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How To: Make "Export to Excel" always open excel in a separate Window

Ok, now some of our PCs when Exporting a file from IE6 to Excel it is saying that it could not find the temp .xls file in the ...temporary internet filesContent.IE5 folder and to check the spelling blah blah blah. I have looked at lots of threads with people having the same problem and as far as I can tell nobody seems to really have an answer.

I have three riduculous workarounds which my users just love to hear me suggest, I have found the following:

1) Tell users to previously open Excel on the client desktop and then Export the file to Excel in IE and the error will be avoided.

2) Save the file to the local hard drive then open it up with Excel.

3) dump Internet Explorer and use Firefox instead

To me, this problem seems like a intermittent timing issue where Excel is sometimes taking too long to open or the temp .xls file is not ready to open yet to to an issue in IE. I have made sure that my problem PCs are fully updated with Microsoft patches but that did not make any difference.

Surely, someone has a better solution to this problem. Please let me know if anyone has any fresh ideas.


Kim Ahne

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I have a worksheet shared by several users. is it possible to make the sheet
always open in the same place, regardless of where it was when the last user
saved it?

I have a worksheet shared by several users. is it possible to make the sheet
always open in the same place, regardless of where it was when the last user
saved it?

Does anyone know how to select the first 5 paragraphs in a Word document from

I can get a ref and open the document. Now I need to select the first 5
paragraphs and copy them to the clipboard. My code so far looks like this:

Dim wdApp As Word.Application
Set wdApp = New Word.Application
wdApp.Documents.Open Filename:=argFullName, ReadOnly:=argReadOnly
<<<code to select first 5 paragraphs needed here>>>
<<<code to copy needed here>>
wdApp.Documents(FileName).Close SaveChanges:=False
Set wdApp = Nothing

Thanks in advance.

How to collect data from many cells in a row into one cell?

I provided and example, how I want it be:
A B C D E F G H I J K ... 1 Diameter List of elements ... 2 ∅6 9 1 3 5 9 1 3 5 ... 3 ∅8 5 4 7 9 5 4 7 9 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I have very long rows with many columns starting from column C, some cells are empty. In cell B2 I want to collect all data from cells of the row with single space between them. The same I want to do in cell B3 and downwards ...

I know in Excell 2010, the cell can contain 32767 characters maximum.
Maybe it's better to export that list of elements to text file or use aditional reserved cells C2; D2; E2 - if the text doesn't fit to B2.

Appreciate any help

I need to find out how to make new excel files open in a completely seperate
excel program window. So when you open a new excel file, it will open a
completely new excel program and have another taskbar at the bottom. We are
using multiple screens and need to have several worksheets fully open at the
same time. Any ideas?

Can someone please help me figure out how to change the "Y" axis value in a
line graph in Microsoft Excel from percentage to the value that I want it?

I've been trying to open multiple wookbooks in Excel, but they won't open in
a new window. Instead they continue to open in the same window - one on top
of the other. I've tried playing around with the maximize and restore, but
to no avail. I tried right clicking on the Excel button in the taskbar to
cascade the windows, but the pop-up menu is inactive. any advice would be
greatly appreciated.

Running Excel 2003, Windows XP.

Is it possible to open each workbook in a separate window? How?
Thank you very much,


May i know how to get the number of days in a year?So that i can differtiate between a leap year and a normal year.Thanks!!!


How to get the next empty row in a half filled Wroksheet?


Does anyone know how to get a chart to appear in a separate window.

I am wanting to hide a chart at the bottom of a sheet out of the way and have a button near the top that will allow the chart to appear when clicked.

The chart is located as an object in a sheet but the following code does not work?!?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Sheets("BCM hourly").ChartObjects(2).Chart.ShowWindow = True

End Sub


I have an excel workbook that is opened in IE. In this workbook there is a button that will manipulate some data and then it is to close the workbook. i use ActiveWindow.Close this works fine when i open the workbook in excel. But it does not work when i open the workbook in IE. How do i fix this?

I met a problem when I want to create chart by Excel add-ins for SQL SERVER
Analysis. after I extracted data from some cube, I find some cells are empty.
It will be generated incorrect chart for some cells are ignored. So , how to
make zero for empty cells. or if not, how to make correct chart with some
empty cells in Excel add-ins.
notice: Free-form is used by this case.
QA Dashboard
Microsoft China Development Centre

How to make "Microsoft Excel
This workbook contains links to other data sources
To update all linked information, click Yes.
To keep the existing information, click No." pop up or appear on the Task
bar after clicking "Open Link" in "Linked Worksheet Object" in a context
menu of a linked object in Word 2003 sp2? The window appear only after
clicking an Excel button in the Task bar.


I have a a file that I need to send out with a few macros that adjust some excel settings, (i.e. turning on and off calculation, hiding certain file menus etc.) I want to find out if there is a way to force this file to open in a separate instance of excel whenever the user opens it, so it does not adjust the settings on their concurrently running spreadsheets.

