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3D scatter graph i.e X, Y, Z, scatter graph

Just wondering if its possible to plot a scatter graph with 3 axises, or if theres a plugin for it? I have Office 2007. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all. I need help to create a 3D visualization of a graph based on x, y, z. I have around 12000 rows of data and about 18 columns. Each row and column contains numbers that I would like to create a 3D graph for to display my data and easily send it to other people. All of these numbers are based on say, temperature, dew point and percipitation, being my x, y, z. Anyone have any ideas on how I can accomplish this easily without having to put weeks of work into it? I am definately open to add-ins on the topic as well, providing they are reasonably priced.

Hi I have a graph, I want to show the month as the X-axis with a volume for each month as a bar chart (Y-axis), then a % variance related to that volume as a line on the bar chart (Z-axis) any help would be much appreciated, i've searched previous posts but had no luck....

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

Basically, I need a UDF for 3D Interpolation.
I was able to make UDF for 2D Interpolation, but 3D is very difficult.

Scenario: I will have a table with X, Y, Z and appropriate value f(x,y,z). With given table, if I pick any number to X,Y,Z , then interpolated f(x,y,z) is generated.

I attached a file! so please have a look!

My table will be either Table 1 or Table 2 or anything else. Means, Range Y wouldn't be same, Interval wouldn't be same, etc.

Thank you in advance!


.pdf file might help you understanding mathematical concepts.

Is there a way to plot a line using cartesian or polar coordinates?
I have a set of data points (x,y,z) that I would like plotted either as different lines or different columns/cylinders. For instance, at the x,y location, a column/line with height z. The red arrows in the attached image shows sort of what I'm looking for, except I want it around a circle, not square.

I tried using the 3D line, 3D column & 3d cylinder, but it's not very flexible when working with a 3rd axis. Is this possible, or would I have to resort to another language?

I can successfully plot a plane with the 3 coordinates and that's almost what I'm looking for. It would be easier to visualize it with bars going from z=0 to z=some number. It works really well in Matlab .

I would like to add data from one or more x-y scatter plots to another x-y
scatter plot. I have several plots containing data each representing a small
map. I would like to add one of those plots (maps) to an existing plot (map)
without individually creating a set of new series and adding each one, one at
a time, to the plot.

I would prefer to somehow simply copy and past the plot or somehow reference
the plot to be added but can find no commands to allow me to do this.

Thank you for you time.

For some reason with a Scatter Graph I cannot get Y-Values vs X-Values to graph properly. Instead I get Y-Values vs. Item #. Not sure what is going on here. The X-Values are percentages (10.8%, 13.2%, 16.6%, 18.7%), yet they are graphed as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Please can someone help!!!
I have the following "known" data (x,y,z) which I am able to plot a bubble
chart from. However I want to be able to predicit the "z" value given new x
and y values based on a trend- is this possible in excel? (trend lines seem
to only be linear i.e. between x and y)- or any idea how I can do this?

Data Set (x,y,z):
96.0%, 95.3%, 2.911
94.4%, 98.0%, 2.297
96.3%, 93.8%, 2.631
96.9%, 93.2%, 4.697
97.1%, 95.3%, 1.073
96.4%, 99.2%, 0.808
96.3%, 94.0%, 1.292
96.7%, 97.1%, 1.414
97.1%, 96.0%, 1.153

I would like to predict the z values for:
91.0%, 83.0%
87.0%, 83.0%
98.0%, 96.0%
90.0%, 95.0%
98.0%, 99.0%
98.0%, 96.0%
98.0%, 97.0%


i make cubic path with 30step(each x,y,z axes have 10steps, 30steps total)
first, use rnd() fxn
second, sort x,y,z each and use rank() fxn.
third, coloring
how to color x,y,z axes with sorted x,y,z values.
thanks in advance,

I have an Array file. I know the cell size of the array (500m) and I know the Lower Left (LL) X and LL Y. I have calculated the X and the Y and added them to the sheet. I have experience going from X | Y | Z format to an array via a transpose function, but I am having no luck going back from array to the above format. Attached is the an example excel sheet to look at, it is zipped.

