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Autofit rows - white space.

I am having an issue with autofitting rows in a spreadsheet of imported text
in Excel 2003. There are no merged cells in the document, and none of the
cells go over the 1024 character limit. When I select all rows and attempt to
autofit the rows to the contents of the cells, some of the rows resize
properly, and some leave one or several lines of white space below the bottom
of the text in the longest cell. I can resize them manually, but this is data
that is imported daily and runs to several thousand rows. If I widen the
column where I am having the problem, once it reaches a certain width (which
varies), if I re-autofit the selection, it will correct itself. But I am
constrained on column width, as there are about 20 columns and I need them
all to fit on one 81/2 by 14 landscape page width. Any ideas on what might be
causing the problem and how to fix it?


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When row autofit is on, I get a lot of extra white space above or below text
in the cell with the most text. How do I get rid of it without manually
adjusting every row?

I type various rows of text. Each row containing a different number of
sentences. I format the row to wrap text. However, Excel increases the row
height more than is needed therefore resulting in white space. I have to
then resize the row by "guessing" at what size will work to fit the text.

Hi all
There are 10 rows worth of white space at top of my graph
and another 10 at the bottom

That is to say the visible difference between the chart area and plot area

How can I minimize or even Kill this overhead?


I am creating a spreadsheet that contains a column of text followed columns
of figures.

I have a lot to fit into one page, the font is small, and the description in
the text field varies in length. How can I fill the following white space
with dots to make it easier to determine which figure follows the text in the
preceding column?
Shading or colour is not appropriate to aid reading along the row as the
spreadsheet will be photocopied.
It is not appropriate to create the file in Word, because the figures are
updated from other cells on the spreadsheet.

When I'm attempting to autofit row height on a row containg cells which use
word wrap, Excel often leaves an extra space at the top of the cell.

Is there a way to fix this - other than manually?

Thanks for your help.



I have noticed that when I copy a long string of text (for what I've experienced more than 12 lines) to a single cell, I can't get the autofit row height to work properly. It strech the height of the cell to only the 12th line. So when I copy a huge string of text(20+ lines) and I use autofit row height, it doesn't fit the height properly and I have to strech the height of the row manually.

Also I noticed that when I copy paste text into a cell, the cell format is set to general and if I put the cell format to text, the value of the cell is changed to "##################".

Can someone please explain me what is happening and what I am doing wrong.


Using VBA, how can I determine if a cell contains only white spaces and NO valid characters?


I'm making five charts on one sheet and there's so much white space. I removed the border, got rid of the plot area, and have tried to send the charts back but there's so much white space.

QUESTION: Is there a method to elimite white space on a chart/graph?


I have found a workaround for the problem with autofitting row height with merged cells. My fix is to go to a blank column to the right of your data and copy the data from your merged cells and paste special< values to the blank column. Then expand this new column to match the width of the original merged columns. Now the autifit will work for each row since the new column is not merged. Then you can either hide this column for later use or delete it.

Hope this helps!

Does anyone know how i might remove white space using excel?

Its driving me crazy - as i have a huge list of words.

An example

I would like "Test -test2 -test3"

To be "Test-test2-test3"

The main problem is that it sees -test2 as a =functrion.

Anyone know how i might do this?

I would really appreciate any help.

I have a simple xls sheet which looks like this:


and I am running a macro to export to Notepad:

Sub Export()
Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
SendKeys "^V"
SendKeys "%fa"

End SubMy issue is that the resulting Notepad.txt file has white space between the brackets and I do not want the spaces included - how can I filter / remove these white spaces?

This is what the output file looks like now:
[1A1111] [123] [AB1] [X] [000] [1] [ ]
[2B2222] [123] [XY2] [X] [001] [2] [ ]
[3C3333] [123] [AB1] [X] [002] [3] [ ]

This is what I want the output file to look like:
[1A1111][123][AB1][X][000][1][ ]
[2B2222][123][XY2][X][001][2][ ]
[3C3333][123][AB1][X][002][3][ ]

I am sure there must be a way to address this without requiring manual intervention. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I have a cell (Say M5) that Conatenates some text based on the answer to another cell (Say M2). Based on this, the cell autowraps text so that it may need to be 2 rows in height or not. I would like the autofit row to automatically adjust the row size based on any changes to M2.

