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Hi all,

I have a code to kick XL into a full screen view once opened. But the problem is when I open any other XL spreadsheet (with no full screen code) it kicks to full screen as well. I need to get this code tied in with the workbook that it is placed in, not the entire Excel program.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
Application.CommandBars("Full Screen").Visible = False
End Sub
Any ideas?

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Hey guys!

I'm trying to open auto open a file in full screen mode and also fit to users screen, which I guess is the same thing? I have messed around but cant seem to get it to work Can you assist please!

Then on close I have a 'save as' popup but would prefer if I could reference a cell value as file name or even better combination of cell value and auto date would be cool!

Any Ides

Att: Save as code

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()

Dim newFileName As String
Application.EnableEvents = False
Cancel = True
newFileName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(Application.DefaultFilePath & "", "Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls), *.xls")
If Not newFileName = "False" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs newFileName
Application.EnableEvents = True

End If
Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

Hi all, I've put some code into the start of my Application to make the Spreadsheet appear Full Screen & to hide scroll bars and the like.

Application.DisplayCommentIndicator = 0 
Application.DisplayFullScreen = True 
Application.DisplayScrollBars = False 

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It works, but the problem I am getting is that smack bang in the middle of this lovely screen is a little window that says "Close Full Screen" ... can I prevent this from displaying, or close it with VBA code ?!?

Further, can I prevent the Column and Row selection bars from displaying, and even the File / Edit / View / Insert etc., etc., bar ... is that possible ?

I am going to view my sheet full screen without menu bars.

I want to maintain that view and be able to minimize excel.

To completely minimize excel I seem to need to set fullscreen to false before
I minimize (ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMinimized) or minimize twice:
Application.WindowState = xlMinimized
Application.WindowState = xlMinimized

I have code for a button that sets full screen to false and then minimizes

Now what I am hoping to do through code is go to a full screen view when I reactivate excel from the system tray .

Is there a way through vba to go to a full screen view on restoring from the system tray ?

I appreciate any help with this.

Newbie with a problem.
I have a Workbook, (which I’ll call “Apples”) that opens on a blank welcome Worksheet and is also designed to work in Full Screen mode, using the following code:-

Private Sub Workbook_Activate()
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

(Abbreviated code)

At the same time I call for a “UserForm.7” to load.
Userform7 allows the user to choose between two options, which on selection will open a different Worksheet within the “Apples” Workbook

My problem is that if the user then switches to another open workbook, (I’ll call it “Pears”) which is not run in Full Screen, and then switches back to the originally selected “Apples” worksheet, I don’t want UserForm7 to reappear.
Which is what’s happening because the Apples workbook is re-activated!

Is there a code which I can apply to each of the selected worksheets in “Apples” to Unload UserForm7 if/when the user goes back to it?

I have tried the following code within the Worksheet which doesn’t work.

Private Sub WorkSheet_Activate()
With ActiveWorkSheet
If Application.DisplayFullScreen = True Then
UserForm7.Unload Me
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End With
End If
End Sub

Any help most welcome

I have piece of code as my file opens to bring the file to full Screen

Application.DisplayFullScreen = True

but a little message box given me the opprtunity to 'close the Full screen'. Is there any way I can prevent this message appearing.


Hi -

I have a series of weekly updated charts in saved in an excel workbook which need to be presented in a full screen slide-show format.

Currently, I am manually copying & pasting each chart into Powerpoint and presenting the charts via powerpoint.

Ideally, I would like to avoid powerpoint altogether by using API calls from macros in excel but am not sure how to go about doing that. Please respond to me with code samples of similar full screen API calls.

Alternatively, I would also appreciate help in automatically creating a powerpoint presentation from the charts in excel and automatically kick off the slide-show in a full screen presentation within powerpoint.

Thank you.

System Specs:
MS Office Version: Office 2007 Business Enterprise
Operating System: Microsoft Vista 64


I have a file into which I use these two macros found on a French Website.
The first one allow to put EXCEL in full screen at the opening of the
workbook and the second one put EXCEL in its initial configuration at the
closing of the wookbook.
Have a look to this URL to see these two code for Better comprehension of my
problem :

My trouble is the following :

From my EXCEL file, I have the possibility of opening with an hyperlink a
document made with MICROSOFT WORD. Every time I open it by this way, at the
end of the
use when I come back to my EXCEL file wich is remained open in the WINDOWS
taskbar, I found my EXCEL workbook in normally screen. With the windows
title bar displayed. Have a look here To see the bar about which I speak : (Caution, this link is only available for 21
days from to day )

In fact it's this title bar in particular the red cross which allowing to
close the file that I did not want to see any more.