If anyone had any suggestions, I would be very appreciative.


How can I open an Excel File linked in Internet Explorer but in a separate
Excel Window?

I have developed a marco function in VBA for Excell Office 2003.
The macro contains references to cell values as part of its calculations.
I set another cell C so its value is the one returned by the macro:
If I change any of the cells values to which the macro makes a reference,
the cell C does not update automatically. I have to edit the cell and press
OK (that is, doing no real editorial changes) to force the cell value to be
Pressing F9 did not work.

Do you know how to make such recalculation automatic?

Thanks in advance!


I have a problem where opening different excel files, opens in the same
window. I don't mean showing each file in a column (I am using XP), but all
files using the same window, and no other files showing. To go between each
file, I can use CTRL+TAB but would prefer to have excel show files as it
used to-in columns, so I can select which one I want to open this way.

Any ideas on how I get this option back?

Greg Matthews

I am very new to Excel, yes a bit confused, but already with some tasks to do.
Well in this case I need to work on table that was done by someone else, and try to make interactive months for 2010, in a table where those months would each time automatically change dates (i.e. 30 or 31 days, and keep them in line with week days).. But I am not sure how to do this.
Can anyone help?

Thank you,

I am generating a 17-column status page that contains (what I will call here) Case Numbers. Under any of the 17 columns (Case Status) will be some quantity of Case Numbers. Think of it as an upside-down bar chart of cases going through a workflow. Example screen shot below.


The basic URLs, which work fine as is, are being generated using something parallel to the following code (simplified example below uses city and zip code):

cityString = "Huntington Beach" 
zipString = "92647" 
urlString = "[URL][/URL]=" & zipString 
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add _ 
Anchor:=Cells(someRow, someCol), _ 
Address:=urlString, _ 
ScreenTip:=cityString, _ 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring the author in support of injured Royal Marines
OBJECTIVE: To simplify the acutal usage of this status page, I would like the URLs to open in a new window (or frame), which is usually done in HTML by using TARGET = "_blank" in the code. This allows the users to open several cases (which can load slowly) in new windows, and not leave the status page file.

I was not able to find a way to add this 'switch' to the Address field for the hyperlink, since, in html code, the TARGET = "_blank" switch comes outside of the URL string.

Is there a way to set this switch for one or all URLs created in an Excel sheet, so that, when saved as html (Save As / Web Page) the links will open in a new window? Many thanks for any suggestions!

can someone give me an example on how to make these lines of code into a loop repeating all the way down to +0 in the INDIRECT line???

Sheets("Results Sheet (1 Layout)").Select
Sheets("Results Sheet (1 Layout)").Copy After:=Sheets(4)
Sheets("Results Sheet (1 Layout) (2)").Select
Sheets("Results Sheet (1 Layout) (2)").Name = "30"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=INDIRECT(""'Results Sheet (1 Layout)'!""&ADDRESS(ROW(),7,,,))+29"
Sheets("30").Copy Before:=Sheets(5)
Sheets("30 (2)").Select
Sheets("30 (2)").Name = "29"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=INDIRECT(""'Results Sheet (1 Layout)'!""&ADDRESS(ROW(),7,,,))+28"
Sheets("29").Copy Before:=Sheets(5)
Sheets("29 (2)").Select
Sheets("29 (2)").Name = "28"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=INDIRECT(""'Results Sheet (1 Layout)'!""&ADDRESS(ROW(),7,,,))+27"

Is there any way to put a command in my Auto_Open macro that will open my workbook in a new Excel window? Even if I can include a VBA message box that prompts me to open in a new window, that would be acceptable. I’m not very optimistic as I presume the file will already be open in a current window before my macro has a chance to run.

Ie, if i have a set of 10 numbers in column A, how to copy the into column B
in reverse order?

can someone tell me how to add numbers from different places in a chart
i.e. lets say 10 numbers are in different places and I need the total
of these ten- is there a way of obtaining this by selecting them
without putting in all the numbers separately somewhere to arrive at a

Can a table be imported from word into excel. i.e a multi row table
with 2 o r 3columns and it visually will look like its in normal view
word but in excel. can someone tell me.

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I need to be able to have workbook A and workbook B open. I will open
workbook A first by double clicking the workbook A.xls which opens Excel.
Workbook A contains no macros. Then I need to be able to open workbook B
which contains macros that remove all toolbars, menus. When I do this now,
the toolbars are removed in both workbooks. Is there a way to open up
Workbook B in a new application where the Macros will not effect both or all
open workbooks. I realize I can open 2 instances of Excel & navigate to each
workbook A & B, but his method is apparently too cumbersome for some other
users. So, double click workbook A one App opens, double click workbook B a
second App opens, macros remove toolbars in workbook B window only. I did
change one of the settings so each workbook opens in a new window but
apparently they are still in one instance of Excel, I would like each double
click to open a new instance of Excel loading it's default settings. Thank
you for your help with this one.

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