Any thoughts?

Excel97 & 2000
I am aware that "autofit rows" does not work, for some reason if the cells are top aligned. So it can be made to work by setting the alignment to centred or bottom.

Now add the the "merged" property to multiple cells on the single row. Autofit once again does not work, but I'd really like it to.

Has anyone found a way?

I'm creating a worksheet where I want users to fill in free text data.
the autofit row height seems to work where individual cells are concerned.
My difficulty is that where cells have been merged (within a single row) the
function appears not to work.

any suggestions ?


There are two cases I've found when the autofit row height command does not

1. When I have a merged cell in a row, and the merged cell has text that
wraps to additional lines
2. When I use Enter to go to a new line within any cell's contents

In both of the above cases, executing the autofit command (either by
selecting it in the Format menu or by double clicking on the lower row
boundary) will resize the row to the default 12.75 height.

Is there any way around this?

How can I get rid of the white space around the table when I do save as htm
with excel funtionality. I changed to to align to the left but have a good 1
1/2 inch of white space (want to expand it) that is unusable and I would like
to get rid of.

any ideas? Thanks!

How do I display white space characters in excel?

White Space
When I print and print preview, there is quite a bit of white space in the
cells. However, in the spreadsheet, there is no whitespace in the cells.
How do I get rid of this whitespace when I print?

Wrapping Text
In one cell, there is 14 bullet points and some of these bullet points have
several wrapped lines. Wrapping works for all lines except fot the last
line. For the last line in this cell, the text shows in the formula bar but
does not show on the spreadsheet. It just cuts off at the end of the line
and doesn't wrap to the next line.

Is there a limit to how much text can be stored in a cell in order to have
the text wrapping work effectively? I have seen this issue before so I am
hoping this is a known issue.



I'm collating a lot of spreadsheets that many other
people have filled in onto one big spreadhseet template.

My problem is that there is a free text cell and, because people
dont know about the 'alt & enter' option, they've hit the space bar
many many times make it look like a new point starts on a new line.

In Word, you have the option of showing all the keyboard strokes
so you can tell what people have done - but I'm finding I'm having
to go into each free text cell and hit delete, then the cell magically
shifts up so that there is no white space.

Any ideas? My document is currently 200 pages long and I'm
nowhere near done!


I set the margins "0" but I am still getting 0.17 of white space on either
side of the page. I am trying to have a colored border on the top and bottom
go to the edge but the white space is not going away.

Thanks for your help,

Among others, I'm having some trouble getting Jim Rech's code to
Autofit Row height in merged cells to work the way I want it to.

Is there a simple worksheet event code I could use to Autofit Row in
four cells, preferably upon recalculation?

Specifically, A:N are merges in four different rows, 23, 47, 68, and

The width of column Column Z is is the same as A:N combined
Z23 is =A23
Z47 is =A27
Autofit doesn't automatically work in Z23 because of the formula, in
fact, F2 Enter doesn't even work. I have to paste values or select the
cells and Alt O R A.

I should figure this out myself, getting VBA for morons this weekend,
but if someone would help with this one I'd appreciate it.

Application.Goto Reference:="Z23,Z47,Z68,Z70"


I have gone through the help section in Exel trying to understand how to
delete white spaces in Column A. Column A is a list of employee numbers and
after each number is a space. How do I delete that space in one big sweep
since there are over 700 different numbers listed, all with a space after

I have a stacked area chart, and while the data is plotted just fine, to the
left and right of the plotted data series, is "white space" (looks like my
area chart has cliff on either side).

Any way to make the area chart fill in the space between the Y axis, and the
right side of the plot area?



I have bar charts where I have turned off the legend because my selection
range includes series descriptors. For example:

Descriptor 1 100
Descriptor 2 200
Descriptor 3 300

Because my specific example has fairly long strings for the descriptors,
there is significant white space where the legend would be even though I
have the legend turned off. If I shorten the descriptors, the white space
goes away. I want long descriptors to make the values clear but not all the
white space. Anyone know if I can eliminate this somehow while keeping the
long descriptors?

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