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how to send excel attachments which can be edited and sent back

We want to send excel questionnaires as email attachments which the
recipients can open, fill in and then just send back without having to save
first. I notice there is a 'Reply with changes' button on the toolbar but it
isn't active. Any tips?

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I have built a web query in my worksheet and the data are imported
every 5 minutes. I am trying to copy and paste the lastest data to the
far right column so that a time series can be made. However, I am not
sure how to create a macro that can be carried out repeatedly every 5
minutes and most importantly, the marco needs to be carried out after
the data is updated.

12:00 12:05 12:10 12:15 12:20 12:25 12:30

Type1 12.4% 12.6% 12.6% 12.4% 13.2% 13.9% 13.9%
Type2 6.8% 9.5% 18.2% 16.7% 15.8% 14.9% 13.9%
Type3 9.6% 6.8% 5.9% 5.1% 5.1% 4.8% 5.1%
Type4 3.9% 6.3% 5.9% 6.3% 6.8% 7.5% 8.2%
Type5 37.3% 25.6% 21.0% 19.1% 17.8% 16.1% 15.5%
Type6 4.3% 4.6% 4.6% 5.1% 5.1% 5.5% 5.5%

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.

Hi Sir

I want to set up one macro in data file-------I need the G coloumn data in one excel file to be copies in column S in another excel file. when I run macro, the data will be copied next column from H in one file to T in another file. when I run again, they wil copy I to U column.

I wrote some, but it is not working, can you help me to do that? thanks

Sub reed()
' reed Macro

Selection.Replace What:="G", replacement:="H", lookat:=x1part

Windows("4 .xlsx").Activate
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-96
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=84
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=15
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub


Could you please anyone help me on, how to view the threads which are posted by me only. I am finding it difficult to trace it since i do not visit forum regularly as i am busy with other things.

Much appreciate your help.


I need to send some documents which are in landscape and client want to
recieve in portrait is this possible

Hi All,

I have a problem here.
I make a shape using arrow, line and triangle box which can be edited such as adding number, etc.
For example: I make several boats called boat1, boat2, boat3, etc which I can insert the height, width, etc..

then I make a drop box for calling those boats. If I select boat1, a shape of boat1 will appear and I can still edit the height, width on that boat.

I tried it with vlookup, but it does not work because the shape is not on the cell. I tried using getpic, but the shape becomes a bitmap picture which I cannot edit it.

Thank you for the help..


How can i allow my excel webpage to be edited and not read only, so i can
edit & save it on the net? Ive uploaded the page and want to edit it through
excel and reupload it via excell, but my page when i open it through excell
says its readable only.

I have been using Outlook Express until this month, and have been sending
information from a selected range in an Excel worksheet to a number of people
every month. I don't want to send the entire (large) worksheet as an
attachment, but my "Mail Recipient" function has apparently been disabled
since installing Windows Live Mail. The only "mail" option I see remaining
is to mail the entire document as an attachment, which really isn't an option.
Since I send this information out to about 50 recipients each month, and
each recipient has different data, it's been tedious enough already. But
now, I'm looking for a way to send the data using Windows Live Mail without
having to cut and paste all afternoon.
If there is a way to efficiently do this using a Macro, that would be even


I am not good with macros, i would like to see few examples which can
generate e-mails from excel.

i have to send the status report to various persons

Please help


How to send a range of cells in a sms text message by using Visual Basic for Applications in Excel?

BTW: I really need this to work for my job! So any feedback would be greatly welcomed. Please read below to understand what I'm trying to do. I need to be able to send my guys their daily goals via sms text message:

The following works great for sending a range of cells in a email message:
In Microsoft Excel, you can send a section of a workbook as an e-mail message. This article contains sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that demonstrates how to automate sending a range of cells in an e-mail message.

The following VBA code sample sends a range of seven cells, B11 through H11, from the currently active workbook to the e-mail address specified in the code:

Sub Send_Range()
   ' Select the range of cells on the active worksheet.
   ' Show the envelope on the ActiveWorkbook.
   ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True
   ' Set the optional introduction field thats adds
   ' some header text to the email body. It also sets
   ' the To and Subject lines. Finally the message
   ' is sent.
   With ActiveSheet.MailEnvelope
      .Introduction = "This is a sample worksheet."
      .Item.To = "E-Mail_Address_Here"
      .Item.Subject = "My subject"
   End With
End Sub

You can also use this same VBA Code for sending a range of cells in a sms text message by replacing "E-Mail_Address_Here" with one of the following:

Sprint SMS Text Message:
T-Mobile SMS Text Message: 

Outlook will send the message. Everything is good, NOT!

