enter in row 3 to down. ([row1 holds some functions and hiden data)]

What I need is, if Notification is "ON", when workbook is open, a msgbox pop up with the following message:
The followings Reports are pending for action[base on this criteria: If Today's date is equal or greater than Notification Date but less than Due Date])
[Report Name from A2], Due Date is on [Due Date]. (number of dates remaining base on Due Date - Notification Date).

Do you want to notify parties by e-mail?

Yes & No Buttoms.

If the employee press yes, Then run module [SendMail]. An e-mail is generated per contact per action pending to notify or remind that an action from his/her is need it.
Please help or point me to the correct direction. Thanks


This is 2 part question

I have a problem in xl, can't figure out. I am using column C named as

What I am after is
"if difference between today and due date is less than 10 days then the cell
colour should change automatically to red!!!!!

I have used this
> highlighted column C
> format > Conditional Formatting
>formula is =(C4-today())<=10
format "red colour" (I have selected manually)

can't understand what's going wrong there.

Another problem is When I have done that first time, then the whole column
C was getting "RED". If I enter due date which is consider 15-july-2005, then
the cell colour was changing to white( coz it wasn't satisfying condition.)
If I enter due date which is after evaluating above condition is less than 10
days, cell didn't change the colour.

Which Is what after i am, but the background colour of ALL cell should
remain white and only those satisfying condition should change to RED.

2>>>> In above part one if due date of the particular job is more than 10
days then cell color should not be RED,
and as soon as it becomes equal to or less than 10, the cell colour should
change automatically to RED.

I don't want anybody to physically alter that, just clicking a button does



Hi All,
I seek help on the Conditional Formatting for Due Dates. I have A1 which is due date and I want A1 to be formatted with red text if it is 2 days before the due date. Thanks a lot.

I have a worksheet with two colums and about 25 rows.
First column has task description and second has due date.
I would like a message box to pop-up when I open the file if there are any tasks whose date is older than today's.

The message box should also indicate which tasks are pending / overdue for today

please help



I am trying to use conditional formatting to set up a spread sheet with the following paramaters:

-Due date is more than 30 days out the row will be formatted with a green background

-Due date is more than 14 days out but less than 31 days out the row will be formatted
with a yellow background

-Due date is less than 15 days out the row will be formatted with a red background and
white lettering

I have tried a few =INDIRECT formulas but none of them seem to do what I want them to do. I set up the F column as =DATE(2010, 12, 01)-TODAY() so it would list how many days out the due date is. The latest set that I attempted was:

For greater than 30 days:
=INDIRECT("F"&ROW())=(F(ROW #)>30)

For between 31 and 14 days:

For less than 15:

When applied, what ever formula is at the top automatically sets the whole row no matter how far out it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I have been reading through this forum for quite some time now and decided it was easiest to get my answers by describing my own specific spreadsheet. I am a very basic user and want to accomplish some rather complex things.

My company designs and manufactures components for the biopharmaceutical industry. Essentially, it is just a fancy job shop. I am in the process of creating a master production matrix that will keep track of all aspects of each job, including static details such as job #, part #, customer info, etc. I also want it to generate a couple fields automatically based on the data that is input into other related columns. Here are the spots that are giving me the biggest problems:

- The column "Award Date" is directly related to the column "Due Date", in that we always set the due date 30 days out from the date on which we receive a PO. I want the "Due Date" auto-fill when I enter an "Award Date". There is no need to make this holiday/weekend sensitive.

- The column "Ship Date" is directly related to the columns "Terms", "Follow-up" and "Payment Due Date". I will be filling in "Ship Date" manually on the day that we send a job out. Based on the payment schedule specified in the "Terms" field, I want the "Payment Due Date" to auto-fill itself in. For example, if we ship a job on 01/01/11 and the "Terms" for said customer are Net 30, I want to see the "Payment Due Date" field auto-fill with 01/31/11.
"Follow-up" is related to these columns in that I want it to prompt our accounts receivable department to follow up with the customer 10 days before the Payment Due Date. This is to ensure that all documents are in order and that there is nothing else needed before they can cut us a check...lots of the larger customers will find any reason to avoid paying on time and I specifically DO NOT want to give them anymore excuses, hence the follow-up. To follow the same example as before, the "Follow-up" field should have auto-filled the date 01/21/11. I imagine that with a more complex formula such as this, one would need to ensure that fields were auto-filled in the correct order, so that the necessary information would be in place for the next piece of the formula to function properly. Thus, "Follow-up" must be related directly to the "Payment Due Date", which is directly related to "Ship Date" plus "Terms". I can picture the workflow in my head but alas I cannot put it down on a spreadsheet.

- There are a series of columns specifying the dates on which specific job processes should be completed. These will all be set manually by the production manager to give the machinists an expectation of when they should finish each step. They will replace the date with an X once each step has been completed, demonstrating that it has been done. This is to help us keep tabs on exactly where each job stands.
I think it would be awfully great if the due date fields that are overdue or still open once the date is reached would turn red. I think it would be even better if, say, 3 days before the due date the field would turn yellow. This would be an excellent visual cue for us to glance at quickly and see that something was close to the deadline or not completed when it should have been. So in other words, the field is manually filled with a due date for that process and if that date is reached WHEN THE FIELD STILL CONTAINS A DATE AND NOT AN X then it will turn red. Similarly, it would turn yellow 3 days before it turned red, but only if the field still contained a date and not an X. Can we do this? I don't need the fields to change back to their original color because it would be good information for me to know how often each process was late or close to it.

