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Excel not Calculating

I don't know why excel will not calculate even when I press F9 (for manual calculation). I have to end up going to the formula bar, clicking inside it and pressing enter for it to calculate. Does anybody have a reasoning and/or a way to fix this? Thanks.

-- Isaac

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Excel is not calculating all of my formulas. I am projecting out our salaries for the next year (have 144,432 formulas, calculating for each position). It's weird, the sheet calculates up to row 2430, then its zero from row 2431 on to 2461, then it calculates from 2462 to 2487. I have copied the formulas from row 40 all the way down to row 2487 numerous times then recalced to no avail. There is nothing with those rows that would cause it not to's a Saturday night...supposed to be downing some cold ones right now but I can't till I get this done!! (Apologize for the bitching) Anyone's help would be much appreciated. Mahalo

I have a macro that takes a ton of data (1 by 1) and puts it in a huge Workbook with formulas in almost every row. Is there a way to Excel to not calculate anything until all the values have been entered by the macro?

I provide an Excel spreadsheet to my field sales team for quoting projects.
It has worked very well for the past few years, but in the last revision I'm
getting calls from sales reps saying that some formulas are not calculating.
It's not as if an error is displayed - the formula simply does not calculate.
Also, it is the same group of formulas each time.

However, when I test the file out on my computer, all formulas calculate. I
cannot recreate the problem on my computer.

Is there a setting in Excel that limits the number of possible calculations?
Any insight that can be provided on why this is happening would be greatly
appreciated. I am truly at my wits end.

Hi All

I have been using excel for few years now but have never had this
problem... Wonder if anyone has any tips on my problem.

I have a file which has 15 sheets and the 15th sheet is sum of the
remaining sheets. In all I have used 70 columns and 250 rows in all
sheets. The problem is that the 15th sheet (which is a sum sheet) is
not getting updated once the changes are effected on dependant sheets.

I have checked and rechecked the claculation mode to be in Automatic
and also switched between Automatic and Manual calculation mode several
Restarted Excel as well as my comp several times.
Tried using F9 key......

all this but the sum would not change. And I am forced to go and hit
the F2 key and then press Enter Key for each of the cells in the sum
sheet and only then the valuse get updated.

Has anyone gott an I dea as to what might be wrong...

Thanks in advence
Karthik Bhat

In large workbooks (> 10MB) I found that often Excel does not calculate. I
have to enter the cursor in the cell (or the formula bar) and press enter, so
that the formula is recalculated.
However, my calculation is set on automatic (Tools/Options/Calculate etc.).

Does somebody know why this happens and has an answer?

Excel 2003 does not calculate automation add-in functions automatically when
a spreadsheet is opened. However, xla functions are still calculated
automatically when a spreadsheet is opened.

In large workbooks (> 10MB) I found that often Excel does not calculate. I
have to enter the cursor in the cell (or the formula bar) and press enter, so
that the formula is recalculated.
However, my calculation is set on automatic (Tools/Options/Calculate etc.).

Does somebody know why this happens and has an answer?

I am using Excel 2003. I have a budget model consisting 27 work books. In one workbook (milk sales) I calculate the price variance of a purchased product that we also manufacture.

This price variance is sent to the p & l workbook (protein powder) using a simple “=” formula.

When I have just these two work books open the protein powder p & l updates automatically for a change in the cost/price of the purchased input in milk sales.

However when I have the entire model open the same automatic update does not occur unless I hit cntl+alt+f9 or edit links and change the source file to the same milk sales file (update values does not recalculate).

I have tried opening each workbook one at a time to ascertain which work book is causing the problem but this was not successful. That is the variance is calculated each time I open a new workbook in the model and change costs. I have also opened all files dependent to the milk sales and protein powder workbooks one at a time.

One further note I was experiencing the same problem with another workbook in this model which at the time was being opened by a workspace. I removed the workspace and the linking issue disappeared. I have removed all workspace files from the model hoping for a similar result. However this was not successful.

It has been suggested that I am approaching the limits of Excel. Can I test this? How can I be sure the model is working OK? Any suggestions???



I am using Excel 2003 at work and have just recently moved desks.
Some of my workbooks are not calculating formulas in any form. The same workbook however is working and calculating fine on a different computer.

Calculate is set to Automatic and hitting F9 makes no difference.
The cells are formatted in the correct manner.
Formulas checkbox is not checked.

If I load up this spreadsheet in question straight away, it will just not work. However, if I open up a blank spreadsheet first and then the spreadsheet it will calculate fine.

Anyone any ideas?


Custom function may not calculate expected value in Excel

I know there are many posts on this subject, but this is not quite the same.

I found a solution for a problem I had, but would like to know if a more elegant way existed.

For a large table, I concatenated multiple cells to form a formula in about 2000 variations. I know now how to use relative and absolute references to do my work witout concatenating but here goes:

=CONCATENATE("=";Q2;R2;")") had this result: =AVERAGE(F2:F2), the goal was to have it growing to =AVERAGE(F2:F2000) at every line.

This would not calculate.

I copied and pasted the value so the content of the cell was now =AVERAGE(F2:F2), but still did not calculate.