Ok, this is where my problem begins so please read carefully:

1) It will seem as the message was sent then I get a Message from: Mail Delivery Subsystem

2) Mail Delivery Subsystem lets me know that the message has failed to be sent because it was rejected by the Cell phone carrier because the message size exceeds the size limit.

3) The size of the sent mail message for a range of SEVEN CELLS is 367 KB. This is mainly where my problem begins. The SMS TEXT Message max size limit is 7 KB.

4) There is no reason why this message: "Eric 1 New 4 HS $126 Accys" should exceed 7 KB. This message is 26 characters long and the max character limit for a message 160 characters.

Why to Merge Excel cells

While we are working within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, many of us may face this problem: we have to merge two or more cells together to form one big cell. Spire.XLS, as a professional and powerful Excel component, it enables developers to merge Excel cells into one with C#/VB.NET effortlessly. The whole process is very simple, we just need choose the cells and everything will be cool with two main sentence of code.

How to Merge Excel Cells via Spire.XLS

Please make sure Spire.XLS and Visual Studio are correctly installed on system. Follow the simple steps below to merge Excel cells with C#/VB.NET.

Step 1 Create Project
Create a C#/VB.NET project in your visual studio. Add Spire.XLS.dll as reference. The default setting of Spire.Xls.dll is placed under "C:Program Filese-iceblueSpire.XlsBin”. Select assembly Spire.Xls.dll and click OK to add it to the project.

using Spire.Xls;

namespace CellsMerge
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

Step 2 Load Excel File
Use the code below to load Excel file in which we will merge Excel files.
//load the excel template
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();
workbook.LoadFromFile(@"", ExcelVersion.Version97to2003);

Step 3 Merge Excel Files
Select the cells which we need merge into one. Follow the samples below and we can merge cells at will.

//merge A2-D4 to one cell
Worksheet sheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];

//merge D5-E6 to one cell

Step 4 Save and Preview
After finish merging Excel cells, save the modified Excel file as .xls format. And we can preview what we’ve done by pressing F5 to launch the project.

//save the workbook
workbook.SaveToFile(@"....cellsMerge.xls", ExcelVersion.Version97to2003);

//launch the workbook


I'm using a macro in Excel (2003 / windows xp) to send different attachments to different groups of recipients. It works great but I just can't send a mail to more than one CC. It only takes the last CC line in the VB code. This is part of the code:
With out.CreateItem(olMailItem)
.Recipients.Add ActiveSheet.Range("B10")
.Recipients.Add ActiveSheet.Range("B11")

.CC = ActiveSheet.Range("B23")
.CC = ActiveSheet.Range("B24")
.CC = ActiveSheet.Range("B25")
It sends the mail to the addresses in B10 and B11 but just CC to B25; not to B23 and B24.

If anybody has a suggestion I would be very greatfull!


I want to send Office files as an attachment with OE using File>send to> as
attachment option.

How to configure so that file goes as an attachment of OE instead of MS
Outlook or some other application.



EXCEL 2003 - I want to insert check boxes into an spreadsheet which can be
checked as confirmation of a task being completed. I have managed to insert
the checkboxes themselves but can't get any further. I can't insert a check
in the box. Can anyone help?

How to send post data using VBA in Excel 2007 with WinHTTP?
How can I send multiple post fields?

Ok, so this may be an easy ? for you excel experts, but I'm only a novice and could use some help if anyone would like to lend a hand. I am working on a spreadsheet to be used in fantasy football and what I am attempting to do is predict the best order to select certain positions in a draft. I'll break down below what I am attempting to calculate, and would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me if this can be done (I would assume it can) and how to do it.