Believe it or not, these are the ONLY things I need help with, lol. I was able to work out hyperlinks to each job's related schematics and company information, which was awesome all by itself. Getting this other stuff in place would make production soooo much easier!! I have attached my sheet as it is with a couple rows filled in manually to help describe what you would see. I filled in the second row to illustrate the desired outcome of the formulas that I am hoping someone can help me create.

Thanks for all the help and please do not hesitate to email me directly.


Hi There,

I am hoping someone out there can help me... I am reformatting our current budget spreadsheet and I want to be able to keep better track of our invoices. I would like to set up a macro that will scan the data for overdue dates (based on either the words 'over due' or the actual dates) and then automatically create an email with the correct product code in the subject line and the email address of the relevant company. On top of this I would like it to run automatically everytime the workbook is opened. I am pretty new to using VBA codes so have not been able to just adapt other peoples that I have found online. Is this possible?
Look forward to seeing if anyone has my answer!

I posted this earlier in the week but unfortunately the fixes proposed did not work.

I have a cell with a due date which i want to alert me by changing colour when the date is reached.
EG. date due is 1/1/03,so i want the cell to turn red on that date. If possible i would also like a pre alert of say 5 days before this time by turning green.


I have a spreadsheet that is used to calculate a due date 90 days from
the current date. My problem is I need to have the system look at the
due date and if it falls on a weekend or holiday to push the due date
to the next weekday (or business day). ALSO, can I hide the cell where
the calculation is performed and have it place the correct due date
(business day date) in a cell where it will show and be printed on the

I'm a novice Excel user -- can do most "easy" functions -- but this one
has me stumped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,
I have a seemingly simple dilemna and wonder if there is a solution... I am not a PRO user, but can get by with my limited knowledge of excel.
My issue:
I create invoices for my business and in the invoice I use the "TODAY()" function to automatically insert the current day when I created the invoice.
Now when I need to go back and look at the old invoice or print it again it shows the CURRENT date, not the original date when it was saved. Is there a way to view and/or print out a file while keeping the original date intact or is there a better way to format a date to avoid this happening in the future.
I have since eliminated the function and just type in the date to avoid this but I have about 100 invoices that are saved that I may need to view their "original" dates on.
Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!

If I want to know if a something has not met the due date set in my
spreadsheet, can Excel send me an alert in some way?

Or can the cell become flagged when the date is not met so it can be easily

I have a large formula to calculate due date under different conditions.If
this due date is on a Saturday ,Sunday or on a holiday, it has to cconsider
Monday or next working day, as applicable.

Dear All,

Someone have help me write a macro to prompt me on over due payment.
But instead of clicking on the "CHECK DUE DATE" button, can the
macro auto check due date whenever I open the workbook?

Here I attached the workbook for easy understanding.

Hope and need your help urgently.

Thank you very much =)

Heyya, folks. First post. I've used Excel for years but am only now digging past the immediate surface.

I'm working up (90% complete from my original idea) a baseball stat tracker sheet. It will be a log for game stats (each game on it's own sheet) which auto-compiles/figures the stats on another sheet. As I build on this I continue to think of new ways to track stats or player performance.

So today I thought it would be neat to graph a player's batting average as he/she progresses through the season. It'd just be a simple line graph. I'd compute his game 1 batting average and it'd be graphed. His game two average would be average with his game 1 and that'd make up his avg. to date by game two. Game/section 3 would be his average up through game three, and so on.

My goal with all of this is to be able to log each game's stats on it's own page and have all other stats auto-figured on the fly, which I currently have. However, I'm unsure if I can do this with a graph. Is it possible to have a graph created on the fly as data accumulates? If I was able to do this, I would still accomplish logging game stats and that would be left as the ONLY logging of data. Everything else is self-computed.

My goal of a player's batting average progression by name would probably hinge on my first graphing question. Again about the average, I'd like to have the graph show the players batting average to date by game, so I could see whether or not he/she is improving throughout the season. So if I'm able to have a graph be created on the fly, I could have this 'stat.'

I can post sample data of what I have when I get home, but I don't know if that's necessary for my questions. Thanks for any help. If I can do this I think it would be a very valuable addition to my layout.

Spreadsheet attached...

I'm trying to summarize project status data to calculate:
A) How many projects are there?
B) How many are completed?
C) How many of the projects were completed "on time"?
D) What projects are coming due, or overdue.

I started to create a summary, counting projects and "completed" based on whether or not there was a date (numerical value) in the cell...then calculated the percentage based on those two numbers - that was easy.

Now, I'm having trouble getting the next step - calculating how many of those projects already completed were "late" (completed past the due date), and how many projects are currently overdue.

After that, I wanted to format the entire rows (shaded Red - overdue, Orange - coming due within 15 days, and yellow - due within 30 days)...

Any help would be appreciated...thank you.

Hi All,

Is it possible to set a conditional format and include a function code in it as well? I want a spreadsheet to change the color/font of a cell/column based on a comparison of a "start date" cell and a "due date" cell. This is to automate the process of highlighting items that have gone past the due date in the second cell. I was trying to do this by looking at the "now()" function and comparing it to the due date.
Is there a better or easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this one
I need a sheet to contain about 200 vehicles and flag up when an mot, or tax is almost expired (7 days notice) and to flag up when a 6 weekly service is due(2 days and 1 day notification),
i want to be able to input the first service date when a vehicle is added and the sheet worksout 6 weekly periods for service

I havent a clue where to start with this so any ideas are welcome

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