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how do I change hours and minutes to hours and tenths?

I want to enter a departure time and an arrival time in hours and minutes then have it calculate the elapsed time in hours and tenths.

I can get it to calculate elapsed time in hours and minutes but am having a problem converting it to hours and tenths.

Thank you in advance!

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How do i convert hours and minutes (ex. 1:30) to minutes (90)?

How do I change my text direction to vertical on EXcell?

I am totalling hours and minutes for part-time staff in Excel. How can I get
excel to give actual total times where the total exceeds 24 hours?

I want to add hours and minutes eg

Hours Minutes
4 50
2 30
Total 7 20

When I insert a Comment, instead of my name as the precursor, I get "Windows
User". How do I change this (as opposed to just editing it every time)?

Sometimes Excel opens with numeric designators on columns and row. I want
alpha on the columns and numeric on the rows. Can I set that in preferences?
If now, how do I change it when it happens (seemingly at random)?

How do I change the code to open a browse box to a constant folder path with all the files selected in it?

For example, C:Batch

I have tried this but it didn't work out:

FileList = Application.GetOpenFilename _
(FileFilter:="C:Batch(*.*), *.*", _
Title:="Select files", MultiSelect:=True)

I am using this macro to open a group of text files in one worksheet.

Thank you,


Sub InsertDataFromTextFiles()
Dim ColumnOffset As Long
Dim DestCell As Range
Dim i As Long
Dim SourceData As Range
Dim FileList As Variant


Const ColumnsPerFile As Long = 13

FileList = Application.GetOpenFilename _
(FileFilter:="All Files(*.*), *.*", _
Title:="Select files", MultiSelect:=True)

'returns an array if at least 1 file is selected
'if user cancelled, returns Boolean = False
If TypeName(FileList) <> "Variant()" Then Exit Sub

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

Set DestCell = Selection.Range("A1")
ColumnOffset = -ColumnsPerFile 'will increment to 0 on 1st pass

For i = LBound(FileList) To UBound(FileList)
Set SourceData = _
Workbooks.Open(FileName:=FileList(i)).Worksheets(1 ).UsedRange

ColumnOffset = ColumnOffset + ColumnsPerFile
DestCell.Offset(0, ColumnOffset).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlFormulas

Application.CutCopyMode = False
SourceData.Parent.Parent.Close SAVECHANGES:=False
Next i

Application.DisplayAlerts = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub 'InsertDataFromTextFiles

How do I change my excell doc to all upper case.

I'm using an hebrew version of excel and don't read a word of it!
How do I change it from hebrew to english, or even better, french?
Thanks for your help,

i have an excel absence tracking from from the templates web site it is
great, how do i change or get to perform the 2006 yesr

If it is possible to do, how do I change this message format to html so that I can paste an image into the message?

Season's Greetings to every body!

In A1 timevalue 1200:00 (= 1200 hours and 00 minutes.

In B1 I have formula: =HOUR(A1)*60+MINUTE(A1)

Answer is 0. Should not be.

When changing A1 to 1200:30, I get answer 30 (that is 30 minutes).
Where I am doing wrong? Is there any problem with formula?

Best Regards Sir Vili.

I am keep track of time that I am working on a project and have figured out
how to have the results calculate the product. But how do I some a column of
hours? Or how do I change the products into decimal numbers? e.g. 1:00
should equal 1.0

I'm a handyman who works on many apartments and homes and many little
projects within those places. I need to let the real estate firm know what I
did and how long it took to do it. I need to put together a time sheet
showing what time I started a project and what time I ended that project. A
column with the total number of hours and minutes after that. A total number
of hours and minutes at the bottom of that column. And a total cost for the
hours worked. I need a column with description of what I did and then at the
very bottom a total for the entire job. Does anyone have any idea how I can
do this? I've tried and failed miserably, and I thought I was pretty
advanced in the use of Excel! So now I ask, rather, beg for help. Anyone????

Here's the problem:
PV $450,000
Rate: 6%
Term: 3 years

The payments will be monthly, but I want to show annual and monthly compounding. How do I change the formula? =pmt(.06/12,3*12,450000) This gets me monthly, what gets me annual?

I have data in cells in time format. Some are shown as 7 instead of 07:00 and the same for all different hours down the sheet. How do I change the format so that if an hour shows a single figure it changes it to show in hh:mm format.

I'm using Excel 2007 and the column reference headers have change to numbers.
Both rows and columns are numbers. I don't know how this happen. How do I
change it back so that column references are letters?

I used to be able to do this, but: how do you change the colour of the
worksheet tabs in Excel? I'm working with a whack of tabs and would like to
give each one a different colour - but I can't for the life of me remember
how to do it.



How do I activate the xls feature to combine and compare workbooks? I want
to combine workbooks and be able to compare the data in each; and show
changes between the books.

I have several users that access shared workbooks and the tech who created
the image set "information services" as the name in the personal information,
so when a new user runs Office it uses that.
How do I change this to track who is changing or viewing workbooks?

I've moved my access database and I have an excel file with multiple exturnal
data imports.

I can change the query easily but I can't find an option to repoint the
query to the databases new location. How do I change the location of the
database excel is querying?

How do I change z-axis value from zero to a higher number (eg 4)?

Am using a floating bac chart presenting open hours for help desk support.

When I record a macro, it uses absolute cell addresses. How do I change the
macro to run from a specific cell and relative to that cell?

I have Excel 2003 and when I start is up, the new worksheet display the
column heading as "1" "2" "3" etc. How do I change it to A, B, C etc?

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