These would not calculate until I doubleclicked in the formula and pressed enter. My auto calc is on, cell is defines as number or general, I tried CLEAN() and TRIM(), etc.

I also did not want to doubleclick and enter in every 2000 cells.

So I tried Replace All ''='' with ''='' and the calculation was performed!

There is a better way, I hope!

Hi folks,

Can anyone explain to me why in xl 2007 i get a hierachial fomula/structure whereby the dependent formula does not calculate to the same value as its child.

This spreadsheet has been ace for three years but when loaded in 2007 throws this and only this wobbly. 2003 compatiblity mode is selected.

The parent formula is a sumproduct that looks up a range and should return the same figure as the child.

The child calculates perfectly every time the data changes. It is only the parent that fails to calulate unless F2 is pressed and the enter key hit.

Parent fomula is

the child is


I don't know what happened to my spreadsheet, but it is not accepting any formulas. For example, if I type it =1+1, instead of returning 2 as the value, it is showing as =1+1 in the cell. Did I accidentally turn some setting off in Excel?

Any help is appreciated.


I am using the following index formula, but it will not calculate. I have
verified that my options for "Calulate" are set to automatic. Does nayone
know what the problem might be?



I need to create a mail merge in Excel . . . **NOT** using Word in any way.

The application is a mailing of extensive calculations based on parameters
which change. There are about 1,000 recipients so doing it manually is a LOT
of work.
It can't be done in Word because the spreadsheet is too complicated.

I'm willing to pay for the ability to work with someone in real time who can
show me how to get this done.

Best regards,

(914) 318-6766

Why won't Excel calculate formulas on this spreadhseet. It's acting like
there is no data in the cells. We are putting in =Average(B2:B286) and doing
this in each column from column B - P for average and median. Its' returning
#DIV/0! Three very good Excel people here have tried. Why is it not
calculating data? We noticed that when we typed the value back into one or
two cells in "B" that it calculated a median and average. So, why buy
software if I have to type in values from B - P from 2 - 286!!??? Why won't
Excel calculate this? What's the answer to get it to recognize the data that
is in fact there. The formulas are correct also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a structural engineer, I have occasional need for exponentials of
exponentials - Excel does not calculate these correctly - right to left, so I
need to put extra parentheses in the formula to adjust.

I encounter this problem with column design stress calculations, if anybody
cares. Proper scientific calculation order is
1) exponentials - right to left
2) multiplication and division left to right
3) addition and subtraction left to right.

It would be nice if Excel would follow this method so I don't need to
remember special rules for formulas in Excel that don't correspond to more
involved math oriented programs like mathematica or MathCAD. It would also
make using the program easier for structural engineers like me.

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Something is weird with my Excel sheet. When I enter a formula, for example
Excel does not calculate the result. Instead the formula just stays as it
is. I am sure there is some strange option that has been chosen by accident,
but I can't come up with where.

Any help out there!

I am having a problem where formulas won't calculate. The cells just
display text!
Even the formula:

= 9 + 2

will not calculate. Is this a new problem with Excel 2003?


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Excel only calculates the confidence interval for a population mean through
the =CONFIDENCE() function. I want the flexibility to calculate the
confidence interval for a sample mean as well. Can Microsoft develop a
CONFIDENCE function for sample data and not just population data?

When entering a formula directly into a cell (starting with =) the formula
does not calculate, rather the formula is displayed in the cell as if it were
just text. The only way I have managed to get the formula to calculate is to
make a mistake in the formula and let the 'There is an error in the formula
you typed, do you want to accept the correction' dialog correct the formula.

Can anyone explain how to fix this?

I don't know what the problem is but excel will not calculate a formula. It is very easy i.e. =266*.03 but all that it does is display the formula a nothing else. I have pressed F9 to calculate but nothing. Also, I have another situation where there is a column of numbers that I have entered in and it will not sum. They are numbers (not text). I have formatted the cells to numbers (both #s as well as $$) with the same result (0). I know this is (2) questions but appreciate any and all help I can get. Thank you.


I have a workbook that is linked to 2 text files and updates just fine for me but when someone else opens it it does not calculate the new information just keeps the old. New text files are ran from our database to excel every night. When the workbook is opened the formulas should recalculate based on the updated info in the text files. Problem is when I open the file it performs perfectly and updates as it is supposed to but when my colleague opens the file it is not updating and does not show the new updates. I have checked to make sure the calculation is set to automatic. I have also confirmed that we are both working with 2003 version. I even had her open the text files and close and reopen the workbook and no go. I hat her do ctrl+alt+f9, even ctrl+alt+shift+f9. Had her click on the function, hit enter and nothing. Even tried find and replace = with = to wake up excel and nada. I've never had this issue before any suggestions/help would be much appreciated.

Hi all

I have a strange problem with several of my Excel files.

I'm using Vlookup to look up data in other sheets (some in same file some in other files). For some reason Excel doesn't seem to update the value even though my source has been updated. I've tried forcing calculation (F9) etc but the only thing that seems to work is editing the cell (basically hitting F2 and then enter).

In the begining I didn't experience this problem but for some strange reason I now have it. I've tried opening the file on other computers but same issues here.

Have anyone ever experienced similar problem and found a solution?

I'm using Excel 2003 SP3 (prof. edition).


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