Is it possible to avoid this trouble of full screen ?

I have already asked this question on the FRENCH MICROSOFT EXCEL NEWSGROUP,
but nobody has the answer, I hope maybe here some one will have the solution
( obviously if the solution exist... )

Probably you will find many faults of language in this message, sorry for my
poor english.

Thank you very much for your help.


I have made my excel-document start up in full-screen-mode by using an auto open macro with the following code:


But here is the problem:
When I minimize Excel to the Taskbar and then maximize it again, it is no longer in full-screen-mode.

What can we do to remedy this?

I have the following code:

If DisplayFullScreen = False Then
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
ElseIf DisplayFullScreen = True Then
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = False
End If
which is linked to a key-board shortcut and attempts to turn full-screen mode on or off. The on portion works, but the off does not......... I do not think excel recognizes this if statement:

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thank you.

If you change Excel to Full Screen View and your taskbar is always on top (as
it normally is), the bottom of the spreadsheet is hidden behind the taskbar.
Does anyone know how to get around this without hiding the taskbar? I have
found that if I drag the taskbar to the bottom and then back up again, the
Excel window resizes itself correctly and the bottom of the spreadsheet is
visible again. Problem is, I want to do this from VBA! Can anyone help

Im running a sheet in full screen mode, however i can minimize the screen and once ive maximized it again this code kicks in and keep on maximizing the page upon minimiaztion.

I want to know if its possible that for this code to run at start, thus eliminating the first minimization. This is important as novices will work with this program.

Private Sub Workbook_WindowResize(ByVal Wn As Window)
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
    ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMaximized
End Sub

Hey guys,

How can i make a work book open in full screen mode when opened ?? Some sort of VBA ? Thanks

If you change Excel to Full Screen View and your taskbar is always on top (as
it normally is), the bottom of the spreadsheet is hidden behind the taskbar.
Does anyone know how to get around this without hiding the taskbar? I have
found that if I drag the taskbar to the bottom and then back up again, the
Excel window resizes itself correctly and the bottom of the spreadsheet is
visible again. Problem is, I want to do this from VBA! Can anyone help

I am looking for somebody who can help me for this. I would like to start workbook with auto full screen mode by using the code shown below.

This code is nicely working when I use Private Sub worksheet_selection() but not with _Activate(). Could anybody help me?.

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
    ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False
    ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False
    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True
End Sub

How do I stop Excel from opening in full screen mode?

hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I want to know how i can get my work book to open in full view/full screen i.e with no file menu or toolbars on the top. So the user can no access tool bars or any other options, apart from the ones that appear on the screen and the ones i have in the macros?


Hi. A friends Excel keeps opening in a small window and he has to keep enlarging it to full screen. This seems to coincide when he added a PWB. What does he need to do so it opens full screen everytime? Thanks. (Excel 2010).

Hi all

I have a work book that has many worksheets in it and i do not want the numerous users to actually be able to have a tool bar or the worksheets visable ( open in full screen view ) . The reason is that i want the users to ony be able to navigate there way round the various worksheets that i want them to view by using command buttons. Then i would like to have a command button with a password that when entered by myself would set the view back to having the toolbar visable.

Not sure if this can be done

Thanks miff3436

hi it's me again...

i just want to know if anyone can help me... is there a way i can make my user form in full screen? i already drag it to it's full screen but i still can see the blue tool bar with X (close) button i also want to run the macro when i open the file i want it to run automatically with full screen....



How I can force the application to auto full screen and hide all toolbar?

I have excel 2002. Each time it starts it opens in Full Screen mode. I cannot find a way to stop this from happening. Can someone help? Thanks.

My worksheet will only display on half of the screen. Excel is full screen but within Excel the document is half of the screen. I can't see the maximize or minimize buttons and can't drag the borders? Any suggestions?
Thanks! rb

Fist off this is a great board. I have actually been able to do a great deal just by searching and reading the posts so thanks for that.
My questions is, I have created a workbook that will be distributed to a number of different users. I only want to allow them to save the workbook which will be done with a command button.
After doing a search of the site I wasn't able to find one that fit my needs. What I would like it is something that is simple since I am pretty new to this excel thing. That starts full screen but has a password protected button that will show the toolbars when open. The one problem I was having with other solutions was that it would effect every other file that I opened. Any help would be great. Since I am new tothis very basic dirrections are needed.
Thanks in advance.

When I go into full screen mode I can't seem to get out of it. There is no
full screen toolbar on the top. How do I access this, thanks?

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