Thanks for your help,

I have a long list of X,Y,Z coordinates (points on a 3-D chart). I'd like to
be able to sort the list by proximity to each other. Is there a way to
convert the coordinates into a single number so that I can sort on that

Maybe this is more a math question than an excel question, but I'd
appreciate any help.

Can anyone point me to software that can make good quality true 3D (x,y,z data axes) stacked column charts. My understanding is that Excel can only make 3D-looking x,y charts. Thx! or any help.


I have a problem where I need to specify the values for the x and y axis as
well as specifying the values for the lines/series information.

Currently all I can do is specify either both x & y axis via a scatter Graph
or one axis and the Series values via a line Graph.

Any suggestions?

I have the following data:

X Axis - Years (2004, 2005 ,...)
Y Axis - Quantity (imported, exported, produaced)
Z- Axiz - Name of the products

I want to make a graph with teh X, y,z axis in excel. When i use the 3D graphs in excel, it is not taking the z vales connected to teh cell. Anybody can help me pllllllll

How can I plot three columns of numericla data as a 3D scatter chart (x,y,z
axes) using excel? Is this possible?


can I have dynamic charts that allow me to change the values for the x-y
E.g. if I have a histogram of names along the bottom, and ages on the y
axis, can I then choose from a drop down list whether to show e.g all names
from the spread sheet or just names beginning with 'A' or whatever? i.e sort
of like a pivot table but in graph form

thanks very much for any help


I realise Excel cannot do XYZ scatter graphs, but am sure there is a solution to my problem (be it surface graphs or something like that)... Can anyone help me display this data across 3 axis?

x y z
50% -10% 529
50% -5% 625
50% 0% 721
50% 5% 1273
50% 10% 1390
50% 15% 1508
50% 20% 1625
50% 25% 1743
100% -10% 455
100% -5% 547
100% 0% 639
100% 5% 1178
100% 10% 1291
100% 15% 1404
100% 20% 1517
100% 25% 1630
150% -10% 381
150% -5% 469
150% 0% 557
150% 5% 1083
150% 10% 1192
150% 15% 1300
150% 20% 1409
150% 25% 1517

i need to do a x/y axis graph. but i need my y axis to have alphabetical
information not numerical values, how do i do that any ideas?
tks very much

Is this possible to do in excel? I have a 3d graph created using (x,y,z) values in the form of a table. Now I want an estimate of the volume of that graph, something similar to calculating the integral of a 3d graph (area below the graph).

Is this possible to do? I'm thinking maybe using trapezoid rule but in 3D...


I have the same X,Y values with multiply Z values. I wondering if there is a program or something that exists that will delete all of the cooresponding x,y,z values where the x and y are the same and just keep the lowest z value and at the same time keep the associated x,y value. Please get back to me on this ASAP.


I want to add new worksheets into a workbook. The name of the new sheets should be "x" "y" and "z".

How to make it?

Thanks in advance.


Can Excel 2007 produce 3 dimensional scatter plots? I have a set of (x, y, z) triplets which I would like plotted to display the surface they represent. Is there a particular data set structure/format I have to use?

It also happens to be a very large data set (16,200 triplets or 48,600 numbers) but if that were a problem, it could be separately addressed.

Dear all,

I am trying to display a series of variables along an exponential x-axis (frequency x amplitude). I have encountered a problem in both methods using Excel 2007.

1. Scatter Graph

On the scatter graph I can make the x-axis exponential and everything looks great (including tick marks) but there is a big space between the start of the axis and the first frequency/dB point as well as the last marker point and the end of the x-axis. I understand that I can make a minimum and a maximum in the axis options but because the values change I want it to truncate automatically and keep or pre-define tick marks at say log 100, 1000, 10000 ; 200, 2000, 20000 ; or maybe in Octave bands.

2. Line Chart

On the Line Chart, the graph truncates perfectly, but the x-axis can not be set to logarithmic scale and the tick marks are displayed as increasing numbers related to the random start point of the series eg: if the first data point is 158Hz the x-axis ticks go up at a certain rate according to that number.

My questions: Is there a way to set tick marks, which will correspond to whatever data is being used for the graph? Tick marks which stay as they are set.

Is it possible to do a 3d chart showing scale for x, y & z axis in excel, I can only get it to scale x and y.


x = 10
y = 5
z = 10

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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