So what I am looking for is to determine the best order for the selection of 8 different football positions in a fantasy football draft. The positions are Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Wide Receiver 2, Wide Receiver 3, Running Back, Running Back 2, Flex 1 (QB, WR, or RB), and Flex 2 (again QB, WR, RB). Now the first thing I need to do is have excel generate all the different combinations of these possible picks across the first 8 rounds of a draft. For example-

Three potential orders of picks for rounds 1-8:

QB, QB2 (Flex1), QB3 (Flex2), WR, WR2, WR3, RB, RB2
QB, QB2 (Flex1), WR, WR2, WR3, RB, RB2, QB3 (Flex2)
QB, WR, WR2, WR3, RB, RB2, QB2 (Flex 1), QB2 (Flex2)

Obviously there are going to be thousands of potential combinations which is why I need to find a way (if possible) for excel to generate them.

Once all of the combinations are generated I will insert values for each of the picks. For example a QB picked in round 1 is worth 300, in round 2 is worth 275, and so on. Same for all of the other options. This part of it I know how to do with if/then formulas, but I can't figure out how to get excel to generate the combinations for me.

Let me know if I'm not being clear enough to understand what I am looking to do. I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Hi everyone,

Who can tell me how to read the column which include text and number in the excel via ODBC?
like one columnA include 'abcd'(Text) and 1234(number)
I want to read all the data in columnA, but seems that I can only read the data which the datatype is consistent with the begining of the data in the column.
For example. (please correct me if anything is wrong)
If the begining of the data are 'adcd', 'dfd-yrtd','yreh4645', the data type in this column was defined as text by default, and then I can't read the numeric data in this column if there is numeric (like 1123) data in the column.

I use the sql like: select * from ...
So I think I should read all the data in this column.


I want to send Office files as an attachment with OE using File>send to> as
attachment option.

How to configure so that file goes as an attachment of OE instead of MS
Outlook or some other application.




I have received around 2,000 .msg files of varying names and sizes, each of which have an Excel file attached to them.

I cannot read the files as they are .msg and the data environment I work in does not have Outlook.

Is there any way around getting the Excel file from each .msg file and saving them to a folder?


How To Use Excel's Count Function |

How to Use Excel's Count Function. Excel's Count function counts the cells with numbers and the numbers in a list of arguments. It also can be used to count the entries in a ...

I have searched throughout the message board for examples of sending TXT MESSAGES from excel. I found plenty of examples where e-mails can be generated and sent via outlook.

I am looking for a way to have a spreadsheet send txt messages to my cell phone when a cell value reaches a predefined value.

Any help would be appreciated.


How to uninstall Excel license/movin' to Macbook


I got a Macbook Pro for Christmas. I played with
Mac's Numbers and Mac Excel, which were both
very slow. Installed Fusion and loaded XP, Excel 2003,
but I've run out of licenses, so how do I uninstall
the old one on one of machines that gather dust.

Bonus points for how I get my macros to work, I
can run them from the menu bar, but it can't
seem to find them from my short-cut object

Hi All,

Hoping someone can provide me with some code for this as cant find any resource anywhere.

All i need to do is send an email via excel. In previous practice I have used the Activeworkbook.send method, but in this instance I dont want to send an attachment, all I need to do is send an email to someone, making use of the to: cc:subject and main body text fields.

Grateful if anyone can help me on this.
PS: ideally I need code that I can just add into my current SubROutine as oppose to creating a new one.


I am building an Excel template. It has one worksheet with data (called
"data") and many worksheets with craphics, built from the "data" sheet. One
sheet with radar-type chart has number of check boxes which control
hiding/unhiding columns. When a cloumn is hided, it does not produce a line
on radar chart or a bar on bar charts. In the legend area user can see names
of all series (=columns), used to build charts. But check boxes have their
texts hard coded.

I need to code a subroutine, which will be executed when a sheet with radar
chart will open. It should assign values to text properties of check boxes
taking, say, text for 1st check box from cell "$I$67", for second from
"$I$68", for 3rd from "$I$69" and so on (I plan to include about 30 of them).
The subroutine can not be executed when the template itself is loaded because
its "data" sheet will be initially empty. Users will PASTE data in it _after_
opening the template (obviously)...

I understand that I can dedicate say 1st checkbox to populate text
properties of other checkboxes, but do not know how to assign a text property
of a check box value from a specific cell on the "data" sheet.

So, my question is actually two fold:

- how to build a code which will be executed upon opening a specific sheet
of a workbook;
- how to set a text property of a check box to value from a specific cell on
the "data" sheet.

Thank you in advance.

can anyone tell me how to set excel to open to a specific folder

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